Warnings: N/A...for now.

Summary: Ever since the Quintesson captured them, Cyclonus has felt something for Ultra Magnus. And he hates it.

Pairings: Cyclonus/Ultra Magnus 'cause there ain't enough of it!

Notes: I personally love this pair. I don't like the Magnus/Roddy pair because, yes, opposites attract but they usually do not last. And for Primus' sake, these two finish each other's sentences! *Rant is now over*

References: Yes, the 'dull relief' line was a jab at 'dull surprise' for those who follow. ^_^ And I am currently reading The Horsecatcher so that's why that line was in there. I think that's all right now...

Disclaimer: I STILL don't own Transformers. Unfortunately. *makes tally mark on wall for a day* Sigh.

Ultra Magnus undoubtedly hated his life at the moment. Not only had the small, pitiful space cruiser he'd been flying been shot down, but the Autobot had been stranded on some lifeless, Primus-forsaken planet. And to make matters worse, his comm was currently a useless string of static. Sometimes he loathed this job.

The blue and red mech slumped down in the black dust that dusted the surface of the tiny planet. The brilliant color of his freshly-waxed armor instantly dulled and was soon covered in the ashes. This brought forth curses. And plenty of them.

"I prefer your armor's natural luster opposed to the wax. Not that you care."

Ultra Magnus pivoted sharply to face the Decepticon second, Cyclonus.

"You shot down my ship to tell me that?"

"It seemed an appropriate way to get your attention," Cyclonus shrugged.

"You could have called"

"Would you have listened?"


"I thought not."

There was a heated silence as Ultra Magnus continued to glare at Cyclonus. He placed his hands on his hips moodily. He was clearly still unhappy about the smoking hole in his ship. And Cyclonus' being here.

"Why are you here, Cyclonus?"

"Must I have a purpose?"

"I had assumed Galvatron sent you here with orders to destroy me by any means possible," he rumbled matter-of-factly.

"I may be loyal to my commanding officer and the Decepticon cause but I am no one's slave!" Cyclonus snarled. The purple soldier bristled dangerously with barely controlled anger. Ultra Magnus flinched at the change in tone; he quickly composed himself.

"I thought you said when next we met it would be as soldiers on opposing sides?"

Cyclonus glared at the Autobot as though the look he was giving him could strike him down right there. Well, it got his attention, mused Magnus.

"You said that! Or do your memory circuits fail you as well as your logic center?"

"But you agreed," he pointed out, a bit smugly. Cyclonus bit his lip, sharp dentals tearing into the soft plating of his lower lip. Energon blood cut a path on his violet chin. "Hey, easy there." Ultra Magnus reached to wipe away the fluid. Cyclonus stiffened and shied away with a quiet snarl. Ultra Magnus held up his palms in submission. Cyclonus made no move to nurse the self-inflicted wound.

"So…why did you shoot me down?" Magnus' tone was softer, quieter, almost a purr. "You never answered that." A pause. "If you never speak to me again, please answer that."

Cyclonus was silent for a long moment, readying his answer.

"The black hole. When the escape pod launched and you were snatched out?"

Ultra Magnus nodded. Cyclonus was encouraged and continued.

"Losing you would not just have been like losing a worthy opponent. But like losing something else I cannot explain." Cyclonus sighed as though the confession had made him tired and drained him of spite.

"You're saying-"

"Let me finish!"

Or not.

"What I am trying to say is that you," He rammed his index finger into Ultra Magnus' chest. "You have confused me! Before this ordeal you were nothing to me! And now…!" He spat a string of curses with a hoarse growl of exasperation to punctuate it. "Every time I rush into a border skirmish, every time I'm ordered to kill-" Cyclonus abruptly shut his mouth. He'd said to much as it was. The mech collected himself, picking up the metaphorical pieces of his shattered reserve. With a quick assessment of the situation, he realized just how close he was standing to Ultra Magnus. If he just leaned forward a little ways…He drew back hurriedly.

"May I speak freely now?"

"If you wish," rumbled the flier cautiously, mandatory iciness creeping back into his voice. Ultra Magnus heard it and felt a sense of dull relief prick at his neck.

"Cyclonus…" Said Decepticon folded his arms at the use of his designation. "Are you saying you have feelings for me?"

"I don't think those words ever left my vocoder," he replied hotly. Ultra Magnus ground his denta in frustration.

"Shut up, Cyclonus, and listen to me."

The Decepticon's red optics flashed with a new sense of respect for the Autobot.

"You and I are not younglings. We are not fools. We both know what you're trying to say."

Cyclonus tensed as Ultra Magnus approached him slowly, murmuring with unrushed calm. Closer, closer…Cyclonus did not bolt. The scene looked like something from The Horsecatcher.

"And what is that?" growled the jet. Magnus sighed.

"Stop easing your way around it, Cyclonus." He said this with a gentling tone.

"I can't," said the mech, voice strained. He had to get away from Magnus, because he knew if the Autobot laid one soothing touch on his body he would not be able to turn away.

"Why?" Magnus coaxed.

Cyclonus felt rooted to the surface of the planet. The warrior was reaching a white servo toward his arm, specifically his wrist.

"It would mean admitting weakness. And I would become a traitor." Those scarred fingers were almost at the purple wrist. The were so close.

"Only you and I have to know."

His fingertips glided over his forearm, over jagged and clean scars alike.

"You and I are not unlike, Magnus."

"I know."

Ultra Magnus' palm glided over Cyclonus' wrist.

"No one can know. And if we do this-"

"We will do it all. And right."

Cyclonus eased his palm into Magnus'. The Decepticon let him interlock their fingers.

"Let this be our meeting place," whispered Ultra Magnus.

"Won't we be missed?"

"Not at night. During battle-"

"Do not seek me out if I am injured. Find me only to fight me. We are still Autobot and Decepticon." Cyclonus shifted, growing uncomfortable as Magnus still clutched his hand. After all, tenderness was something never known by Decepticons.

"Sorry," he mumbled, dropping his hand, but he held his gaze firmly. Cyclonus cautiously reached up to trace Magnus' lips. Ultra Magnus stayed as still as the earth beneath them.

"We meet again tomorrow night?" asked Cyclonus in his rumbled, cool voice.

"Uh-huh," Magnus responded dumbly. Cyclonus smirked at the sound of the mech's coolant fans.

"I will help repair your ship then I must leave."


Cyclonus grinned wickedly. He took his servo away from Magnus and moved toward the ship.

Sometimes, Magnus thought. Work has its perks.

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