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Chapter One

Stardate 2260.23

"Here you go, some hot tea with two sugars," Jim said as he handed Marissa a mug of her favorite tea. Carefully holding his own glass of whiskey neat, he sat down at the end of the couch, put his feet up on the coffee table and let out a contented sigh. "It's good to be home."

"Yes it is," Marissa agreed, smiling contentedly. She waited for him to settle before curling up next to him, his arm coming to rest over her shoulder as she tucked herself against his side. She held her mug with both hands close under her nose to let the steam warm her hands and face. Even with the environmental controls, Marissa always seemed to be a bit on the chilly side. Jim was more than happy to snuggle any time she wished.

The Stratnon conference had ended the night before with another gala dinner that included speeches, dancing and lots smoozing. They'd stayed out way too late visiting with Admiral Pike and Aja, as well as with Marissa's friends and colleagues from the xenohistory field. Jim had enjoyed being an observer rather than the observed. After all, the conference had been an academic event. Sure he done a few talks about tactics and some PR as Starfleet's poster boy, but that was minor in comparison to the other people who had been invited to speak and share their knowledge. It felt pretty damn good to be a footnote rather than the dissertation. And it was amazing to watch Marissa shine as she received the recognition and accolades she deserved.

They'd shared a late breakfast with Marissa's family that morning and then tearfully saw them off at the spaceport. The tears were all on Marissa's part, of course, and her female relatives. Jim just wasn't used to such emotional displays and was relieved when Nancy finally let go of him and stopped crying and thanking him for allowing them to visit. He'd enjoyed their visit and was glad he had bought the tickets, if only to see the surprise and excitment on Marissa's face, but he was also more than happy to see them go. He wanted his own little family back.

Jim had immediately been swept up into ship's business as soon as they arrived back on the Enterprise after lunch, so now was the first time he had to relax back in his own quarters. Marissa was off duty until tomorrow morning so she and Abby had unpacked and settled back into their usual routine.

They sat on the couch peacefully watching Abby play with her new piano. She had lined up all of her 'guys,' the stuffed animals and dolls that she had acquired over her short lifespan, to listen to her performance. Her music barely reached her parents' ears, but she could hear it well enough and was happy.

"Have I ever told you how much I love volume control?" Jim asked as he sipped his drink.

"Yes, often," Marissa replied with a grin, snuggling against him further and pulling the quilt over her legs. "And I maintain that for an almost fourteen month old she's pretty good. She doesn't pound on the keys anymore."

"Thank goodness for that," Jim countered. "I agree that we have the cleverest child in the galaxy, but a musician she isn't."

"Not yet," Marissa responded playfully.

"Not yet," Jim conceded.

They sat there quietly, Jim's thoughts drifting over the past few weeks, a feeling of contentment sinking into his bones. He was happy. And for one of the few times in his life he knew he was exactly where he needed and wanted to be. The first time he'd felt this content had been odd and he hadn't recognized the feeling for what it was, but it had been when he was sitting on the shuttle on the way to the Academy next to Bones. It had just felt right sharing a sip from that flask with the strange, rumpled doctor.

The second time was when he had finally taken control of the Enterprise and announced that they were pursuing Nero. He'd been scared shitless and he knew that the crew – Uhura most vocally, but Bones not far behind – were unsure of his sudden captaincy, but he knew, right down to his very core, that he was right where he needed to be.

Since Abby had been born the feeling of rightness had only increased - in his personal as well as his professional life. It was really the personal aspect that amazed him the most. He knew he was a smart guy; he knew he was a good captain and that he could become a great one, but he wasn't used to feeling satisfied in his personal life. And he definitely wasn't used to feeling connected and content with another person like Marissa. Being a dad and having Abby was just icing on the cake.

"Have I told you how wonderful you are?" Marissa asked, interrupting his profound thoughts. She finished her tea and casually handed him her mug. Without protest he placed it on the end table and pulled her closer to him.

"Not in the last couple hours," he laughed, kissing her forehead. "And why am I so wonderful tonight? I mean there are so many reasons to choose from."

Marissa laughed as she was meant to. "Where to begin, where to begin?" she said playfully. "Well, this time I was referring to you bringing my family to visit us on Stratnon, but now that you mention it, you were pretty wonderful letting me do all that shopping and taking everyone out for dinner and putting up with Jake hero worshipping you."

"Don't forget Peter and Alex," Jim interjected. His nephews had followed him around and asked tons of questions once they became comfortable with him, which took all of ten minutes.

"And Peter and Alex," Marissa agreed. "All the kids, really. You were great with them."

"Well, Bones would say I'm just a great big kid anyway," Jim said with a smile, though Bones was really one to talk. He'd been lead instigator in a water fight that had involved not just the kids, but Sam, Jim and several other members of Jim's crew that had been visiting at the time. Hell, even Spock had 'defended' himself, though Jim was pretty sure using a bucket to douse his opponents was pretty damn offensive rather than defensive.

"And you let Mel and Maddy use you for make-up practice," Marissa added, unable to contain her grin. She had a picture of him somewhere and he was going to find it eventually. The captain of the Enterprise could not be seen wearing lipstick and blush. It just wasn't right.

"That was above and beyond," Jim agreed ruefully. "They lulled me with the sweet little smiles and, 'please, Jim! Pretty please?'" he batted his eyelashes and spoke in a falsetto voice. "Devious little things."

Marissa laughed, but then become serious. "And for trying to get along with my dad," she said softly, leaning up to kiss his cheek. "You are wonderful and made our time on Stratnon extra special for me. Thank you."

"Hey, you got us there," Jim told her, giving her a one armed hug. "If it wasn't for your little project with Aja the Enterprise would be cruising through the Tholian system on another boring mapping mission. Instead we got a ten day shore leave on an earth-like planet where we got to be a normal couple and family, at least for a few days."

"Normal except for the press conferences and Q&A panels and network interviews," Marissa chuckled wryly.

"Hey!" Jim protested good-naturedly. "You had more panels than I did and all that other stuff was pretty minor, comparatively. At least we weren't followed around once I did the interviews."

"True," Marissa agreed. "You're right. It was nice to be normal for a while. And it was nice to see our families." She looked over at him from the corner of her eye. "Do you think you and Sam…?" she trailed off, knowing he would understand what she meant.

"I don't know," Jim shrugged, his eyes still focused on Abby, but there was a slight frown marring his forehead as he thought. "Probably. I mean, I hope so. He's my brother, after all. It was good seeing him. And the boys were great." He sighed and then leaned his head against Marissa's. "I don't want to lose touch with him again. Aside from you and Abby, he's the only family I have."

Neither of them mentioned the glaring omission of his mother who was, they had found out, currently stationed on Starbase 11. The Enterprise had been within spitting distance, galactically speaking, several times since they'd started their mission and not a word was heard from her.

"Abby sure enjoyed all the attention," Marissa said, pulling their thoughts away from what she knew they were both thinking about.

"Yeah. I've never seen her sleep so hard," Jim chuckled. "She went from walking to running without a problem, that's for sure."

"She loves aunts and uncle, and her cousins, too," Marissa agreed, smiling fondly. "I hope she won't miss them too much. She hasn't really taken to any of the kids in daycare like that and the Dapplemeyers are about the same ages as Mel and Maddy. And Tim and Tom are only a year older than her."

"Well," Jim pondered, hearing the slight worry in Marissa's voice. "The Dapplemeyer girls have their baby brother to fawn over and the twins – they're a matched set, right? They don't really need anyone else. She'll make friends, don't worry."

"I know," Marissa sighed watching Abby sleepily as she rested against Jim. Still a mother always wondered and worried about their child and Jim knew that only time would tell how much Abby missed her young relatives and how well she would interact with the other children on the Enterprise. So far there hadn't been any issues, for which Jim was relieved. He hadn't been the easiest child to raise, he knew.

Sprawled out and relaxed next to Marissa, Jim's mind was suddenly spinning as he watched Abby and contemplated her life on the Enterprise. Being around so many children was a new experience for him. Sure, he'd gone to daycare for a few years after the deaths of his grandparents and before his mom had married Frank, but he'd forgotten, or maybe not even realized, that kids tended to run in packs and Abby was just entering that age where she would start socializing. She had the kids in daycare and Jim and Marissa and the crew, but what about long term? What about as she grew older and people came and went on the Enterprise? She'd always have Jim and Marissa, but other than her pseudo aunts and uncles on the crew, there were no children, no cousins, that she could play with on a regular basis.

Taking a deep breath, Jim glanced down at Marissa who was watching Abby with a fond smile, her eyes drooping. "It would be nice," he began hesitantly, his eyes fixed on the wall across from him. "I mean, Scotty once mentioned… and I thought he was crazy, but now that I think about it and seeing Abby with her cousins… She really loved being around other kids and it would be good for her. I mean, we have each other, but Abby has no one," he shook his head in frustration. He knew he was rambling like an idiot.

"I mean she'll always have us, and Bones and Uhura and Spock and the others, but… and I was just wondering…" he trailed off losing whatever confidence he had when he started this whole meandering train of thought. He really wasn't used to not being able to articulate his thoughts, but this was just so important and so big, he didn't know how to say it.

During his little messed up speech Marissa had pulled away from him slightly, watching him bemusedly as he fumbled for words. Blushing he shook his head. Pulling her back against him, he kissed the top of her head. "Never mind."

"Okay," Marissa agreed slowly, still watching him with a small smile hovering on her lips. Jim was embarrassed and tried to ignore how hot his face was feeling. When had he become a stuttering fool unable to get his point across?

"Jim?" Marissa asked a couple minutes later. He'd thought she'd dozed off already.


"I want to have another baby," she told him succinctly, grinning slyly up at him and obviously enjoying his stunned expression.

"Really?" he replied, his eyes wide with wonder and hope.

"Really," she agreed with a soft smile. "I've been thinking about it for a while now."

"Really?" Jim asked incredulously.

"Yeah," she nodded, looking over at him expectantly.

"Okay," Jim agreed with a huge smile.

Smiling goofily, they relaxed against each other, watching Abby with a whole new appreciation and anticipation of what was to come.

"So what do we do now?' Jim finally asked.

Marissa snorted, causing Jim to poke her playfully in the side making her giggle and drawing Abby's attention.

"I know what we do," Jim said, shaking his head wryly. "And it's a good thing we've been practicing so much, huh? I just…" he looked over at her questioningly and shrugged. "Where do we go from here? Not like we planned anything the first time."

"Well," Marissa began, pausing to accept a hug and kiss from one of Abby's dolls and then smiling as Jim did the same. "My birth control booster is due in another two weeks. That gives us some time to think this over."

"I'm not changing my mind," Jim interjected immediately.

"Neither am I," Marissa agreed smoothly, her small hand patting his arm. "But it will make Len happier if he thinks we gave this sufficient thought."

"That's true," Jim nodded thoughtfully. "You are brilliant."

"I know," Marissa said, snuggling further into his side with a contented hum. "So we have two weeks and then I skip the booster and we wait and see what happens."

"Well it didn't take much the first time," he pointed out.

"True," Marissa nodded, "but I was on – or rather just coming off – a different form of birth control. This new stuff might stay in effect longer, I'm not sure."

"We'll just have to wait and see, then." Leaning he tipped up Marissa's chin and placed a chaste kiss on her lips. "Feel like practicing?" he grinned, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"I think I could be persuaded," Marissa grinned back.

Jim leaned back down to kiss her again, but was interrupted by a loud crashing noise. Looking up they saw that Abby had managed to dump all her building blocks on top of her piano.

"Abby," Marissa scolded, frowning at their daughter. "Be nice to your piano. Now put the blocks back into their box."

Not put off by her mother's frown, Abby began to delicately place the blocks back into their container one by one.

"This will take forever," Jim mumbled under his breath with a smile as he watched Abby examine each block before setting it purposefully back into the box. "What is it about one year olds that they have to dump everything out?" he asked.

Marissa shrugged. "They want to know what all is inside, I guess. Curiosity is good."

"Whatever," Jim replied, shaking his head fondly. Abby had only managed to get two more blocks put away. "I guess we'll have to practice once the munchkin is in bed."

"Like we'd have a chance any other time," Marissa said wryly. Sitting up she stretched and looked over at the chrono. "What do you say, baby girl?" She got down off the couch and crawled over to Abby. "Is it time for bed?"

Abby shook her head wildly, her curls flying in her face. "No ni ni!" she declared.

"I think so," Marissa told her, grabbing her and kissing her chubby neck and making her squeal. "I think it's bedtime and I think daddy needs to help clean up all these toys."

"Oh man," Jim whined, causing Abby to giggle some more. Flopping off the couch he began stalking around the coffee table towards Marissa and Abby, growling like a large animal. Abby gave a loud squeal and wiggled out of her mother's arms. She knew this game. "What do you say I steal the baby and toss her in the air and then eat her up for a snack?" Jim growled.

"Ba' dada," Abby laughed, making a run for the hallway. "No 'nack!"

Pausing to kiss Marissa, Jim followed Abby down the hall calling out, "where's the baby? I'm hungry! I'm going to eat you up!"

Marissa smiled, hearing Abby's quiet giggles coming from her room. She'd taken to hiding behind her door and then jumping on Jim as soon as he crawled in. Right on cue, Jim's dramatic bellow of, "I've been caught!" echoed through their quarters, making Marissa smile even wider. Jim was so good with her.

Abby had been a shock and a surprise, but a wonderful blessing in their lives. Marissa was looking forward to having another baby - without all the worries and panic – and with Jim's full and constant support, knowing how things were going go. This was going to be a wonderful adventure; they could share in all the joy and expectations from the very beginning.

After she finished putting away Abby's toys, Marissa joined them for the rest of their usual bedtime routine: story, bottle, and songs; bath time had occurred earlier in the day when they first got back to the ship. Abby went easily to sleep after the excitement of the day, but they stood together for a while gazing at her.

Jim gathered Marissa into his arms. "Are you sure? It's a lot for you to go through and that whole labor thing wasn't exactly fun. It really ought to be my turn this time."

"Do they make maternity uniforms in command gold?" Marissa looked up at him with a grin, before patting his arm soothingly. "Yes, Jim, I'm sure. I don't remember the pain of it, just the joy. And she's totally worth it, don't you think? Maybe this time, though, we inform Starfleet and let me have some maternity leave after Deuce is born."

"Deuce," Jim chuckled in surprise. "Deuce Kirk. I like it. Same deal? Boy, you name him; girl, I name her?"

"Same deal. You did good on this one, but don't be expecting a Deuce Kirk if we have a boy," she grinned as she took his hand and led him toward their bedroom, letting the door to Abby's room slide shut. "Now, about that practicing you wanted to do. I might have picked up a few little things from that shop we saw."

Jim grinned wickedly, pulling her back up against his chest and nuzzling her neck. "When you say little..." he prodded.

"I mean scraps, basically," Marissa practically purred as he kissed the spot behind her ear that always made her knees weak, before licking it softly.

"Lacy?" He gently bit her earlobe.

"Uh huh," she sighed

"And silky?" Bringing his hands up from her waist Jim cupped her breasts and teasingly worked his fingers over her nipples.

"Of course," Marissa replied, tilting her head further to the side. The hairs on her arms were standing up as she shivered in his arms.

"And see through?"

"Maybe." Pulling away from him, Marissa grabbed his hand and led him towards the bed. "I might even be wearing something now, though it's a bit tamer than some of the other things I bought."

Jim leered at her. "I like a woman who thinks ahead."

"I thought you might." Wrapping her hands around his neck, Marissa let herself fall backwards onto the bed knowing that Jim would stop his fall and not squish her. Legs on either side of his hips, Marissa rubbed one foot against his calf. "Any guesses on color?"

"Hmmm," Jim pretended to think as he nuzzled her neck and then worked his way down her body, kissing and rubbing through her sweatshirt. "Red? No. Too obvious." He shifted her shirt up a little and kissed her belly. "Pink?" He blew a raspberry, making her laugh and tense up, but her legs and hips were held down by his weight so she couldn't move far. He shook his head, popping the button on her pants. "Naw, too girly." Slowly he unzipped her pants part way, laying them open and placing open mouth kisses on her lower belly. "White could be interesting."

"I usually wear white," Marissa pointed out.

"Yeah, but that's the plain standard issue stuff," Jim replied, working his way over to her hip and making her wiggle. "I'm talking lacy, see through, silky white that contrasts perfectly with your skin. Like an angel."

"I don't have wings," Marissa giggled as he went at other hip, "and I don't think I'm anywhere near being an angel. Better off with the red, considering what I want to do to you right now."

Jim stopped his ministrations and looked up at her, his chin resting lightly on her stomach. "You're my angel," he said softly, his eyes and expression serious.

"Oh Jim," Marissa bit her lip, sudden tears coming to her eyes as she ran her hand through his hair.

"But white is not my guess," Jim said, breaking the serious moment and grabbing for the fabric of her pants, getting ready to pull them off.

"So what's your guess?" Marissa asked playfully, lifting her hips slightly.

Jim cocked an eyebrow. "What do I get if I'm right?"

"What do you get? Anything," Marissa replied in a husky voice, one finger trailing over his cheek, to rest on his lower lip. "Anything you want."

Taking her finger into his mouth, Jim nibbled on it briefly. "Then my guess is…black!" He tugged her pants down off her hips and smiled. "'cause you know how I love the black underwears." He winked at her.

Marissa laughed and then wiggled a bit, shifting so she could remove her top. Leaning up on her elbows she stared down at him with a wide grin. "So what do you want?"

Jim just stared. "Damn, Mariss."

"You like?" she asked, a light blush staining her cheeks as his eyes continued to roam all over her body.

"Are you crazy?" Jim laughed. "I like very much."

"Well, if you get up, I can take my pants off all the way and you can get the full effect."

Rolling to the side, Jim waved her up. "By all means." He laid himself horizontal on the bed, propped on his side with his hand holding up his head watching her with eyes that barely showed any hint of blue.

Standing up, Marissa turned and began slowly tugging her pants down, exposing her rear to Jim's view. The panty and bra set wasn't anything too fancy; she was sure Jim had seen things more risqué in his time, but it was different for her.

The bra was black silk overlaid with silver lace in the demi-cup style that had the tops of her breasts practically spilling over and did amazing things to her cleavage. If she had been wearing anything other than Jim's old Academy sweatshirt he would have noticed right away. The panties had taken a bit to get used to. They too were black silk with silver lace, cut in a sexy brief style in front that tapered to a thong in the back. Knowing what Jim thought of her bottom, she thought this style was something he might like.

"Holy shit, Mariss," Jim huffed appreciatively. "That's hot."

She wiggled her rear at him. "Thought you might like it."

"Yeah, I do," he agreed, sitting up and reaching for her, his hands caressing as much skin as possible. "One thing though."

"What?" she asked, happily giving herself over to his ministrations.

"You are not allowed to wear this when you are on duty." He leaned down and kissed one of her butt cheeks, a hand sneaking around to the front to rub against her silk clad mound.

"Why not?" Marissa asked, her hand over his, guiding it to where she wanted it. "Once I got used to it, I kinda liked it. It's rather interesting knowing I'm wearing something sexy underneath my perfectly boring uniform."

"I know," Jim agreed, "and if I think you're wearing something like this I won't be able to concentrate at all. And I'll have a hard on all the time. As captain, I just can't be distracted like that." He was trying to sound serious, but his voice was betraying him. It was deep and hoarse as he pressed his face into Marissa's lower back, letting his hands explore, one up, one down, much to her delight.

"That's the idea," Marissa laughed lightly. "But I'll take your concerns under advisement." She jerked against his hands and hissed as he took a playful nip at her backside.


Turning her around suddenly, Jim pulled her on top of him as he lay back down. His hands were now running up and down her back and over her ass as he got an eye full of her cleavage. "You're trying to kill me," he accused, leaning up to kiss and lick her neck again.

"Not at all," Marissa sighed. "Just torture you a little."

Jim huffed, switching to the other side of her neck. "Well, it's working, but don't let me stop you."

"I probably shouldn't tell you that I have a matching garter belt, then, should I?"

"Oh god," Jim moaned, reaching up to kiss her.

They continued to kiss, alternating between teasing touches and deep, passionate moments, each trying to outdo the other, for several minutes. Jim's hands were everywhere, rubbing and caressing. Marissa found herself arching against him, unable to stop herself from pressing against him, trying to get some friction.

"Too many clothes," Marissa complained breathless after a long kiss. Grabbing the hem of Jim's shirt she began tugging it up, her lips and tongue attacking the skin that was finally revealed.

Jim groaned as she rubbed herself over his bare torso, the lace scratching over his suddenly sensitive chest. He watched as Marissa continued to make her way down his body, sticking her tongue in his bellybutton and nipping at the indentations of his hips.

"Still too many clothes," she said again, undoing his pants and impatiently tugging them down his hips along with his briefs. His dick had barely sprung free before she was licking it up one side, from balls to head, and down the other, focusing on the head and then taking him deep, her throat muscles working on him.

"Damn…" he hissed, trying to keep his hips from bucking and gagging her.

"I thought you said I was an angel," Marissa said mischievously, one hand gripping the base of his dick as she licked the head like a lollipop, focusing on the sensitive underside that she knew drove him nuts.

"Not with a mouth like that," Jim groaned as she once again deep throated him, her other hand now lightly toying with his balls. He let her continue her ministrations, his hands white fisted in the sheets, for a few more minutes before he couldn't take it any more and pulled her off. His body was tense and he was beginning to sweat.

"But I wasn't done yet," Marissa frowned, allowing him to pull her up for a deep kiss, his tongue taking possession of her mouth like she had taken possession of him.

"You said I could do anything I wanted if I guessed right," he reminded her, breathing heavily as he enjoyed the friction of her body writhing against his, the silk and lace heightening the feeling.

"So," she whispered, kissing him chastely as her lower body did wicked things. "What do you want to do?"

"Let's take a shower."

"A shower?" she looked at him curiously, his demand obviously not what she expected. "But we're just gonna get all sweaty again and need another one in the morning."

"True, but I want to shower now. And I want you with me," Jim insisted as he unfastened her bra, before helping her arms out of the straps. Obviously eager to get to the shower, he flipped them over and then stood up, letting his pants fall to the ground and kicking them off. With playful aggression he grabbed her legs, flipping her backwards on the bed, and stripped off her underwear, tossing them towards the corner of the room, then pulled her up and lead her into the bathroom.

"Ooooh, I like a man with a purpose," she purred, as he took her into his arms and began kissing and sucking on her neck. "Other side too, please," she said after a minute, tilting her neck to give him better access. Jim happily obliged as her hands ran down his back and over his ass.

Arriving at the shower stall, he waved his hand under the sensor and a torrent of water, pre-set by temperature and spray type, appeared. Not stopping their nibbling or kissing, they moved as one into the stall and Jim lowered himself onto a small bench, leaving Marissa standing in front of him.

A look of surprised delight spread across Marissa's face. She'd suggested months ago that a bench in the shower would be the perfect addition. "All right! You got a seat in here, oh…" she gasped as he took one of her nipples into his mouth. With their height difference and the size of the bench, he was positioned perfectly. She held onto his head and nuzzled her face in his hair as he teased, sucked and stroked her sensitive flesh to firm hard points. Although they had shrunk in size compared to her breast-feeding days, they were no longer as overly sensitive as they had been when she was constantly feeding Abby and Jim was most appreciative of the change. No matter what he said about her bottom, Marissa knew that Jim was a breast man too.

"Oh, this is perfect, and….um…. you can stop…oh… any time tomorrow," she breathed into his scalp, before moaning with pleasure at the sensations he was causing.

Jim pulled back to gaze up at her, his lips lightly swollen from all the kissing and sucking, before reaching toward the shower gel dispenser. With a palm-full of the foam, he began swirling his hands over her shoulders, breasts and belly and down her legs, gently massaging as he covered her front side with suds. Turning her, he did the same thing to her back, occasionally kneading her shoulders and the muscles along her spine. Marissa was limp, her head hanging as she let herself be carried away by his hands on her body, the water warm against her skin.

When she was clean and rinsed off, Jim guided her around again so that she was facing him. His hand then moved to the junction of her legs and delved into the nest of curls. Massaging the soft flesh, he found her clitoris and focused his attentions there. Instinctively Marissa widened her stance, her hands gripping his shoulders, her head thrown back as she sighed in pleasure.

"So wet," Jim murmured against her breasts, his tongue once again circling and teasing one nipple and then the other. "For me."

"Yes," Marissa moaned, guiding his head and pressing her breast against his mouth, urging him to do more than tease. "Please, Jim," she groaned as continued to lick and nibble.

"What?" he asked. One hand was now massaging her ass while the other continued to tease her; dipping into her wetness and stroking deep inside and then coming out to swirl and tease her clitoris.

Her hips jerked against him, her knees bending and dipping, trying to reach completion. "Please… more…" she whined, tugging at his hair and moving impatiently against his fingers.

Just before she reached her climax, Jim moved his hands to her hips and guided her down onto his lap and onto his eagerly awaiting dick. With very little maneuvering, she took him into her body and with one hard thrust of his hips and a little more swirling of his fingers against her clit, Marissa was suddenly overcome by her orgasm; her body arching against him and then back as he continued to thrust, her walls milking and massaging him until Jim came with a muffled groan, his face pressed against her chest.

Eventually their breathing came back to normal and their brains started functioning again, but they made no move to get up and leave their warm, wet haven. Instead they sat holding one another tightly, feeling so connected in sensation and hope, gently kissing.