Fireworks and Stars

The vibrant ninja cheered for her victory once again. The enemies were losing so badly to their party. Yuffie grinned. She felt that AVALANCHE was part of her family even though they had just begun their journey. At first, she thought that they were some loser group that she can easily hook up with and steal their materias but after spending some quality time and learning their purposes, Yuffie thought they weren't so bad after all and she happen to like most of the new people they met such as Cait Sith, Cid, and Vincent. Well maybe not Vincent. She enjoys the look of Cid's face when she pisses him off and the jokes Cait Sith tells were hysterical. But Vincent? Two perfect words to describe him was boring and dull. Whatever chance she had, she would always start a conversation with him. Someone as inactive like him just doesn't go with Yuffie's nature.

Hey Cloud! Yuffie waved. Can we rest from training now?

But its while you train you gain Yuffie, said the swordsman who was having a hard time to say it enthustically.

Come on!! We've been like training forever. Cant we just kick back and relax for awhile? I'm tiredddddddd she whined out loud.

Oh alright...what do you think Vincent? Cloud turned to the gunman.

Thats fine with me, he spoke flatly.

The trio part sat down on the fresh green grass.

Cloud leaned over and whispered something into Yuffie's ears. Hey, I gotta head back to the Tiny Bronco to tell Cid something ok? Meanwhile, entertain Vincent!

Vincent caught a slight glance of Cloud and Yuffie whispering from the corner of his crimson eyes. What are you whispering about? Something you don't want me to know I assume?

Mind your own business! said Yuffie playfully.

Cloud stood up. I've got to tell Cid something, when I come back, its back to training ok?

Yuffie groaned and grumbled. Yeah yeah sure whatever.

Cloud smiled. Cheer up, after a few more fights, we'll head over to the Temple of The Ancients and with that, he walked away, leaving the two alone.

So Vincent...

So Yuffie...

Ah great...this isn't getting no where. Why cant the man think of something interesting to say besides imitating me?!

Yuffie cleared her throat and tried again. Say...I like that golden claw of yours. I wish I can get one like that!

And why would you want this? This claw was a punishment for me because of the sins I created. My punishment was to be turned into something inhuman.

Whoa! Thats the longest thing he ever said to me!! Yikes! I didn't mean to upset him either.

So uh...who was that woman again? Was it Lucy? Lucia? Lucici?

Lucrecia. I don't want to talk about it.

Ah great! I blew it twice. Maybe I'm trying to hard

Oh yeah...sorry again! But you know, you can always move on with your life.

What are you getting at?

"I'm just saying, just forgive yourself and move on. No need to mope around about something that has already happened in the past right?

Vincent turned and looked her straight in the eyes with his dark cape swooshing in the air at the same time. That is easy for you to say. You are too young to understand. You never felt the pain.

"Don't tell me I'm too young!! Yuffie pouted. "I'm only making a suggestion! Geez...sorry if I upset you!

Hey, didn't you hear me apologizing?

Then why didn't you say anything?

Oh this man is so pathetic. Oh help me great Leviathan!

Hey!! Answer me!!

No answer. Vincent just sat there, staring off to the skies.

Hey!! You listening?

Still no answer.

Alright!! You asked for it!! Yuffie leaped up from the ground and accumulated all the strength she had into her fist and then threw it straight into Vincent's back. However, her planned backfired when her fist was met with his steel bones. Her knuckles instantly turned red and her fingers throbbed with pain.

Owww owww owww! What are you? Some metal man?

She clamped her other hand on her fist, trying to put pressure on it so it wouldn't hurt as much but it was not much of use. She lifted her right leg up and attempted to kick him but his actions were too fast. He grasped her ankles and threw her down on the soft grass.

Owwww!!! You big jerk!! You'll pay for that!! Let me just reach for my pinwheel and you'll suffer my wrath!!

By the time she got up again with her pinwheel, Cloud was running back to them.

Alright everybody, back to training!

Yuffie cursed softly to herself. Its not over yet Valentine!