A/N: This is my first try at a lemon scene, let me know if I should just stop right here before anyone gets hurt. Also, in this story, Eli and Clare have been doing the deed for quite some time. I'd say their age is roughly 17 or 18, and although Clare's faith has faltered, I believe she still attempts to practice it. Anyway, enjoy!

Clare pushed Eli down onto her bed and held his wrists down. Eli raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Eager, Edwards?"

She leaned closer pressing her voluptuous breasts right under Eli's chin. "Want me to stop?" She asked in a sultry voice.

Eli's eyes rolled back as he watched his girlfriend giggle and bite her lip. "God, no."

He attacked her lips but was surprised when she pushed him away with surprising force. "Nuh uh. Tonight's for you."

She sat up from straddling his chest and ever so slowly, which was torture really, began popping each button on her blouse. Little by little, her bright red bra became visible as she made away with her Sunday's best blouse.

Eli immediately sat up and buried his face into her chest. She could physically feel his reaction to her and loved how weak he was whenever she was around. With expert fingers, Eli unhooked the clasp on Clare's bra and threw the piece of fabric away to get to the delicious breasts beneath them. He sucked her right breast while roughly massaging the other, loving the feel of her soft, warm skin.

Clare moaned and tugged Eli's hair. "Eli, Eli wait."

It took all her strength to not let him continue, but she had a plan in mind. She was doing this for a reason. Of course, the pleasure side didn't hurt. He tried leaning forward to her again but was stopped by a sweet, gentle kiss. "I said tonight was for you."

Before he could even question Clare about why tonight was about him, she was already unbuttoning his shirt and echoing each pop with a hot kiss. Eli roamed his fingers through her hair as she went lower and lower. He inhaled sharply as he felt Clare suck on his stomach while simultaneously rubbing his hardened member through his skinny jeans. He groaned at the amazing feeling and could feel Clare smile against his skin.

She continued to stroke him while unbuttoning his pants and pulling the zipper down releasing him. She smiled to himself as he struck straight out as soon as he was free from his jeans and boxers.

"Clare . . . " Eli moaned. She crushed her lips over his briefly but passionately before giggling and going back to his nether regions. "Just relax, Eli."

He laughed. "You and I both know that this is over if I rela-"

Clare gripped Eli's shaft causing him to groan loudly and interrupting his train of thought. He tried to keep his eyes opened, but at the rate Clare was stroking him, it was likely he was going to explode. His eyes flew open when he felt Clare's mouth completely envelope him. "Oh my God!"

Her head bobbed up and down and stopped to take his entire length in her mouth. She kissed his tip and flicked her tongue into his slit. This was too much for Eli. He needed her and he needed her now.

"Clare," he lifted her up and pounced on her shoving his tongue down her throat in a hot kiss. She moaned into his mouth and pulled the roots of his hair when she felt him hard against her pulsing mound through her panties.

"These have to go," Eli said into her mouth as he hooked his thumb into the waist band of her matching red underwear.

They were both naked and pressed against each other. Eli fingers trailed down Clare's stomach as he sucked, nipped and bit at the pulse at the base of her neck. "Oh, E-Eli."

He pressed his thumb against the pulsing jewel that guarded her entrance and she let out a small scream. Eli smirked in triumph at the ability to make his lady cry out for him. Once he was sufficiently satisfied with the moans and whimpers Clare was producing because of him, he slowly separated her drenched folds to return the pleasure she had just given him.

To his surprise, she pulled away when she felt Eli's finger tips in her. He looked up at her curious. She took his face in his hands and nibbled on his bottom lip. "Just take me, Eli."

He didn't need to be told twice. He kissed her hard as he thrust into her making her scream in pleasure. He sucked happily on one of her breasts as she met every thrust of his head on. With every thrust, they saw stars, fireworks, and each other. She dug her nails into his back and clawed down feeling closer and closer to her release. "E-Eli, there!"

He thrust into her spot repeatedly, hitting it every single time. He could feel her getting closer and knew that soon he would come as well. In one fluid motion, he thrust deep into her, making them both cry out loud, and sat up pulling her into her lap. Lucky for them Clare was on birth control, or the fluid seeping out of her would have been a problem. They both shook with sweet aftershocks and continued to hold each other's sweaty bodies.

She panted heavily, resting her forehead against his shoulder. She moaned still feeling him inside her. Even relaxed, Eli was still firm and strong. He pressed kisses onto her shoulder blade and up the edge of her neck. She lifted her head to meet his eyes and grinned lazily up at him.

He kissed her sweetly, memorizing every taste and feel of her mouth. She tugged his bottom lip with her teeth and grinned playfully. "Did you enjoy that?"

"That was amazing." He began stroking his hand up and down her back sending shivers down her spine. "But what was that for?"

"Must there be a reason for everything?"

He smirked, "You don't usually let me have my way with you. Though I didn't mind it one bit, but what's the special occasion? Is it my birthday?"

She laughed. When she attempted to get off of him, he held her hips down, still pulsing within her.

"What is it, Clare?" He asked when he saw a nervous glint in her eye.

She blushed and looked away. "Well, it's no secret to my parents that you and I are . . ."


"I mean, they even asked Father John to speak to me thinking I've lost my way."

Where was she going with this? He knew he should be listening, but it was difficult to fully pay attention when his incredibly sexy girlfriend was naked, in his lap, flushed from sex, and was unintentionally grinding against him. He could feel his shaft swell brushing Clare's inner walls.

She gasped and moaned feeling it too. "A-and he said, that m-maybe, Eli, hold on." She lifted his head up when he tried to suck her breast again. She took a breath and mentally scolded herself. Oh, the things she did for her faith. "He said that I should refrain from any sexual activities for Lent."

Eli nodded. He had heard about this. For forty days, people gave up something during this season. He stopped nodding when he realized what she was trying to say. No sex for Clare meant no sex for him. He wasn't a hound dog or anything, but making love to Clare was one of the best things he's ever done, and vice versa. He tried to hide his disappointment but to no avail. "So when's this start?"

She bit her lip and placed a gentle kiss on the corner of his mouth before answering.


Clare could have sworn she felt Eli go limp right then and there.

And there you have it! My attempt at a lemon. Let me know how I did? This is a One-Shot, but if I get enough reviews, I might consider continuing it. Let me know what you think!