Summary: Cyclonus and Magnus have their fun.

Pairings: Cyclouns/Ultra Magnus

Warnings: Slash, sticky, drinking

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own Transformers.

Dark clouds swirled overhead. Rain had been falling over the planet's cruel black desert for some time. Thunder clapped; lightning licked across the eerie landscape. This foul weather had not yet reached the heavenly sanctuary that Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus loved so.

The latter currently lay on his back, running his fingers through the stringy blue grass. His ruby optics were offline as to enjoy the sounds of the approaching storm. Another roll of thunder stretched across the surface of the planet. Cyclonus smiled. He loved storms. They were chaotic and soothing; he liked the paradox of such things.

Perhaps that was why he saw Ultra Magnus the way he did.

An Autobot and a Decepticon. They weren't the first, he was certain of that, and they were not the last. But the secrecy thrilled him. More than that was the intimacy. They spent these nights carefully, they were not just fragging each other senseless (though that would be nice), but they took time to know each other. It was that juxtaposition Cyclonus liked.

Cyclonus felt the ground shake slightly. He cocked one audio. Ultra Magnus was coming. A smile tried to work away at his composure. Primus, that Autobot was wearing at him. Decepticons were not supposed to feel. And yet the mention of Ultra Magnus made his spark flutter and want to call out, 'Where?'

"Have I kept you waiting long?" he asked in concern. Cyclonus onlined his optics, arching his back and curling his hands into fists as he reached his arms out to stretch.

"Not terribly," rumbled the flier as the pushed himself up to a sitting position. He watched a tell-all frown pull down on Magnus' lips. "No, I'm not lying, Ultra Magnus."

The mech rolled his optics. "No need to be so snappish, Cyclonus," he retorted playfully. Cyclonus crossed his legs at the ankles, heels touching the edges of the energon pool though they didn't quite reach the glowing purple liquid. His head lolled back and he gazed at Ultra Magnus from over his shoulder.

"What's that?" he asked suddenly, straightening. His optics zeroed in on the case by Ultra Magnus' side. He rocked back on his palms curiosity tracing his harsh features. Cautiously, he stood.

"A case of high-grade I thought you might like," Magnus responded, holding it out. When Cyclonus didn't move, the Autobot soldier motioned for him to take it. Gingerly the Decepticon grasped the handle. His servo touched Ultra Magnus' in the process. Silence spread between them, broken only by the ever-present thunder.

"You bought this…for me." It was more a statement, but Magnus heard the question etched into the words, so he nodded. "Why?"

"Because…" Another frown tugged at Ultra Magnus' lips. Cyclonus thought it was painfully obvious what he wanted to say. "I think that I-"

"Love you." Cyclonus stepped forward, setting the case down as he walked. Ultra Magnus understood, lifting a servo to touch Cyclonus' face once before their lips met heatedly. Their glossae sparred and their palms felt every inch of the other's body. Cyclonus broke for air, panting readily while Ultra Magnus nipped his neck. His fingertips scratched up and down Magnus' back. The Autobot growled, grinding crudely against the soldier underneath him. The mech slammed Cyclonus against a jagged wall eroded by the natural energon on the planet.

A soft whimper tried to rise in Cyclonus throat, but the Decepticon squashed the submissive sound almost as soon as it did.

"Don't hold back on me," snarled Magnus. Cyclonus was surprised at the conviction in the Autobot's voice. He was normally so soft-spoken. The mech toyed with an antenna, keeping Magnus on edge, teasing his lover. It had been weeks since they had been with one another; neither had been able to sneak out without seeming suspicious. Ultra Magnus was patient. He understood Cyclonus' need to revel in this moment.

"I love you." The purple flier kissed his partner. "Ohh, I love you so much, Ultra Magnus." Cyclonus' body was shivering pathetically, and the Decepticon cared not. His Autobot counterpart stroked the back of his neck, fingers splashed across the sensors to send another powerful shudder through him.

"I love you, too," he whispered, his previous brutal lust forgotten. Intimacy was what Cyclonus wanted. As Magnus ran his hands across his mate's body, he felt the scars. Some were from their personal battles, others over time. But most…most he had known himself. "Galvatron," murmured the warrior. "Why do you allow this, Cyclonus?"

"I don't. I don't." Cyclonus' shutters flew open, fear apparent in his ruby optics. "I'm sorry, I-"

"Hush…Easy." He rubbed his knuckles. Cyclonus blinked, fear spilling away. Magnus swept him up and lay in the grass with him, uncapping a bottle of the high-grade. "Ease your mind. No one can harm us here."

Heavy breath warmed the plating on Cyclonus' neck. He squirmed and writhed beneath the Autobot he loved. Magnus licked up his jaw, tasting him, savoring him. Their sparks pounded in desperation to get out and merge. Ultra Magnus growled a single word: "Open."


High-grade sloshed in his tanks as Ultra Magnus pushed his hips back. His valve aching, ready. Ultra Magnus' teasing had jolted him into a heat cycle, leaving him submissive and all but begging Magnus to ease this nagging burning.

"Mm, Cyclonus, I love you…"

"Ohh!" Magnus' spike breached his valve. Cyclonus guided Magnus' free hand to the sensor nestled at the tip of his valve, hidden within the folds. He rubbed it between thumb and index finger, sending sparks flying through his neural workings. The mech's mouth parted in a yelp of pleasure. "M-Magnus! Ohh-ohhh!"

"Yes! Cyclonus! Mmm!" His hips rocked forward into his mate's. Their bodies moved to a rhythm only they knew, and well. Waves of sweet fiery ecstasy tore across Cyclonus' body with every thrust he met. Magnus was snarling like an animal above him; Cyclonus was mewling piteously as everything he was coiled within his lower body, winding tighter with every slam of Magnus' hips. Tighter…tigher…

"Ohhh, Magnus, I-I'm go—aahhh! Primus! Fragging Primus!"

A tsunami of pleasure slammed across his body, the coil in his body springing so suddenly he sobbed. He chanted his mate's name and screamed, knowing no one would hear him. The walls of his valve clenched on Magnus' spike tightly. The extra pressure brought forth an answering shout from the Autobot in him. Ultra Magnus spat, crying and yowling, his love for his mate as evident as it was loud. The mech's transfluid filled his tight valve, scouring his walls with his essence. But Cyclonus hardly felt it before submitting to the static that clouded his processor.

Cyclonus awoke in Magnus' arms. This planet's sun was up and warming him. He shifted, wincing in pain. Grumbling, the Decepticon rolled over to kiss his mate.

"Magnusss…" He nudged him tenderly. "Wake up."


"What time is it on Cybertron?"

Magnus groaned. "Who cares? You and I could stay out all day if you wanted…" His denta nipped his audio; Cyclonus chirped happily.

"Well, well, well… isn't this interesting?"

Magnus' head flew up. Cyclonus covered himself and shook violently. Soft

'no's left his vocaliser.

"What a cute little…escapade."

Galvatron's cannon was warm when it touched Cyclonus' head. He remembered thinking only one thing: There was no other bot he would rather be with when he died…

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