A/N: These drabbles are the companion to 'Forty Weeks', so I suggest you read that first. Each drabble is a snippet of what Zuko is up to during each chapter of 'Forty Weeks'. These were written for my own self amusement, honestly.


Jien was annoying.

This wasn't exactly news or anything, but still. Sometimes he really wished she'd just…never speak again, honestly.

Like right now.

"—was thinking we could go to Ember Island in a couple of months and you could meet my grandmother. I think you'd like that—"

He grunted.

She was nuts if she thought that he had free time to just gallivant off to Ember Island for a couple of weeks. He was the Fire Lord, he had things to do. Still, at least the general's daughter was actually sane. The girl the board of advisors talked him into last year was currently in a mental institution. He liked to repress those memories.

"Zuko? Are you even listening?"

"Uh huh." He never took his eyes off the document in front of him.

"Could've fooled me. If you're not going to listen to me then I'll just stop talking."


"Agni, are you smiling? You know Zuko, a relationship is a two way street—"

He started reading the document. It was actually a letter from Mai. She and Ty Lee were happy together (Zuko tried to imagine Mai smiling and failed), they had just spent a month in Ba Sing Se, his Uncle said hello, and that they were now traveling towards Ember Island because Ty Lee wanted to audition for one of the plays. She would send him another letter when they arrived.

"Why in Agni's name would she want to do that?" he muttered to himself.


He felt extreme irritation flare up inside him. Here she was in his personal office, prattling on about some utter bullshit and she had the nerve—

Don't set the desk on fire. Don't set the desk on fire. Don't set the desk—

"Fire Lord Zuko!"

Both Jien and Zuko immediately straightened up as a servant banged on his office door.

"Come in!" Zuko called out, brow furrowing in confusion.

The door flew open and a servant practically fell into the room.

"Fire Lord Zuko sir," he wheezed, clearly out of breath, "Lady Katara is here!"

Zuko's heart promptly fell into his stomach.