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Cammie POV:

"I love you."

The last thing I heard was Zach say "I love you" and felt him hold me closer.

Zach POV:

Cammie had been asleep for two days before she woke up.

It was the two longest days of my life.

The doctors said it was due to the chemicals she had inhaled and the exhaustion she was facing, both physical and mental.

They had also ran tests on the baby to make sure it was fine.

During the tests, they had revealed the gender of the baby.

No one but the nurses and I knew the gender of the baby.

When Cammie finally woke up, she was disoriented and confused.

The look of hatred and anger had been replaced.

Her eyes once again had the same trusting and loving feel they had before I told her the truth.

This scared me more than anything.

The possibility of her being an amnesiac and not remember the talk.

I wouldn't be able to tell her the truth again. I couldn't deal with her anger and hatred again.

But her words brought relief.

"You saved me."

She knew. She hadn't forgotten.


"You came back for me."


"Thank you, Zach."

"There were more people to it than just me."

"Yeah, but even after everything, even after I walked out on you. I left."

"I'm never giving up on you, Gallagher Girl."

"I'm sorry."

"No, you have nothing to be sorry about. I'm sorry. For everything. From how this all began to the psychotic woman after us."

"She mentioned it, you know."

I stayed silent.

She took this as a sign to keep on talking.

"She said you were supposed to be the next generation. You were supposed to take over."

Again, I couldn't bring myself to speak.

"But you disobeyed. You were supposed to make me fall. You were supposed to walk away."

"I was supposed to. It was all part of the plan. I had to gain your trust and find out what you knew or bring you into the Circle. I never meant to fall in love with you. But then I met you. I saw you. I knew you. I saw and understood what you were going through. With your dad. I saw your relationships, with your mom, your friends, Joe. I couldn't do it. You were so innocent. You represented everything I wanted. Love. Trust. Loyalty. Good. Instead of making you fall for me, I fell for you. It wasn't hard.

You're so beautiful. So I reported to her. I left things out. I left school. I had to keep you safe. And everyday I was dreading you finding out the truth. I was afraid you would leave and see the horrible person I am. But now you know, and I don't know where that leaves us."

"It leaves us right where we were."

The dread crept back into me. Of course, it made sense.

"Right." I began to get up, ready to accept my fate.

She reached out for my hand and I let her.

"Zach. It leaves us right where we were. As husband and wife. As parents. I love you."

There is no way to describe what I'm feeling.

"I love you."

And I kiss her.

I kiss her until we need to pull away for air and her lips are swollen.


I know that's what it is.

She's been my redemption.

She and our baby are.



"You want to know what we're having?"

"You found out?! How?"

"The doctors had to make sure the baby was okay. They accidentally told me the gender."

"I want to know! What are we having?"

"A boy. We're having a boy."

Her eyes went watery and a few tears threatened to spill.

"Justin Goode."

"Actually, what if we considered other names?"

"Like what?"

"What if we named him after your dad?"


"Just think about it."

"We're having a baby boy."

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