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Witchcraft and Coffins



Damon felt the impatience surge up within him as a quarter of an hour passed without a result. He followed Bonnie further into the graveyard, marvelling at just how much the area had grown since he died, trying not to search for the tombstones marked Salvatore. It would do no good to invite darkness into his mind.

"We haven't got all the time in the world..." Damon sneered, his muscles aching with the need for action. He needed to feel as if he were doing something – making a difference. Right now he felt as if he were human. He could not move any faster, although he defiantly could, because only Bonnie knew which way to go. He wanted to tear the place apart until he found her, but he knew it wouldn't help any. He clenched his fists when Bonnie said nothing.

At last she stopped and stared at a patch where the soil had been disturbed. There was not a gravestone, but there was a small piece of card wedged into the dirt. She bent to retrieve it but Damon already had I between his fingers. He seemed to read it a couple of times before he let it slip from his hands. He wore an expression of deep concentration as he delicately sniffed the air and groaned.

Bonnie felt a darkness come over her as a vision overwhelmed her. She saw darkness, a coffin, and a figure laying peacefully inside. She tried to make out the face, but beetles crawled and worms slithered – distorting the features. It was only after she saw the ear rings, the ones she had given Elena for her birthday, that she understood what she was seeing. She was here, close, maybe even right below her feet.

Damon heard the soft thud on the tiny pebbles of the path and smelt the tangy, steely, sweetness of blood. He thought that he had caught at last Elena's scent, but nothing could be sensed other than the blood. At that moment, he felt a sudden wave of anger which hit him like a wave of fire. In that second, he thought he truly hated Bonnie, hated her screams and the crimson dripping from her hands and knees.

She felt his irritation but could not comprehend it. She could hardly breathe as she looked upon Elena as she laid in a grave. She knew that this was where Elena was now, buried deep below the ground.

Damon could smell Elena's sweat and tears. He knew the scent of her fear too well not to recognise it; Elena had always had that fear inside of her. He fell to his knees where the pull was strongest and dug his fingers into the ground. He felt Bonnie move to help him but he snarled at her in a warning not to come any closer. He didn't need her right now, because he knew she would only slow him down and Elena did not have much time.

As he dug deeper, he began to hear her heart beat, although it was weak. He felt tears on his cheeks as he dug further and further, his chest heaving with every giant sob. He would never forgive himself if when he found her she was dead. Losing Elena would hurt ten, a hundred, times worse that losing Katherine because this time he would know what he was without. There would never be another. He dug until his fingers dug into the polished oak of a coffin. He could practically feel her heartbeat now in his fingers, in his chest, as he forced his fingers to penetrate deeper until the lid


She thought she had died, that was her initial thought when she saw the light. She had been told that heaven's glow would be the brightest she ever saw, when she got there, but this light hurt, and heaven wasn't supposed to hurt, was it? She had always been assured that there would be no pain after she ascended to the sky, but tears sprung to her eyes as her entire being ached.

"Elena, Elena!" a heavenly voice called. "Is she ok?" Another voice asked.

A hand reached for her but she couldn't move. The soft touch of fingertips on the side of her face felt as refreshing as a cool cloth on a hot summer's day. She had never had it described to her, but she felt sure this was what a angel's touch felt like. It made her feel warm and at one with herself – as if she had been waiting her whole life to feel this complete. He made her feel complete. He was her missing piece – this angel.

"Oh, Elena..." he whispered, bringing her up from the mangled coffin and into his arms. He smelt the same trace of fear that he sensed before, but slowly it was ebbing away like the tide. He knew he was doing the right thing by holding her so firmly, that she needed it. That she needed him.

"I love you Damon," she whispered close to his neck, "Angel."

He felt her body relaxing against his and held her tighter. He felt a smile stretch over his face. He whispered, so close to her ear, "I love you more, Sweetheart."

The End


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