Impossible Has Been Made Possible

By: Christina Gilpin

Chapter 1

The raising of The Titanic Documentary Discover Channel

Every Titaniacs dream is to one day walk along the decks of the most famous ship in the world. Everyone would have said 10 years ago, that that was impossible. But what people thought was impossible has been made possible. With the technology of today we are able to raise the Titanic, And restore it to all of the glory and honor it deserves.

The Titanic was found on the ocean bottom by Doctor Robert Ballard and Associate. And was raised on April 15, 2012 by Johnson and Johnson Recovery INC. The ship was restored by Stevensons Restoration. Total cost to refit and update the Titanic with the appliances of today, 1.2 Billion dollars. They say its the safest ship afloat.

Though it has all of the stuff of today. It also has all of what was recovered. Including what Titaniacs called the big piece. Its the only piece of original wall on the ship. To be able to finally walk the Same decks that J.J. Astor, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, And so many more. Can be yours.

The ship will set sail on April 10, 2015. For its 2nd maiden voyage. Will history repeat itself. The Captain of the ship is William Edward Smith Grandson of Edward Joseph Smith. Who was captain in 1912. Like his grandfather this is expected to be his last voyage before he retires.

Pricing will start at 1200American dollars for 3rd Class berths And go up to 14000 for the state rooms. Rooms are decorated in the same styles that the Titanic of 1912 had. Some original furniture, has also been added. So lets set sail on the Titanic if you dare.

Christy turns to her best friend Kaylee "wow I want that chance! I've been saving my money all this time for my chance to get a piece of Titanic memorabilia. I've 12500 wonder what kind of room ill get with that." Kaylee looks at her friend "I've money saved up to was hoping to save it for a car but hey why not go on the cruise of a life time. Lets just hope it doesn't turn into a disaster, like 1912." Christy turns to her friend "Yeah I guess thats true and we could always save up the money again. Its not like we are dirt poor will just take time."

"Who knows we might just find true love." Says Christy. If they only knew what laid ahead of them.

I know right says Christy. But I think it will definitely be worth the opportunity.

" Can you imagine all of the people that will be on board, And the officers I really cant wait to meat the descendant of William Murdoch, I wonder if he is as handsome as his grandfather." Christy says in a dreamy like state. "You go for the 1st officer, I'm aiming for 5th officer Lowe hes closer in age and real handsome according to video, but you better be careful think of Jacob, and whats best for him. If you meet a man make sure that they are willing to accept the package that comes with you. And wont take advantage of you."