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CHAPTER 34 – Heartbreak & Handcuffs

Jesus Christ!

This was a powder keg that Chief Charlie Swan found himself sitting on. First, his son in law comes into the station with two perps and the beginnings of a fat lip. Then his daughter flies in minutes later claiming all sorts of things that would land the entire department in a heap of trouble.

"Come on Charlie," Jake pleaded. "I didn't have a whole lot of options. Did you miss my bloody lip?"

"Lose the sarcasm," Charlie demanded. The tone of his voice took the smugness out of Jacob's badass cop act.

So far Charlie had heard two very different stories. One had Jacob getting attacked by a crazed boyfriend while trying to arrest a woman being charged with assault.

The other story painted Jake as an out of control cop who had gone mad with power. He didn't want to believe it, but the second story was coming from his own daughter. According to her Jake roughed up an alleged suspect. By the way he made it seem, the prep was some kind of Amazon and not the petit girl that was brought in.

"Charlie, she'd say and do anything to make Cullen and his friends look good."

"And for some reason you'd say and do anything to make Edward and his friends look bad. What the he'll is wrong with you?"

"Enough!" Charlie was getting a headache and if he trusted his gut he knew he was going to have to work late to cover the fact that he was going to be down a man. He was just waiting on one thing.

Charlie stabbed his finger at the intercom and asked Marie if the report he was waiting on was ready. Minutes later the secretary walked in and passed him some papers.

Sensing the tension in the room, Marie left before needing to be told to do so. She had work with Chief Swan long enough to know the tell tale signs.

"See," Jake was grinning as he watched Charlie read Embry's incident report.

Charlie let out a tired sigh, "She was compliant and yet you felt the need to rough her up anyway. "

"That's not what happened!"

"So she didn't tell you that the cuffs were too tight? And you didn't tighten them further?" Charlie took his silence as an admission of guilt. "Christ Jacob! Do you know what this would mean for the station if this went public?"

"I did everything by the book," he argued.

"Mistreatment of a suspect is not by the book. Go home, cool off, and when you come back next week, leave the attitude at home. I've got no room for it here."

Jake knew better than to argue, so he left the office and left the station in a huff. Bella did not envy Leah who would be waiting for him at home.

She sat in the chair across from her father and tried to convince him that there was no reason that Kate should be held on the trumped up charges. Irina has accused Kate of attacking her for no good reason.

"So let me get this straight...Kate was arrested because she shot Irina with a paint ball gun...on a paint ball field...during a paint ball war?" Charlie was about to interrupt when Bella continued, "I was there dad. Irina flew into Kate and said awful things. If anyone attacked anyone it was her. The girl is unbalanced."

"Something told me not to get out of bed today. Come on...let's get your friend."

"What about Garrett?

"He assaulted an officer, Bella."

Bella hated throwing Embry under the bus especially since he helped by reporting on Jacob's behavior, but she had to do what she thought was right.

"Dad, I don't remember Garrett having his rights read to him."

Charlie snatched up the report and muttered out a curse when he reviewed the paper and found no record of Garrett having his rights read meaning that that they couldn't hold him.

As father and daughter made their way toward the holding cell Charlie asked when it was that Bella went to law school.

"Do you know who she is?" a female voice shouted. "I demand that you release Kate immediately!"

She got very quiet when she saw Charlie.

"Can I help you?"

"I am Kate Laiden's assistant. She has been wrongfully accused and is being held unlawfully." Bella could tell she was nervous by the way she kept fidgeting with her glasses. "I...uh...suggest that unless you'd like to have your entire station put under investigation that you release her."

A person did not tell Charlie Swan what to do...even if he was wrong. That's why he waited just long enough to make Kate's assistant sweat.

He turned to the officer closest to him and said, "You heard the lady."

Within no time Kate and Garrett were released. Kate was so happy to be out that she jumped into Emmett's arms and thanked him for calling her assistant. She then turned to Carol and thanked the woman for sweet talking the chief into letting her go.

"I guess I owe you a hug as well," Garrett said thanks to the young woman.

Charlie approached them and offered his sincere apologies. He told them if there was anything either of them needed to call his private number and he would personally take care of it. He also informed them that the officers involved were being reprimanded.

"If you could just come with me, we will get you signed out so you can go."

"What happened in there," Edward asked as they waited.

"I just told my dad that there was no real reason for Kate and Garrett to be here," she answered then added, "and you'll be happy to know that I almost got Jacob fired."

Edward was about to admit that it did make him feel good when the sound of shouting brought him out of his happy mood.

"I just want to know where she is...can anyone in this joke of a station tell me where my fiancée is?"

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit," Carol chanted over and over sounding very nervous.

The man doing the yelling glanced their way and when his gaze fell upon Edward he calmed down. Giving upon on the poor officer he'd been verbally abusing, he moved toward them with a smile plastered on his face.

"You're Katherine's friend Ted right?" he stuck out his hand in greeting.

"And you must be Brad." Edward shook his hand in an awkward greeting. While it was true that he was Kate's future husband and therefore earned the right to Edward's friendship, it felt like a betrayal to Garrett.

"I am so fired," Carol cried as she rushed out of the building. She needed a cigarette to calm her frayed nerves.

Bella introduced herself and explained what was going on and that Kate would be out soon. It was going to be a surprise for Kate when she saw Brad waiting for her. The only thing was that it wasn't going to be a good surprise.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

The question should have come from Garrett; Brad's enemy. Instead it came from an outraged Kate who looked anything but happy to see Brad.

"Katherine, I came as soon as Carol called. Are you alright?" he made an attempt to hug her only to have her shove him away.

Emmett quickly moved into action and prepared to take Brad down if needed.

"Carol, called you?" she hissed. "Of all the people in the history of my existence, why in the hell would Carol call you?"

Brad, embarrassed by Kate's very loud outburst asked if they could please discuss the issue in private.

Kate laughed in his face, "I made it very clear that I was through discussing anything with you." She quickly turned to Emmett and said, "I need to get out of here."

That was all he needed to hear from his friend. He led her out the door with curious Garrett following behind along with Bella and Edward.

"Katherine, please just hear me out?"

"I believe da lady asked you to leave her alone," Garrett bumped his chest against Brad's almost wishing the guy would be stupid enough to throw a punch.

Recognition crossed Brad's face. He glared at Kate, "You have got to be kidding? The minute we hit a rough patch you go running back to your ex."

"You asshole!" Kate lunged toward Brad ready to attack, but was stopped when Emmett hooked his arm around her waist. "The only rough patch that was hit was your whore assistant by you!"

"I can explain what happened if you would just give me a chance," he defended himself. He made an attempt to reach out to her, but was blocked by Emmett's large frame once he passed Kate over to Garrett.

Garrett tightened his grip on Kate and whispered in her ear to distract her from the man who was no longer of any importance as far as he was concerned. His concern was focused solely on one person.

"Get me out of here," he said to Kate. "Listen to me Katie," he added as she tried to pull away. "If you don't get me out of here then I am going to do something monumentally stupid that will most defiantly get me locked up. Do you really want to be the reason I get arrested twice in one day?"

Kate's entire body tensed as Brad tried to dodge Emmett to get to her. She nodded in agreement setting Garrett into motion. He quickly got the keys to Edward's car and pulled Kate by the hand taking her to a better place.

"Katherine!" Brad tried one last time to get to Kate only to fail and have to watch her drive away with another man.

Brad could have very well lashed out at Emmett or screamed at Edward or he could have cursed the world for his problems, but none of those things would erase the past. So instead he cursed at himself, got into the expensive sports car he rented, and drove away to lick his wounds and pray that he didn't get fired for screwing over his company's biggest client by screwing someone else.


It felt as though years had passed since the last time Edward and Bella had been home. Emmett drove them back to the loft and left to go check on Kate.

"Jesus," Edward muttered as he removed the clothing from his aching body. "I can't believe she didn't say anything."

"You really didn't know?" Bella's heart went out to her new friend.

"God no, Kate just keeps everything to herself like she's worried she'll be too much of a burden."

Bella shrugged out of her our jacket and winced at the pain in her back. Edward asked if she was okay and helped her to undress only to let out a vicious curse when he saw her bare skin.

He pushed her into the bathroom and forced her to look at the bruises that had begun to bloom across her shoulders.

"It happened when I took a bullet for my idiot brother." Bella tried to tell him it was nothing, but Edward refused to let it go.

"The idea of you getting hurt in any way kills me Bella."

"Well I guess you're just going to have to lock me up to keep me safe. That or wrap me in bubble wrap."

Edward gently brushed his lips across the injury and said, "I'd much rather unwrap you...if you aren't too sore?"

"I think I can handle it," Bella pushed Edward backwards into the shower and suggested they get clean.

Paint stained clothing littered the floor as they waited for the water to heat up. While waiting they filled the time with frantic kisses and caresses. Bella was about to follow Edward under the warm spray of water when someone pounded on the apartment door.

Edward let out a deep growl and grabbed Bella's wrist when she turned to get her robe that was hanging from the door. When the banging continued he let her go, but only after she promised to remember exactly where they were.

Whoever was at the door really wanted to get in, that or they hated the door.

Bella opened the door and wished she had stayed in the shower when she saw an unhappy Leah waiting to get in. Her sister barged into the apartment telling Bella that she had to fix this...whatever this was.

"Hi Leah, come on in," Bella said as she shut the door.

"Jake came home early from work pissed off yelling something about you getting him suspended. Then he took off to get drunk down at first beach. What the hell happened today?"

They sat down at the kitchen table where Bella explained the day's events. She wasn't sure how Leah would take the news but she never thought the reaction would what followed.

"Oh my god," Leah's mouth hung open in shock.

"I'm sure Jake was just having a bad day."

"And you just couldn't wait to run to Charlie and blow things way out of proportion!"

"I didn't blow anything out of proportion. Jake overstepped and got reprimanded for it."

"Right," Leah stood from the table, "Once again this is all on Jacob! God, you've must have been happier than a pig in shit when you finally saw you're chance to get back at us. The fact that you're still holding on to the past is pathetic."

"That isn't what happened Leah," Bella tried to explain that Embry had reported Jake's actions as well, but her sister didn't want to hear it.

"Enjoy what time you have left here with prince charming cause it won't be long before he figures out you aren't worth the hassle and move on to something better and let's face it that really won't be too difficult."

"I think you need to leave," Edward had left the bathroom just in time to hear Leah's hurtful words. He walked passed them both and yanked the door opened so hard that it bounced off the wall. When Leah didn't move fast enough for his liking he growled, "Get out."


Leah left as abruptly as she had arrived. Edward breathed a sigh of relief as he shut the door and turned to talk to Bella only to find she was no longer sitting at the table.

When he called out her name she asked if he was hungry. She had run off to the kitchen and was starting to stir a can of soup into saucepan.

"I don't know about you, but I am starved."

"Bella," he said as he approached her from behind, wishing he could see her face to get some idea of how she was handling her sister's attack.

"If you don't want tomato I can put on some chicken and stars," Bella turned to get another can of soup from the cupboard only to have Edward stop her.

"Hey, are you alright? I know she's your sister, but that woman is a bitch."

"It was just Leah defending her husband. I'd do the same thing for you if someone threatened your job."

"Yeah? You'd throw down for little ole me?"

"Hell yes, no one messes with my man," Bella wrapped her arms around Edward's body and held on tight. He did the same to her.

"She's wrong," he said as he kissed the top of her head. "There is no way I could ever leave you for something better, because there is nothing better. You know that right?"

She made a noncommittal noise into his chest and just held him tighter.

"Hate to tell you this but you are stuck with me Miss Swan."

"Is that so," she laughed.

"I'm here until you order me away."

Bella pulled away from Edward's arms and turned back to the stove.

"You don't have to make me a different kind of soup."

"Oh I'm not making you soup," Bella switched the burner off. She turned around and slowly began to remove her robe, sliding it over one shoulder then the other.

She held it together just long enough for Edward to question what she was doing.

"I am remembering where we were," the robe fell to the floor at her feet leaving her completely naked. "Care to join me in the shower, Mr. Cullen? I really need to get clean cause I have been a very dirty girl."

Bella bit her lip to keep from laughing at the look on Edward's face. Then squealed when he began to chase her into the bathroom where they got cleaned up from the day then retired to the bedroom where they got very, very dirty.


"Jesus tap-dancing Christ! Fuck off with the door already!" Edward was an angry bear when he didn't get enough sleep. It really didn't help that there was someone banging on the door yet again at 7:45 in the morning. After spending a good part of the night making love over and over, Edward and Bella had planned on sleeping very late. But no, he had to leave his warm bed and sexy girlfriend to deal with the psycho door banger.

"I swear if it's Leah I'm taking a swing," Edward pulled the door open.

"If you value our friendship at all you will not ask." Garrett pushed passed Edward wearing an extremely tight pair of yoga pants, a white thermal shirt with pink flowers and for some reason had a pair of gem stone covered handcuffs hanging from one of his wrists. Edward simply nodded and offered his friend some coffee.

"Oh my," Bella came out of the bedroom and found Garrett's outfit too disturbing not to comment on.

Instead of finding a more masculine look, Garrett sat at the table and with his head hung in shame told Edward and Bella everything that had happened.

Garrett got Kate seated in the car and drove to the hotel where she was staying; both of them silent the entire ride. Kate seemed at peace watching the scenery go by. The green streaks of the passing trees blended with the bland houses that managed to add subtle spots of colour. Even though he knew Kate was hurt, there was a part of Garrett that couldn't help but feel joy at the knowledge that she was no longer engaged to that prick. When they arrived at the hotel they took the elevator up to the penthouse floor. Once in the room Kate turned into a hostess asking Garrett if he wanted anything to eat or drink. Before he could answer she pulled a bottle of Jack Daniel's from vast selection of alcohol that had been provided for her enjoyment and drank a shot straight from the bottle. He knew where she was heading with her behaviour and couldn't let it happen. Garrett took the bottle from her hands before she could take a second drink.

"Go get cleaned up and I'll order some food."

"I'll stick to the liquid lunch," Kate tried getting the bottle back from him, but was once again thwarted.

"Talk to me Kate."

"Let's watch a movie!"

Kate grabbed her laptop from her bag and proceeded to connect it to the wide screen television mounted on the wall.

"What are we watching," he asked taking a seat next to Kate making sure to keep the bottle well out of reach.

"It's something that's not even out yet."

Kate hit play and Garrett became uncomfortable as the sounds of what was obviously a porno filled the room. Garrett wasn't a prude...far from it. Like all young men his age he had seen his share of adult themed movies, but that didn't mean he was okay with watching them with the woman he loved. Maybe someday down the road when they were in a better place.

"I know her," Kate said starring at the young woman on the screen who was supposedly being satisfied by her unseen male co-star. "I hired her to be Brad's assistant. She was so grateful and so sweet."

Over a year ago, Kate had noticed how stressed Brad had become at work. He was the type of guy who'd spend all hours of the night at the office in an effort to find the next big thing. Between that and her carrier they barely got to see one another. So as a surprise Kate set up interviews to find him the perfect little helper. What she found was Holly Monet. Holly was new on the scene and was eager to catch a break in showbiz. It was her dream to become an actress and she was more than happy to do whatever Brad needed or wanted.

A month later Brad gave Kate some information, it turned out that Holly was indeed an actress and had starred in a few movies. The thing was that they had been adult movies... extremely adult.

Her first mistake was not asking how Brad found out.

Kate felt weird, but decided to confront the young girl about her other job. Holly burst into tears, begging not to be fired. Believing in the young girl's innocence, Kate asked Brad to let her keep her job. Actually she begged him to look past the fact that her other job was having sex for other's entertainment. He agreed, but didn't seem too pleased to do so.

Kate was out of town for a photo shoot during Holly's birthday and felt bad because besides her and Brad, Holly had no one so she told Brad to take the girl out to dinner to celebrate. The plan was to surprise them both by coming home early, but the surprise was on her when she arrived home only to find them going at it like drunken monkeys.

"Jesus."Garrett couldn't imagine anyone hurting Kate or anyone that way.

"I threw the skank out of my house...followed by her clothes and had every intention of doing the same to Brad. But when I got back to the bedroom he was in tears, pacing the floor. When he saw me he fell to his knees begging me for forgiveness. He said he screwed up and he was sorry. He told me he'd never hurt me again and I believed him. He pulled me into his arms and just held on so tight. What can I say? I'm a sucker for tears."

Kate needed a minute to compose herself. She glanced out the window and quickly wiped away a tear.

"I was just fucked up and insecure enough to forgive him. I told him he had to fire Holly and that he was going to have to earn back my trust. Things were tense for a while but after some time we started getting back to where we were. He bought me flowers every day. He'd leave cute messages on my phone and planned this huge fancy dinner for my birthday...just the two of us."

"Kate, can we please turn dis off and talk?"

"We can't stop watching yet," she said with a sad laugh. "The best part is coming up."

No sooner were the words out of her mouth when Holly detached herself from her partner who turned out to be Brad. The movie they were watching was a homemade sex tape.

"This was waiting for me in my inbox after I got home from my birthday dinner. He didn't stop seeing her and she wanted to rub it in my face. She was actually going to try and sell it hoping that it would be her big break. The girl who stole Madam K's man was sure to be a top seller."

Garrett wished he had the ability to go back in time so he could pound on Brad at the police station until there was nothing left, to hell with getting arrested.

No, if he could go back in time he never would have left Kate the way he did. They'd still be together and she wouldn't be hurting. But Garrett couldn't go back in time. So he did what he could.

He jumped up from the couch yanked the cords from the screen, walked out onto the balcony and threw the laptop as hard as he could. When it landed on the sidewalk below it shattered like a cheap vase.

Taking several deep breaths, Garrett needed to calm himself down. He was about to go back into the room when Kate joined him.

"Sorry," he gestured toward the railing and said he buy her a new computer.

Kate shook her head and shrugged, "You just did what I wish I had. Thank you."

Garrett froze as Kate moved toward him and pressed her lips to his cheek. He wanted so badly to grab her and move her lips to his. To take her back into the room and reclaim what belonged to him. He also knew that she needed time to heal, so he asked what he could do to make her feel better. Kate took his hand and pulled him back into the room where she led him to her bed.

"Kate, I don't think..."

"Just hold me."

Not wanting to ruin the sheets with their paint stained clothes they removed everything but their underwear and crawled under the blankets. Garrett pulled her body toward him pressing her back to his chest and wrapped his arms around her body. Kate's body stayed tense until Garrett began to hum softly causing her body to let go as she slipped into slumber.

"The next ting I knew I was waking up alone handcuffed to da bed with all my clothes missing."

"Well that explains the outfit," Bella said as she rummaged through one of the junk drawers in the kitchen. She pulled out a Bic ballpoint, broke the metal clip off the cap and grabbed Garrett's wrist. Edward offered to get a set of bolt cutters, but she told him that there was no need. Having a police officer for a father meant that you were privy to certain information...information like how to get out of a pair of handcuffs when you didn't have the keys. There was also a time when she was younger that she, Leah and Jake found Charlie's handcuffs and made a game of tying each other up. That was all Bella was willing to reveal at that point and focused on setting Garrett loose.

In a matter of seconds Garrett was rubbing free but sore wrist.

"Have either of you heard from her?"

"It's eight in the morning," Edward growled.

"We haven't heard from her, but I'm supposed to be meeting her this afternoon at the hotel. She invited Seth and his girlfriend Melissa to watch her rehearse." Bella looked down at the handcuffs, "If you were handcuffed to the bed then how did you get out of the room?"

"I had to break da bed. She stole my clothes and handcuffed me to the bed and just left me there to rot." All the rage that Garrett had entered with dissolved. "I think I'm just going to go back to your house and crash for a few hours."

Edward offered him a change of clothing, but he just didn't care what he looked like.

When they were left alone Bella noticed the look on Edward's face. If she had to guess she would have guessed slight constipation. She asked what was wrong and Edward said he felt like a kid whose parents were getting divorced. Yeah Kate and Garrett hadn't been a couple for a very long time, but like any broken home child, Edward held out the hope that one day his best friends would come to their senses and get back together.

"My poor baby," Bella sat onto his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"

Edward reached behind Bella to pick up the discarded handcuffs. "So how old were you when you got tied down by a set of these?"

Bella smirked and pulled the cuffs away from him, "Oh dear boy. I was the one who did the tying. I kind of have a dominant streak."

Edward's mouth hung open at his girlfriend's confession and was temporally frozen in place as Bella stood up. Swinging the bedazzled bracelets around her finger she headed toward the bedroom.

"Care to help me relive my childhood?"

Edward chased after her wondering how he got so lucky as to find someone like Bella Swan. He knew that no matter what, he'd tie himself to her in every way humanly possible whether it be some sort of kinky sex play or someday...please God...marriage.

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