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Now and Forever

Another sleepless night. Dastan sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He would admit it, this was difficult. To finally have Tamina as a wife, only for her not to remember him. Garsiv was alive, true-but he couldn't get his, or Tus'-dead bodies, mangled bodies, out from his mind. His whole world had been completely shattered and rebuilt. It terrified him. So here he was, sitting on the roof of the stables, his beloved childhood refuge. He tensed when soft footsteps approached from behind.

"I thought I might mind you here." Garsiv's soft tenor voice cut through the silence like a rock broke through a stream.

Dastan did not move. "Oh?"

His brother hmmed. "Yes. Where you always go when trouble finds you. Not this time, though. Something is different."

Dastan turned, vainly attempting to seem nonchalant. "Oh? How so?"

Strong, calloused hands landed on his shoulders and started working out the knots.

"This time, no one knows what is weighing so heavily on your heart" Said Garsiv.

And so Dastan told him. Told him everything.

"…and then I was back at the city." He concluded some time later, shoulders sagging as if bearing a great weight.

Instead of growing angry or upset, Garsiv simply stood silent, hands still working tirelessly as the tension in Dastan's shoulders. Finally, he said "I am here now."

The youngest prince felt a flash of irritation "That's it? 'I am here now'? That is all you have to say?" He growled.

Garsiv gave a sharp rap to his head in reprimand, then turned him around and hugged him close. Closing his eyes tight, Dastan allowed himself to cry. The great, heaving sobs tore at his throat and he clutched his brothers tunic in his hands, burying his face in the elder man's chest.

"Y-you were dead!" he gasped.

"I know."

"As was Tus-and father."

"I know."

"And Tamina."


"Uncle Nizam tried to kill us!"

The arms tightened, rocking him back and forth. "I know." Garsiv whispered "I know." A hand rubbed his back soothingly. "I'm here now, Dastan. As is father" A chuckle "and your wife."

Dastan allowed a wry grin to flick across his face, and then a thought struck him.

"I'm married."

Garsiv laughed, "Ah, yes. I remember a young boy swearing that he would never tie himself to a woman in such a way, and never have anything to do with them at all. Now, that same little boy is married to Princess Tamina herself!"

Dastan's hand flashed out and gave his brother's hair a good yank, rousing Garsiv to yelp in surprise.

"At least it is before you, Garsiv!" He declared triumphantly "beaten by your younger brother once again."

They both laughed.

"Now, you have quite a soft mattress and a lovely wife waiting for you. Go to bed!" Garsiv ordered sternly as they both rose.

"Yes, sir!" Dastan laughed, giving his brother a mock-salute, but as they got to the door, he pulled his brother into a strong hug.

"I am glad you're here, Garsiv" He breathed.

"Now and forever, little brother." The elder murmured, stroking his hair once before giving Dastan a playful shove towards the door. "On you go. But I'm warning you-I don't expect to become an Uncle just yet!"

Dastan shot him a cheeky grin before darting off, leaving Garsiv to chuckle to himself.

"Now and forever, little brother. Now and forever."

La Fin!

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