Summary: Conchobarra has come across the sea for a chance to make herself human for her lover, Aidan, back home. But the witches have told her she must trade for it with a friend. But this cannot be just any human, or how can they handle the power she'll bequeath? Kagome will help her look, of course! But just why is Sesshoumaru following them?

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any characters contained therein, and recieve nothing but amusement from this work of fiction. I do own Conchobarra. Unfortunately.

An: I entreat you to give this story a read despite the annoying presence of an OC. Don't worry, this WILL be a sesskag. Eventually.


The strange demoness looked uncomfortable in her clothes, dressed in what basically amounted to a feminine version of Sesshoumaru's garb. It didn't suit her at all.

She circled, but there was something distinctly non-threatening about it. Even Inuyasha lowered his sword, his ears swiveling. He was trying to get a read on this woman, Kagome could see. For her part, the woman's green eyes tracked her blue.

"Oi, Ma'am, if you don't mind, you're in the way." Kagome's brows shot up at that. Coming from Inuyasha , that was almost polite! Kagome regarded her more seriously, eyeing the smooth ripple of copper hair, almost…striped? And her markings. This woman was a taiyoukai! No wonder Inuyasha was avoiding a fight. But Kagome had a sinking feeling this woman would not know the word. Her markings were blue and spiraling, and her features were startlingly Anglo. Hmm.

Taking a deep breath, Kagome shot from the hip.

"Aa—do-yourself—speak English?" Kagome saw the demonesses head snap to her so fast that she couldn't stop the wince. But thought the other woman did look incensed, she also looked vaguely relieved.

"English?" She blinked, shoving hands into her hair in a shockingly modern display of frustration. Inuyasha swayed a little, stunned. The woman muttered to herself for a moment- Gaelic or Welsh? Kagome silently wondered how in Hell this demoness had made it this far east.

Finally, with a long suffering sigh that Kagome understood from hours of dealing with English class, the demoness moved slightly past Inuyasha and sketched a bow to both of them before offering a hand in greeting to Kagome.

"Ach." She scoffed when Kagome hesitated. "English yes." Kagome shook the hand, tilting her head as She struggled to make a sentence. "Badly." They dimpled at each other before the taller woman thumped her chestplate heartily. "Conchobarra" She declared.

With a tiny grimace at how hard that was going to be for everyone to pronounce, Kagome tapped her chest and announced her name, then lightly touched the stunned Hanyou on the shoulder, rousing him.

"Inuyasha." Kagome labeled carefully. Conchobarra nodded, then repeated Kagome's name with no trouble (if a little disjointed), before attempting Inuyasha's name.

"Inoooassah." She sang. Inuyasha looked distinctly amused, but unoffended (surprisingly!) at the slightly mispronunciation. In fairness he attempted hers.

"Konko-ba-ra." He smirked, but it only brought a laugh out of their strange new ally. Kagome closed her eyes, pinched the bridge of her nose, then threw it off and grinned.

"Well, we'll work on it."

She almost groaned at their identical expressions of non-cooperativeness.