Disclaimer: Clearly not mine. I barely even know anything about Smallville so it couldn't have come from me.

Note: I'm going to take liberties with the timeline here….and I should admit that I've barely started watching Smallville and will likely make lots of mistakes. I know (or really I don't), I apologize, and I probably don't care all that much. Like I had to try to research and figure out where did Chloe get married, and to be honest, I haven't even seen that episode yet, but I will soon. This story was fed by youtube clips and begged to get out as much as I tried to hold it in until it got some actual research data (ie the show's episodes from season 6 on).

Assume Chloe has her memories and knows everyone's secrets and still has the ability to heal herself and others. I'm also making her still be at Isis, a reporter at the Daily Planet and pretty involved in the Justice League. Also, so I can keep the Watchtower location, let's say that Oliver owns the building under one of his shell companies and Jimmy never owned it or gave it to Chloe- 'cause really how did he afford it anyway?

Spoilers for all seasons to be safe…starts off in Season 8.


Chapter 1

Chloe stood alone in one of the Kent Farm's upstairs bedrooms. She was dressed in white. White dress, white veil. White face. Too white. She was staring at herself in the mirror. She knew with a sudden vivid clarity that this was wrong for her. Wrong for Jimmy too. She loved him, but she didn't love him the way she should. And that meant she couldn't marry him.

The regret and panic that had filled her since she'd gotten up that day, her wedding day finally began to subside. This was going to hurt. Jimmy. And her. Hurting him would hurt her, but she couldn't marry him. Not now. Not when she had finally acknowledged that her thoughts, her emotions were not what they should be.

Someone else had forced her to acknowledge the problems that she hadn't even been aware of before. In the aftermath of her last meeting with him she realized that her thoughts were focused away from Jimmy. Focused on another. He didn't return her feelings. She knew this. But it didn't matter. This wasn't about him. It was about her.

And Jimmy.

She loved Jimmy, and had wanted to be loved by him. Wanted to have that comfort, wanted a happy ending for once. But it was all wrong. They should have just remained friends. She should have known that once they started dating (and broke up and started again only to break up again) and she had still kept all her secrets, letting him in on so few of them. She hid other people's secrets, dark secrets, important secrets, and hid herself in the process. He didn't really know her, and somehow she had overlooked that. Embraced it even. If he didn't know her, maybe it would last. Maybe she wouldn't be the one left heartbroken this time. Left behind. Second choice.

But she didn't want to live a double life with her husband on the unknowing side. She could handle keeping up the façade for the public, people she just met, classmates, coworkers, but not her husband. She would be forever riddled with guilt, and forced into lies. Look at her friendship with Lana. Case and point. Even if Chloe got the happy ending, it wouldn't really be hers. Not really her.

Jimmy would be hurt, angry even. But it was for the best. It never would have worked anyway, and the hurt and resentment they'd both feel would only grow worse with time. Chloe took a deep breath and reached back to release the dress's zipper. She had to face him, tell him that there would be no wedding. No marriage. Not for them. But she wouldn't do it in her wedding dress. That seemed too cruel.

Besides, dressing in casual clothes meant she could beat a hasty retreat as soon as she delivered the news. She would shore up her courage and do the right thing, tell Jimmy, tell all their assembled family and friends that she couldn't do it, but there was no way she was sticking around for the aftermath. No way in hell.


When Chloe pokes her head out to summon Lois, who is waiting impatiently in her burnt orange bridesmaid dress, she feels herself begin to sweat. No turning back now.

"Lois." She whispers.

Lois whips around, "What? Are you ready? It's time cuz."

Chloe steps out and reveals her attire. She is wearing a comfortable velour track suit and not the wedding dress Lois helped her put on just an hour earlier. Lois's eyes widen dramatically.

"Oh my God." Her mouth works open and closed a few times and Chloe would have laughed if she hadn't been trembling with nervousness already. Lois speechless, was a site to behold.

"I need you to get Jimmy." Chloe may be nervous, but her voice is steady.

Lois doesn't need to ask, but she does, words spilling out in a random configuration that mostly makes sense. "Are you sure? I mean, you have to be sure, 'cause if you're not, well, that would be bad. Like epically bad. So are you sure? But if you're sure that you're not sure then we'll go. My car's out front, we'll make a run for it. Fancy a weekend in Vegas? I bet we can catch a flight."

Chloe smiles. Even now with the evidence of her mistake in plain view, Lois had her back one hundred percent. She exhales and her breath shudders a tiny bit. Lois is watching her face like a hawk and sees no uncertainty there. Chloe was sure. Lois grimaces and turns away.

Lois walks down the hallway, more stomping that stepping, then whirls back around rushing back to her baby cousin and hugs Chloe tight. "But you're OK, right? This is your choice? He didn't do anything? 'Cause if he did, I'll wipe the floor with him for you. Then I'll get Clark to work him over. I mean I'll probably have to give Brawny Lumberjack step by step instructions, but the General made sure his daughters know how to hurt a man in ways that he will remember for a lifetime."

Chloe squeezes her back taking comfort from Lois's embrace. "No, this is me. It's all me."

Lois blows out a breath then steps back. "Alrighty then."

"Wait." Chloe stops her from leaving a second time.

"What? You just want to make a run for it? We can call Smallville from the road, tell him to break the bad news..." Lois is hyped up. But then when isn't she?

"No. No running. I did this. I'll face it. But give me your keys."

Lois bites her lip, wanting to argue, wanting to make sure Chloe doesn't leave her wedding alone and unmarried. They'd face the next few days and weeks together.

Chloe reads her cousin clearly. "I'll call. I promise. I just need… I think I'll take a few days. Alone."

Lois rushes past Chloe into the upstairs bedroom room they'd both gotten dressed in that morning and takes her car keys out of her bag to give to Chloe. "If you change your mind about Vegas, I'm just a phone call away."

Chloe smiles again.


When Lois returns with a confused and trepidatious Jimmy, Chloe can feel her courage wavering. She had faced down countless meteor freaks and seemingly hundreds of Luthor henchmen, but this was by far the most terrifying thing she had ever had to do. A part of her wondered doubtfully if Jimmy really loved her, but she didn't allow that excuse to help sooth her guilt. He loved her. She was the one who should have recognized that the love she had for him was not the right kind, that their relationship was not what it should be.

Her eyes, filled with regret and shame, meet his. "Jimmy."

He knows. One word. One look. He knows. He had just hoped he was wrong.


Lois had told Clark to stay where he was when she retrieved Jimmy, but Clark hadn't listened. He followed, staying out of sight, but close enough to hear everything without using super hearing as Chloe apologized and tried to explain but not make excuses. Clark was confused. He thought this was what Chloe wanted, and she wasn't really giving a real reason for backing out now.

When Jimmy gets angry and starts yelling at Chloe, telling her she was the biggest mistake he ever made, Clark steps forward, used to playing the role of protector. But Lois beats him to it.

"That's enough. She's sorry. Now back off." Lois inserts herself between the former couple and glares down Jimmy, who doesn't back away, but does shut up. "Get out of here, Chlo. I'll handle the rest."

Chloe shakes her head sadly, still focused on Jimmy over Lois's shoulder. "I'm sorry. But this is for the best."

Jimmy glares at her, and Chloe holds his gaze, accepting his anger for a minute, then she turns away. "Goodbye."

She walks away, and Jimmy's expression falls. "No, Chloe, wait. I don't understand. Talk to me, we can work this out," he pleads. She keeps going. "You owe me an explanation. You owe me that at least. Chloe!"

She keeps walking, tears making their way down her cheeks.

Exiting onto the Kent's wraparound porch, she stumbles as her tears impair her vision, looking for Lois's car through the haze of tears. She sees it and relief fills her. Escape is so near.

A car door closing startles her and her head whips around. She is stunned to see Oliver and Lana coming towards the house. She frowns. What were they dong there and together?

Having arrived late, Oliver had to park one of his ridiculously expensive cars a distance out in the field. He looked so out of place, standing in a field on a small family farm in his designer suit that probably cost more than the barn behind him.

Ever observant, her movements draw his attention. Oliver looks up and sees her, appearing concerned once he sees her sad expression and the tears.

Lana calls out, "Chloe?"

Chloe pauses then smiles slightly for her friend. She hadn't thought to see either of them that day. Her smile falls and she runs towards Lois's car. Oliver calls after her, confusion filling his voice, but she doesn't stop. Clark and Lois come out onto the porch as Chloe starts Lois's car and drives away. They share a glance filled with worry and other more personal emotions, and he puts an arm around her pulling her into his side, her arms crossed over her chest.

Oliver and Lana arrive at the bottom of the porch stairs and Lois and Clark notice them for the first time. Clark immediately disengages from Lois and moves towards Lana to Lois's annoyance.

"What happened? Where's Chloe going?" Oliver asks testily.

No one answers him.


AN – I gotta say I'm pretty nervous about posting this. I barely know anything about the Smallville series so I have to just connect the pieces I do know. Chloe's wedding to Jimmy happened in S8 and I haven't even watched that yet. Thankfully there is youtube.

This is my first non-Veronica Mars story, so that's intimidating too. New universe, new characters. Though I do have a VM/Smallville crossover also planned. And partially written. I hope people waiting for my current VM story are patient.

I started this story as a drabble, thinking of just a few scenes, but for any of you who've read my other stories you know I don't do short very often. In fact I think epic is a word used to describe my chapter and story lengths. I have no idea how many chapters this story will have, but I have pieces of about 30 scenes already half written. Hopefully I'll get S8 in the next few days and can fill in the blanks.