Hey, everyone. :) How are you guys?

Anyway, I have to tell you all something. I am not satisfied with this story. In my humble opinion, it sucks.

So, I'm taking some time off to revamp the entire thing. This'll still be up, I guess, but the new version will come up. Sorry for never being on, but school and everything...just goes crazy. :) So, no worries, NarutoFanL, I will put up the new story soon.

As for my other Death Note stories...with the exception of Saviours, another piece with NarutoFanL, let's just say I've moved on to other manga ^^'. If you guys want, I'll try. But I swear I will finish this story, by hook or by freaking crook, I WILL. Pinky promise.

Good luck with life, everyone.

See yah.

Don't let the bedbugs bite. But I'll take your cake anyway. ;)