A/N: Did you call Deepthroat way too much? Or Rose? Or the Colonel? I did, and thus this drabble was born.

Also, contains heavy Yaoi. (I actually got a hate-review from this and I laughed myself into a coma. Yes, I've played the games. This is a drabbly fanfiction)

Solid Snake ran up the stairs two at a time. He had just got the codec call from Otacon that the man was arriving on the helipad above the Big Shell clean-up facility. The helicopter touched down, and Otacon got out. The machine flew away once more, and the man with the chestnut hair walked forward. The wind blew his hair back, revealing the beautiful face. Snake smiled, something he rarely did as the wind whipped his head band around him. The urge to run forward to meet the other man rose in Snake's chest, but he beat it down with a metaphorical dead fish. Otacon reached him after what seemed like an eternity. They smiled at each other, and disappeared into the rooms Snake had previously secured. They locked the doors, and Otacon hoisted himself onto the counter, smiling at Snake. Snake stepped between his legs, and suddenly they were kissing, grabbing at each other's hair and tugging at clothes playfully.

"Oh, Snake," Otacon sighed happily. Snake's tongue traced the gentle contours of the others lips, and chuckled low.

"We haven't seen each other in such a long time." Snake's voice was raspy.

"Too long." Once again, they were kissing again with raw passion and abandon. Otacon eased off his lab coat, grabbing Snake closer. With deft fingers, Snake loosened Otacon's tie, biting at the other man's neck.

Snake jumped a little as his Codec started ringing. He ignored it, burying himself in the other's arms and forgetting everything for a second. When the codec rang for the second time, he made an annoyed sound.

"Yes?" He asked, bringing his voice down low.

"What are the specifics for this gun?" Snake sighed quietly. Of course it was Raiden. The boy called him way too often and about little, tiny, useless things. He explained it quickly, and hung up with a curt 'good bye.' Otacon looked amused.

"Is he annoying?" Snake nodded. "Forget him with me." Snake did, until the young man called him again.