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Eternal Consort

Part one

Golden flecked emerald eyes swept over the crowd, searching.
The music flowing in the club was so loud that it vibrated through His spine, pounding up into His sternum.
Finally His gaze came to rest on what or rather who He was looking for

The tall muscular body swayed in perfect sync with the music.
The tight dark blue, stonewashed jeans and black T-shirt fitting his form just right but not able to hide the strong, toned muscles and even in the dim lighting miles of dark golden skin could be seen.

He smiled at the beautiful vision the man made when he danced as He slowly made His way towards him, those in the crowd knowing who He was instantly parting to let him through.


He immediately knew who the person was as they came flush up against his body, instantly picking up his rhythm to the music, moving with him fluently as hands slid down his sides coming to rest on his hips.

Turning around in the embrace, his mouth instantly parting under the kiss that was placed on his lips.

At the age of 25, Sam Winchester has never felt this content, peaceful or loved as he did right at that very moment in the embrace of the man that held him, that was kissing him so passionately.

Sam knew exactly who and what this man was, knew that after tonight when he finally tells him about his own past, Sam would either lose the most important thing in his life or finally be able to be with the one person he has come to love more than life itself in the last month.
One thing Sam knew for certain was that he would not be able to survive without Dean Michaels in his life.


Pale moonlight filtered in through the gap in the drawn curtains, throwing a gleaming ray of light over the two entangled bodies as they came down from their shared passion.
Skin glowing with sweat, breaths harsh in the otherwise silent room, lips moving slowly together as they regained reality after the intense lovemaking.

Dean slowly pulled away from his lover, lying down next to him and pulling Sam against his taut muscular body.
The blond smiled as Sam instantly moved closer and curled his body towards him, head resting on Dean's chest, arm laid across his stomach.
Dean slid his hand through the dark brown hair, curling his fingers in the long, soft locks, a small frown creasing his handsome face.
"Sam." He said quietly.

Sam has been almost silent since they left the club earlier. It scared him slightly because usually Sam was very talkative and it was almost as if he was scared with just a hint of sadness mixed in.
Dean wondered if Sam had somehow found out what he was and Dean prayed to all the gods that he could think of that, that was not the case as he needed to tell Sam himself, explain everything and make sure that Sam wasn't scared of him because he loved Sam to the very core of his existence and Dean wanted him at his sided for all eternity.

Forest hazel eyes slowly looked up at him.
Dean noticed that the usual bright eyes were not as lively as they were normally.

"Yes Dean?" Sam answered softly
Sam knew Dean would pick up on the fact that something was off with him. He had just hoped that he wouldn't have to explain so soon, wanting to make the possible last moment he had with Dean last just a little longer.

"Is there something bothering you because you're not yourself tonight?" Dean carefully asked.
"Did I do something to upset you?"

Sam sighed heavily, making Dean frown even deeper at the look of sorrow that crossed Sam's face.

"No Dean, it's nothing you did. It's just that we have to talk and I don't want to because you are either going to end up hating me or worse." Sam answered darkly as he sat up, moving until he was leaning against the headboard, sheets pulled up over his lap as he crossed his legs.

"So what is it?' Dean questioned anxiously as he moved to sit up next to Sam, his hand instantly pulling Sam's into his own to twine their fingers together.

"I…I need to tell you something, Dean. Something about my past and I need you to hear me out before you do anything." Sam shakily said, almost reluctantly.

"Okay." Dean nodded his agreement, his heart beating faster then normal, well normal for him anyway.

"Promise me you'll listen!" Sam demanded desperately.

"I promise, Sam. Now tell me what is it, what's wrong?" Dean reassured his lover.
Something tells him that whatever Sam was about to reveal to him was either going to make or break them, hell and that was even before Dean revealed his own secrets.

"Where should I even begin…?" Sam sighed, rubbing at his temple in frustration,"…Why the hell is this so damn hard?"
Sam closed his eyes, trying to figure out how to explain the jumbled mess that was his past.

"Well, the beginning's usually a great place to start with." Dean quipped trying to lighten the mood getting at least a small smile out of Sam.

'Yeah, okay…well then here it goes." Sam let out a deep breath as he composed himself, stealing himself for the reaction that his next revelation was going to unleash.
"Well, for starters Dean, I've known that you are a vampire since the very first time we met and secondly my surname isn't Campbell, its Winchester…"

To Be Continued

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