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Well everyone, as promised here is the first chapter of my new story "Coffee Bean Guy". It's based on a short story I wrote for a creative writing class that I took.

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Bella hated the cold. The way the icy wind would catch her breath and cause a terror filled laugh to escape from her lips. It was her body's way of telling her that if she couldn't handle the weather, then maybe she should go home. But today was Sunday. Today she refused to let the gale like forces win. Today she would turn her face to the wind and when she laughed it would be a laugh of defiance.

A car passed along on the road going faster than necessary causing a splash of dirty snow slush to coat the bottom of her jeans. Bella cursed under her breath at the oblivious driver for being the cause of what she was sure would become hypothermia. She quickly let her rage go. Ungodly weather and f-wad drivers were not going to ruin her plans. It was Sunday, her unofficial favourite day, and as much as she hated the winter, she faced it head on because Sunday was the day when she got to spend a few minutes with him; Coffee Bean Guy.

~3Years Ago~

It was a dreary Sunday afternoon, whenit all happened. She had just broken up with the boyfriend she had hadsince junior high. Everyone believed that Jake and Bella would be together forever, unfortunately forever was only a few years. Their biggest supporter was her father. He and Billy, Jake's dad were best friends. Bella and Jake had grown up together and he had even joined the police force with her dad. Bella thought everything was perfect. She couldn't have been more wrong.

After what seemed like hours of shouting and tears Bella walked out but not before telling him that she wouldn't tell her father the real reason for the break up. Jacob Black was the son Charlie Swan had always wanted and it would kill him to lose him.

When she left Jacob's, Bella got into her rickety old truck and drove aimlessly trying to figure out what had gone wrong in the relationship. She wound up at a small movie theatre and ended up sitting through a terrible M. Knight Shyamalan movie. If anything thing it only made the day worse. Unsure of what to do or where to go Bella went into the coffee shop across the street hoping that a hot chocolate fix would ease her pain. That was the first time she saw him.

Coffee Bean Guy, or CBG as she like to call him for short, worked behind the counter at the Midnight Sun cafe. He was wearing the brightest smile along with a red fitted hat the first time Bella saw him. He wore both every Sunday and she often wonder if it was the rich smell of roasting coffee, the hat or the smile that brought her back to purchase hot chocolate for six bucks a pop. Whatever it was, every week like clockwork, she'd go see a movie, whether she want to see one or not, then she'd show up at the cafe, order her beverage and engage in mindless small talk with the barista who wore just the right amount of facial hair to be handsome without being dirty.

That first Sunday he saw Bella at her lowest. She had ordered her drink and sat at a small table by the window to wallow in misery. Her cell chirped at her letting her know that Jake had texted. Bella wanted to ignore them but after a while her phone sounded like a demented techno bird.

~Bella where R U?

~Plz cum hom


~I'm sry

Their relationship was over and he couldn't even be bothered to send full worded sentences. After the tenth message her phone went silent and she breathed a sigh of relief that is until it rang. It looked as though he worked up the courage to talk to her. Bella jerked the phone off the table.

"What?" she shouted.

"Bells what is going on?" It wasn't Jake on the phone. It was her father. Jacob had called him hoping that he would talk her into taking him back. Bella loved her father, but that was never going to happen.

Charlie loved Jake and pleaded with her to reconsider. When Bella told him that she couldn't, he wanted to know exactly what happened. The question caused a fresh wave of tears.

"Excuse me Miss," CBG said loud enough for Charlie to hear, "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to turn off your phone. The other customers have been complaining."

Looking around she couldn't help but notice that she was the only one in the cafe. She quickly told Charlie that she had to go and promised to call him later.

"Sorry," he said with a nervous smile, "it looked like you didn't really want to talk to whoever that was."

"Thanks," she managed to say without sobbing.

"No problem," he scratched the back of his neck and seemed unsure what to do with the emotional mess before him. "Can I get you a refill or a cookie? It's my mom's recipe. They always cheered me up when I was little." His offer made Bella smile. She told him that she was okay or at least she would be.

"Alright, well if I can do anything don't hesitate to ask," he turned to go back behind the counter, but turned to tell her that his name was Edward.

Every Sunday since that day Bella returned to the small cafe for a cup of hot chocolate and a chance to see Edward.

There were times when he'd ask her how her week was and would call her darling or sweetheart. Bella always mocked the type of girl who would swoon when their boyfriend's called them cutesy names, but when he did it, her insides would melt like a doomed snowman on the first day of spring.

Today, as always, Bella walked into the warm aroma of roasted beans and was greeted with a smile.

"Hey Swan," he said as he wiped down the counter. Swan was the nickname her had given her after they had first met and she told him her name was Isabella, but that her friends called her Bella. If anyone else called her by her last name she's probably give them a pounding. It reminded her of the girls in grade school who made fun of her clumsy ways. But because it was him, she answered with a smile and a quiet giggle. There was no malice behind his emerald eyes when he called her Swan.

"Hey Edward," he didn't know about the nickname Bella had given him.

"The usual or are you going to dare to try something different today?" One side of his mouth curved into a crooked grin as he teased. He already knew the answer, but this had become their usual dance.

"Come on Edward, you know my motto. If it ain't broke-,"

"Order the hot chocolate," he finished the absurd motto. "Why don't you take a seat and I'll bring it over."

Bella went to her usual table by the window, grateful that the heater was on high and would dry her soggy legs. She removed her scarf and coat and placed them both on the back of her chair. She opened her bag and pulled out a worn out copy of her favourite book and tried to lose herself in the make believe world where an awkward teen falls in love with a vampire. Bella didn't care that it was a book meant for a younger audience. She had always had a thing for vampires.

Outside snow was floating slowly to the ground, a sign that the weather had gotten colder. A sad fact that caused entire body to tense with the notion that once she finished her sugary goodness she'd have to venture out into the nightmare known to others as winter wonderland. Bella cringed at the thought until CBG approached with her hot chocolate in his left hand and a cup of something else in the other. Bella watched in a stunned silence as he pulled out the chair across from her.

"It's my break so I thought I'd join you," he began to lower himself into the chair, but stopped half way. "If that's alright with you?" he added eyeing the book in her hand.

"Sure," she said trying to hiding the nervous tremor in her voice by taking a sip of her drink and burning her tongue in the process.

He sat down and let out a tired breath as he stared out at the falling snow, "Supposed to be a bad winter this year."

"Yeah," Bella was too nervous to give more of an answer.

"How many times?" he asked gesturing toward the book.

"What?" Bella knew that she was blushing as she pulled the book towards her in a lame attempt to hide her secret shame. The world could be a cruel place for those who read novel about vampires. Let alone novels meant to be read by any card carrying member of the Justin Beiber fan club.

"Witching Hour. How many times have you read it?" He pried the book from under Bella's hands and began to flip through the pages.

"Four." Bella wasn't sure why she told him the truth. Everyone else that she had shared the information with would say that she had serious issues and should seek help. Her sister Sue would remind her that the book was meant for silly preteens who believed that vampires really did sparkle. It never helped her sanity plea when she brought up a scientific study that she had read about that if vampires were real then there was a chance, depending on their diet, that they would indeed sparkle. There was a certain species of insect in the rainforest that shimmered because of the types of other insects they ate. She lost what little respect she had from others with that argument. When Edward looked up at her from the pages Bella shrugged and added, "It's a good book. It's the new Romeo & Juliet without the cop out suicide ending."

"Oh I know. I've read it."

Bella could help but smile at the new piece of information he shared. "I never pictured you as the young adult type."

He held his finger to his lips bidding her to keep his secret then said, "Well, as you pointed out, it's a good book." He held the novel out for Bella to take and it was in that one exchange that she felt more at ease. They had something real in common. The conversation flowed freely for the next few minutes. They sipped their beverages and talked about non-important things. It was nice, until Bella ruined it all by asking a question.

"So are you planning on seeing the next movie when it comes out?" She swallowed a mouthful of her hot chocolate while waiting for his answer.

"Though I doubt it will be anywhere near as good as the book, yeah I'm going. Tanya already has the tickets bought and put in a safety deposit box," he said rolling his eyes at his own exaggeration.

That one sentence broke the illusion. It wasn't the first time she had heard the name of his girlfriend, but the mention of her name didn't hurt any less. It seemed that whenever they neared the realm of getting close, he'd bring up the girl who owned his heart.

"Does it make me a complete girl if I say how much I hated the way they added useless crap to the first movie and left out some of the best stuff?" his face turned a little pink as he admitted to knowing more than a male should regarding the subject.

"You're still manly in my eyes," Bella made an attempt at a lame joke hoping that he wouldn't see the truth. Changing the subject was her next line of defense, "I heard the second director didn't even read the book."

"What the hell is the point of even making the movies?" he took a frustrated gulp of his coffee. "And don't even get me started on the special effects in that one. The only way it could have been worse was if they had the purple wolf from Sesame Street as one of the wolf pack."

Bella laughed at his observation and brought up her own upset over the non-release of the supposed fifth book in the series, complaining that the author's head had gotten too big.

As Bella finished the last drop of her hot chocolate which had become temped chocolate by that point said, "I guess I'll see you opening night. I've had my tickets since they went on sale a month ago." She reached into her bag to get her wallet. When she began to take out money to pay for her drink, Edward raised his hand to stop her.

"Don't worry about it."

"You sure?" she hesitated putting her wallet away.

"Consider it a thank you for spending my break with me." He took their empty mugs from the table and placed them on the counter then instead of walking around; he jumped over the marble looking counter top.

Bella put the dog eared book into her bag and wrapped her scarf around her neck. Standing she glanced out at the white flakes that were hitting the ground, thankful that her pants were dry. She made her way toward the door to face another round with Mother Nature whom she was sure was suffering from PMS when she heard his voice.

"See you next week?"

For that one minute, Bella wanted to believe that Edward was hoping that she would come back. That he spent his week the same way she did, waiting for Sunday when she would come into order her drink and that she was really there just to see him.

But a minute is a very short period of time and Bella knew within those sixty second that he didn't. He had a girlfriend and they hardly knew anything about each other, but still, she had small window of time every Sunday afternoon when she's come to the small café and chat about non-important things like sparkly vampires with her Coffee Bean Guy.

"See you next week," she said smiling back as she headed out into the cold.

Bella really hated the cold.

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So that was chapter one. What did you think? Feel free to leave me any thoughts, be they good or bad. I am sorry if any of the comments made in the story offended anyone. Twilight is not just for young girls. I know many gentlemen who have read the book(s), loved them and are very manly.

Oh and in case you were wondering about the book Bella was reading, yes it's "Twilight". I looked the word twilight up in my thesaurus and it was one of my options. It seemed weird to have her reading a story about a girl named Bella Swan falling for a vampire named Edward Cullen.

I'll do my best to get the next chapter out by next week.