Well, here is my second fully Spongebob fic! I hope you enjoy it - it won't be long or epic or anything, but I think you'll like it. :)


Chapter One: Beginning

Robert walked down the main street of Bikini Bottom, his five-year-old son skipping along behind him. It had been a long day – office work and the worry of sending his son off to school for the first time had nearly exhausted him. However, he had promised to get his son something special if he did well in school, and he meant it.

He was still thinking of what his child might want – a bike, maybe? – when he felt a tug on his sleeve. Turning around, he found himself looking at the window of the Bikini Bottom Pet Shop.

"Now, son," he grinned, "You know your mother is allergic to worms. We can't…"

He looked at what his son was pointing at. It was a small baby snail, about the size of his palm, with its large, sparkling eyes staring at its visitors.

He glanced at the price-tag, and winced. $300 was certainly no cheap price…but he had promised to let his son choose his present…

"Ok, son," he declared, "If I get you a snail, you have to promise to look after it, and feed it every day…"

"I promise, daddy," his son gurgled.

"OK, then," nodded Robert, "We still need a name…"

His son pondered, before snapping his fingers.

"Gary!" Spongebob decided, brightly.

"Gary!" called Spongebob.

Many years had passed. Spongebob had grown up, moved out, and gotten his dream job working gruelling hours for minimum pay. In everything he'd done since then, Gary had followed him, and was now much larger and much stronger.


Now, Gary crawled to his bowl to get his breakfast, looking somewhat under the weather as he began to eat. He shuddered as he swallowed, making a disgusted face.

"Now Gary, the doctor says you need the medicine in your food," reminded Spongebob, "It can't be that bad, can it?"

He grabbed the medicine vial from the kitchen bench and poured a little into a shot-glass. He then poured it into his mouth.

He swallowed.

He blinked.

He shuddered, and fell onto his face.

"Meow," mewed Gary, in a matter-of-fact tone.

"…I'll have you know that that was delicious," groaned Spongebob, sounding both unconvinced and muffled by the floor.

He climbed to his feet.

"Well, I'd better get going – can't be late for work!" he grinned, running for the door, "Bye Gary!"

Gary heard the door slam, and proceeded to abandon his meal. He slithered upstairs onto his newspaper, and curled up there for a nap.

Before he could nod off, however, he erupted into a coughing fit, and spat a ball of slime from his throat.

Shrugging it off, Gary went back to sleep, letting the slimy ball roll onto the small hill of slime he'd already coughed up during the week.

"Basically," the chimp said, "The chart shouldn't look like this."

Sandy sighed as the messenger from her bosses pointed a large finance chart on her coffee table. The chart had a general pattern to it – it pointed straight down – but she really didn't see why they couldn't just send it in the mail like everything else.

"I'm here," he continued, "To explain some…cutbacks…in our company. We need to save money and fast, and we're shutting down assets like it's the end of the world."

"…and how does this concern me?" asked Sandy, irritably.

"We're cutting the undersea research division," replied the chimp.

"By how much?" quizzed Sandy.


There was a long silence.

"Look, we greatly appreciate the work you've done for us," sighed the chimp, "But we can't afford to keep you around. We'd prefer to simply…server our ties…"

"So I'm fired, then," groaned Sandy.

"That's about the size of it, ma'am," nodded the chimp, "You have three days before the termination shuttle arrives, and…"

"Wait, shuttle?" quizzed Sandy, confused.

"Yes, a shuttle," affirmed the chimp, "This facility is our property, and we're selling it for spare parts to pay off our debts. You will be free to return to Texas…"

"…and what if I don't wanna go back to Texas?" snapped Sandy.

The chimp blinked.

"What if I wanna stay in Bikini Bottom?" elaborated Sandy.

"Well, no-one is forcing you to get on the shuttle," shrugged the chimp, "It's just that we own not only your house, but the very suit you use to breathe. Living here onwards would be…problematic."

Sandy gnashed her teeth.

"So there ain't nothing I can do?" she asked.

"Not unless you can magically clap your hands and make oxygen, no," replied the chimp, "I'll be seeing you in three days, have your affairs in order by then."

He got up and walked to the door.

"Good day, ma'am," he farewelled, and shut the door behind him.

Sandy looked down and muttered to herself.

"Clap my hands and make oxygen, just who does he think…" she growled.

She looked up again.

"Hmm…I wonder…"

Around lunchtime, Patrick Star waltzed into Spongebob's house, humming a tune. He had been entrusted to feed Gary his lunch while he was sick, and Patrick didn't want to let his best friend down.

"Hey Gary!" he called, "Lunchtime!"

He walked up to Spongebob's kitchen drawer and picked through it.

"Medicine," he thought to himself, "Medicine, medicine…here it is!"

He grabbed a vile and headed to fetch Gary's bowl, feeling immensely pleased at accomplishing this small task.

If he had only realised that he had not picked up medicine at all…

...and that's Chapter One. Stayed tuned for Plankton, Squidward and some other stuff. :D