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I want you so bad.

Eli gulped audibly and sighed as if defeated. He replied back: I want you too.

I miss you =(

In the middle of replying back, Eli received a secondary text from Clare: Thanks Eli. It really means a lot to me.

He squinted at the text confused. Erasing what he had previously typed, he replied: Always babe, but for what?

For being a good sport with this. You're not exactly a saint but it shows you care about me. I love you 3

Adam stole Eli's controller unpausing the game and mumbled something about Eli being a horn dog and that sexting counts.

Eli ignored Adam and smirked at Clare's text. Well you're not exactly a saint either Edwards with the things that you do with your tongue ;) and p.s. I love you too

It was a minute or two before Clare responded, and Eli smirked knowing he had made his girlfriend blush through text. He inhaled sharply when he received her reply. Well, in 16 days I'll use more than my tongue ;) good night Eli

Eli put his phone down and covered his growing manhood with a pillow as he watched Adam mutilating his player. God, Eli loved his vixen.

It was late in the evening, and Clare had been furiously frustrated. She squeezed her legs tightly trying to satisfy the need growing between there. She bit her lip remembering what had occurred only hours earlier.

At the crack of dawn that morning, Eli had banged on Clare's window demanding entrance. He looked ruffled and disheveled and excited. It was clear he had rushed since he was dressed in his Dead Hand shirt and pyjama bottoms. Before she could even yell at him for waking her at such an ungodly hour, Eli had lifted her into his arms and forced her to wrap her legs around him, which she willingly obliged, as he pinned her firmly to the bed in a deep kiss.

Clare moaned automatically and tugged Eli's hair. "E-Eli," she whimpered as her suckled her neck. "Eli, what are you doing?" Her voice came out low and breathy.

Eli smirked and dug his nails into her hips. He nibbled on her bottom lip then did a clean sweep of her mouth with his tongue. "It's day 40."

Clare closed her eyes and gently pushed Eli up. She gave him a soft smile and placed a gentle kiss on the lips. He looked thoroughly confused. He was convinced she'd be writhing in pleasure and screaming out his name by now. "Not a fan of morning love makin'?"

She giggled and placed a hand on his chest. "You know I am." She looked into his eyes apologetically. "Today counts too."

Clare just wanted to hug him when she saw the sad look in his eyes like a boy who just got his Christmas present ruined.

"Almost," she promised. "Midnight comes, then you can have your way with me."

Eli smirked and nodded and pulled Clare down on her bed, both facing each other. He moved an auburn curl out of her eyes and kissed her nose. "Go back to sleep. Save your energy for tonight."

Clare rolled her eyes. "Oh, I don't know. I'm more of a morning lovin' girl than late night seductress," she giggled when Eli playfully narrowed his eyes. Like hell they would wait any longer than they had to. She wrapped an arm around his neck as he weaved his long arms around her waist pulling her closer to him.

"You're cute in the morning," Clare said softly.

"And the afternoon, and the night, and you should see how sexy I am after a hot shower with my girlfriend." Clare rolled her eyes. Eli smiled a real smile and continued. "You're cute always too."

It was moments like these which he cherished with Clare. Sure, he loved kissing her, making love to her, knowing she was his, but moments where they could just be together were precious to him. He had no idea why Clare stayed with him. He had no idea why Clare trusted him. He had no idea what some form of God was thinking when it paired him and Clare together, but whatever it was, he was grateful for it. Clare noticed the loving look in Eli's eyes and stroked the back of his neck. "What?"

Eli answered her by lowering his head to kiss her gently. Almost instantly, the kiss was deepened and neither knew who had initiated it. Neither cared. Eli had moved Clare onto her back and slid his hand under her tank top where she went bra-less. He cupped and massaged her breast, tweaking the nipple. He heard her moan and relished in the sweet sound of it.

They broke the kiss briefly for Clare to slip Eli's shirt over his head. Her fingernails ran up and down his solid front, and she felt Eli laugh once into her mouth. He was always ticklish there.

He broke the kiss and moved his top lip down her jaw line, along her throat sucking briefly there and rested at the top of her tank top. He yanked the fabric away and began teasing her nipple with the tip of his tongue.

Clare closed her eyes and arched her back to give Eli full reign. "Harder," she breathed, clutching the bed sheets in her fists.

She inhaled sharply when she felt Eli's hardened member pressed firmly on her inner thigh. She opened her eyes and moaned when she felt it brush her heat through her dampened panties. With one quick motion, she yanked Eli's head up from her chest and kissed him as hard as she could. She toppled them over so she was straddling him but continued to dominate the kiss.

Eli's hands moved out from under Clare's top and squeezed her ass as if claiming them as his and his alone. "Oh god, Clare," Eli moaned when Clare grinded herself roughly against his shaft.

Something inside Clare snapped. It was true that she had gone sixteen years without sex and was perfectly fine, but once she had bitten into the forbidden fruit with Eli, she felt the need to devour it completely. She wanted Eli, and she wanted him now.

She broke the kiss and reared back, raking her fingernails down from his hair to his shoulders and down his stomach leaving long red marks. She smiled at him seductively with lust and love in her eyes. She leaned forward over him, her breasts dangling in his face and leaned down to the side of his face, her hot breath in his ear. "It's midnight somewhere."

Eli had to admit, given the state of his sex-driven mind, her logic was sound. "God, Clare," he moaned loudly as she nibbled his ear. He almost passed out from the lack of blood in his brain. It seemed for the past month and a bit, all the blood in Eli's body had been going elsewhere. He looked up at Clare who had sat up and removed her top. She took Eli's hands and placed them firmly over her breasts where they belonged.

He massaged them automatically as he watched his girlfriend gently yank down his black plaid pyjama bottoms. His thoughts were hazy and his mind and body seemed to only depend on instinct now. And his primeval side told him to take this woman before him.

Clare had released him from his boxers and gently lifted herself up, moving her panties to the side. She positioned herself over him and slowly brought herself down.

That is, she would have if Eli hadn't stopped her. She was literally a centimetre away from release when Eli had shouted, "Wait!"

Clare lost her balance and ended up sitting in between Eli's legs. "What is it?" Clare didn't bother to hide the whine in her voice. "Can it wait?" She absent-mindedly began stroking him with just her fingertips.

Eli was almost tempted to say yes, but the silver cross hanging around her neck glistened like a warning. God owes me one. He sat up and kissed Clare's palms and down her arms as he weaved her hands behind his neck. He pressed their foreheads together after giving her a soft kiss. "We've only got sixteen hours left. We can last that right?" He continued when Clare opened her mouth to protest. "You mean a lot to me, Clare. And your religion is important to you, so it won't kill us to wait. Finish your Passover thing."

She giggled. "Lent." She looked down and blushed. This is why she loved Eli. It was the little things he did for her, the precious moments that made their relationship more intimate than making love ever could. She smiled and kissed him passionately. "Sucks for you, Goldsworthy."

"It's hard to be a gentleman."

She gave his shaft one quick stroke and smirked. "Oh, I know."

He hissed at the pleasure and pain of it. "Tease!"

She batted her eyes innocently. "Who? Me?"

And now, it was Clare who was suffering She tried to move around in her bed to find a comfy spot, but that did nothing whatsoever for her problem. She threw her head down against her pillow frustrated and looked at the clock. 10:02 PM. Eli should be coming over soon. Clare's dad was at his condo, while her mom was away at a Church fundraiser for the weekend, so Clare had the house to herself.

By the time 11 PM rolled around, Eli had let himself into the house. His palms sweated with anticipation. It wasn't that he expected to have sex with Clare, but it was a different feeling he couldn't describe. He felt nervous and anxious at the same time. He walked up the stairs and let himself into Clare's room. She was sitting in bed reading one of those vampire books. Eli smirked. He had to remember to thank the author of those books. If it wasn't for them, Clare wouldn't have her vampire fetish which led to the best hickies.

She didn't look up when he entered, so Eli just took off his leather jack and laid in bed beside her. He lifted himself up on his elbows and just watched her lovingly. He used his free hand to draw circles on her exposed hip since her shirt had ridden up.

When she was done reading her page, she closed the book and set it on her night table. She caught sight of her alarm clock and it read 11:12 PM. She breathed unevenly and swallowed hard. Why was she acting so weird? It was definitely not the first she had slept with Eli, but it felt different. Not bad, just different. She was excited and scared at the same time. She turned to face Eli as she lay on the bed next to him. "Hi."

"Hi beautiful."

They linked fingers and just enjoyed the moment with each other. They remained in a comfortable silence for a while, every so often a knuckle was being kissed, whispers were being shared and soft love-filled pecks were exchanged.

11:26 PM.

"Do you feel it too?" Clare asked quietly, playing with a lock of Eli's hair.

Eli knew what she was talking about. It was this anxious feeling. "Yes."

"What is it?"

Eli had thought about it too. Green eyes met blue, and it was as if the answer became clear. "It's like the first time."

For the past forty days, the couple, Eli especially, had joked about ravishing one another the minute Lent was over. They had endured the teasing and playful kisses, but most of the time, they would sit and cuddle or talk about any and everything. They did this before, but it was all the more clear. It was as if during these forty days, their love for each other was sealed. Instead of ripping each other's clothes off, Eli and Clare were comfortable being in each other's presence. They were more than just about sex. They both knew it.

11:29 PM

Clare smiled knowing immediately what he meant. "Yes."

They both leaned in and kissed leisurely and slowly savoured each other. Eli's tongue poked Clare's lips asking for entrance which she willingly gave him. His tongue stroked hers and she eagerly responded. She clutched the front of his t-shirt and brought him closer to her, rolling over so he was on top.

One of his hands cradled the back of her head while the other explored under her shirt. He stroked her using the tips of his finger nails and sent shudders down Clare's spine. With an expert hand, he unclasped the front of Clare's bra and released her well-endowed chest to move his thumb over her already hardened nipple. He released her lips when he felt her breathing become laboured and pecked hot kisses from her mouth to her ear. He breathed so softly Clare barely heard it. "I love you."

11:36 PM

She shivered in pleasure and smiled softly as Eli moved to suck her throat. She pushed him up gently to remove his shirt. Before he could come back down to grope her, Clare sat up and ran her bottom teeth up and down Eli's torso. She stopped briefly when Eli lifted her shirt over her head and removed her bra. She began using her tongue to trace the thin line dissecting his defined stomach, running it all the way down until she hit his pants.

He lifted her head up and kissed her deeply. She breathed into his mouth when they parted briefly. "I love you too."

11:43 PM

When they parted, Clare kissed her way down Eli's chest as her fingers removed his belt and pulled down his pants which Eli helped to remove. By now they were both naked save Clare's short shorts and panties. Eli had pinned Clare to the bed when Clare took Eli into her hands and attempted to place him in her mouth. He kissed her hard to stop her whine of protest. "Tonight's for you."

11:46 PM

Eli reared up on his knees and placed Clare's legs upon his shoulders, tugging her shorts down her smooth, creamy legs. He followed the descending fabric with kisses and licks until they were completely off of her.

She panted as she felt her core starting to heat up again. There was no doubt that Eli was ready, and from the look of the wet spot on Clare's panties, she was ready too. Eli parted her legs so he lay in between them as he rested his chin in between the crevice of her breasts. He blew softly on her nipples until the stood erect without his touch. "Eli . . ." Clare moaned pulling on strands of her hair.

He looked up, releasing the nipple that was in his mouth. "Yeah?"

"Please . . ." she begged and moved his hand to her heat.

11:53 PM

Eli pulled back and leaned up on his elbows just smiling down at Clare who had her eyes closed in content. Her beautiful body was displayed before him ready for the taking. But he didn't devour her. He continued to blow on places on her skin and echoed them with kisses. Clare writhed in desperation. Eli was barely touching her. All she could feel was his hot breath on her body and his whisper soft touches. Even Eli couldn't keep up with the caresses and eventually succumbed by leaning over and pressing his nose against her panty clad mound. Using his teeth, he pulled her underwear down her legs and tossed them behind him.

11:59 PM

He leaned over Clare, his tip nudging her entrance. In her lust filled haze, Clare opened her eyes and smiled a smile full of love up at Eli who automatically returned it. She wrapped an arm around the base of his neck and brought his lips down to hers and in a passionate kiss. As their bodies connected, Eli pushed into her, making her gasp and smile into his mouth and move against him.

12:01 AM

His filled her completely, brushing the walls of her desire so fluidly. He pulled out just a little only to plunge back in even further, hitting the spot that made her scream out loud and yell out his name. Her back arched clean off the bed as she met him thrust for thrust, hitting her spot each and every time. Eli could feel her muscles squeezing him greedily, and every time he pulled out, they latched onto him refusing to let him go.

Their breathing grew in sync and their bodies yielded to one another. They both stared into each other's eyes as they felt their release coming. They were so close. With one hard thrust, Clare threw her head back in ecstasy. Her hips continued to move with sweet aftershocks, and soon, Eli joined her in her high spilling his seed into her. He collapsed on top of her, his head resting on her chest.

For a while, the only sound was that of their laboured breathing which became even and regular until Clare weaved a hand in Eli's hair and spoke with a soft moan to her voice. "That was . . ."

"I know." He lifted himself over Clare and gave her a kiss and gave in to drowsiness for the moment. They'd be ready to go again soon enough.

The sun shone brightly onto Clare's face the next morning. She smiled to herself and stretched her sore body in memory of the night and morning previous. She realized that the source of what had woken her was still sounding and opened an eye to see Eli moving objects around loudly in search of his shirt.

"A one night stand I see." Clare grinned and turned to her side facing him with her head rested on her hand.

He turned and smirked eventually finding his shirt. He tossed one of her dresses over to her and he laughed when it hit her face. "Get up. We're going out."

She stood up on her knees letting the blanket fall exposing her naked body. "And where is that?"

He took one look at her body and automatically stepped forward. "You're converting. No more of this Lent stuff."

Clare giggled knowing that Eli was half, if not completely serious. She palmed his chest when he was close enough and clutched the back of his neck. "Am I now?"

"We're finding a Hindu temple. I hear they have a sex god."

They both leaned their heads in at the same time, and when they parted, Clare kept hold of his bottom lip with her tip. "I already have one."

She grinned when she felt Eli lift her up and tackled her back down on the bed.

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