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Chapter 1

"Hey, Maru-chan!" Maru giggled. "Hey, Matsu-kun!" The young man grinned back. The two had bonded together over the intern training.

Matsuda was in his later twenties, with a lanky frame and shaggy black hair. He was the kind of person that would sit near the back, had the wrong answers to most of the questions, and took a verbal beating with a nervous laugh. And those habits had followed him into the police internship.

Maru was a seventeen-ish girl. She was tall and willowy, with long black hair that she kept up in a ponytail. She often wore black, liking the color for it's similarity to night, darkness, sleep, and calm. Even her iPod was black, and stocked full of music she loved. For some reason, however, many though she was related to Misa Misa, the pop idol. Maru hated that. She had seen Misa Misa, and she wondered how people made that mistake. Misa Misa seemed like a normal pop idol, her head filled with nothing but photo shoots, filming, makeup, and hot air. Whereas Maru had actually studied overseas, not to brag or anything.

"What's up?" she asked, taking her seat next to the other. "Oh, the Vice-Director's pulling everyone together. Remember the showdown between L and Kira?" Did she? "My goodness, Matsu-kun, I was there!" He laughed. "Yeah, so—" he was cut off by none other than Chief Yagami. "Everyone, this case will require a willingness to give up your life. So, please do not think only of yourself—think of your family, and friends. I will be back at five to meet with the team. That is all." He turned and left without another word.

At first, there was silence. And then there were whispers. Whispers escalated to talking, and soon there were a stampede of people rushing to get out. Matsuda looked over at Maru. She lightly slapped him. "No, Matsu-kun. I'm not going."

"Bu-but what a-about—" She laughed. "Don't worry, I come from a Chinese mother. She'd practically force me to do this. Matsuda-kun," she said, turning to him with a smile, "this is the biggest case we will ever crack. Don't you think that we should stay to solve it?" So that was how, when the Chief got back, Maru and Matsuda, along with Ide, Mogi, Aizewa, Watari, and Usata were still sitting, Matsuda giving the director a greeting. At first, the Chief looked surprised that there were so little people, but he realized that this indeed was very many people.

"Chief, if you count Watari and L, that's nine people to fight Kira!" Maru couldn't help smiling at that. Matsu really could be cute if he wanted to, but…just not quite her type. Her thoughts drifted back…back to a boy who'd held her hands, pulled her close, black hair falling like night around her face, nothing but his eyes coming closer to her…she mentally hit herself. No, can't be thinking about that now…She opened her eyes again, only to close them. Aizewa…stop being such an idiot. No one can trust L, the way you want to. We just have to walk, blindfolded, where he directs us…we need L on our side. Without him, we'd have no chance of catching Kira.

"Watari…" L said, and Watari turned to computer around. There, L had typed in the directions to his hotel, and how to get there. "In pairs of two? But…that means…" Matsuda stammered. Maru finished for him. "That I'll be going alone."

"Wha—Maru-chan! You can't—" she held up a hand to stop him. "Matsu, I've made up my mind. Besides, I can take what life throws at me. Yagami-san," she turned to him. "I'll call you if something's the matter, k?" Chief Yagami nodded, with a worried look on his face. "Still…Maru-san, are you sure that you want to do this?" She smiled, the strange phenomenon that made her entire face light up in a beam of sweet innocence. Even though those around her knew of her shattered core. "Yes. I am."

The night was cold, she realized as she pulled her coat closer to herself. She missed the company of Matsu, or even the Chief. But there was no backing out now. It was the time to start. She walked leisurely to the hotel, and got in an elevator. It was empty, so she half-collapsed against the wall, her morning coffee completely used up. Thankfully, she still had a sweet in her pocket, for emergencies like this. She downed the entire Pix Stix, and felt the sugar rush back into her system. Not as good as coffee, but it would do for now. The elevator pinged, the doors opened, and she rejoined the group of her fellows. After a moment, the Chief raised his hand to knock on the door, and it opened. A dull voice came from behind the door.

"Come in. I've been waiting for you all."

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