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Annabeth looked at Chiron despairingly. She nodded sadly and looked out at the raging battle, her face showing no emotion. She gave a nod to Harry who was fighting off a Death Eater and he nodded back.

After shoving the Death Eater quickly, Harry turned and ran for the direction of the camp. A couple of Death Eaters followed him angrily and Annabeth gave orders to the other campers to lead them into the camp. Some of them looked devastated at the thought of letting these savages into the camp but others knew what was at stake.

As the battle raged on, Harry continued leading the Death Eaters towards the beach, as Annabeth told him to. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his leg. One of the Death Eaters had picked up a sword from an injured demigod and slashed Harry across the leg with it. Harry looked down at his injured leg and saw blood seeping out of the large cut. He collapsed onto the ground and looked around desperately. They were almost near the beach and Harry hoped that someone would show up to help him.

"Not so brave without your wand, huh Potter?" One of the Death Eaters rasped. Harry glared up at them and swung wildly with the sword in his hand but the Death Eaters knocked it away lazily with a flick of their wands. Harry tried moving but his leg was too painful.

As the Death Eaters closed in on him, Harry closed his eyes and waited for the end to come. Suddenly, he heard loud yelps and screams of pain. He opened his eyes and saw a volley of arrows flying towards the Death Eaters. Several of them were already on the ground, injured from the various arrows piercing them. Harry looked up at the hill and saw a group of Apollo's sons looking at him. Several of them rushed over to him and helped stop his leg from bleeding.

"Thanks," He said feebly. The campers nodded, too busy to speak. Harry noticed more Death Eaters arriving and saw the campers moving backwards to the beach. The Death Eaters roared loudly and chased after the campers. Annabeth materialized out of the air and crouched next to Harry.

"I hope this works." She said softly. As the Death Eaters approached the beach, the water started rising. It swirled around dangerously and formed a huge funnel. Annabeth threw her fist in the air victoriously as the funnel came down on the Death Eaters. The campers jumped out of the way as the Death Eaters were sucked up by the funnel and drowned. The campers cheered and Chiron galloped towards them.

"Good job, all of you!" He said proudly. The campers then dispersed and went off to find their injured camp mates. Annabeth helped Harry stand and steadied him as he struggled to gain his balance.

"We did it!" Harry said breathlessly. Annabeth smiled.

"Yeah, I guess we did."

Back at the Burrow, Percy and the Weasleys (plus Draco), were sitting at the kitchen table, unsure of what to do.

"We've got to get Hermione back!" Ginny said fiercely. The other Weasleys agreed but Percy slammed his fist down on the table.

"We need to come up with a plan first. Kronos is very dangerous and he isn't just going to let us storm into the place and grab Hermione." He said angrily. Percy felt angry with himself because now, Kronos had taken one of the Weasley's friends. He felt that even though this was a trap, the least he could do was rescue Hermione.

"How do we get in then?" Fred asked. None of them knew what to say. Draco was deep in thought and suddenly got an idea.

"I've got it!" He exclaimed. Fred and George looked at him suspiciously.

"Really? You aren't just messing with us?" They asked. Draco ignored them and faced Percy.

"We could transfigure ourselves into bugs or something." He suggested. "One person could cast the spell on the rest of us and then we'll sneak in. Then, I'll open the back entrance to the Manor and then that person will change us back and we rescue Hermione." Percy thought this plan over quickly.

"Hmm, you know that's actually not a bad idea." He concluded. Ginny scoffed.

"How are we so sure that you're actually going to help us and not just abandon us." She said rudely to Draco. He looked at her fiercely and there was no doubting the sincerity in his voice.

"Because I want this war to end just as much you do. I'm tired of all this fighting." He said simply. The Weasleys looked at him in surprise and slowly nodded. Percy clapped him on the back.

"Alright then, Draco. You lead this one." Draco looked at Percy nervously.

"Are you sure?" Percy smiled encouragingly at him and Draco smiled back.

"Ok! So, I think I should be the one to turn you all into bugs. I can just cast a Disillusionment charm on myself so I can unlock the door." Percy nodded and spoke up.

"When should we leave? We need to hurry." Draco grinned mischievously.

"Lets do it tonight."

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