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Gibbs awoke at 0500 hours on Monday feeling fully rested and light in his heart. A warm soft body was snug against his back with an arm snaked across his waist. He didn't know if she was awake yet or not as he began running his fingers lightly up and down her forearm.

"This is how I want to wake up every morning," Abby mumbled behind him as she slid the palm of her hand up and over his chest.

Gibbs turned slowly under her arm until he was facing her. Their heads rested on their pillows and Abby automatically wound her legs around his. "Me, too. Did you sleep good?" He took in the sight of her tussled hair and sleepy eyes. Feeling like the luckiest man in the world, he leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss to her lips.

"It was the best sleep ever," Abby responded with a drowsy voice. Her eyes were still only half open, not fully awake.

His gaze fell to the bare creamy skin on her breasts. "We can still sleep for about another hour before we really have to get up." He withdrew his hand from where it rested on her hip, and bushed the back of his fingers against her soft skin.

Abby's breath hitched. "I can't sleep anymore. That feels wonderful… don't stop."

Gibbs watched her eyes drift shut and she removed her arm from his waist so he could relish the sight just inches away. Gently he cupped a supple breast in his hand and ran the pad of his thumb over the tip, causing a moan to escape from his lover. Just a couple more passes of his thumb and he had the nipple looking pert and eager. As he leaned forward to draw the tip into his mouth, her legs started to tighten around his and he felt a surge go directly to his groin. Abby rewarded him with a small whimpering of his name.

He couldn't believe he had waited so long, so many years, to succumb to his need for this woman. She was unlike any other he had ever been with. On the outside they appeared to be in complete contrast to one another, but when they were together, they gave each other perfect balance. Maybe it was because they had known each other for over a decade that they were so in sync. They were the closest of friends who had become lovers.

Abby rolled onto her back, giving him the opportunity to lavish her other breast with kisses and nibbles and licks. Gibbs could feel his body awakening and responding to her soft moans of pleasure. She was creating an insistent throb in his groin and he found it hard to believe he could rejuvenate so quickly after last night. But then again, it had been quite some time since he had had a woman in his bed, and now it was the woman who, for the past few years, had dominated every single one of his fantasies.

Abby tugged on his arm and pulled him until he was resting lightly atop her body. "Somebody is certainly wide awake," she said with a wicked grin. "Feeling a bit eager, Jethro?"

"It's what you do to me, Abbs," he replied with a wry smile. "Actually, it's just the thought of what I want to do to you."

"Mmmmm… I don't know what you mean," she teased.

In response to her cheekiness, he lowered his head and ravaged her breasts again with his mouth; sucking, kissing, teasing and stroking. All the while he ground his hips against hers, letting her feel his hardness and length. Within a few short minutes he had her writhing and spreading her knees. But with an unexpected burst of energy, she shoved him over and sat astride his hips. She was almost giggling at his surprised look.

"You think you get to have all the fun, loverboy?" she asked with a smart little smile.

"You seemed to be enjoying what I was doing," he responded with his eyes giving her mouth close consideration. Subtly he began to undulate his hips.

"Oh, but I love to make you moan and groan even more. And beg."

He raised his eyebrows. "I don't beg, Abbs."

With exuberance she suddenly bounded off the bed, tossing over her shoulder, "We'll see…" She entered his en-suite bathroom and closed the door after her.

Gibbs felt a stirring in his stomach as he watched her naked firm butt dance out of sight. She had gotten him jacked up and then she left. With a deep sigh, he tucked his hands behind his head and gave her a few minutes. Glancing at the clock, he could see they had less than an hour before having to think about getting ready for work. He wondered what on earth that was going to be like after what had transpired in the last twelve hours. If they didn't catch a case, he knew he wouldn't be able to keep his mind off of Abby. It would be torture for him if he had to sit at his desk all day, knowing she was just a few floors below. Well, he could visit her a couple times, maybe even sneak in a few passionate kisses, but damn, he was already missing her!

Sliding off the bed, he walked to the bathroom door and knocked lightly. The door was abruptly pulled open and Abby stood there with toothpaste around her lips and a toothbrush protruding from her mouth. She moved to the sink, spit, and said, "Took you long enough."

Gibbs stepped up behind her then reached around for his own brush. His strong body grazed against her soft skin and he felt his blood start to race. The thought of work vanished from his mind as he watched her in the mirror. Her eyes wandered over his body as she completed her task, then she turned around to ogle him unabashedly. Gibbs finished and swiped his mouth with a towel. "Enjoying the view?" he asked turning towards her. His eyes raked over her naked body and he felt his groin respond.

He knew she had noticed his reaction, but then she stepped around him and returned to the bedroom. Gibbs couldn't believe that she could just walk away from him like that… and he had let her! Going back to the bedroom, he found her rummaging through one of his dresser drawers. "Looking for something?"

"Clothes," she answered as her hands shoved the drawer shut and opened another one just below it.


She pulled out a pair of Gibbs' sweatpants. "Thought I'd fix us some coffee and then breakfast." Opening a third drawer, she started searching for something else.

Each drawer she opened was lower than the last, and as he watched her, his blood pumped harder and stronger through his veins. In a few short strides, he was up behind her, hands grasping her hips as he pressed against her. Abby's hands stilled in their search and she stood upright, flush against the front of his body, feeling his arousal. A large mirror hung above the dresser and their eyes met briefly before Gibbs fixed his gaze on her breasts and brought his hand up to caress them lightly. His other arm wound around her stomach to keep her tight against him. Together they watched in the mirror as he stroked her nipples and he could see that she was not only mesmerized by his touch but also by the erotic image reflected in the mirror. His skin appeared deeply tanned against her pale smoothness. Slowly his hand slid from her breasts down across her hip to tease the softness between her legs. When his finger brushed lightly against her clit, she gave a pleasurable whimper and watched with rapt attention as he enticed her only briefly, before withdrawing.

In one swift easy movement, he stepped to the side, wrapped an arm around her shoulders while his other arm swept behind her knees and swung her feet off the floor. "I want you back in my bed, Abbs. Now!" His mind briefly registered that he sounded like some sort of caveman.

Her fingers were already clutching at his short hair and drawing his lips down to hers. "Took you long enough," she responded before their lips clashed and tongues rolled and twisted.

Moving to the bed, he plopped her down and smiled warmly. "That's better. Now scoot over," he commanded.

Abby gave a giggle. "A Marine doesn't smile when he gives an order." Gibbs immediately wiped the grin from his face and saw Abby's lips pout. As he leaned forward to capture her sweet lips again, she pulled back and whispered, "But I love your sexy smile, Jethro." He gave her his lopsided grin. "That's the one that always makes me weak in the knees," she told him and began scooting backwards as he moved slowly onto the bed with one knee then the other.

In a couple more seconds, his body was hovering over hers and he drew a puckered nipple into his mouth, hearing a whimper low in her throat. When he moved to the other breast, she began threading her fingers through his hair. God, he loved the feel of her hands, no matter what they were doing or where they were touching him. Her touch was like electricity that exploded through his body. He noticed she seemed to have a fascination with his shoulders and arms, squeezing and rubbing her hands up and over them time after time. But then he felt pressure on his chest as her palm pressed firmly against him.

"Wait, Gibbs, wait," she breathed heavily. Reluctantly he raised his head, surprised to see merriment in her eyes. "Can I be on top?" she asked blatantly with a hint of mirth.

Gibbs took a deep calming breath and rolled to the side. Swiftly she rose and moved to straddle his hips. "Don't tease me, Abbs," he warned softly, "or you'll quickly lose that position." He liked that she wasn't shy about what she wanted in bed, as a partner and lover. Gibbs' decided he would let her control their love-making this time as long as she behaved.

The look on her face turned from mischievous to hunger as she slowly wet her lips with the tip of her tongue. He moved his hands to her hips as her palms pressed against his ribs then slid slowly up over his chest. She spoke to him in a husky low tone, voicing thoughts that she had kept hidden for many years, but now she was free to express. "I love the way you look, Jethro" she said as she leaned forward, laying sensual roaming kisses against his heated skin. "You're shoulders and strong arms are so sexy," she murmured, moving her mouth across his collar bone then bicep, where she spent extra time nibbling and kissing the muscle. He could feel her breasts brush lightly against his chest, which increased the throbbing between his legs.

Gibbs closed his eyes and let her ministrations inflame his needy body. Her mouth moved over his rough unshaven chin then slid back and forth against his cheek. "You're so rugged and handsome," she said with a sigh. Her wet tongue flicked his earlobe then she pressed a lingering delicious kiss just beneath it. He felt her hot breath against his ear. "I want to fulfill every single one of your bad-boy fantasies, Jethro."

Her mouth covered his in a deliciously deep kiss and he savored the feel of her tongue plundering his mouth. He could taste mint from the toothpaste and she had a flowery smell from yesterday's perfume that was slowly fading. A rough low groan rose from his throat as he slipped his fingers into her thick smooth hair. He felt her slowly withdraw from their heated kiss and found her looking at him with smoldering emerald eyes. Her hands were pressed against the pillow near his head but as she lifted her hips, she moved one hand between them to guide his hard length to her entrance. Their gazes continued to hold one another and he was aware of how hot and sopping wet she was. With complete control, she took him inside her body and he was overwhelmed by her tight muscles. He couldn't hold his eyes opened as powerful sensations swept up into his stomach and he gave a long heavy groan.

Gibbs felt her sit up and brace her hands on his chest before she became still. It was a couple more seconds until he opened his eyes and she appeared to be waiting patiently, but he could see arousal in her soft gaze. "You're mine, Jethro," she said tenderly. "No one else gets to have you anymore."

"Only you, Abbs," he responded lovingly. "Only you."

He felt her slowly begin to raise and lower her hips and his hands rose to caress her breasts. Her hard nipples pushed into his palms and he squeezed and stroked them. Her rhythm was slow and steady, her mouth curved into a small smile, and her green eyes absorbed his cobalt blue ones. Gibbs was surprised by how patient she seemed to be. He had always suspected that Abby liked making love fast and furious, with passion and zest. But then Abby changed her rhythm and she leaned forward, grasping the top of the headboard so that her breasts hung directly above his face. God… what a beautiful sight! Gibbs tilted his chin up and caught a tip between his lips then flicked his tongue across the sensitive end. His hands cupped her breasts and massaged them tenderly as his tongue continued to torment and he heard Abby's whimpering cries of, "Gibbs… Gibbs… Gibbs," over and over and over again.

He felt his cock gradually slide out almost completely, then abruptly Abby sank down, thrusting him inside once again. Slowly she pulled her hips up again then drove down forcefully. Gibbs knew if she kept that up, he would be near his end very quickly. But he wanted to feel her come first, so he snaked a hand between their joined bodies and pressed a finger against her clit. He instantly had her moaning with each thrust and moments later her body began to tremble. Gibbs knew she was close and he could feel his own release imminent. Pumping his hips up against hers, he felt her inner muscles spasm as she cried out his name, "Jeeethroooo!" Just a couple more thrusts and he dropped his head back onto his pillow and grunted through his release.

"Oh… god… Abbs," he said between gulps of air. "That was… amazing! What you… do to me!" Abby had collapsed onto his chest and was breathing heavily. Her hair was curled around her face and he pulled it back gently. She remained limp and motionless. "You okay?" he asked with a bit of concern.

"Perfect," she responded with complete satisfaction. It wasn't until her breathing had finally settled that she rolled to his side and laced her fingers with his while laying kisses along his shoulder and arm. "I wanna stay here with you all day, Gibbs," she said in an unhappy tone.

His arm was around her shoulders and his thumb made lazy circles upon her temple. "I know, sweetheart, I've been thinking of that, too. I'm gonna call Leon and tell him I'm taking a personal day."

She quickly lifted her head and looked at him in utter delight and surprised. "Really?" He nodded, moved his hand to the back of her head, and drew her into a wet open-mouthed kiss. But Abby was excited and impatient and broke the kiss which he had been thoroughly enjoying. "You've never taken a personal day. Are you sure?"

"Positive," he reaffirmed. "I wouldn't get much work done anyway, what with having to check in with you all the time."

Abby gave a devilish grin. "Why would you be checking in on me, Special Agent Gibbs?"

"I'd want to make sure you were well supplied all day."

She leaned forward, stopping just as her lips barely brushed his. "Well supplied with what, Very Special Agent Gibbs?"

He brushed her lips with his tongue and watched her eyes close with a flutter. "With Caf Pow! and kisses… and Caf Pow! and kisses… and Caf…" Her mouth cut off his words and he was back to enjoying a sensual exploratory kiss.

After a bit, Abby laid her head on his chest and stroked a hand over his naked hip. "I'll have to call the Director, too, and ask for a personal day."

"I could just tell Leon when I make my call," Gibbs replied.

Abby pulled her head up again and saw the wide smile on his face. "You will not!" she protested. Her eyes shifted to the digital clock beside the bed. "It's getting late! I'm going to take a shower and you make your call. And don't you dare mention me!" She climbed over him to get off the bed, but hesitated long enough to give him another quick kiss. He watched her sexy ass sway towards the bathroom but then she stopped and turned halfway to look back at him. "Don't move," she said and quickly grabbed her phone from the top of the dresser. Flipping it open, she held it up and said, "Give me that sexy smile of yours, Jethro."

Gibbs instantly realized that she was going to take a picture and he lunged forward to drag the sheet up over his waist as he growled, "Don't you dare, Abbs!"

"Just one picture, Gibbs, pleeeeasssse?"

He finally settled with his back against the headboard and the sheet up over his waist. Seeing the sad pathetic look on her face, which he knew was just for show, he relented and gave her a lop-sided smile. A couple seconds later, she snapped the phone shut and bounced over to him, placing a soft kiss on his mouth. "Thank you, Jethro," she said with glee.

"I don't want to see that on any computer at work," he growled.

She practically skipped off towards the bathroom. "I don't share, Gibbs, remember?"

After her shower, Abby entered the kitchen and leaned against the counter. Gibbs was busy at the sink, back to her, water running, and was that… humming? Gibbs was humming? After twisting the faucet off, he turned and stood with dripping hands, as his eyes explored her entire body. She had perused his closet after her shower and chosen one of his crisp white dress shirts. The sleeves were rolled and bunched up to her elbows and its length reached almost to mid-thigh.

"I had laid some clothes out on the bed for you… you're not wearing them," he stated slowly as his gaze continued to linger over her bare legs.

Stepping forward, Abby took the bowl of sliced fruit from his hands and turned to carry it to the table. "You don't like what I'm wearing?" she asked, her voice low and sultry. After setting down the bowl, she turned to find him already invading her personal space. The look on his face told her he definitely liked what she was wearing. He was leaning towards her, pushing her back against the table.

Gibbs drew in a deep breath while placing soft kisses inside the open shirt collar, under Abby's chin. "God, you smell good. You know you're killin' me, don't you?" His kisses dropped lower into the vee of the shirt. "I want you in the worst way but my body is gettin' too old." Slowly he pulled back with a heavy sigh. "Oh, Abbs, I wish I could…"

She looped her arms loosely around his neck. "Well, I'm glad you can't, because I'm hungry."

When she tried to move away, he held her tight around her waist. "I'm serious, Abbs. I'm not a young buck anymore. This old body doesn't respond so quickly anymore."

She could see the worry in his eyes and it concerned her. "I'm not looking for a young buck, Jethro. I want a man. A loving, sweet, considerate, honest, sexy man. To tell you the truth, it's not your age that concerns me."

"Oh? What is it about me that does concern you?"

"It's nothing about you," she assured then slipped out of his grasp and went to a cupboard where she took down a large bowl.

"Well… there's no way it can be anything about you. So what is it?" He leaned back against the table and crossed his arms over his chest.

Moving to another cabinet, Abby removed a tin of flour and a bottle of oil. "I'm not exactly the typical girl-next-door, Gibbs. I'm not someone a Marine Gunnery Sergeant would want on his arm at a formal affair..."

"The hell you're not!" he barked.

"And… my weird taste in things is going to eventually wear on you." She moved to the refrigerator and took out a carton of eggs along with a jug of milk.

Gibbs eyebrows furrowed. "What are you talking about?"

Opening another cupboard, she started searching through several small containers of spices. "My music, my movies, my going out clubbing… you don't like any of that stuff and so, over time, it will start to bug you."

"Abbs, this is the most ridiculous conversation we've ever had!" She pulled out a small bottle of vanilla then rested her hands on the counter, staring at the items in front of her, waiting for him to continue. "You're beautiful and sexy as hell no matter what you wear and I would love to take you to any kind of formal affair. I've heard your music, we've watched movies together, and you deserve to go out when I only want to stay home and work in my basement. You think I expect you to keep me company every night?"

Abby turned and could see a hint of anger in his face. "So you think I'm being ridiculous?"

Gibbs quickly stepped forward and took hold of her hands. "You're not ridiculous, your concerns are. What gave you all of these crazy ideas? We've known each other for so long that I know by now that none of that stuff bothers me."

"I know my music bugs you."

"Just sometimes… in the lab… when it's really loud. But it's nothing I'm going to get distressed about. So why the concern?"

Abby couldn't help the small smile that tugged at her lips. "So what I'm worried about between us is ridiculous? And I'm just having crazy thoughts about things that you've never mentioned because I'm a little scared by the strong feelings I have for you?"

"Could… be… are you scared… about us?" he asked with concern.

"No!" she answered emphatically. "Are you?"

"What gave you that idea?"

"You!" she answered with a snicker. "You started this conversation. My concerns are ridiculous just like yours are."

When he tried to pull his hands back, she gripped them tighter to hold him in place. "Ah, hell, Abbs. That is not… you can't just… there's no way… Dammit, Abby!"

She could see his wheels spinning as he sought desperately for an excuse to justify his concern about his age. "Dammit, Gibbs!" she mocked. "I'm a scientist. I know the way things are… the way things work!" She watched him as he continued to struggle to come up with something that would justify his concern. "Give it up, Gibbs! You know I'm right. And I don't ever want to hear you mention it again. Is that clear, Gunny!"

Abby squealed as he grabbed her towards him and kissed her hard on the mouth. "I'm the luckiest bastard in the world!"

"Not as lucky as I am," Abby laughed in return then kissed him with a fervent hunger.

Gibbs eventually broke the kiss then looked over her shoulder and gave a nod. "What are you planning on making with all that stuff? Bread?"

Abby twisted around to look at the numerous items she had pulled from his cupboards. "Nothing. I just needed to keep my hands busy while we were talking."

Gibbs smiled and she could see the sparkle in his eyes as he stated, "God, I love you! Let's eat and plan our day together."

1900 hours.

Abby and Gibbs sat outside at his patio table enjoying cold bottles of beer. The day had been quite warm, but now the evening was beginning to cool. Birds sang in the nearby trees, the sounds lazy and melodic, which added to the atmosphere pulsating between the two lovers. They sat across from one another, but their eyes rolled over each other seductively. A shiver ran up Abby's spine when Gibbs' eyes studied her breasts, wetting his lips as she could imagine that he was thinking of undressing her slowly tonight.

After breakfast, they had gone to Abby's apartment so she could get some fresh clothes. Then they had gone to a nearby bistro for coffee and Caf Pow! before taking a leisurely hand-in-hand stroll in the park. Abby didn't think she could love Gibbs any more than she already did, but as the day progressed and they shared hidden thoughts and desires, she felt something new for the man whom she had yearned to be with over the past several years. These feelings were new, yet so strong, that she hated to think about being separate from him for one single minute. Going back to work was going to be extremely hard, especially after the past couple days that they had shared. Plus, they had agreed to keep their relationship hidden from their co-workers for now, until they felt the time was right.

Whenever Abby found herself feeling melancholy about hiding their new relationship, she would remind herself that things could be worse. She and Gibbs could work in separate buildings, on opposite sides of the city. Or even worse, Gibbs could still be fighting his feelings for her and they would be in the situation they had been in a month ago. But thank goodness they weren't and he wasn't!

"Thank you for today, Gibbs." Her voice was soft with endearment. "I am wonderfully happy right now and I'm sure glad you broke your rule."

"I'm just sorry I didn't break that rule years ago," he responded. "I'm going to try desperately to make up for lost time."

"You certainly did today," she said smiling.

"Today was just the beginning, sweetheart. I'm going to take more days off to spend with you. You free next Tuesday?" There was a delightful twinkle in his blue eyes.

"I'll make sure I am, if you are," she answered happily. After a few minutes of quiet consideration, she asked, "You ever have a garden, Gibbs?"

"Sure. Why?"

"I was just thinking about how you like to work with your hands and how very good you are with your hands," she said suggestively with a little giggle and could see that Gibbs didn't miss her innuendo.

"We could plant a small garden, Abbs." He stood up and held out his hand. "C'mere." Placing her hand in his, she felt a tingle run up her arm and throughout her body. He led her to the end of the yard, about fifty feet from the house. With his free hand, he gestured at a spot of lawn in front of them. There were straggly weeds growing in the dirt that had been mowed off. "I had a garden here once upon a time. Did real well."

Abby leaned against his side and hugged his arm. "Why did you quit?"

"Got busy with work and decided I really didn't need one, I guess. We could plant flowers here. It would be better than these weeds."

"I was thinking more along the lines of some vegetables," Abby suggested.

"Mmmmmm… I like that idea." He pulled her around to face him so he could wrap his arms around her waist. "What kind?"

"Tomatoes?" He nodded and gave her a light kiss on the lips. "Cucumbers?" Again a nod and a kiss. "I'm liking this gardening idea already," she remarked. "Pumpkins?"

This time he shook his head. "A little too late to start pumpkins this year. Maybe next year."

Abby's heart jumped at the thought of 'next year'. "Beans?" she asked, smiling when his head nodded and he leaned in for another brief kiss. "I can't think of anything else right now."

"Lettuce?" Gibbs suggested.

Abby grinned and moved in to brush her lips against his. "Ohhhh, gotta have lettuce." This time their kiss was longer, quickly becoming passionate. It was as Abby was sliding her hands up Gibbs' solid arms that they both heard someone clear their throat. Breaking the heated kiss, they swung their heads towards the patio, finding Ducky standing there with a cherry smile. A few steps behind him was Ziva, who wore a look of surprised fascination. "Looks like we've been outed, Gibbs," Abby murmured as they broke apart.

Ziva yelled over her shoulder, "Found them, Tony! Back here." When he came trotting around the corner of the house, Ziva held out her hand. "Pay up. They were in a lip lock when Ducky and I got here."

Tony looked to the ME for confirmation. "It's true. You better pay the woman before she breaks your knee caps," Ducky quipped jovially.

Gibbs and Abby walked arm in arm across the lawn towards their guests. "Sorry for intruding, Jethro, Abigail," Ducky said by way of greeting. "We were quite perplexed this morning when you called in to take the day off and then we were concerned when we didn't hear from you at all. But when I heard that Abigail was also out for the day, I had my suspicions, but these two couldn't be pacified," he ended, motioning towards Ziva and Tony.

"Sorry, boss," Tony mumbled.

"Well, I think this is wonderful," Ziva countered and stepped forward to embrace Abby warmly. "I thought you two might get together sooner or later."

"You did?" Tony was incredulous.

"You didn't?" Ziva shot back.

"Not really. I mean, not with Gibbs and his rules."

"DiNozzo," Gibbs spoke sharply. "Go grab some beers from the fridge."

"On it, boss." Tony turned smartly on his heel and headed into the house. When he returned, they were all seated around the table and he set a cold bottle out for each one.

"How was work, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked as his senior field agent sat.

"Nothing new, boss. Just paperwork today."

"Where's McGee?" Abby questioned.

Ziva had just taken a swallow of her drink and flapped her hand in the air. "Something about some online tournament."

"The Elf Lord is back in action," Tony teased in a low rumbling tone. "Boy is McLately going to be stunned when he hears about you two."

Ducky shook his head. "Seems like the lad is always the last to know."

"I'll tell him tomorrow, Tony," Abby admonished. "Don't you say a word until then."

Tony rolled his eyes. "Yes, Mrs. Boss." Immediately he felt a sharp whack on the back of his head.

"Thank you, Ziva," Abby responded and the group laughed heartily as Tony rubbed his hair.

Gibbs sat back and soaked in his surroundings. His closest friends were discussing a get together for the following weekend. He could hear that it would involve his back yard and grill, and he smiled and nodded. In just the past few days his life had changed dramatically because of the woman who sat beside him. He was on cloud nine and he planned not to make the same mistakes he had made with his ex-wives. Abby was finally and completely his. His eyes flicked to her face and without looking, she reached over and grasped his hand, which rested in his lap, and she finger spelled I love you.

The End

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