Dedicated to my fellow gleeks: sapphiretwin369 and sparklyshimmer2010, who helped with the characterization, title, and summary. First Glee fic.

Warnings: Slash aka boy/boy, fluff, spoilers for episode 2x16, Original Song, and for 2x12, Silly Love Songs.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee.

Every other member of the Warblers, except Kurt, knew the moment Blaine fell in love. One of them glanced at him and saw the look on his face. The look of finding what you were searching for, the look you longed your crush to give you one day. That one person drew another's attention to Blaine, then he made someone else notice, and soon enough everyone in the room was watching Blaine come to his senses.

The incident at the GAP with Gap Guy, as they remembered the guy who'd spent their whole song avoiding Blaine, had left them all aware of two things. 1, Blaine needed to learn what a restraining order was and how to avoid one in the future if he tried that kind of stunt again, and 2, Kurt was in love with Blaine. It wasn't like some of them didn't realize earlier; Kurt wasn't exactly subtle, doodling Blaine's name with his in a heart. They just kept it quiet, hoping the two of them would work it out themselves. Unfortunately, Kurt's face in the days after the incident showed them more than they needed to know.

They convened a meeting to discuss the issue of the love-struck and oblivious members of their group. Some people suggested trickery to get them together and end the distraction. Others wanted to stay out of it and let them resolve it themselves. In the end, Wes ruled that they needed to let them work it out on their own. They had enough tension between them to strangle a bird, it would end on its own somehow.

The fact that Pavarotti did in fact die was just a poor choice of words on Wes's part, really.

Kurt's song in memorial was beautiful. No Warbler would have disagreed. So when Blaine's face lit up, when the recognition of how perfect Kurt was shone so brightly in his eyes that you could see it a mile away, when Blaine knew he was in love, the rest of the Warblers knew too.

Which was why Blaine's later talk of making his solo a duet instead fooled no one. They all saw Kurt's expression reveal a familiarity with what Blaine said, and no one but Kurt was surprised Blaine didn't allow for auditions. It was Kurt, it had to be Kurt. Even those among the Warblers who wanted that part stepped aside, holding in secret smiles, and voted. Wes made it official and Blaine had his partner.