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My dark eyes honed in onto the 'Welcome to Forks' sign and my body stilled. My breathing came to a halt and my eyes shut tightly as I focused. The outside temperature increased and I could feel the cool wind begin to pick up. I was growing anxious. I walked closer to the town of Forks needing only two more signs.

Minutes later I found myself surrounded by the dense green forestry of the Forks woods. My nose twitched slightly noticing a sweet scent hanging in the air but to be sure, I crouched low to the ground, scooped up a handful of soil, and brought it up to my nose. The scent was stronger. Vampires surely inhabited the area.

I sighed trying to calm my now rapidly beating heart. I was so close I could almost taste the victory. After all these painstaking years, I might have finally found her. I needed the confirmation now. Throwing the dirt to the ground I ran to the last place that would answer all my questions; the beach.

La Push beach was dark and empty. The houses had no lights on and the bon fires I heard went on so frequently were not occurring. It was lifeless. Shaking my head I walked close to the shore and watched the water vigilantly. Minutes passed until the waves began to rise and the water was at my knees. A smile crept onto my face that transformed into a full-blown grin when the water receded. High tide and low tide in less than ten minutes.

Finally, after all this time I found her.

She was here.

Mary Alice was here.

My love…we are soon to be reunited.

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