Love's Winter Wonderland

On a cold winter night, a boy was walking through a deep forest. The trees were bare, covered with snow and ice. The ground was padded by a knee high deep white blanket. The boy had only the clothes on his back with a backpack full of drawing supplies and the will to keep moving forward.

The boy heard movement approach from behind him, but when he turned around he discovered nothing. He continued through the snow to arrive at his destination. He drew near to a halt and heard the same movement again. He just shrugged his shoulders and moved on. He caught a glimpse of a shiny object in the snow and reached for it. The object was a sapphire diamond ring and he admired it. He placed the ring in his pocket and continued onward.

He passed by a tree in which the limbs had a distinct shape of a heart. He took out his sketchbook and drew the shape because the shape spoke to him. He put his sketchbook away and continued to walk.

The boy heard more movement through the snow and turned around quickly to see a figure. It moved behind a tree, but he could not see the face. He walked toward the tree and approached it cautiously; he heard a voice that said stop. The voice sounded like a girl but he wasn't sure. The voice said, don't come any closer; I don't want you to see who I am. The boy said I want to know because you've been following me. The girl came from behind the tree. And He realized it was someone he knew and liked very much. The boy was wondering why she followed him but he was also nervous and happy.

The girl then said I've wanted to tell you something, what? He said. For quite some time I've been admiring you from afar and I think, I Love You. He was confused but he had the same feeling for her. He could not muster up the courage to tell her.

She felt embarrassed because she told him she loved him but he had no reply. She started walking away and he said no, don't leave. She turned back around and he pulled out his sketchbook, and gave her the drawing of the tree with the heart shaped limbs. She asked why are you giving this to me, he said I just want you to have it. She smiled at him gracefully.

She started walking away again and he hurriedly said, wait I have something else. His hands starting shaking and he reached in his pocket and pulled out the ring but kept his hand closed. She asked "what is it?" he walked over to her and said embracing, "that this thing in my hand is very special and it means the world to me, just like you do." She started to cry and he opened his hand to give her the ring and said I Love You. She jumped at him and they embraced each other lovingly and then they left the woods together in love.