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Depression. Anger. Hurt.

"I'm sorry. I honestly thought what we had was friendship."

Numb. Yet painful. Very painful.

"I love you, Popuri. I'm just not in love with you."


"Popuri, you're my best friend."

Spiraling black pit of hell.

"Can you still be it?"


That one word shattered everything that was, that made me, me. Everything else is what I feel. It is what I am now.

Everyday now I wonder how I can feel completely numb and yet be feeling a nauseating, aching pain in my torso. I don't understand it, but I welcome it. They at least remind me that it is possible to feel, but at this point, why do I need to feel if it only brings me back to this point?


Pulling the blanket off of my head, I sat up and stared emotionlessly at my brother, Rick. He stood in the doorway and as my eyes met his, he smiled weakly.

Why can't he just let me sleep? Most of the time I just do not feel like going elsewhere. What's the point? Everyone just simply tells me to cheer up. Here's the thing: I simply can't nor do I want to. How hard is that to understand? Are my feelings just that foreign?

"Come on sis," he said approaching the bed. "It's been over a week. Cheer up."

My jaw clenched and my fingers curled so tightly the nails dug into my skin. Pain? I should be feeling something in the palm of my hand but it was numb. Always numb.

I don't know what my expression was but Rick paled. He took a step back. "P-Popuri," he stammered. "Smile. Be your bubbly self again. I miss my sister."

If only he knew…

"Popuri, please talk to me. I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" the words fell from my lips, but roughly. I hadn't spoken in days.

He nodded.

"How could you? How could all of you? You knew and you let me be strung along all this time! How!"

No. He doesn't get to be sorry. No one does. He has no right to be sorry. At this point I was standing. My dress wrinkly just hung on my body and my hair…well it was most likely extremely frizzy. Did I honestly care? No.

"I'm sorry. Why did you think I disliked him so much? I always thought that one of these days he would take advantage of you."

No. He is not like that.

"Popuri, I am not the bad guy here!"

I was shaking my head. "Just leave," I hissed.


Not even my own brother understands. Is everyone blind? Has anyone paid attention? Ever!

"Leave," I screeched.

Rick blanched to a sickly color and fled.

I slammed my bedroom door shut, my hand never leaving the door knob though. I opened the door. The longer I stay here, the more I have to deal with my merry band of visitors -Rick, Karen, and Ann. Kai?

The thought slammed the air from my lungs. I know he's tried but my brother refuses to let him set foot into the house.

I don't know how long I was standing there but my fingers couldn't unbend easily from their grip. Lately I've been finding myself in and outside of time…if that is even possible. Time is either blinking by in huge chunks or slowly moving molecule by molecule -and I'm the only one who notices.

"Popuri?" the faint voice of my brother's called form the base of the staircase. "I'm taking mom out for a walk around town for some fresh air. We'll be back soon."

I didn't respond. I didn't have to. He knew I heard. Within seconds I heard the slam of the front door.

Alone. Finally alone -but for how long? How long till another blind friend tries to help me cheer up? I can't stay here. I need out.

Before I knew it I was in the middle of the road in front of my house. My eyes squinted shut. Sun. Too bright. Too warm. Then I was curled in a ball by the kappa pond. My head rested on my knees which were pulled up to my chest. How? How much time did I lose now?

My chest heaved with every breath. Drowning. I honestly felt as if I was drowning. Do I want to resurface? Is there a reason to?

Doctor's P.O.V.

Herbs. Why can I never find any on this mountain side? I swear every year there are less and less! What am I going to do? I can't afford to buy constant shipments from the city. I ran my hand through my thick raven hair. What am I going to do?

Temporarily shaking the thought off I began my morning search for herbs in the mountain. The fresh air helped my calm from the daily stresses of being the sole Mineral Town doctor. I began my search as usual but I froze as the most unusual color caught my eye. Pink? Slowly I approached and I saw a young woman curled in a ball on the ground; her eyes squeezed shut as if the whole world was falling down around her. I recognized her but her name…what is her name? Pink hair-Lillia's daughter? That would make her Rick's sister and a chicken farmer. Popuri? It sounds right…I think. When was the last time I saw her?

Bright sunny sky. The waves lapped on and off of the beach.

It was the first day of summer. Beach day.

A large smile stretched from ear to ear as she chatted with the town buffoon, Kai. But he did look equally interested in their conversation. He was completely focused on her. To me they looked happy in their mirth.

How did she change from that image to this? Why is she here? Her clothes and her hair looked terribly unkempt. "Popuri?"

Her face twitched slightly. She heard.

"Popuri. Are you ok?"

Her crimson eyes opened. They looked hollow; the skin under them was black. Shakily she lifted her head. Her whole body looked frail. Goddess! What happened to this woman!