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Eternal Consort

Part Two

Dean's entire body tensed as his head snapped up, fear and shock racing through him.
Shock because of Sam knowing what he was the entire year that they have been lovers and that he still trusted Dean, allowed Dean near him, allowed him in his life, into his bed.
Fear because Sam was a Winchester and who the fuck in Dean's world didn't know about the Winchesters, the best hunters on the entire planet.
When this knowledge finally hit home Dean was up and off of the bed in the blink of an eye, putting some distance between himself and Sam as Dean now stood in the middle of their motel room.

Dean must have reacted just as badly as Sam had thought he would because he sounded near panic as he pleaded with Dean, voice breaking with emotion,
"You promised to listen! Please Dean, you have got to hear me out first and then if you decide to leave or even k…kill me, it'll be okay because I love you and I will die knowing you knew the truth but p…please just listen…"

"He loves me?" Dean thought shocked at Sam's words as he managed to give a silent nod that he would listen to Sam.
The fact that Sam actually looked relieved at this did not go unnoticed be the vampire.

Dean was confused; no screw that, he felt like he had just stepped into the twilight zone.
Sam was a hunter, hunters killed things like Dean, right? Then why was Sam acting so un- hunter like. Allowing Dean near him, not killing him, telling Dean he loved him.
Dean could feel a headache coming on by just thinking about all of this.

"Dean…" Sam calling his name snapped him out of his thoughts and back to the reality of the current situation.

"What?" He snapped, instantly regretting it when Sam flinched at his tone.

"Sorry." Dean apologized quickly and then berated himself for apologizing, Sam was the one who lied, who wasn't truthful about whom he was and Dean was the one apologizing?
"Jesus, Michaels! Get your shit together." Dean mentally yelled at himself.

"No, it's okay. You have nothing to be sorry about and you have all the right to be angry with me, I don't blame you that you are furious with me. I am the one who didn't tell you everything, I lied and I am the one that is sorry, you have no idea just how much I regret not telling you but I was afraid that I would lose you if you knew the truth but I can't hide this from you forever." Sam told him avoiding Dean's eyes as he started to tell Dean about his past since he was six months old.


On the night that Sam turned six months old, a demon called Azazel came to their house. Apparently he wanted Sam as one of his Special Children, children he specifically chose to feed his blood so that they would become powerful psychics to fight in his army of demon hybrids.
Luckily for Sam and unfortunately not so lucky for Sam's mother, Mary, she interrupted Azazel before he could do anything to Sam. That night Mary Winchester died pinned to the ceiling of her son's nursery, stomach slashed open as fire consumed her body.

John Winchester, who saw what was done to his wife managed to rescue his son from the fire but he was so over taken with grief at the loss of his wife it set him in motion to find and destroy all supernatural beings he could find as he raised his son as a hunter. John was so wrapped up in his own quest for revenge that he failed to see what he was doing to his own son.
Sam hated the hunting lifestyle, hated being dragged from one town to the next, being raised as a soldier and not a son.
Yes he knew there was creatures out there that needed to be hunted down and killed but he also knew that there were those that just wanted to be left alone, ones that never killed or harmed a human being in their entire existence. Unfortunately John did not see the grey area of their "family business" only the black and white of it all.
When Sam turned twenty- two his dad finally found Azazel and for a whole year all they did was hunt the Yellow Eyed demon, nearly getting Sam killed in the process a couple of times. After Sam's twenty-third birthday, John finally confronted the demon, managing to kill Azazel with the last bullet from the famous Colt gun but it wasn't before Azazel inflicted enough damage to kill John Winchester as well.

After John's death Sam stopped hunting. He never had anything to do with the supernatural until he met Dean, Dean who he felt an instant connection to, almost a pull towards the vampire.
Sam wasn't an idiot and could instantly put two and two together about what Dean was but it was already too late, Sam had fallen head over heels in love with the vampire.


By the time Sam had finished his story he had tear tracks across both his cheeks and had pulled his knees to his chest, arms wrapped around them as if trying to protect himself from the painful memories of his past. Sam finally managed to look Dean in the eyes and whimpered, curling in on himself even more as he saw the murderous look in Dean's eyes.
It broke Sam's heart to see the barely concealed hate on the face of the man he loved with his very being.

Dean was seething with anger by the time Sam had finished telling him about his past. Dean was at boiling point but the rage he felt wasn't aimed at Sam but at John Winchester and what he had done to Sam, his Sam because there was no question about it, Sam was his and Dean would kill anyone daring to even try to hurt him. Dean loved his mortal far more then he has loved anything else in his entire immortal life and if there was one thing Dean was absolutely sure of it was that no one was ever gonna hurt his Sammy again.
John Winchester should count himself lucky, where ever he might be that he was already dead because if Dean were to get his hands on him, John would know pain beyond anything he has ever experienced, in Heaven or Hell.

Dean was furious at the way that John had raised Sam, instead of giving him a loving home with a father that actually fucking cared about his son John raised his son like a soldier, being a drill sergeant instead of a dad. The only thing he didn't screw up was that he managed to keep Sam alive regardless of how many times Sam came out of a hunt nearly half dead only to be dragged to the next hunt.

Sam's whimpering finally snapped Dean back to reality. As he focused back on Sam Dean could read the fear and pain in the other man's eyes as clear as day. Sam was scared, no terrified that Dean would leave or worse that he would be so furious and wanting to rid the world of the last living Winchester that Dean would actually kill Sam

Minutes went by as Dean just stared at Sam, mentally going over everything that he had just heard and how he felt about it all and after what seemed like hours Dean finally said the only thing that mattered to him, the only thing that he felt was the right choice and the only thing that he had wanted since he fell in love with Sam.

"Sam, will you marry me, will you become my consort..."

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