Why….The hell…do I do this…to myself…every day? I take a look at my watch. I've been at this for almost ten hours. It...doesn't do...anyone...any good! It...can' solved.

I keep running. I still have to make it back before sunset unless I want to have a nice little visit with the Grievers. Thank you, no.

I look at my watch again. I have about two minutes until the doors close. I speed up, using my last burst of energy as I round the final corner and run through the West door of the maze.

Maps. Yet another pointless thing I put myself through when all I really want to do is drop down right where I am and fall asleep. Or better yet, go find some water. Yeah, water sounded good right about now.

In the map room I find Newt bent over a paper, a pencil in hand, and sweat soaking his shirt. I take my place next to him and map out my section. We've seen this layout before. "Why do we keep doing this?" I say out loud.

"Because it's the only buggin' chance we've got, slinthead," Newt answers, without looking up at me. "The maze is the only chance we've got of finding our way home." With that, he walks out, leaving me alone in the map room.

He's right. We keep going because we can't give up. We hold on to the hope that we'll get out. That we can forget about this and live normally, pretending this is all a bad dream. it's really really short but it will be longer...with longer chapters I promise...think of this as more of a prolague...and review!