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Mokusei: Will of Fire

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Chapter 1: Birth of the Mokusei

Konohagakure, the Village Hidden in the Leaf. A village that is renowned for the many great bloodlines that hail from it. The Byakugan of the Hyuuga clan, which allows its user to see the chakra coils of their fellow shinobi, and using a taijutsu significant only to their clan called Jyuken they can seal off chakra points in the coils, stopping the natural flow of chakra. Then we have the renowned Sharingan of the Uchiha clan. The Sharingan, which allows its user to read the flow of chakra (to a lesser extent of the Byakugan) and grants its user great perception. The most renowned ability of the Sharingan is the fact that it could analyze and copy any non-bloodline jutsu. There is even a rumor that the Sharingan has the ability to grant its user immortality, but this is uncertain.

The most renowned and sought after bloodline was never a bloodline to begin with. The Mokuton; or Wood Release. Only one man was known for his ability to use Mokuton, and that man was the Shodai Hokage, Hashirama Senju. Hashirama was the first man dubbed leader of Konohagakure, or the first Fire Shadow, despite having built the village with his longtime rival, Madara Uchiha. It was because of this, that Madara left the village, and later returned with the Kyuubi no Kitsune to destroy the village. Hashirama stopped him, sealing the Kyuubi away within his wife with the use of his Mokuton. The village was saved and Madara's plan was foiled. For now, anyway.

When it was announced that Hashirama had another son, the people were overjoyed. They expected a new batch of Mokuton users to help lead their people. Unfortunately, this was not meant to be. As time went on and Hashirama aged, the hopes for a new Mokuton user died out. Even when Tsunade Senju was born, the people, although happy for a new heir to the famed Senju clan, did not expect her to have the renowned Mokuton.

She didn't.

As time went on, the peace between the several villages started to end, and soon the world was engulfed in the First Shinobi World War. The many villages of the Elemental Nations participated, each one wanting to prove their strength and that their way was the only way for shinobi to live, but in the end it only stopped when all villages were nearly destroyed. Konohagakure was possibly the most affected for they lost not only Hashirama, but his brother, Tobirama, who Hashirama named Nidaime Hokage before he died. After both of their death, Hiruzen Sarutobi was named Sandaime Hokage.

Everyone had thought the Mokuton bloodline had been lost. And all was calm until the Second Shinobi World War. This war brought many deaths, but many heroes for Konoha. It was in this war that Tsunade Senju made her name as a world renowned Medic-nin and one of the three Sannin alongside her two teammates and friends Jiraiya and Orochimaru. Another hero was Konoha's White Fang, Sakumo Hatake, but his is a story for a later time.

While villages burned and shinobi died, people wished for their Hokage to have some secret technique, much similar to the one of the Shodai Hokage. Alas, there was none. It was during this that the trees, the Woods of Konoha, more specifically, the legendary Forest of Death, started to become self-aware. Despite Hashirama's death, he lived on through his legendary forest, and still kept watch over the village.

After the Third Shinobi War, the silent forest had had enough. It only became even more enraged after the Kyuubi attack. When it was announced to the village by Sarutobi that the Yondaime had left behind a savior, a Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the cries of anger and hatred drove the forest to recede from the village's outskirts, the Forest of Death being the only part of the wood to stay near the village. These angry cries for blood upset the forest, and it swore that the villagers would be taught a lesson, if not for the forest's safety, but for the villagers' as well. The Will of Fire burned in these woods, and they sensed the Will in the Jinchuriki.

Five years later, the Forest of Death rested in peace. Then the cries of hatred came again, and anger roused in the Forest.

"Get back here Demon!" a villager shouted. A young blonde ran into the forest of death, ignoring the sign and fleeing into the wood. The villagers hesitated before one took a step forward. A shinobi with long silver hair grabbed the villager's shoulder.

"He's as good as dead," the shinobi said, "Barely any Jonin makes it through there alive."

The Forest blew in a nonexistent wind in an effort to show its amusement. The villagers and shinobi left, crying in joy of the death of the Demon. The Forest's attention turned to the young blonde that ran into the forest. The child was crying and hugging his legs as he rested against a tree. The Forest realized he couldn't be older than 6 and felt immediate hatred for the villagers. They were nothing but bad excuses for humans.

"Why do they hate me?" he sobbed out, "I...I didn't do nothing to them! A-And n-now I don't know where I am!"

The Forest took pity on the boy. It could sense his anger and frustration rising. The Forest grew upset that Sarutobi had allowed an innocent child, one who bears the Will of Fire no less, be treated like wild animal. No, even animals were treated better than this human. A spark of Hashirama's spirit that rested in the Forest awoke then, and it decided to make a change.

The tree the boy was leaning against suddenly sprouted two branches covered in fur-like leaves. The branches wrapped around the boy and the blonde gasped at the warmth. He opened his eyes to see that the tree was hugging him. He blinked in surprise before looking up at the tree.

"T-The tree?" he asked no one. In response, the tree hugged him tighter. He turned to hug the tree back as his tears dried up.

"Thank you," he whispered. Another branch similar to the two hugging him sprouted above the blonde's head and brushed his hair from his face. Naruto looked up and hesitated before asking.

"Do...do you understand me?" he asked. The limb stopped brushing his hair and carved into the bark out a few sentences.

"Wow," he muttered in amazement as he read them before he looked back up at the tree, "So you're like, Shodai-sama's legacy, right?"

More carving started and the blonde read it aloud, "'Yes little fern'...I'm not, oh a nickname. Cool. 'Yes it is cool, kind of. If you want to be safe...you can stay here...If you choose to do so...I will give you a gift to defend yourself with...' Wow, really?"

When the tree carved out 'Yes' the blonde smiled and hugged the tree tighter, "Thank you...but what do I call you? I mean, you can call me Naruto if you want."

The tree's bark seemed to regenerate before it carved into it once again. Naruto smiled at the tree and hugged it even tighter than before.

"Thank you...Kaa-san," he said earning another brushing of his hair.

The next morning, Naruto awoke in the branches the trees grew in order to protect him from the creatures that fed during the night. He stretched and yawned before looking around and regaining his bearings. He smiled as a branch wrapped around his shoulders and leaned into the tree.

"Good morning, Kaa-san," the boy said with a giggle, "It's kind of weird talking to trees like this...What was that thing that I have to do?"

He looked to see the tree using another branch to carve into its bark again. He frowned and looked at his hands.

"If...If that's what I have to do, Kaa-san," the boy said. He held his hands out while closing his eyes and biting his lip. Two sharp branches came out from the tree and slowly cut along his hands while leaves from the tree dripped some dew into the cuts. Steam emitted from his hands while the cuts healed slowly. Naruto let tears roll down his cheeks as the dew dripped into his hands, but a reassuring squeeze from the branch around his shoulders helped Naruto to relax.

He then heard a voice, a motherly feminine voice that had him looking around. Eventually, Naruto looked back at the tree in awe.

"I can hear you Kaa-san!" the blonde said with wide eyes. A smile emerged on his face as he hugged the tree again. For the rest of the day, the Forest explained to Naruto just what it did for him. It had mutated his genes to allow him to use Mokuton, or Wood Release, and understand what it was saying. The memories of Hashirama Senju as well as the Forest's knowledge imbedded themselves in the blonde. The Forest explained now that it was his duty as a Mokusei to defend the woods of Konohagakure and the creatures that reside within it.

"I accept this duty, Kaa-san," Naruto said with determination as the whisker marks on his face left and a green glow appeared on his body. He hugged the tree once again and continued, "I will become the strongest Mokuton user since Hashirama-sama...and defend my Kaa-san with my life."

-One Year Later-

"Damn you, Mizuki!" a chunin with a scar across his face shouted, "Why do this now? Why!"

The long silver haired chunin he was chasing smirked and looked back at his friend. Mizuki called over his shoulder, "It's simple, Iruka! This village is weak, only Lord Orochimaru is worthy of having this knowledge! Not some dumbass old fool that believes in a 'Will of Fire'! With this, Orochimaru-sama-Holy shit!"

While he wasn't looking where he was going, a wall trees shot up from the ground, cutting off his path of escape. The silver haired chunin gasped and stopped on a tree branch before turning around to face the two Tokubetsu Jonin and Chunin that were chasing him.

One was a girl that had purple hair done up in a ponytail that made it look like a purple flame or something similar, she was wearing a brown trench coat and orange skirt over her fishnet clothes and her Konoha headband was wrapped around her neck. The other Tokubetsu was wielding a sword in defensive hold and wearing standard Konoha shinobi attire, his hetai-ite was done in a bandana style that covered most of his hair. The last was the scarred chunin that called out to ask why Mizuki had stolen the Forbidden Scroll.

"What are you planning, Traitor?" the purple haired girl asked with narrowed eyes and a readied kunai, "Figure out how to use a Mokuton technique or something?"

Mizuki's only response was a sudden Fuuma Shuriken flying at her. She dodged it easily but failed to dodge the second one hidden in its shadow. It bore deep through her shoulder and sent her into a tree, lodging her in place. When her head connected with the thick bark of the tree, she was knocked out. Iruka looked over at the girl.

"Anko!" he cried out in shock. The swordsman's eyes widened as he saw another Fuuma Shuriken flying at him and he tried to call out in warning, but was cut off by a fit of coughs. The genetic disease that had been passed down in his family was acting up again, and at the worse time. Iruka was cut across the shoulder, deeply wounding him, and he lost his balance on the branch, falling off it with a scream in a 100 foot drop.

Mizuki laughed as the swordsmen dropped to one knee in his coughing fit and Iruka fell. The silver haired chunin smirked, "Fools! I told you this village is weak! No better than the damn trees surrounding it!"

Saying that, he turned and pulled a kunai out, ready to cut his way through the wall. He stopped when he heard a sudden cry of, "Wood Release: Bark Fist!"

The bark of one of the trees in the wall formed into a fist before flying out and slamming into Mizuki, sending the former Chunin back. He cried out in pain as he felt something break. He looked up to see a shadowy figure running above his flying person. In a last ditch effort, Mizuki tossed the kunai in his hand up, grinning as he thought he got the shinobi. The sudden squelch and jolt of pain he felt in his leg made him look down to see the kunai he threw imbedded in his leg.

He screamed before landing on a branch, crying out in pain and clutching at his thigh. He started to pull at the kunai when a young voice said, "You know, mister, Kaa-san said that when you're facing someone of stronger strength, it's best to get the drop on them."

Mizuki looked up through teary eyes as he pulled at the kunai to see a six year old blonde with a grin on his face. He looked just like the Yondaime Hokage aside from the darker skin tone and weird markings on his chest, arms and face. He was wearing dark green shorts and had a belt made of vines bound around his waist holding his pants up.

"What the, you little fucker!" Mizuki shouted, "Did you...no, you can't be a Senju! Th-They're all dead!"

"No they aren't," the blonde said with a sad smile, "My Kaa-san is the only remains of Senju within Konoha aside from Tsunade-hime. I guess for all purposes I am the last human Senju in Konohagakure."

"Last human Senju?" Mizuki repeated, "What the Hell does that mean?"

"Who made the forest surrounding the village, Fool?" the blonde asked with a snarl, "Hashirama-sama. This forest and any other plant life he created is just as much a child of his as was Tsunade-hime's father!"

"You're fucked up, kid," Mizuki said, "But if you come with me, I'll introduce you to a man that can use a kid with your skills."

"I don't deal with traitors or those that cause Kaa-san harm," growled the blonde as he pressed his hand against the trunk of the tree branch he was standing on. The blonde smirked as the markings on his body glowed green and said, "Beg for mercy. Wood Release: Binding Prison!"

More branches grew from the tree Mizuki was resting on and surrounded the silver haired chunin. He gasped and dropped the Forbidden Scroll as he started doing hand seals for a Katon technique, but was cut off when smaller branches grabbed and bound his wrists tightly. Now sealed in a cage-like cell, Mizuki struggled for a minute against his binds. The blonde boy took a step forward, making a bridge as he walked with branches. Mizuki screamed in fear.

"W-Who are you? Y-You can't do this to me!" the silver haired chunin shrieked. The blonde rapped his knuckles on the prison bars and smiled.

"I can, did, and will gladly do it again just to please Kaa-san," he said, "As for who I am...well, I'll tell the swordsman coming to us. Wood Release: Sleeping Spores."

A flower appeared in front of Mizuki's face and shot a cloud of spores at the man. He coughed for a bit before his eyelids grew heavy and his head slumped forward. The blonde smiled again and turned to the tree, giving it a pat on the side, silently telling his Kaa-san to release the foolish traitor. As the Swordsman landed on the branch the blonde was just on, he readied his sword in a defensive manner.

"Identify yourself!" the man said, aiming his blade at the boy. Once he realized it was a kid, he blinked and said, "Release the henge and identify yourself!"

"You know I'm not using a Henge," muttered the blonde as he walked to the tree and started to mold into it, "As for who I am...You can call me Mokusei."

-5 Years Later-

"This is Training Ground 44: the Forest of Death!" a purple haired woman proclaimed from the front of the gate. The many genin teams in front of her had mouths agape and a silent watcher from within the Forest laughed. He was dressed in a torn mesh shirt that crossed over half his chest and a ripped pair of shinobi slacks. He was barefoot; his feet had become much more solid since his transformation.

"Hear that, Kaa-san? These fools are actually sending Genin in here with us!" the watcher said quietly. He was silent for another moment before he frowned in confusion.

"So?" he asked before getting quiet once again. He sighed.

"Ok, Ok, Kaa-san," the watcher said before he turned and jumped into the Forest, "I still think you shouldn't have let Sarutobi or any of those other Shinobi build a tower out here a few years ago."

Forty-five minutes later, the watcher was following a group of genin that started at the closest areas to him. He narrowed his eyes at the boy with a fan on his shirt. Ever since he learned everything his Kaa-san knew from Hashirama-sama's memories, he had been disgusted with people wearing that sign. He learned of the man that actually caused his status as a Jinchuriki, and he also happened to be a member of the clan that wore that symbol. Naruto despised them, they had no Will of Fire whatsoever, and all they desired was power.

"So, Dickless," a pale boy with a fake smile on his face said, "What do we do now?"

"Sai-baka!" a pink haired girl shrieked as she slammed her fist down on his head, "Don't insult Sasuke-kun like that!"

"Hn, Sakura, Sai," the boy, Sasuke, said as he walked away from them and into the forest, "Shut up. Let's find another team and take their scroll."

"Hai Sasuke-kun!" the pink haired girl, Sakura, agreed quickly. The fake smiling boy, who was known as Sai, simply remained quiet and followed them. Naruto narrowed his eyes and followed them from the trees.

"Stupid Uchiha," muttered the blonde as he felt several of his trees fall from some giant force, "When you enter Kaa-san's womb, you encounter the rest of her children. Pray you don't encounter me."

The blonde leapt over towards where the trees were falling and scowled. He saw a giant grey snake slithering through the woods, destroying his Kaa-san's many trees. The blonde narrowed his eyes.

"Wood Release: Root Spears!" Naruto said pressing his hand against the tree he was on. A glow appeared on the boy's body markings as well as around his hand. Seven large roots shot from the ground and through the snake that was slithering along. One shot through its' head while the rest skewered it. The blonde scowled before turning to the tree and pressed his hand against it once again, making the roots return to their spot. He hopped down from his perch and examined the giant snake.

"Snake summon," muttered the blonde, "Mitarashi-san isn't in here, or Kaa-san would tell me...So that means...Orochimaru."

The blonde instantly got an idea as to why the Traitorous Sannin would be in his forest. He ran back to where he last saw the Uchiha. He was too late. He glanced around and scowled at the damage. He walked to one tree that had a large burn on it and wrapped his arms around the trunk.

"Poor Kaa-san," he muttered as he shut his eyes, "No one ever cares if you get hurt anymore. He won't get away with this, I promise you. No one will."

The tree sprouted two branches and hugged the blonde back. The forest then said something to him that made him growl quietly. He released the tree and closed his eyes as he merged with it. A few minutes later he appeared from a tree right behind three genin. They were all looking at the spot he once was at.

"What are you doing?" he asked them. Two of the three jumped in surprise while the last just turned and faced him with a bored face.

"We were watching you," the bored one said.

Naruto noted that he had red hair and dark circles around his eyes. His chakra gave off the scent of a Biju and Naruto tensed slightly. Naruto knew his Mokuton would inform him if there was trouble, so he forced himself to loosen up. He studied the other two in order to relax.

One was a girl that wore her hair up in four ponytails and had some large metal thing on her back. She was wearing a periwinkle battle dress and fishnet underneath, as well as on a bit of her leg. He had to admit she was fairly attractive...for a foreigner. The other boy was dressed in all black and had makeup on all over his face. The Mokusei noticed a bandaged pack on his back and stared at it for a moment before looking back at the group.

"Gaara!" the blonde girl with four ponytails hissed. The redhead ignored her. Naruto stepped forward with his hand out. It was not meant for a handshake though, it was pointing in the direction of the tower.

"Your exam tower is that way," he said coolly, "Leave now."

Gaara's eyes narrowed, "Why?"

"You are my guests in here," the blonde said, turning back to the tree he came from, "Along with a snake that I plan to kill. Do not get in my way, or you will meet his fate."

"W-What? Hey fuck you, you tattooed hippy-freak!" the boy clad in black said, "I'm not scared of you!"

The blonde stopped walking. He tilted his head slightly over his shoulder and said coldly, "You should be. Goodbye...Container of the Ichibi no Tanuki."

The three genin's eyes were wide with shock. The redhead stepped forward, "How do you know of Mother?"

"Because my demon is much more dangerous than the Insane Monk," the blonde said. The three all stepped back as he flared his chakra. Naruto looked over his shoulder at them and said one more thing before he left.

"Next time you kill someone, don't leave so much of a damn mess," he grumbled before he turned back around, "Kaa-san's gonna be having me clean them up for a few days."

With that he molded back into the tree and the two older genin looked at their little brother. He was wide eyed and shaking. He clutched his head and looked at his two siblings for a moment before he turned and walked towards the Tower. The two exchanged a glance before following him, although at a distance. Seeing they were heading the way he wanted them to, Naruto left them alone and continued his search.

Naruto followed the Snake's scent and he came out on a tree across from a purple haired kunoichi writhing in pain. Cursing his nobility for being larger than his want for vengeance, Naruto knelt next to the kunoichi he knew as Mitarashi. He used a medical scanning procedure before sighing in relief. Then his fear was realized, she opened her eyes and looked at him.

Mitarashi stared at the Yondaime Hokage and felt her heart clench in anger and fear. She swallowed before speaking, "So...that bastard finally killed me did he? It's about time."

The Yondaime blinked before releasing a laugh, one that sounded much too young for a man his age. He looked back down at her with a small grin, "That's why Kaa-san and I like you, Mitarashi. You're always so funny. You aren't dead."

Anko blinked in confusion, "But...you're Yondaime-sama, aren't you?"

The 'Yondaime' barked a laugh out, "I forgot I look like him. I'm not, Yondaime-sama...Sorry about that, Mitarashi-san."

"Not Yondaime-sama then who...?" she thought for a moment before she jumped up and pointed at him, "Holy Shit! You're that Mokusei! I thought you were a myth that Hayate was making up!"

"There's a name I haven't heard in a while," the blonde muttered. He walked back to the tree and melded back into it leaving a very confused woman behind. Anko rubbed the back of her neck before rushing towards the tower to speak with the Hokage...and Hayate. She had a lot of teasing to make up for.

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