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Chapter 1


I'm standing in the middle of my bedroom with my best friends, Alice and Rosalie. We have been friends since high school. We all total opposites. Rosalie was totally gorgeous. Tall, blond hair and blue eyes. She was a high powered lawyer, and you usually don't mess with her. Alice, she was shorter with black hair and piercing blue eyes. She was a make -up artist. Then there's me. I'm just plain, ordinary. I have shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. I am a chef and owner of my own restaurant. The restaurant is pretty trendy and is successful. Which is good.

My name is Bella Swan, I am 24 years old, mother of a four year old boy. His name is Sean Anthony Platt and apparently he's staying with his dad tonight. Sean's dad name is Alec Platt. I'm way to old to be getting dressed up in a freaking Halloween costume to go see some band play at a club. It's a goth club, no less, hence the costumes. Alice did my nail in black, my lips in deep red and my eyes were dark. Oh, did I mention the vampire teeth. Not the fake plastic kind. Nope, these babies are porcelain and they stick over your teeth with adhesive. I stood looking in the mirror and as ridiculous as it all sounded, I have to admit that I do look rather fuck-hot as Rosalie keeps saying.

Trust me, I'm not a party pooper, I'm just usually shy and conservative. I'm not as prudish the way Rosalie likes to think. But with friends like Rosalie and Alice, life can get interesting. Like tonight, Rosalie supposedly met the drummer of the band and he invited us as his guest. The band was called The Wild Lost Boy-z. How 1980's and ironic, hence the vamp costumes. All she would say is that his name is Emmett, and that he was putting us in the VIP spot. Rosalie always loved guys that were in bands, but this was way out of her league. Her weaknesses were drummers, and apparently Emmett was the drummer. I still can't believe that she is making me go too. I have no interest in loud, dark, depressing music. Seriously, how gorgeous could these guys be? I guess I will just suck it up and do it for the girls. Just maybe I will get lucky. My sex life has had a dry spell for the last year or so.

We decided to take a cab to the bar because we all wanted to fun. The cab arrived and we headed to the bar. Rosalie just told me to go with the flow and have fun. Not to over think anything and to have a good time. Arriving to the bar we all stepped out. Rosalie, stepped up to the bouncer tell him her name and he let us all pass. Stepping inside I had decided to just to do what Rosalie told and go with it. Even though the music was loud and the place was dark, I kind liked the feel of the whole place. Alice said that she was going to get a round of shots and for us to find the table that Emmet had for us. We found it right on the front row middle of the stage for best the view. Alice returned with our shots plus a beer each to chase the shot with.

After about and hour of us there a big tall muscular man walked up to us with two other guys with him. Rose, hugged the big guy. The guy Rose hugged must have be Emmett. He had short curling brown hair with the most beautiful blue eyes. The others two guys are kinda of lean, tall and muscular as Emmett, but had some built to them. One of them had bronze colored hair that remind of a penny that was going all over the place like he just finished having a rough sex. He was maybe 6'2" or so and had the most amazing piercing green eyes you could image. The blond guy's hair was hanging down in his face. He was handsome but nothing compared it the sex haired beautiful Adonis that stood next to him. He was maybe 6'1" and was the less muscular then the other two.

Rosalie, pulled me out of my ogling by calling my name.

"Alice and Bella, this is Emmett Cullen.'

"Hi ladies how are you this evening?" he said.

"We just thought we would come over and introduce ourselves before we had to go and perform. Also to let you know that I started a tab for your drinks this evening."

"Thank you Emmett for that. You didn't have to do that."

"It's fine Rosie, I don't mind doing it. These here are my partner's in crime. This here is my brother, Edward Cullen and our cousin Jasper Whitlock."

We all three said "hi", in unison it's nice to meet ya'll.

"The pleasure is all ours ladies. I hope that you enjoy your night and have fun," Edward said.

"Oh, believe me when we say we will have fun," Alice said.

I just looked down blushing.

"Well ladies we have to go and get ready for the show see you later," Jasper said with a southern drawl.

"Alice and Rose," said bye and I just nodded my head in there direction.

We took out seats getting comfortable sipping on our drinks. We had to scream over the music. People where dancing all over the place. I looked around and noticed that Alice, was leaning over saying something to Rose. They both looked at me and I knew that they are about to jump me with questions.

"Ok guys just ask what you want so we can get this over with."

"Alright," Rose said, and Alice started the questioning.

"Soooo Bella, what did you think about the guys?"

"Well I mean I've said maybe two words the whole time they stood there. But from what I saw they are cute."

"Ok so there cute. After they stood here in front of us that's all you have to say is that their cute? Come on Bella be for real already," Rose said.

"We saw how you looked at Edward."

"Well Edward had sex hair and the most piercing green eyes I have ever seen. Jasper is cute with his blond hair going down around his face and got pretty blue eyes if you like that style and southern drawl. Not at all my type. But they seem really nice."

I wasn't going to tell them that I was somewhat attracted to the bronze-haired sex hair guy, Edward I think that's his name. I didn't want them to get their hopes up about the guys for it to turn out to be nothing.

"Guys can we just not talk about it anymore please. I just want to enjoy the girls night out, I can't get myself into a serious relationship. It' not just me anymore I have to think about Sean."

"Ok Bella we will just enjoy the night out,"Alice said.

"Guys I'm going to get us another round of drinks. Do you want anything special?"

"Just shots they," both said.

Walking up to the bar I ordering us some more shots and beers.

Sitting back at the table the lights went dim and the guys came out. A voice came over the crowd. Are you ready to hear from our group The Wild Lost Boy-z? The crowd went wild screaming hell yeah.

As the band launched into their first song, Welcome to the Jungle. The crowd got even louder. As Edward stepped up to the mic, my mouth dropped open. It was a good thing I already sat the drinks down. Because I definitely would've dropped them. Ashe changed clothes from earlier. Now he was wearing black leather pants, a form fitting black t-shirt. Wow, he looked like sex on legs. I could swear my panties just exploded. That man was so fuck hot. Watching as Edward swiveled his hips in a circle, I wondered what that would feel like up against me. Fuck, where are these thoughts coming from. I really need to stop listening to Alice and Rose so much. They seem to be rubbing off on me to much. I have never had those kind of thoughts before. My panties were basically useless. They were so wet . Hmm...maybe Alice and Rose were right, going commando was the best way to go.

By the time the song came to a close we had done two more shots. For some odd reason the shots just kept on coming. The waitress came by again with more shots for us. I stopped her asking why do you keep bringing us shots.

"Well the guys told me to keep them coming so that's what I'm doing."

"Miss could you please bring me some salt Rose asked?"

"Rose why do we need salt?"

"Because my lovely Bella, we are going to do body shots," my dear slurring her words.

The next song came to an open. Women by Def Leppard. The crowd was singing the words while dancing.

"Ok Rose let's do this," Alice said taking the salt.

"Alice where do you want to do the shot?"

"Right above your chest."

Rose sat in the chair. Alice straddled her lap licking across her chest bone and then sprinkled some salt. Licking the salt Alice took her shot. Going back up to get the lemon.

"Ok Rose your turn."

Alice sat down with her legs open a little. Rose bent over licking Alice's stomach while looking up at the stage. Pouring the salt down and licking real fast never looking away from the stage. She downed her shot and took the lemon slowing from Alice's mouth. We all looked at the stage and guys were watching us licking there lips.

"Bella, it's your turn to do your shot off Rose,"Alice said.

I made Rose sit again and walked behind her moving here hair to the side. I licked along her neck watching Edward as I did. Placing the salt where I just licked and re-licking the salt I walked around to get in front of Rose taking my shot. I straddled her lap taking the lemon from her.

Rose started to kiss me and I heard something from behind hit the floor with a thud. I started to kiss her back added a little bit of tongue with it.

Still sitting on Rose's lap we turned to look at the stage just as Emmett was picking up his stick with his mouth hanging wide open. All three guys started to lick their lips. Alice placed me in the chair so they both could do there shots off me.

Both girls bent over slightly licking both sides of my collarbone. Slowly placing the salt there and licking as we all three watched the guys looking right at us. They took their shots and Rose bent over and retrieved the lemon sucking a little and Alice took it from her. As they were doing it they both rubbed and grabbed my boobs.

All of a sudden we heard holyfuckingshit, right in the middle of the song. We looked up at the stage all the while still feeling each other up. The guys just looked at us with mouths hanging open lust filled eyes licking there lips. Then the song came to a close.

The guys headed off stage quickly. We watched them, but didn't know where they disappeared to. Until I felt strong arms circling my waist and warm breath at my ear.

"Hmm, such a naughty girl," Edward cooed.

"Come with me," he demanded.

All I could do was nod at him. He led me backstage to one of the hallways, once we were there he pinned me against the wall roughly.

"Bella, that was a naughty girl to tease us like that. Right in the middle of our show. You have to pay for that."

"Edward, I have no ideal what you are talking about. I didn't do anything."

"Oh, but Bella you did. You girls doing body shots off one another, kissing and grabbing one another."

"Yeah, what are you going to do about it, Edward? I asked looking up into his piercing dark jade eyes. He looked down at me as he lifted me off my feet, I wrapped my legs around him as he crashed his lips to mine.

His lips were rough on mine but in a good way. He pulled away from my lips but never leaving my body. He started kissing his way up my neck to my ear whispering in it.

"Bella, I'm going to show you just how naughty you have been."

He bit my ear as I let out a scream. I started to grind my hips into his crotch. He rotated his hips into my wet hot core. All the while still nipping, licking and sucking on my neck. With that I put my hands into his hair and started to pull it roughly. Edward, let out a growl biting down hard on my neck. That made my panties even wetter.

I pulled Edward's face back to mine crushed my lips to his. Moaning into his mouth when he roughly plunged his tongue in my mouth. We started a rhythm together of grinding into each other. Finally pulling away from our kiss panting, I started to kiss along his neck line up to his ear and bit down on his earlobe. He growled pulling my hair hard, while kissing where he bit.

Deciding that it turned me on when he bit me, I did it in return. Sucking right behind his ear getting the spot ready so to speak I bit down hard. He pulled my hair even harder and grinded into me hard making the friction unbelievable. All of a sudden Edward pulled back putting me down on my feet.

"Bella, I have to get back out on stage."

"Okay," I breathed out.

Edward grabbed my hand walking me back to the table. Rose and Alice had already returned.

"I will see you later my naughty girl."

With that he kissed my forehead and walked away.

"Holy shit, Bella what did you and Edward do? Have you seen your neck? Rose said looking at it.

"Well, Rose, if it looks anything like yours, I'd say we had a fuck awesome time," I said slurring my words slightly.

The waitress brought over three more shots, we three looked at each other and then up at the stage as we said, "Body Shots all together."

Looking right at Edward, I said "why the hell not."

I am a naughty girl after all.

Rosalie muttered "fuck yeah," as I sat down in the chair facing the stage.

The guys started to sing Love Bites by Def Leppard all the while keeping their eyes on us. Alice, came over and licked the top of my breast and then pouring salt. She licked the salt and downed the shot. She looked up to the guys with and wicked grin on here face. She straddled my lap taking the lemon from my lips, kissing me all in the while bumping and grinding up on me.

I would've sworn I heard the three of them growl while singing. I looked up into Edward's eyes and smiled wickedly at him. Alice got up from my lap and then I stood up. I told Alice to have a seat. Looking up at the guys smiling sweetly, I licked right in between Alice's boobs. Pouring salt on the wetness and licking ever so slowly. Finally I turned back to the stage downing my shot looking right at Edward.

Walking behind Alice I pulled her head back just a little and took the lemon from her mouth slowly and then throwing it on the floor bending over to kiss her while running my hand down to her boobs and pinching her nipples.

I pulled Rose to sit on the stage laying down with her legs hanging off the stage. Alice came up with the shots and salt.

"Alice, I think I'm going to do my shot off of Rose's thigh.

"Oh, Bella you are so bad teasing the guys."

"But I'm going to be just as bad because I'm doing it off her belly button."

We both leaned over Rose, I licked right up her thigh watching the guys at the same time. They all looked at us with wide eyes. Alice licked her spot and we poured the salt on. Looking at one another licking the salt off, Rose let out a small moan. We down the shots and Alice went to Rose's mouth grabbing the lemon while rubbing her thigh. Coming over to me with the lemon I took it while running my hands down her breast and down to her core and rubbed it. Rose writhed under my touch moaning loudly. I smiled up wicked at the three fuck hot men that we looking at us with their mouths open.

All we heard from the guys was Holymotherfuckingshit, as they were suddenly standing right in front of us. Edward, came over and roughly pulled me to his body, holding me firmly.

"Alright my naughty little girl you going to pay for that little stunt of yours dearly. You are never going to know what hit you." he said, as he bit on my neck hard.

I moaned as he did it. I looked over to Rose and Alice and they looked like they were busy themselves. I turned back to Edward, jumped up and putting my legs around his waist. He turned with me and headed out of the bar. He put me in his car.

"Edward, where are we going?"

"Well my naughty little girl we are going to back to your place. I just looked at him with my mouth hanging open.

We arrived at my place and Edward, put me over his shoulder carrying me to the door. He must have be in a rush because he took my keys from me and unlocked the door. Once in he put me down and pinned me to the door roughly and crushed his lips to mine.

"Edward, we could take this to the bedroom, it's right down the hall."

"NO we can't because I'm going to FUCK you bucked over that couch right there. This is your punishment for those body shots, kissing and groping the way you did with Rose and Alice. I'm going to fuck you so hard that you wouldn't be able to walk straight for a week.

With that he grabbed my hair roughly and kissing me hard. He finally walked over behind the couch and started to literally rip off my clothes. When he got my down to my lacy bra and thong he stopped and took in my body.

His breathing picked up and said, "Bella that thong and bra are going to be no good with what I'm going to do."

Panting he came up to me and started to assault me neck kissing his way down to the top of my tits. Ripping the bra off me and looked at my tits he took a nipple in his mouth biting down hard. I screamed out and he moaned into my skin. I could feel that he had a smile on his face.

"Bella you have very nice tits, to bad I'm going to mark them as mine."

He started to mark one and then went to the other. Pulling away he went down my body coming to my thong. Placing one hand on the hem ripping them from by body.

"Bella, I want you to sit down on the back of the couch with you legs spread wide open to me."

Doing as told he roughly put my legs over his shoulder's and dove right in nude wet hot pussy seeping down my thigh.

"Oh, Bella you taste so good. I think this pussy is the best thing that I had my mouth on."

His hands went around my thighs squeezing tight as if he was using it for leverage. Inserting two fingers going in and out of me hard and fast all the while his tongue is licking and biting my nub. My stomach started to tighten and Edward pulled his face away. Panting when all of a sudden Edward's lips are on mine thrusting his tongue in my mouth and I can taste myself on him. I thought that I wouldn't like it but oh my god did it turn me on even more.

"Naughty girl I'm going to fuck you NOW."

I watched as Edward tore off his clothes. I took in the sight before me and tailed my eyes down his stomach following the happy trail along the way down to the cock I wanted so badly to be in me.

"Bella, I want you to get up turn around and bend over the couch and hold on tight because I'm going to fuck you fast and hard."

My breathing picked up as I bent over the couch and held on for dear life. Spreading my legs wide open preparing myself for hopefully the ride of my life. Edward, didn't make me wait long. Putting his hands on my hips pulling me forcefully to him aligning his dick to my entrance. In one thrust he entered my hot pussy. Deciding to look down between my legs watching as he entering, in and out. I wanted to so bad to put my hand down between us and play with his balls.

"Damn, my naughty little girl you are so tight. You feel so good wrapped around my cock." Panting "oh yes feells good. Edward faster."

He put my right leg on the couch changing the position making him go deeper into me. Not being able to stop myself I met his thrust for thrust.

"Bella, he said leaning down on my back grabbing my tits I'm not going to last much longer I want you to cum now."

Flicking my nipple's sent me over the cliff. Screaming his name I reached down and started to play with his balls. One, two and three more thrusts Edward moaned and growled though his release.

Pulling away from me, he placed my feet on the ground as he turned me to him. Placing a kiss on my lips, he led me down the hall, stopping half way to ask where the bathroom was. Pointing the way, he opened the door and led us in. He started the water and made sure it wasn't too hot. He opened the door and we climbed in.

Edward, grabbed the wash cloth lathering it and started to wash my body. Kissing every once in awhile. When he finished that he stuck my head under the water and washing my hair. Once he finished my hair, it was his turn.

I took the wash cloth, lathered it with soap. I began to wash him. Slowly I washed his chest, and then letting the water rinse the soap away. Leaning over I touched my tongue to his nipple. Causing him to suck in a breath.

"Bella," he moaned lovingly.

I lathered up again and washed down his stomach, gently I ran the wash cloth over his slightly aroused cock. I made sure to let my fingers brush over the tip, making him thrust into my hand. I lifted my eyes to his to see the desire building in them. He crushed his lips to mine as we let the water run over us.

Breaking apart he said, "Bella now that your punishment is over we can go snuggle in the bed together."

We got out of the shower and dried each other off, as he led me to my bedroom. He pulled back the covers, and motioned for me to get in. Then he climbed in behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me close to him. Moving my hair, he kissed my neck and behind my ear, causing me to shiver.

"Are you cold, my naughty girl?" he asked his breath in my ear.

"No," I said to him, trying to turn around but he held me to him.

Rolling over to face him and putting my leg over his hip. Smiling at him I pulled him into me for a kiss. He moaned into the kiss. He started to rub his hands up and down my back. Slowly I started to roll us over so that I could lay down on top of him. Doing this caused Edward, to buck his hips into me giving us some friction.

"Naughty girl what are you doing. I thought we were going to snuggle."

"Oh, but my sexy breast I have other plans."

"So sexy beast huh?"

"Yep, that's you and I want some more of my sexy beast."

"Well I'm sure that your sexy beast will make an appearance if the mood strikes him right."

"Well I'm just going to have to see what I can do about that."

Cupping his hands to my face he pulled me into a kiss. I started to rotate my hips into his now semi-erection. We both moaned into the kiss. My fingers found there way into his hair. Tugging on it seemed to spur him on even more. Deepening the kiss, I ran my hands down to the promise land.

"Bella," he sighed.

Once I found my treasure I started to pump him. Thrusting his hips causing my speed to pick up. Moaning "so good Bella, you have to stop."

Stopping my motions I gave him a confused look.

"Naughty girl I don't want to cum yet."

I smiled wickedly at him and slide down on him. Moaning as he filled me. Laying down on him made him hit me with a new angle. We both started kissing down each others neck's. Nipping, licking and sucking as we went. I took this time to mark him again. That just made him growl and thrust faster.

Sitting up to straddle him made him go deeper into me. The sensations going through me made me pant out "feels so good my sexy beast." Starting to move faster and harder Edward sat up hugging me to him taking my nipple into his mouth. Rolling his tongue around my nipple and rolling my other one. Moaning "I'm not going to last much longer."

"Me either my naughty girl."

Edward started to thrust harder up with my thrusts down causing me to scream.

"Fuck Edward cum with me."

Throwing his head back he stilled his movements when his release rocked though him. Clutching my hands in his hair my body shook with my own release.

Edward laid us back against the pillows, keeping me wrapped in his arms, he kissed me as I yawned. Softly kissing me, he purred "Sleep my naughty girl."

"M'kay my sexy beast."

He chuckled as he held me and we drifted off to sleep.

In the morning I awoke to a massive headache, I pulled my covers off and noticed that I was naked.

"Holy shit," I said out loud. "What the hell did I do?"

I looked around my room, no one was there. Slowly I got up and every fucking muscle hurt. I went to the bathroom and noticed the floor being wet. As I walked into the living room, I found my bra and thong, both ripped apart, lying there. Oh shit, what have I done.

Looking at the clock Alec will be bringing home Sean soon.

"Shit," I need a shower I'm going have to be quick.

Heading into the kitchen real fast to take some Advil for my headache I went to take a shower. Just as I was getting out of the shower there was a knock on the door. Running into the bedroom to put something on fast. Answering the door in my robe wouldn't work. Pulling the door open Sean, ran in giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Mom I'm going to play in my room."

"Ok baby."

"Damn Bella you look like shit. What did you do last nigh?"

"First of all, Alec it's not any of your business and second thanks for telling me I look like shit," I said, with malice deep in in my voice.

Alec, starting to walk in coming closer to me and stopped dead in his tracks.

"Bella, what the hell happen to you neck. It looks like something sucked the hell out of it."

His voice was really getting on my nerves. He had to right to question me about my life. The day he cheated on me was the day the his opinion no longer mattered.

"Alec get the hell out of my apartment. How many times do I have to tell you that my life is none of your business. The only tie that I have to you is Sean. Unless there is questions about him, if not then mind your own fucking business," I said, with as much venom in my voice.

Alec turned and walked to the door before he turn around and said, "Bella, you better watch how you live your life, you might just regret it."

"Alec, is that a threat?"

"No, it's a promise."

With that he left slamming my door.

Shaking I went to the phone to call Rosalie.