Summary: Conchobarra has come across the sea for a chance to make herself human for her lover, Aidan, back home. But the witches have told her she must trade for it with a friend. But this cannot be just any human, or how can they handle the power she'll bequeath? Kagome will help her look, of course! But just why is Sesshoumaru following them?

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any characters contained therein, and recieve nothing but amusement from this work of fiction. I do own Conchobarra. Unfortunately.

An: I entreat you to give this story a read despite the annoying presence of an OC. Don't worry, this WILL be a sesskag. Eventually.

Traveling with Conchobarra proved to be vastly entertaining, even with Sesshoumaru trailing behind. Miroku had tried to start his infamous question, but had gotten only to the word 'bear' before she snapped "No." without hesitance. Then, she proceeded to give Shippou a 'low five'. Kagome had stuffed a fist close to her mouth to hide her giggling, patting herself on the back for teaching him that. Amazingly enough, after that, she and the monk were fast friends, and Sango warmed easily to her presence.

Rin ended up speaking easily to Inuyasha, surprising the hanyou. He kept giving nervous glances to his brother, but she kept calling his attention back, asking about their plans to defeat Naraku, and how tetsusaiga had grown in power.

Kagome found this a little odd, but not as odd as the fact that Sesshoumaru chose to walk next to HER. Even more odd, it didn't really bother her. She did glance at him every so often though, and on the third time, he snared her eyes with his. Looking at each other, still walking, he snapped his right eyebrow up a fraction of an inch. She spluttered softly, not used to seeing him emote anything. After his spurt of talking when he first arrived, he hadn't said much of anything to anyone. She flushed for a second, finding that she actually thought an expressive Sesshoumaru more attractive…or attractive at all, really.

"Sorry…I was just wondering why you chose to travel next to me."
"Hnn." He responded, the other eyebrow joining the first. "You smell the best. Comparatively."

Kagome spluttered again, but this time it dissolved into surprised laughter. The rest of the group turned to look, but she just kept snickering anyway. Because honestly, how was she supposed to explain that Sesshoumaru had just been ifunny?/i