Gillian's Shadow

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Summary: There is a new face at the Lightman Group.

Chapter 1

Gillian sighed as she looked at the clock on her computer. She knew she had an appointment in just a few minutes. This wouldn't normally be a bad thing but the Lightman Group already had so many cases lined up that another one would seriously stress them all out.

Just then she heard a knock on her door, as Heidi stuck her head in, "Dr. Foster, your 3 o'clock is here."

Gillian gave a weary smile, "Thanks Heidi, show them in."

The door opened a minute later revealing a woman in her early twenties. She was dressed in a light gray pant-suit with an emerald green shirt underneath which matched her eyes perfectly. Her hair was a stylish mass of bright red curls. The girl smiled and thrust her hand out to Gillian, "Good afternoon Dr. Foster. My name is Kathryn O'Riley."

"Pleased to meet you Miss O'Riley. What can I do for you." Without even realizing it Gillian read the girl like a book. She had an air of confidence about her as she shook Gillian's hand, but fear was etched across her eyes.

"I don't really know how to ask you this. I know most people come to you to ask for your help to solve a case, but I'm afraid I don't have a case for your firm."

Gillian looked at her quizzically.

"You see I'm a first year psychology student and I have a term paper do in a few weeks. I'm supposed to shadow a practicing psychologist and write a paper about my experience. I would be so honored if you would let me shadow you." Kathryn's face now completely showed her fear.

"I see," Gillian thought for a second. "I don't know if you have heard what we do here. It's not exactly your customary psychology."

"Oh I know. I've done my research and I know all about what you do. You and Dr. Lightman are one of the reasons I chose psychology. I am just so amazed by what you can do by reading someone's expressions!"

Gillian couldn't help but smile at the girl's enthusiasm. "Well… I don't see a problem with it, but I'm going to have to talk it over with Dr. Lightman."

"Oh, certainly, I'm sorry Dr. Foster I don't want to take up too much of your time I know you're busy. Would you like me to leave my number with you or something so you can get back to me about it later?" Kathryn started searching through her purse, seemingly trying to find a pen.

Gillian smiled brightly, nearly laughing at her nervousness. "Please, don't worry about it. Come with me."

"Are you sure Dr. Foster. I can certainly come back at another time."

"Really it's no trouble." Gillian said comfortingly, leading her to Cal's office.

Knocking on Cal's door and hearing the all too familiar, "Come in." Gillian breezed through the door while Kathryn stopped short.

"Cal I'd like you to meet someone." Gillian said, taking Kathryn's arm and gently pulling her into his office.

"Yeah, and who is this, Love?" Cal asked glancing up from the files that were strewn across his desk.

"This is Kathryn O'Riley. She is a first year psychology student and would like to shadow us for a week or so."

"She wants to shadow us? What in the bloody hell for?" Cal asked taking his glasses off and studying Kathryn's face.

Kathryn finally speaking up, in a rather trepidatious voice said, "Dr. Lightman I have a term paper do in a few weeks. I'm supposed to shadow a practicing psychologist and write about my experience. I would really like to shadow you."

Gillian grinned, piping up, "Actually she wants to shadow me."

Cal looked at Gillian for a second, "Feeling awful smug right now aren't ya."

"Yes, in fact I am." Gillian smiled, her eyes giving off a slight twinkle.

"Well go for it then. Just make sure you, Kat, can keep up." He said placing the glasses back on his face and returning to his cases.

"Come on I want to show you the lab. That's where we'll be spending most of our time." Gillian explained to Kat as they stepped back out of Cal's office.

As Kathryn followed Gillian through the building she continued to look around. Although she had just been here she couldn't help but be amazed by her surroundings. She knew it was like nothing she'd ever seen before. She followed Gillian into the lab where Torres and Loker were sitting, analyzing a video. Both looked up as Gillian and Kathryn walked in. Torres looked at Kathryn suspiciously, seeming to read her, seeing what she was doing there before Gillian said anything. A smile broke out on Loker's face as he looked at Kathryn. Gillian, reading the lust on Loker's face gave a short laugh.

"You're gorgeous." Loker stated, eyeing Kathryn up and down.

Kat looked shocked, "Thank you, I think."

Gillian laughed, noting Kathryn's worried look, "Don't worry. He's harmless. Loker here believes in what he calls… radical honesty."

"It means I say the whole truth at all times." He said proudly.

Gillian continued, "That's Eli Loker, and this is Ria Torres. This is Kathryn O'Riley. She'll be shadowing me for a week or so."

Kat seemed intrigued for a moment, looking over Loker curiously she asked, "So basically you say anything that comes into your head at any time?"

Loker smiled, "Yeah."

"And you haven't been fired?"

They all proceeded to laugh at that. Loker was the first to speak up, "No, not yet anyway."

Kat shook her head in amazement, "I can't believe that. Coming from a lifetime of waiting tables you could never get away with that."

He laughs again, "I guess there are only a few places where you could get away with it."

Gillian interrupted before they could go any further off topic, "Okay, so what do we have?"

Ria responded, pointing at the screen, "Sarah Mitchell 25 has been missing for three weeks. Her friends say that she would never be gone that long without telling anyone. They want us to find her."