Here is the last chapter of this story, here comes the end.

Chapter 8: Life continues on

When morning came on the mountain of the Mysterious Beyond, Littlefoot and the others are now heading back to the Great Valley, half of the Russians and ex-Soviets are driving troop transport trucks, as the others half walk on foot with Littlefoot and half of the the others, while the others rode in the troop transport trucks, soon they were all at the Great Valley, Grandpa and Grandma Longneck, Mr. Threehorn, and all of the valley residents, welcomed them and their adventure kids back, The Soviets and the Russians got out of the trucks, the residents were about to fight, but what they saw was a surprise, the Soviets had surrendered, the Russian surrendered still holding their weapons, Blacktail and Dr. Xenia also surrendered, they were put in their cells to wait for trial, the next day, the day of the Trail began, Agents Paul and Roy came to the Great Valley to question Blacktail and Dr. Xenia, and even Littlefoot and the others about their adventure to the Golden Valley, the crowd heard stories from both sides, some the residents were angry at Blacktail and Dr. Xenia, they wanted to kill them to punish them for what they done, as Grandpa Longneck says.

Grandpa Longneck: " Please, calm down, I know how you all feel, some of you want them to be punished for their crimes."

Mr. Threehorn: " I agree about the punishment, but we must get this over with, but I have one more question of my own." * Mr. Threehorn starts asking questions to Blacktail* " What has happened to your comrades, Brown Claw and Scarbeak?"

Blacktail: " Brown Claw was killed in action. Scarbeak is no longer my comrade anymore, he betrayed Me, Xenia, and my men, because of lust for power, when the temple in the Golden Valley collapsed, he might have got killed, so they are no longer on this earth."

Agent Paul: " So you now have switched sides after the betrayal, and helped Sierra, Leslie, and her Grandchildren to safety, after that?"

General Dr. Xenia Ourumov: " Yes sir, we did."

Mr. Threehorn: " You know that you will still get your punishment for you did."

Grandpa Longneck: " Even though you helped save someone."

Blacktail: " We know, I'm sorry."

Agent Roy: " We were about to hang you to death for war crimes."

Agent Paul: " But since you help safe someone, we will hand this case over to you, Mr. Longneck and Mr. Threehorn."

Grandpa Longneck: " And for providing a ride home for Littlefoot and the others, we will not banish you from the Great Valley."

Mr. Threehorn: " Blacktail, Dr. Xenia, I here by found you and your men guilty, for war crimes, and you are to be locked up to two mouths in your cells, and for the Russian Army, is to go back to Russia, to go back to their own time."

The Trail ended, Blacktail, Dr. Xenia, and the Soviets are locked away for two mouths, Russian soldiers that are given orders to protect Xenia and to stay with Xenia at all costs, were also given two mouths, as for the Russian Army gave the Great Valley some vehicles and weapons that they could use to fight off future enemies, as the Russians withdraw from the Great Valley and back into Russia, in the future, Blacktail, Dr. Xenia, and their men are still given, their daily food they get, the meat was given to Sharpteeth and Fast-biter prisoners, the green food was given, to Longneck's, Threehorn's, and other prisoners, as the egg stealer prisoners got chicken eggs from Nick and Elroy, during the next few days that have pasted, Littlefoot and the others found out that Roach and his girlfriend, have got married and they are now mates, Mikayla and Lauren forgave their mother, and she is allowed to see her grandchildren at anytime, Mikayla and Lauren gave their mother a second chance, Sierra and Leslie have got even more closer to each other since the adventure to the Golden Valley, Sierra and Leslie have became boyfriend and girlfriend fast, then by the end of the first mouth, Sierra and Leslie have became mates, Sierra is now Mikayla and Lauren's stepfather, Rinkus then soon found a girlfriend of his own, Ozzy, Red Claw, Screech, and Thud found their girlfriends too, but they was one the prisoners that have to spend two mouths, but they and the others have one more mouth before they are to be released from their cells, during the last mouth, the residents have now started to trust Blacktail, Dr. Xenia, and their men, because of not for saving someone a mouth ago, but also help out clean the Great Valley after a tornado hit the Valley and also helped rebuild nests, during their last days of their prison, then on the second mouth, Blacktail, Dr. Xenia, and their men were released from their cells, Ozzy, Red Claw, Screech, and Thud were united with their girlfriends, and couple of days later, Blacktail and Dr. Xenia got really close to each other, then one day, Blacktail asked Dr. Xenia to marry him, which Dr. Xenia happily excepted, a mouth followed, the ex-Soviets are now part of the new Great Valley military, today is a special day for Blacktail and Dr. Xenia, this is their wedding, everybody, including Littlefoot and the others watch the wedding, as Elroy was the pastor, as he says.

Elroy: " Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here today, to marry this couple." * turns to Dr. Xenia* " Dr. Xenia, do you take Blacktail to be your husband, to be with him and be in love with him forever?"

Dr. Xenia: " I do."

Elroy: * turns to Blacktail* " Blacktail, do you take Dr. Xenia to be your wife, to be with her and be in love with her forever?"

Blacktail: " I do."

Elroy: " I now pronounce this couple husband and wife." * turns back to Blacktail* " You may kiss your bride."

Then Blacktail and Dr. Xenia kissed each other, the whole valley cheered, as Spike and Tammy nuzzle each other, Brice was about to take a picture for Blacktail and Dr. Xenia, until a wind blew hard, and blew Adam's hat off of his head, the landed next to Brice's foot, Brice picks it up and was about to put the hat on, until his Dad toke the hat back from him and gave him a friendly look that said, ' You will have to wait, until I'm gone to have this hat.', the Indiana Jones theme song is playing in the background, as everybody leave the area, doing their normal everyday life, continuing the incredible life.

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