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Car. Car. Car. Need a car. Need a FAST car. NOW. Bella Bellabellabella. Need to get to Bella.

Jasper took a quick inventory of the cars in the garage and headed toward Rose's suped up convertible.

"No. We'll take my car." Edward stated with finality.

Jasper roared at him.

"Think about it Jasper. We need a car that will be more inconspicuous. Not one that says 'oh officer, please pull me over since you can easily see that I'm going 120 down the back roads of Washington'. " Edward explained dryly.

Jasper conceded the point only because he was unwilling to waste time arguing and turned towards Edward's Volvo, but not without a glower in his direction to emphasize his unhappiness.

"Not necessary Jasper. I know what you are thinking." Edward took hold of the driver's side door handle when Jasper stopped him.

"I'm driving." Jasper said roughly.

"No. You are in no state to drive right now. I'm the most rational, so I will drive."

Of course he is rational. Like he cares what happens to my Bella. My love. My little kitten.

Edward winced in response to his thoughts, but Jasper continued to stare him down.

"He's right Jasper. Just get in the car. We need to go, now." Alice appeared at his side and slid into the passenger seat, leaving the back for him.

Jasper waited until they hit the driveway before starting his interrogation. He directed his questions to Alice, happy when Edward remained silent and focused on just driving.

"What is going to happen?"

"Bella will be attacked by several men." Her anxiety was palpable.


"In an alley or vacant lot of some kind. I couldn't see any discernable businesses in the area." Alice's answer was full of regret in both tone and emotion. He knew she would give more if she could.

"She was going to the bookstore. She must have gotten lost. Fuck. I need to get her a phone with a fucking GPS." Jasper ranted.

"This isn't her fault, Jasper."

"I know it isn't! It's mine. I should have known she would get lost." Jasper chastised himself. He had always prided himself on seeing possible problems and fixing them before they could happen. Look at what happened; he hadn't even considered this a serious issue and now his mate was in serious trouble.

"Jasper," Alice said softly. "It isn't your fault either. I have the sight and I didn't know until just now. Things happen. Life happens. It's no one's fault."

"What will happen if we don't get there in time?" Jasper whispered.

Alice was silent, her body was frozen in her unwillingness to speak.

"Edward." His voice was sharp with command.

"She will be beaten, raped, and left in a gutter." Edward responded without emotion.

Jasper roared again, his nails digging into the seat.

"Watch the upholstery!" Edward reprimanded.

"Fuck your upholstery! Drive faster!"

"I'm going as fast as I can. The car is maxed out!"

Jasper dug into his pocket and pulled out his phone and began to text Bella. No response. He called, even knowing she couldn't say anything. The very fact that he was trying to call would alert her to the severity of the situation. Nothing.

He could feel the beast in him trying to take control.


His eyes snapped to meet Edward's in the rearview mirror.

"Calm down! It might not have happened yet. Can't you feel her or something? Isn't your glorious bond that intense?" Bitterness laced his words and emotions, but Jasper ignored it as he latched onto the rational bit of information.

He felt like a moron. The bond. Of course. He would use the bond to see if she was okay, and to find her.

He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself. It wasn't enough and he almost wished he could use his power on himself to give him the false calm he so desperately needed. Another breath. He looked inside and centered his focus on his bond with Bella.

There! She was confused and a bit nervous, but there was no fear. Nothing had happened yet. He let out a breath and relayed the information to the others.

Jasper let his hand come up to his chest, fingers touching where their bond emanated before he opened his eyes. He focused intently on the space in front of him, where the bond should be visible. He had never tried when they were so far apart. He had mastered finding it when she was home, but that was just across town, not a different city.

He found the faint glimmer and focused intently upon it until it shone brightly. It couldn't guide him now, but it would as soon as they entered the city. Alice couldn't tell them where Bella was so it was up to him.

The sight of the bond also served to calm him, and he was able to become a bit more rational. He debated on how he would hold back the monster if they got there too late. He no longer feared losing Bella's love, but that didn't mean he wanted her to see the darkest part of himself.

He slumped back into the seat, eyes never leaving the glow that connected him to his mate. He allowed his gift to aid him in picking up the nuances of emotion that travelled the bond. Her anxiety was growing, but as of yet, she was not afraid.

Bella looked at the shadows as they seemed to creep closer to her. It shouldn't have taken this long to get to a recognizable road. She hesitated at a juncture and looked in all directions, unsure.

She jumped when she heard several sets of footsteps. A momentary relief was banished when raucous laughter caused chills to go up her spine. She turned from the noise, going in what she believed was the opposite direction.

A frisson of fear made her shiver and speed up more. The need to run warred with the need to try to stay hidden. She looked around, trying to pinpoint where they were. The sounds bounced and echoed off the buildings, refusing to give direction to the source of danger. She blindly turned a corner and ran into a trash can. It crashed to the ground with a thunderous boom. Bella froze.

"What was that?"

Shit. They were closer than she had thought if she could hear their voices so clearly..

"Who cares? Probably just some cat."

Vicious laughter travelled down the alley to taunt her.

"Let's go get it. Haven't kicked a cat in a while."

"Why are you kicking cats? That's sick."

"Aww, come on man. If it's too slow to keep from getting caught, it deserves it."


Bella ran. She tried to be silent, but the dogs were on the hunt. They caught sight of her as she turned down the next street.

"It's a girl!"

"Hell, yeah. Who wants to chase a cat, when I can get a little pussy!"

Adrenaline gave her speed, but fear gave her clumsiness. She stumbled several times as she tried to escape. She heard the footsteps coming closer and willed her body to give another burst of speed. The buildings vanished, and she was running through a vacant lot. Nowhere to hide.

A hand grabbed at her wrist and held tight, pulling her to a stop. She swung around, and used the momentum to swing the bag at her attacker. Her books hit the man across the head and he let her go in surprise. She tried to run, but the others had taken the moment to surround her. Her eyes flicked over them, looking for an escape. She found none. There were four of them, all young and inebriated if the glazed look in their eyes said anything.

One of them came at her, a dark leer on his face. Her hands curled up, and she attacked. She scratched him across the face. She felt her nails dig deep, and blood poured down from the gashes.

"You little bitch!" He backhanded her across her cheek, and white light and pain blinded her.

A red haze covered her eyes as sight returned. She instinctively crouched lower and snarled.

"Woah, we have a feisty one here."

They tested her, causing her to advance or retreat in response to their movements. She got in a few good hits and kicks, but it only seemed to work them up even more. One of them lunged at her and she struck; she heard a satisfying crunch when she thrust the palm of her hand against his nose in a move her father had taught her.

"FUCK. I think she broke my nose." The man felt his nose with a grimace. "Shit, Drake. That's enough. Let's go."

Drake scowled at him, "Go back the car if you can't handle it, Scott. I have every intention of going all the way."

Scott looked shocked. "This is serious shit. We had our fun. We need to stop."

"Go. To. The. Car."

"Josh, Frank, let's go."

The other men hesitated, clearly torn. Drake spoke in a harsh, arrogant tone. "They have dicks between their legs, not a cunt like you. They'll be staying to have some fun."

The others nodded agreement.

"It's not like she's said no. Maybe she's having good time too. What do ya say girlie? Up for a little fun?"

"Go fuck yourself." Her emphatic gestures only made the ringleader howl with laughter.

"Woohoo boys! We got ourselves a deafer. That makes this even more fun. Never done a cripchick her."

The followers lunged at her, each grabbing an arm. She fought, but they pulled against her and held her still.

"This is messed up."

"Run along, goodytwoshoes."

Bella turned her head toward Scott, and sent a pleading look to him. He looked at her with sympathy, but just shook his head and turned away. He never looked back.

Drake chuckled wickedly and stepped into her line of sight.

"You're a pretty little if you are as soft as you look." He reached out and touched her cheek.

Shudders of revulsion went through her and she snapped at him. Her teeth bit deep into his hand, and she tasted blood. Drake screamed and pulled his hand back.

"You little bitch!" He punched her hard.

Her head snapped back and she tasted blood again, this time her own.

Drake punched her again and she felt her mouth fill. She spit the contents out, the blood and saliva sprayed across her attackers face.

He grabbed her shirt and ripped it down the front, then tore off the bottom half of the shirt in a few short jerks. She shivered as cool air hit her skin. Then shivered again as the three remaining men leered at her and laughed evilly. Drake wrapped the fabric around her mouth and roughly knotted it behind her head. She winced as he pulled her hair into the knot.

"Try biting me now, little bitch."

She lunged at him, as much as she could with two men holding her arms, and smiled when he flinched backward.

Drake snarled at her as he stopped his backward movement. He came forward, a new serious glint in his eye that made her begin to pant in fear. He pulled her bra up and exposed her breasts to his sight. He slowly trailed his finger across her chest before reaching down and twisting her left nipple. Pain shot through her and her mouth opened in a silent scream.


Bella's fear slivered into Jasper from across the bond. Jasper grabbed the edge of Edward's seat and screamed out his rage in his head. He only peripherally noticed Edward's grimace. Edward's pain was inconsequential at the moment.

The bond began to flicker, and he sharpened his focus on it, encouraging its inner light to shine.

"We're getting close. I need you to guide me now."

Jasper nodded and held his hand above the bond, to let Edward see the direction he needed to go as he mentally instructed him. I need to focus on the bond, but I will move my hand as it moves. Hurry Edward. She's afraid. Hurry. Hurryhurryhurryhurry.

The plea began a litany that looped unending in his mind.

Edward's response was to lean forward in his own increased focus and attempt to push the car even harder. The world whipped by in a blur. The car slowed and Jasper growled harshly.

"Jasper," Edward tried to soothe him, "we are getting close to the city roads. Even I can't make those turns doing 120. I have to back down to 90. We're almost there. Just keep leading me."

Pain shot into him and his rage exploded. "She's hurt."

His arm stretched out more, as if he could reach her easier if he just tried harder.

Close. He was close. It was easier to see the bond. Jasper allowed a portion of his mind to strategize about the possible outcomes of whatever was happening to Bella, and how best to get her out of the situation. He knew that he, ultimately, shouldn't permanently hurt the humans, but he just didn't know if he could do that. The need to punish these monsters for even thinking to touch his mate was pushing on his control. Bella's fear and pain were tempting his monster to come out to play.

"We're close. I can hear them." Edward's voice broke into his thoughts.

"What are they thinking?" Jasper demanded.

"Nothing you need to know. But they haven't gone too far yet."

"Too far. Which means they have gone farther than they should." His monster took another step forward.


The car fishtailed around a corner and into a deserted parking lot. Only it wasn't deserted. His gaze swept over the scene and he snarled. He was out of the car before it even stopped.

Jasper pulled the man away from Bella and lifted him up by his neck. The other two stared at him in shock and then let his Bella go before turning to run.

"Alice. Edward." Jasper commanded as he sent Bella his love and gently pulled the gag off with his free hand.

His siblings easily waylaid the runaways from escaping and brought the struggling figures back.

"Bella. Go to the car." Jasper instructed as he turned his attention to her attacker.

There was a tug on his sleeve, and he looked down into her wide, uncertain eyes. Her fear was slowly leaving her, but it was the shame that he needed to fix. He focused on her, taking in her slightly hunched figure and the position of her hands as they clutched the edges of her torn shirt together. He sent her more love, but he couldn't comfort her just yet. He needed to avenge her first.

"Bella. Kitten, please. Go to the car. I need to talk to this man for a moment. He needs to understand the error of his ways. Let me handle this. You are safe now." He pushed his hand into her hair, the smooth tresses soothed him as they wrapped around his fingers.

She leaned into his hand a moment and gave him a little nod. Jasper watched her until she slid into the back seat and closed the door.

The man was struggling futilely against his grip. A low deep growl rolled up his throat. The man stilled and he could smell the fear. Good.

"Now you start to understand."

He carefully applied pressure to the man's neck. He turned red. Jasper dropped him and he crumpled into a heap at his feet. He panted harshly and began to get up. Jasper kicked him and smiled when he heard the distinct sound of a rib cracking.

The idiot tried to get up again and Jasper bent his knee, only to have the boy flinch back and fall onto his ass as he tried to crabwalk backward to avoid an attack. Jasper chuckled and the man glared up at him.

Jasper looked down his nose at scum and mocked, "Oh, the little boy starts to feel what he has done to others."

"We were just talking." The boy tried to justify in a charismatic tone.

Jasper caught his chin and turned his face to the side. "These scratches and her blood on you says something else."

"Fuck you. She didn't say no."

Wrong thing to say.

Jasper knocked him back, indifferent to when he slammed the man's head against the pavement. He crouched over him, hand holding him down and roared, "Because she can't speak."

The man glared at him.

"You shouldn't have approached her. You shouldn't have spoken to her. You shouldn't have touched her."

"Girls like it when I touch them. She might deny it to you, but she knows she loved it."

"You sick fuck. Get off on hurting women, do you?" Jasper snarled as venom began to fill his mouth.

Bella's attacker didn't answer, but the sudden surge of lust from him was answer enough. Jasper leaned close and whispered in his ear. "I bet you fantasize about what you will do to them. How you will hurt them. Do you jack off, thinking about your victims?"

When the man remained silent, Jasper looked up at Edward. The bronze boy had a look of disgust on his face as their eyes met and he nodded.

"Not my girl, you won't."

The man watched in horror as Jasper meticulously broke first one hand, then the other. His screams echoed off the abandoned buildings nearby.

"You fucking asshole. What are you doing? No girl is worth hurting another guy over. Bros before hoes! All girls are asking for it, whether they say no or not. What's the big deal?"

Jasper began to punch him. Grinning as he heard first the man's nose break, then his jaw. Blood poured from his face, and Jasper relished in his pain. He focused on the man and assaulted him with loathing, despair, worthlessness and agony.

"Jasper, you need to stop now."

He growled at Alice. How dare she interrupt?

"You're getting his blood all over you." She tried to reason with him.

"Is that a problem for you, dear sister?" he mocked.

"No, but too much more and it might cause Bella distress."

That brought him up short. He looked toward the car and saw her watching them. Slowly, he stood up.

He walked toward the other boys, who were still restrained by his siblings. They began to struggle, like all prey do when a predator has them in their sights.

Before he could speak the one held by Alice whimpered. The sound was followed by a slew of words. "I didn't touch her. I'm sorry. Please, please don't hurt me."

"Why are you apologizing? If you did nothing wrong then there is no need to apologize." Jasper cooed.

"Uh, um, I..."

Jasper pursed his lips slightly and placed a finger over them in a mixture between the well known shush and thinking gestures.

"The simple fact that you are apologizing so quickly means you know you did something wrong. Isn't that right?" Jasper tilted his head and directed the last question to the boy in Edward's grip.

Only small squeaking whines escaped his mouth as it flapped open like a fish gasping for life giving water.

Jasper turned his gaze back to the first boy. "What did you do?"

"I...I didn't do anything."

"Precisely." Jasper hissed in his ear. "You did nothing. Nothing to stop this from happening. Nothing to help this innocent girl from being beaten and raped."

"I was just doing what he told me to," the boy stammered weakly.

"So too said the Nazi."

The man flinched.

"The truth too hard for you? Who is that," emphatic gesture toward the collapsed figure on the ground, "to tell you what to do with your life? Who are you to follow blindly where you know you should not be? Do not blame others for your actions, for in the end they are done by your choice."


Alice's bell tone chimed in, "Your direction in life is determined by the choices you make. Each choice alters the path in some way. Be careful how you choose, for once the choice is made it and the path stepped upon, it can't be undone."

The boy looked down at her, clearly having forgotten she was there. The surprise he emitted when she began confirmed it.

Shame and regret washed over him from both of the accomplices. Jasper pushed the emotions back at them and increased them exponentially. He shot both hands out and grabbed them by their throats. Their eyes widened and Jasper reveled in the fear, a grin across his face. He shoved lethargy at them, and the boys sank to the ground in slumber.

Jasper looked into the eyes of his siblings, surprised to see the approval there. He tested them with his gift and found satisfaction and pride at the forefront.

"Thank you." He emphasized his words by letting them feel his gratitude.

Edward nodded and Alice smiled happily, bouncing lightly on her toes.

"Shall we go?" she asked.

"One moment." He knelt by the crumpled boy who had dared to attack his mate.

The boy whimpered weakly and tried to shift away as Jasper knelt down and pressed his index finger to his sweating forehead. Jasper gave him another dose of fear, loathing, and pain before shoving the man into sleep with his own dose of lethargy. The man shuddered and Jasper nodded his satisfaction before standing.

Alice looked at him questioningly.

"Bella will not be the only one with nightmares tonight." He turned away from her and let his focus move to his mate. Her need for him had been battering at the back of his awareness since he had sent her to the car. Now that he had seen to getting her a little piece of justice, he could comfort her and help her to get past this event.

He slid onto the part of the back seat that Bella vacated the moment he opened the door. He began to remember everything he had just done, and the fact that she had been watching the whole time. He had not been aware of any negative emotions coming from their bond. Did he push them out of his conscious mind while he had been trying to bring about the much needed retribution? Had he scared her when he had given in to a portion of his more vicious nature?

Jasper did something he rarely did with Bella and actively used his gift to tap into her. Combined with his bond to her he felt her love, relief, and gratitude overwhelm him just as her body lunged forward. He gently caught her and pulled her into his arms. He buried his head into her hair and inhaled deeply, only giving a minor rumble when he noted the residual scent of the other males on her. He rubbed his arms along her body to comfort her, as well as to replace those scents with his own. Jasper nuzzled her neck and began to lick her neck and jaw softly, a comforting purr escaped his own.

A soft cough sounded from the front seat and Jasper looked up to see Edward's amused gaze on them. "Ready?"

Jasper nodded and gathered Bella closer to him as Edward put the car in drive and they began the trip home.

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