Recap: Chloe figures out she is in love with Oliver the day before her wedding to Jimmy and runs out on her nuptials. Determined to change her life for the better she returns to Metropolis ready to do the deep introspection needed to accomplish that. She keeps her love for Oliver a secret from everyone and pushes him away. Slowly Oliver manages to figure the new Chloe out, finding out about her healing ability and everything that comes with it, leading him to figure out he loves her after she "dies" healing him from the gunshot. Davis is following Chloe, absolutely convinced that they should be together, but Chloe is focused on Oliver, especially after he starts waging a campaign to make her notice him as more than a friend. Lana is back in town and reconnects with Clark who still has feelings for Lois. Chloe embarks on a relationship with Oliver, while holding back, waiting for the inevitable end. Oliver and Chloe finally say their 'I love you's.' Lois and Clark end their fledgling relationship (again), but Lois decides to torture Clark by showing up with a prominent date to the DP's 100 years in business gala. The beast attacks the party injuring Oliver mortally while trying to kidnap Chloe. The team pulls together with Lex as an unexpected ally, and Chloe heals Oliver. Hiding out at Watchtower, the team pieces together what they know about the monster. Chloe figures out it's Davis, Clark wants to save him, Lois finds out about Bruce and Dinah, and the team (minus Clark) implement their plan to take down Davis once and for all. Davis is buried at the Geothermal plant site, Chloe and Oliver seem happy, even if they are homeless, Clark and Oliver disagree again, Clark breaks up with Lana and Tess is getting ready to take her revenge.

Chapter 34


Tess oversees the removal of rock and gravel to within 10 feet of Davis Bloome's location, buried in Oliver's geothermal plant site. Seeing on the ground penetrating X-ray that he was moving freely now that her crew had removed more tons of materials from above him, she climbs into her vehicle and departs.

Several hours later Doomsday, breaks through the surface with a roar. The massive monster quickly transforms into a man, and Davis falls weekly to his knees. After he gathers himself he looks around, glad to see that he is alone. He doesn't pay any special attention to a cargo van parked behind a nearby construction fence. Walking slowly towards a duffle bag lying on the ground nearby, Davis is surprised to find a change of clothes including shoes – all in his size. Looking around in suspicion, he dresses quickly and departs the scene. Finding that he is several miles outside the city, he slumps in weariness, but walks towards the entrance of the construction site, determined to make it back to Metropolis.


At the Clock Tower Chloe is flirting with Oliver trying to distract him from forcing her to do yoga with him. The sun has barely risen and Chloe looks both sleepy and in dire need of caffeine. "Ollie, I could think of several more enjoyable ways of getting your blood pumping."

"If you want to keep the muscle you've gained you need to keep up your exercise routine," he grins down at her and tries to position her in the Ustrasana pose. In her kneeling position, Chloe grunts as she arches her back and tries to put her palms flat on the ground behind her. Oliver slides his hands over her shoulders, left mostly bare by her sports bra, his fingers resting on the upper swell of her breasts as he helps her bend by applying gentle pressure.

He leans down to kiss her cleavage and her eyes pop open in a glare. "Is this some kind of fetish? You like to see me sweating, contorted into weird ways that could all be sex positions?"

He grins. "It's the camel pose. I didn't make it up."

"Right, but you are enjoying it. And since when does a camel look like this?" She breaks the pose, falling to her hands and knees, breathing deeply now that she wasn't stretched awkwardly backwards.

Oliver's grin grows. "This position works for me too."

She looks both annoyed and intrigued, and stands up, rolling her back once more. "Really, how about we put you in a position of my choosing?

"I'm not letting you go back to bed."

She pouts at him then shrugs and steps forward, closing the gap between them. "There are many places we can do what I have in mind…" He rests his hands at her waist, rubbing his fingers over the softness of her skin.

"Nothing horizontal," he denies her attempts to move to any other soft surface in his loft.

"Kinky!" she teases as she slides her hands up his bare chest, admiring his muscled body once again. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pulls him down for a kiss, then releases him and pulls her sports bra off, not wanting him to try to drag her back to practicing yoga.

He immediately cups her breasts in both his hands, lifting and kneading the pale globes, conceding that she'd won this round in one easy move. Oliver seals his mouth over hers, walking her backwards until she bumped into the wall. Her hands clutch at his biceps, then trace down his chest as he releases her to push down and off her yoga pants then his own.

His gaze locks on her tiny g-string panties before he glances up at her face. "Hardly recommended undergarments for exercise."

"No, but highly recommended and appreciated by my boyfriend who bought them for me – and no other styles I might add."

Oliver looks contrite, not having considered that Chloe might need non-sexy underwear too after her dresser had been smashed and ended up in the street after Davis's rampage through her small apartment. "Sorry."

She cups her hand around his jaw. "I'm teasing." Oliver had taken pleasure in replacing her lost items with sexy panties and bras, and Chloe enjoyed showing him each of his purchases. "If I can run in heels, I can do yoga in skimpy panties, Oliver. Honestly."

She ends the discussion on the topic by pushing her chest against his, her breasts flattening against his hardness, and Oliver takes the hint. He pushes the tiny scrap of lace down until it falls to her feet, then grips her hips and lifts her off the ground easily. Chloe wraps her legs around his waist as he blazes a trail of kisses from her neck down to her chest, taking time to suckle each pebbled nipple.

Chloe grinds her hips against him, secure in his arms, as he extends their foreplay. She slides her fingers into his spiky blond hair, holding him tight to her breast as he laps his tongue over her sensitive nipple. "Now… this…" she pauses to try to gather enough breath to continue, "is a morning exercise I can…" He nips at her soft skin with his teeth before soothing the slight sting with a soft kiss, then moves to her other breast. "I could… really… come to enjoy."

Oliver grins at her, rising his head up and stealing a kiss from her plump lips. "Me too." He tilts her hips and slides inside her warm sheath, pressing her against the wall tightly. He thrusts into her several times before sliding his hands up her sides, detouring to squeeze her breasts then lifting her arms above her head and pressing them against the wall. He easily circles her wrists with one of his hands to keep them there, never stopping his thrusts. Dropping his other hand to her hip, he hitches her leg higher, allowing him to slip farther into her.

Chloe moans at the sensation, arching her back and trying to meet his thrusts, but she can barely move in her position, and when Ollie lifts her leg even higher, her knee nearly touching her side, she can only beg him for more. Oliver changes the angle of his entry into her willing body, and Chloe cries out in pleasure. "This pose… seems more to your liking," he comments, trying to keep his own breathing under regulation as he feels his orgasm fast approaching.

"Yes," she cries loudly.

Oliver looks at her body, her eyes closed in ecstasy, her full breasts bouncing rapidly in time to his cadence, then lower to where they were joined. Feeing his arousal coil tighter, he releases her hands and is happy when she keeps her arms raised over her head even as he slips his fingers between their sweaty bodies and finds her clit, circling it with his fingers until she cries out as she falls over the edge. Oliver grunts as her inner muscles pulsate around him, thrusting several more times before he comes in her heated depths.

He presses his upper body against her, keeping her upright against the wall as his body cools. She circles his neck with her arms and rests her head on his shoulder. Once his heart rate has returned to normal, Oliver eases back from her, cupping her ass to keep her steady. He kisses her slowly then turns and pressing his own back to the wall, slides down to the floor, keeping them connected intimately.

"Sexus stantem verticali."


"The name of that pose," he says with a straight face.

"You made that up."

He grins and Chloe pouts at him. "I suppose I'll have to accept liking yoga if that is what I can expect."

"Some poses are more difficult than others."

"Well, that, sir, was difficulty level 10."

Oliver smiles, rubbing his hands up and down her thighs, which were straddling his lap. "But you're so small."

"I am a perfectly normal size," she says with perfect dignity, pushing away from him, causing her pelvis to shift against his.

Oliver's face tightens, as he feels her sheath squeeze around his shaft again. "Tiny," he teases, knowing she hated being called short, somehow equating it with weakness.

"The average American woman is five foot four inches," she lectures haughtily, "I'm 5'3" making me perfectly normal. You on the other hand are six inches taller than the average American male."

"Petite," he says with a grin. She frowns at him, pursing her lips. He kisses her slowly. "But not too petite. I'd say you're just about perfect. Perfect for me."

Her frown softens and she rests her hands on his shoulders. "On that point, we agree."

"I bet I could get you to agree to liking a few more poses," he says with an apparent change of topic.


"Ientacuclum mensa sexus and imber sexus."

Chloe narrows her eyes at him, easily guessing what sexus meant in Latin. "I won't know until we try them out, will I?"

"I'm up for finishing out workout if you are?" he says with aplomb and she can feel that he is definitely on his way to being 'up' to the challenge.

He cups her breasts again, arching her body back to allow him to capture one dusky pink tip with his mouth. Chloe moans, and shifts her hips, breathing in deeply as she feels him stretching her inner muscles. "Are you sure you don't have any powers?" she teases. "Your stamina and recovery are… off the charts."

"Glad you approve."

"I guess the…" she struggles for breath as his fingers find her clit again. "Yoga can wait?"

"Actually this is remarkably similar to the Laghuvajrasana pose."

He grips her hips, pulling her higher, her back arched back far enough that her head was nearly touching the floor between his extended legs. "Another made up pose?"

"No, actually this one is real, the light thunderbolt pose."

"If you say so."

The sun has completely risen, the light shining into Oliver's loft through his many windows, and from the rooftop of the building across from his, the light glints off a pair of sunglasses. Davis growls and grits his teeth tightly together, trying to remain in control as Oliver Queen takes what should have rightfully belonged to Davis.


Later, Chloe is lying in Oliver's bed, her laptop next to her as she stretches her legs, her muscles sore from their 'workout.'

Oliver enters the room with a cup of coffee for her and she accepts it with a smile, her appreciation for him growing as he offers her a massage. "I'm fine, but I'm not going to turn you down."

Oliver laughed as she flipped onto her stomach and he began to rub her tight hamstrings. At first she tries to sort through her many emails, but after a few minutes she gives up and lays her head on the mattress.

Even when Oliver was playful during sex, when laughter, smiles and teasing filled their bedroom as much as moans and demands, there was something intense about him. Chloe had never felt that kind of focused attention all on her before. His eyes were filled with it, intensity, emotion, unspoken demand. She loved it. And it terrified her.

Lex had that same intensity. She'd seen it in his eyes, knew that there was something within him something that she wasn't ready for, something she didn't want to see, something she wanted to remain ignorant of.

There was darkness in Oliver, but it wasn't the same as the darkness in Lex.

"I love you Ollie."

"I love you too."

"I always will," she promised softly.

"I'll hold you to that Sidekick." The warm resonance in his voice made her heart flutter, but it was happiness, not fear that caused the sensation.


As night fell Davis left his sad, sparse little apartment, and climbed into his truck. Unknown to him Tess had placed a tracker on his vehicle and had her team of metahumans watching him constantly.

"He's on the move," Bette reported back to base even though Checkmate operatives were tracking him on radar even as she spoke.

"Stay with him."

Bette grimaced but did as told, nodding to the driver of the van she was in. "Sure. Follow the scariest thing I've ever seen. Why not?" she mutters to herself.

Two hours later, Bette and her partner on this mission, a teenage boy who could find anyone just by thinking about them, were bored out of their minds. "Is this guy going to do anything or just drive in circles?" the boy complained.

Bette shrugs. Davis had driven out of the city then turned around and come right back. He'd driven to the Clock Tower downtown, where Bette knew Chloe Sullivan was living. She wasn't supposed to know, but she did. Chloe had helped Bette and asked nothing in return, a rarity in Bette's life. When she'd heard her bosses at Checkmate say Chloe's name she'd gotten close enough to know that the monster they were tracking had some interest in Chloe.

Davis had circled the Clock Tower, then diverted to the docks, seemingly driving aimlessly, then circled back to the Clock Tower, and then to Suicide Slums, returning once again to the Tower that held the woman he loved.

"Next time he circles back to downtown, I'm going to need to stop and get some coffee, I'm falling asleep here," the boy continues his litany of complaints.

Bette frowns at him. He was new and didn't know the rules. You didn't get coffee. You didn't take a break, not unless you were told you could. Those were the rules. Bette didn't much like rules, but she'd found a kind of family inside Checkmate with her fellow freaks and wasn't ready to give it up yet.

Bette's eyes glow and she sends a little burst of energy at her companion. He jumps, his pulse racing, looking at her in fear. "What was that for?"

"You're awake now, aren't you?"


Davis drives back towards the Clock Tower once again and Bette tries to remember more about him. He had been the paramedic that Chloe flagged down to help Bette after the bus had exploded. Tess hadn't really thought that one through. Her blasts never hurt her, but the bus crashing into a building had. She'd been running from Tess Mercer then, now Bette worked for her. A shiver snaked down Bette's back as she recalled how Tess had spoken Chloe's name with such disgust and hatred. A bad feeling settles in Bette's gut.


Just after midnight Davis finally stops his endless circling. The wave of relief Bette had felt when he pulled into an alley in Suicide Slums was quickly replaced with horror and a deep set fear as the man had transformed into a monster and then tore apart a blonde hooker and her pimp.

Bette's stomach rolls as the stench of vomit fills her nose. Her partner hadn't been able to keep it down as they'd watched a monster as big as an elephant rip apart the two suckers who'd been unfortunate enough to draw his gaze.

"He just killed two people, do you still want us to stand down?" she radios base again.

"Yes. Hold your position."

Bette's bad feeling only got worse.


At Miller Field, Tess watches from a distance as Davis buries two bodies, or at least what was left of them. He returns to his truck and climbs in, wiping the blood from his palms onto his blood caked jeans.

As he sat and stared to the east as the sun was rising, he appeared to be in despair. Tess couldn't help but be disappointed. He could be the most powerful being on the planet, but he was controlled by his feelings. Feelings for a small blonde that had captivated Oliver as well. Weakness was not something Tess could tolerate. Not in herself and not in others. Granny had taught her that.

With no emotion, Tess hits send on her phone and Davis's truck explodes in a fireball of light and heat.


In a shadowy room, a heart monitor beeps. The beeps are slow and steady. A body lies still in the bed, nearly entirely covered in gauze. The beeping speeds up and Davis jerks awake, his eyes opening. He turns his head slowly looking around, wondering where he is, then he sees a red headed woman sitting in the corner reading a book. She looks up from the leather bound book and meets his gaze unflinchingly.

"Were you expecting a chorus of angels?" she says with an edge of derision. "I'm sorry to disappoint you. I wanted to be here when you woke up. I apologize... for the state that you're in. I didn't expect you to end up like this. I wasn't trying to kill you. But... I needed to make an impression so you'd stop and listen to me.

Davis clears his throat painfully. "Why am I here? Who are you?"

"Shh. You're safe with me. Safer than out there. If the world knew you were a serial killer, you'd be running from torches for the rest of your life. You're lucky your little friend didn't write that story. As a matter of fact, I wonder why she didn't."

"You got the wrong idea about me, lady," Davis denies.

"It's not your fault that you were born with a killer instinct. I even admire your altruistic selection of victims. It's like keeping bats around to wipe out the parasites that prey on the city." Her voice drops seductively. "But it's not what you were meant to do. You have a mission, a purpose. You just need to let yourself go, accept your fate. I have."

"I can't control myself."

"I know. I know," she soothes. "But why torture yourself by trying? You're a killer, it's your nature, your purpose, your life. And what a life. You can't die. You're immortal. It's a gift. You should embrace it."

I tried to stop, I tried pills, drugs, even religion….

She laughs. "You're so powerful, but so pathetic. You tried to find absolution? I'm surprised you didn't try to off yourself… but even suicide wouldn't really work for a guy who can't die, would it?" She smiles. "Davis Bloom, you are a killer. You were sent here to kill Clark Kent. Or as your father called him, Kal-El."

"I am not who you think I am."

"No. You're not who you think you are." She moves to stand at the end of his bed, and Davis can feel himself healing as she speaks. "I came into possession of a journal of Lionel Luthor's. The journal talks about a boy who fell from the stars on the day of a meteor shower." She continues to explain how Lionel wanted to control the Traveler, even going so far as to take in the other little boy found in Miller's field the day of the meteor shower. But when the boy failed to perform to Lionel's expectations… well he kicked you to the curb, sent you off to the orphanage." Davis stares at her, vague memories returning to him.

"It was hardly Lionel's first time getting rid of an unwanted child. Or his last," she says bitterly. "What Lionol was too blind to see was that two boys came to earth that day. It's a story as old as time. Good and evil. You were sent here to kill Clark Kent. It's your destiny."

"You're crazy."

"Here," she sets the journal on his chest. "It tells a fascinating story. Keep it."

Tess leaves the room and Davis immediately stands up, tearing off his bandages and pulling on a set of clothes lying at the end of the bed. Moving towards the window he suddently falls to his knees, clutching his chest, his face contorted with pain.

Tess reenters the room. "Leaving so soon?"

"What are you doing to me?"

"Just proving another of my theories about you to be true."

Davis falls back onto the floor and the pain recedes.

"Am I a prisoner?"

"Of course not, you have important things to do, I just wanted to talk to you about one more little thing."


"Chloe Sullivan."


At Watchtower, Chloe is sitting on the couch pressed into Ollie's side. AC and Victor are seated across from them, all four watching Office Space on DVD. "I love this part," Vic cortles, and AC throws popcorn at him.

"Stop ruining it for me."

"How did I ruin it? I didn't say anything."

"But now I'm expecting it to be funny so it's not as funny."

"It's funny," Vic insists.

"No, it would have been funny, but you ruined it for me."

Victor throws a pillow at AC and AC picks it up to retaliate, when Bart appears in the room with his hand full of food boxes and bags.

"Did I miss the fax machine's death?"

AC turns on Bart and launches the pillow, but Bart zooms away the pillow sliding across the floor.

Chloe pauses the movie and stands up to fill a plate with pizza, rolled tacos, and a freshly fried doughnut. Oliver watches his team and the woman he loved, bicker playfully, with a smile on his face.


Back at Tess's safe house with Davis, the two are facing off.

"I'd never hurt Chloe. She, she... she…"

"Kill her, get rid of your only weakness," Tess says commandingly.


"She'll never love you."

"She's mine. "

"She belongs to Oliver," Tess taunts, trying to make him lose control, trying to direct his anger at Chloe Sullivan.

"Stop saying that."

"She spreads her legs for him whenever he crooks his finger at her. " Davis's eyes glow red, and Tess wonders if she's pushed him too far, too fast.

"Shut up! "

"He's a good lover, I bet she comes every times he ruts in her. I bet she begs him for it."

"Don't talk about her like she's a whore. She's good, and pure, and …"

"His. She gives herself to him. Every night. She's probably with him right now."

"I told you to shut up!"

"You'll never have her. Why should he be able to have what you wanted? "

"I'll never hurt her. But I can eliminate him. "

Tess freezes. "You don't want to kill him, you want to kill her, and let him watch. Make him know how it feels to lose something."

"She's not a thing, and she doesn't belong to him. She was meant to be with me. Without him around she'll see that."

"No." Tess grabs his arm, but Davis is done listening to her vitriol. He wraps his hand around her neck and squeezes, lifting her off the ground. Her face turns red and she struggles against his punishing hold, using all her training, but his grip just tightens.

"Stay away from Chloe and stay away from me." He squeezes harder and her eyes bulge out of her head, just as the fight drains from her body he hurls her across the room, smashing through the window and falling from the second story window to the ground below.


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