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"Steve!" Danny grabbed his partner's arm hard enough to leave marks, "It's a spider!"

Steve was instantly on high alert, reaching for the insecticide sprayer as he searched for the danger. "Where is it? I don't see anything."

Danny gestured wildly at the wall next to Steve, actually coming dangerously close to hitting his partner in the small space, "Its right there. How can you not see that!"

"If we weren't on a stakeout, I'd make you eat that spider," Steve snapped angrily, as he watched the tiny, perfectly normal spider crawl across the wall.

"I get to be a little jumpy," Danny told him as he fiddled with the computer equipment set-up around them, "I spent last night in the hospital with a spider bite. And it doesn't help that you've hidden me in a dusty, dark attic."

Steve looked up from his own section of computer equipment to glance around the Jade Dynasty's attic storage space. "We couldn't risk sending anyone in as an employee. Something big is going down tonight. I'm sure that Neuberg or his dinner companion has checked things out in advance. Having a new employee appear might tip them off," he hit a few buttons and the half dozen monitors came to life, each one showing a different view of the restaurant. "That's why we're watching on these cameras instead."

"Why do Chin and Kono get to watch from the van? I want to be in the van. One of them can sit here with you."

Steve gave Danny an incredulous stare, "I wanted you to stay in the van. I was worried that your arm still wasn't 100%. You said that you couldn't be the backup from the van so you were coming with me."

"Well I've changed my mind. Let's get Chin up here."

"Too late," Steve told him, turning his laser focus on one of the monitors, "That's Neuberg."

They watched in silence for a few minutes as Neuberg talked with the hostess and inspected the room. He was a small, pale man, the kind that most people would dismiss. Then he spoke and his arrogance became apparent.

"Once my guests and I are seated, no one is to enter the room unless summoned," the Neuberg on the screen was instructing the waitress. He held up a small silver bell. "If you're needed, we'll ring this."

The look in the woman's face said exactly what she thought about answering to a bell, but Steve had instructed the entire staff to do whatever Neuberg asked. So she bit her tongue and watched him walk back out to his van.

"Kono, Chin, are you getting this?" Steve asked into the small microphone that was attached to the earpiece he was currently wearing.

"Copy, Boss," Kono replied, "We've got clear audio and video on all cameras."

"Can you see what he's doing outside?" Danny asked.

"He's unloading a large cart from the van he drove up in," Chin answered. "It's completely covered. We can't see what's on it."

They all watched as Neuberg pushed the cart into the private dining room, refusing to let any of the restaurant staff assist him.

"You know what's on that cart, don't you?" Danny asked, fidgeting in his seat.

"No, Danny. Contrary to your often shared opinion, I do not have super powers. No x-ray vision."

"It's the spiders. He's going to show them off to his backers."

Steve looked away from the screen to glance over at Danny, "There's no reason to be 'rationally concerned' right now. They're still in tanks."

"Guys, it looks like the guest of honor has arrived," Chin interrupted.

On the screen, a middle-aged man was being escorted back to Neuberg's table. He appeared to be Eastern European and, despite his very expensive tailored suit, seemed fit and dangerous. There was a pretty blonde woman on his arm and two bodyguard types flanking them. The muscle were both grim and serious. The woman was trying to smile but her body language was off. There was a stiffness to her posture that told all 4 members of the Five-0 that something was wrong.

"I'm working on trying to ID them now," Kono reported.

"Kono, focus on the woman," Steve instructed, "Chin, pull up everything you can find on Dmitri Orlov."

The urgency in Steve's voice immediately told Danny that Steve was on to something. "Who Dmitri Orlov?" he demanded.

"He's originally from Bosnia, but after the civil war he got into arms dealing and left for warmer climates, mostly in South America," Steve replied.

"You just happen to know all that off the top of your head?" Danny asked, clearly astonished, "Not to mention the fact that you recognized him on site."

"He's on Interpol's most wanted list," Steve told him defensively, "I make sure that I stay current."

"Chin, see if you can confirm Super SEAL's hunch," Danny requested.

"It's not a hunch," Steve mumbled as they watched the party below place their dinner orders, "It's called preparation."

While they waited for their meals to arrive, the men in the dining room discussed the "biological agent" Neuberg had been designing for Orlov.

"The agent is ready for use. I have a few samples with me tonight," Neuberg gestured towards the still covered cart." After I've verified the final payment has been transferred to my account in the Cayman's, I'll give you the research you'll need to produce more of the agent."

A discrete knock on the door signaled the arrival of dinner. One of Orlov's men gestured for the food to be brought in.

"How do you want to do this?" Danny asked as they watched their subjects eat.

"I want them to uncover the cart so we can see exactly how many spiders we're dealing with. Then we'll move in." Steve was trying to create a plan that would keep Danny away from the spiders. He wasn't going to allow a repeat of yesterday at the warehouse. It didn't hurt to be careful, "Kono, have HPD tighten their perimeter to 5 minutes out."

Danny was suddenly more alert, "Steve, I think we have a problem."

"Before I transfer any more money, I want to see the effects of the agent for myself," Orlov was telling Neuberg. He gestured towards their blonde dinner companion, "That is why I insisted that Miss Farraday join us tonight. She'll be your test subject."

The woman whimpered but didn't make any other protest.

Neuberg smiled pleasantly, "I'd be happy to conduct a demonstration." He stood up and removed the cover from the cart. There were four of the monstrous spiders, each in its own glass tank. All four began to snap their mandibles and throw themselves against the glass.

The bodyguards backed away from the cart. Even Orlov shifted in his chair to move away from the tanks. Tears began to run down Farraday's face but she seemed too scared to make a sound.

("When did my life become a James Bond movie?" Danny hissed.)

"Shall I take one out and introduce him to the young lady?" Neuberg suggested slyly.

"No, don't do that," Orlov answered too quickly giving away his fear. He paused for a moment to compose himself. "Anton and Yuri will take her to them."

"As you wish," Neuberg slid open a small trap door on the top of one of the tanks. The spider's fat body was much too large to squeeze out but the woman's slender arm would easily fit inside. The two goons moved in, each taking one of her shaking arms and began to drag her towards the tank.

Upstairs, Steve and Danny had seen enough. Steve pulled off his headset, drew his gun, and rushed down the steps, taking the tank of insecticide with him.

"Wait for me!" Danny yelled, pausing long enough to give Chin and Kono instructions, "Tell HPD to move in and then get yourselves in here." He grabbed his own gun and raced down the stairs after his partner.

Downstairs, Steve rushed through the restaurant towards the private dining room. "Everyone evacuate the building!" he yelled as he ran.

The site of the man in dark SWAT body armor waving a gun caused several diners to panic. They rushed for the front door, inadvertently tripping up Danny as he tried to reach the back of the restaurant.

Steve burst through the door and into the private dining room. He immediately shot one of the minions. (Anton, maybe? Did it matter?). Unfortunately, the force of the shot flung his dead weight into the cart, causing it to rock back and forth.

Miss Farraday found her right arm free and began to kick and claw frantically at the man on her left. She managed to wrench herself free, knocking Yuri off balance. She gave the large man a final desperate shove and sent him stumbling into the already rocking cart.

Danny arrived in the room just in time to see the cart hit the ground and the tanks bust open, releasing their horrific residents. Two of the spiders immediately leapt on Yuri, sinking their fangs into his flesh. Steve sprang forward and coated both spiders with insecticide from the sprayer. The spiders died quickly but it was obvious from one look at Yuri that it was too late to save him.

Neuberg took advantage of the commotion to flee through the fire door in the back wall.

"Danny! Go after him. I'll take care of the spiders," Steve yelled.

Danny hesitated for just a second, not wanting to leave Steve alone with the spiders. But he quickly decided that the crazy Navy Ninja SEAL could take care of himself. Danny launched himself through the fire door and into the grimy alley behind the restaurant. Ahead of him, Neuberg had already reached the street and was headed for his van. Danny sprinted faster, not wanting to give the fleeing scientist time to drive off.

Seeing the blonde detective baring down on him, Neuberg fumbled his keys and dropped them under the van. He tried to turn and run but Danny slammed him into the side of the van.

"What kind of lunatic makes giant mutant spiders?" Danny demanded as he roughly handcuffed the man.

"I wanted to be paid the money I deserve for my brilliance," Neuberg sneered.

Danny shook his head in disgust, shoving Neuberg towards several approaching HPD officers, "Read this idiot his rights. There are two of his spiders and one of Interpol's most wanted gun runners loose in the restaurant. I'm going back in to help my team."

Back inside, Steve pursued the two remaining spiders into the main dining room. The spiders were incredibly fast. One had already reached the far end of the room. It ran up the bar and squatted for a moment on the top.

The two bartenders who had been cowering behind the bar stood up but were unable to get past the spider. Its hairy form tensed, ready to spring at the two women.

McGarrett cursed the limited range of the insecticide sprayer. He dropped the nozzle and brought up his Sig. His first shot hit the spider, saving the bartenders but causing the panic in the restaurant to escalate into pandemonium.

In the rush of people, Steve lost track of the final spider. He pressed his back against the wall and frantically scanned the room.

A slender young Asian man rushing towards the front door tripped over a chair and went sprawling. The spider scuttled out from under the table next to him and latched onto his leg.

Steve reached the man's side in an instant. He coated the spider with insecticide but not before it sank its fangs into the man's leg. The spider was still thrashing in its final death throes when Steve kicked it away.

Chin appeared at Steve's side and began quickly cutting the man's pants away from the bite. "I have the anti-venom," he told his boss, "Are there any other bites?"

"Only one, buts it's too late for him," Steve watched Chin administer the injection. "Danny went out the back after Neuberg. Did you see him?"

"No, I came in the front. Kono went around back. Maybe she saw them."

"I'm right here," Danny told them, stepping out of the private dining room and into the main restaurant. He glanced around cautiously, "You got all the spiders?"

Steve nodded, "They've all been exterminated." He surveyed the restaurant again and swore under his breath, "Orlov must have slipped out with the crowd. Damn, I really wanted to get him."

The sudden sound of several gunshots from the alley behind the restaurant sent all three men running out the back door. Steve stopped abruptly, causing Danny and Chin to slide into him.

"What the hell, Steve," Danny demanded.

Steve didn't answer, just watched the scene before him with a wide smile on his face. Looking past him into the alley, Danny and Chin also smiled.

Kono Kalakaua had Dmitri Orlov, dangerous international arms dealer, face down in the garbage on the grimy street. His expensive suit was ruined and blood was seeping from a bullet wound in his shoulder.


Steve McGarrett paused just inside his backdoor, his arms filled with a cooler of longboards, and took a minute to watch his team.

It had been 3 days since the bust at the Jade Dynasty. Once they had finished at the scene, all four members of the Five-0 had taken 24 hours to sleep and recover. The next 2 days had been eaten up by paperwork. It turned out that mad scientists, mutant spiders, and internationally wanted criminals created a lot of forms to be filed.

Now it was finally done, the case completely closed, and everyone was at Steve's for a celebratory cook-out. He let the sounds of their good-natured teasing wash over him. It was different from his SEAL teams, but he wouldn't trade this ohana for anything.