Synopsis- Mikaela has needs and Sam just isn't filling them. Optimus takes care of his friends - all of them.

Rating: 18. Mature. NC-17.

Pairing: Mikaela/Optimus. Implied Optimus/Ratchet.

Disclaimer: Not mine. I'm just playing with them.

Warnings: Graphic Autobot/Human sex. Enjoy ;)

Notes; If you like, let me know because I have ideas for more, but there's no point me using time to write it if there's no audience for it. This story sits somewhere between the Bay movie verse (in terms of the characters) and the G1 series (in terms of details.) Both versions have elements I like. Written because I miss writing porn. Enjoy.

Faces of Need - Chapter One - Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime shook his head. 'The decepticons are too quiet.'

'Far too quiet,' Ratchet agreed, 'but I'm personally grateful for the break. I've got an inventory to do, and that lot to fix.'

Ratchet gestured to the line of broken equipment. Prime glanced down as an engine growled into life, sending soft vibration up Mikaela's legs. She threw down the spanner and punched the air.

'I fucking rock! Get this!' she yelled. 'God, I'm good!'

Ratchet nodded approvingly.

'Good work,' he said, as she revved the bike for the glorious sound it made. Then she sat on it and revved it some more, running her fingers along the tubes and pipes and visibly enjoying the sensation.

'Isn't he a beauty?' she crowed, scooting back and putting her ear to the seat. 'Oh, yes, yes, yes. Ratchet, can I keep this bike? You have no idea how much I've wanted one of these.'

'I suppose,' Ratchet said, 'it was only gonna be scrap if you couldn't fix it and anyway, we have enough to be going along with.'

Mikaela sighed in delight. She pressed her hips into it, not just because she liked the leather seat or the sound it made but because of what that kickstart vibration did there. Oh, that is so wrong, she thought. But when needs must. It wasn't like Sam was going to be forthcoming, so she might as well enjoy herself. Mikaela swallowed down a lump of sadness, stomping on thoughts of Sam. She couldn't deal with him right now. Maybe not at all.

'I'm taking this baby out right now,' she purred, jumping off to grab her helmet, she fastened it on and taxi'd the growling bike to the doors. Then she pulled her legs up and accelerated onto the air strip outside.

Prime and Ratchet ducked the corrugated door and watched as she rode up, then down, then poured the speed on to a hundred and ten and yelled with delight when she performed a perfect wheelie. The light from Prime's blue optics shone dully on his metal cheeks, as glowing optics tracked her movement with barely concealed interest. It was agood job he was signifiucantly taller than Ratchet.

Prime was very aware of the medibot standing beside him. The sun glinted off his metal body, heating him up. He smelled like old oil and burned out transistors and the unique smell of his component parts - it made Prime want him badly. If Ratchet knew it, he gave no clue on his face, but he did note that the pheromones that whipped by on the wind were not all coming from the human.

'Ratchet,' Prime said quietly, 'do you smell that? Do you think she's-'

'I absolutely do,' Ratchet said, his nose flaring. 'In fact, I know it. Isn't that strange-' he began to scan quietly, curious how such a thing as riding a bike could make someone so aroused.

'Perhaps things are not going well with Sam,' Prime said.

'Not in the sex department anyway,' Ratchet noted absently as he examined the first wave of readings. 'This looks like...oh my. Well, that is torture.'

Prime looked at him suspiciously, taking in the roman lines of Ratchet's face.

'At least two months since she last mated,' he tutted and shook his head. 'Dangerous if you ask me. You know how they get when they start thinking with their genitals. Likely to chop a finger off and then they come crying to me.'

'It looks like she's driving with them. Never mind thinking,' Prime smirked.

Ratchet gave him a look that said he knew exactly what the Prime was thinking right now. Prime pretended that peircing gaze didn't unnerve him.

'You like it,' Ratchet said evenly.

'Perhaps,' said Prime. He kept his face turned away. Ratchet knew why. Prime was a bad liar without his battle mask.

'Oh my-' Ratchet said suddenly, sniffing at the air. 'Prime, she just-'

Prime nodded. The smell of her climax was doing funny things to him too. He wished he had time to drag Ratchet inside, but there was too much risk of Wheeljack or Hoist walking in.

'Do they make those things in my size?' Prime said, a smile on his face that masked the thought processes beneath.


Mikaela parked the new bike up outside her flat, and patted it with a secret smile before retiring to have a long, slow shower and possibly a bit of fun, depending on whether she could weasle out of seeing Sam or not. She had barely got her clothes off before she heard the idling engines of something big nearby.

She listened, thinking dirtily that an engine that huge would have some serious kick, before she snorted at her own perversions and stripped her tank top off. She turned the shower on, put one foot in, and the radio in the bedroom blared to life.

'Mikaela, are you in there?'

She froze. What the hell did he want at this time of night?

'Optimus?' she poked her head round the door, almost afraid that he would see her naked. She realised what she was doing and sighed at her own stupidity. He was just using radio communications. Then how come he can hear me too. She grabbed a towel.

'Would you come down? I'd like to talk to you.'

Mikaela pulled her foot out of the warmth reluctantly.

'Alright,' she said, thinking that if Optimus wanted to see her it had to be important. 'Give me a second to get dressed.'

She slid out into the warm night, wondering if she'd be able to find him in the dark, but light suddenly blasted through the fir trees. She winced, shielding her eyes and approached the idling Peterbilt.

'Climb on in,' he rumbled, the door swinging open.

Mikaela did so, shutting the door behind her and looking around the rather bare compartment. Clean, dark metal and an air freshener in the shape of an apple. She bounced in the seat a little. It was leather, and it was big enough for two of her. Comfy as hell. He moved off.

'Where are we going?' she asked, snapping the belt buckle home.

'I thought we could talk in private,' he said, rather cryptically. Mikaela shrugged.

'Alright,' she said, as he turned onto the road off the base and began to pick up speed.

The radio flared into life, then dulled quickly to a manageable volume. She was amused to hear some kind of college rock but she said nothing as he drove, his gear shifts smooth and revs even and delicious. This was a good seat. You could really feel the engine from it. She liked that. She liked to feel the bumps and curves in the road. Glancing up, she realised the stars became clearer the further you went from the floodlit base.

'Wow,' she breathed, 'I don't think I've been out here yet.'

'I like this road,' he rumbled, and the sound of it within the cab sent little shivers deep into her hips. 'I come this way a lot.'

She wriggled a little, just a little. There was something about his word choice, and the way he growled along, the soft vibration that came through the seat...the warmth that seemed to be growing around her pussy that was making her feel- Oh God, she thought. No, no, think of something cold. Here's Optimus Prime, taking me for a drive and I'm getting horny inside him. Wrong, wrong.

She opened a window, gazing up as the cold air blasted into her face. It didn't do much to keep her ass cool, but it stopped her blushing as he growled up a long bank, and finally pulled to a stop on a cliff where the view of land and stars was utterly spectacular.

She slid out of the cab, looked up and breathed, 'Jesus Mary and Joseph, that's incredible-'

The stars formed a milky band across the sky, so beautiful, so numerous. She spun on the spot and they wheeled overhead. She had never seen them so clear.

'Gorgeous-' she said, as Optimus transformed slickly and stood up. The starlight scythed down his curved thighs and reflected in his chest plates.

'Aren't they? And each one a possible solar system with life.'

'Each one a sun,' she looked up at him. 'I'm so glad he didn't manage it.'

'I am too,' Prime nodded, crouching slowly and then sitting on the cliff edge.

Mikaela tore her eyes away from the stars.

'What did you want to talk to me about?' she asked.

Optimus patted the ground beside him and Mikaela settled onto her shins. She hoped, dimly, that the cool air might help her stop thinking horny thoughts, after that long and wonderful ride. His face was surprisingly blank.

'Is something wrong?' she asked, 'is it Sam?'

'No, no,' he said soothingly. 'Mikaela...we've been concerned for you. You haven't been yourself lately.'

Mikaela blinked slowly as her brain worked over the last few weeks, then promptly shied away from the pain.

'In what way?' she asked.

Optimus pointed to the long, fast healing scar on her forearm, where she almost taken her arm off with a carbon cutter the week before. Mikaela was struck anew by the shear size of him, and the gentle spirit within. More than meets the eye, she thought dimly.

He continued; 'Distracted. Ratchet tells me he's patched you up twice this week alone. It worries us, when our human friends have these accidents. Cybertronian equipment can be deadly if the user is not concentrating fully-'

'I know,' Mikaela said softly. 'Look. I'm sorry. It's just...been a hard couple of months, alright?'

'It's not a...what's the word? Spanking,' Optimus said. 'I'm concerned.'

Mikaela nodded.

'Thank you,' she said, looking into the lines of his face. 'I'm fine, really,' she added, the truth just dying to trip off her tongue. But that was stupid. An autobot wouldn't understand, and besides, he'd probably think she was a whore for complaining about a lack of sex. But it wasn't just the sex, it was the whole...situation. She hesitated long enough for Optimus to notice it, spacing in a memory of Sam's bedroom reluctance.

'Mikaela?' he rumbled. She felt the noise as much as heard it and it send a tickle of heat downstairs.

'Just spaced off,' she lied. Then she released a sudden sigh. She searched his eyes. Soft blue reflecting on metal plates. His bulk beside hers was immense. Yet his face was so gentle. Full of genuine concern. 'Optimus? Can I tell you something?'

'You may tell me anything you want, Mikaela.'

'This is gonna sound really bad, but...oh sod it. Here goes. Sam and I are having a few problems at the moment.'

There. It was out. That was it, right? She felt better already. But more words swelled up.

'It's like...he's still drawing away from me. I'm not sure why and-' she paused, a lump rising in her throat, '-and I wish he wouldn't. the same time I'm almost glad...'

She hid her impending weepy session with a scratch of her eye.

'Go on,' Optimus said, very softly.

'At the same time...I feel us drifting apart. And not just because of the lack of sex, that's just a little part of it, but I have to admit I can't keep going like this-' she stopped suddenly, putting a hand over her mouth. 'I'm sorry, Optimus, you don't need to hear all this stuff.'

Mikaela felt a huge, metal finger touch her back gently.

'Mikaela...I can see you want a deep bond with Sam...but sometimes these things don't work out how we expect. If you're not truly happy, don't try to force it or your love could turn into resentment.'

'It has,' she nodded. Tears pricked her eyes. She swiped at them. 'God, I'm sorry. I fucking hate crying.'

'It's alright,' he soothed, his deep voice a vibratory comfort that seemed to reach her bones and make her shiver deliciously.

'I wish I could wave a wand,' she spurted suddenly. 'I wish I could magic it all better and make him love me and..and make myself love him...but it's just not working! It's as good as over without the breakup-' her breath hitched into a sob.

Optimus' hand encircled her back, providing more warmth than she would have expected.

'Easy,' he soothed. Mikaela found herself actually sobbing, much to her utter embarassment.

'He says I've got options, and maybe I have,' she wailed, 'but I get sick of these muscly jocks. Not feeling, no passion just in, out, in, out, and I know that description is probably totally gross to you, but it's so...unsatisfying! They just-'

'Take,' Optimus said softly, his eyes on the stars. 'Until you feel drained and used.'

'Yes!' her breathing have a hick. 'How do you know so much about human relationships anyway?'

'I have eyes to see and ears to hear,' Optimus said. He shifted position then, scooping her gently into his hand and letting her down on his thick, metal thigh. 'Come here,' he said, soothing her with huge, blue fingers.

'I'm sorry to dump this on you.'

'I'm happy to help,' Optimus said. He looked at her closely, her tear stained face and puffy eyes. She looked beautiful, especially with that wonderful heat radiating from between her legs.

'Maybe it's time for a change,' he suggested, after a few silent minutes.

'Fat chance,' she said softly. 'Believe me, I know what I like. I like...muscles. And gorgeous shoulders and big...powerful...and most of those guys are arseholes.'

'I don't know,' he said, lifting a hand to her face. Mikaela barely noticed that what touched her skin wasn't a metal finger. A small hatch opened in the tip, emitting a thin, tapered cable which sought her tears and brushed them away gently. She reached out to touch it, unthinking.

'Hey, I didn't know you guys had extendable fingers,' she took the prehensile cable in her palm and looked at it closely. Optimus' circuits fizzed deliciously. She could have no idea what she was doing to him.

'There's a great deal about me you don't know.'

'There's not much about me you don't know,' she arched an eyebrow. 'Not any more.'

The cable twitched, then rose up to her chin where it gently tilted her face up. Prime leaned down slightly.

'Would you like to even it up a bit?'

She felt her breathing hitch, her whole body suddenly electrified past anything she'd felt riding a bike. No way...

'What do you mean-?'

The glowing tip of the cable drifted down her throat to gently brush the tops of her breasts before retreating behind her ear to tickle sensitive skin. She shuddered as it caressed her.

'When a member of my kind is distressed, we see to it that distress is countered with something more pleasant-' he rumbled the words, a deep baritone that vibrated into her bones and if possible, made her even wetter. 'It's a matter of caring for each other. During the time I've been Prime, I've learned a lot about pleasure. And how best to provide it to those who serve our cause.'

Mikaela was sure she'd stopped breathing. She arched as another cable, one she hadn't seen, looped round her waist to brush the sensitive spot at the base of her back. Her eyes drifted shut in pleasure.

' sleep with the autobots-?' she was breathless.

'I hold the matrix,' he purred. 'I have the ability to heal, and pleasure can be very healing.'

Mikaela's eyes popped open as the air electrified. She stared. For long seconds, he actually believed that the gorgeous male in front of her was some intruder who had randomly stepped in on this forbidden little love tryst. Before she realised that his blue eyes had a faint glow to them, and that his expression of calm but eager delight matched the one on the Prime's metal face exactly. He was built the same, moved the same, his triangular body trim and strong, and clad in tight jeans and a shirt. The sleeves were rolled up over thick, muscly forearms and that alone was enough to make her moan softly.

Mikaela's heart did a little flip when the hologram smiled. It was pure seduction, a grin that came with diagrams and she knew immediately that he was no stranger to this game. She didn't move away when he crept closer, but there was a moment as his hand touched her shoulder that a frisson of fear went up her spine.

'I would never hurt you, Mikaela,' he said softly, as his hand drifted up her neck, leaving heat trails on her skin and worked into her hair with all the easy confidence of the cat who knew the cream was his, but was patient enough to wait until it realised. Mikaela reached for him, and found warm skin, underlaid with muscle.

'But, you're not real-' she breathed, as his thumb caressed the sensitive spot behind her ear.

'I'm as much me in this form as my metal one. This body is made of light controlled by my processors. Light is vibration. Density, then is just a matter of controlling vibration. I can feel you as well as you can feel me. What do you say?'

'Alright,' she barely whispered.

'Beautiful-' the softly spoken word barely left his lips before he met hers in a surprisingly hot and passionate kiss that frankly, put all previous kisses to shame. Not that there was much in the way of stiff competition, she thought, which struck her as an odd thought process, but the deliberation was probably the only thing keeping her from losing herself completely to his hands.

She was aware of being gently enfolded with warmth that she wasn't sure came entirely from the hologram, and promptly, the where and whyfore disappeared in the sensation of lips and tongue, hands and...was that cables? They snuck out of his robotic body with the soft hiss of moving panels, and snaked, prehensile and eager to brush her calves under the jeans. They crept around her waist, up her back, and maybe, maybe she might have thought it was weird, if only she could think.

So hot and so wet, his tongue twining with hers, his hands, strong and steady that somehow promised, however wordless that at the slightest fear or doubt all this would stop. That it was for pleasure and pleasure only. He managed to convey with the easy press of his holographic body that he was enjoying this just as much as she.

She remembered how to move and touched the false skin. Warm, dusted with hair, firm like flesh - he felt real! She let out a shaky breath as he nibbled down her neck and bit the skin gently at the base, while the cables played, oh those glorious cables - toying with her ass, gliding under her breasts, stroking over her ribs but somehow never actually touching her where she wanted.

'Optimus-' it came out choked.

She squirmed, the heat growing like an impending cascade between her legs, arousal overtaking logic. Logic said Sam would be pissed. But Sam had no right to be. She could fuck whoever she liked, she could-

Prime made a sound of enjoyment, both his human hands on her neck and face. 'Your heart rate spiked-' there was some concern in there.

'Mm-hmm,' she nodded absently, then pulled him down fiercely. Don't care, she thought, as she kissed him deeply, tasting metal and something deeper...was that apple pie? Was that manufactured for her pleasure, or...she shuddered as a soft, warm cable tip brushed her nipple and it pebbled instantly. She gripped him hard. Her reaction provoked an equal. Prime gave a low growl, eager, even a little dangerous and lifted her easily, too easily, to wrap her legs around his hips. Arms and cables pressed them together firmly. The heat of him burned through her jeans and made her moan.

'You feel so soft,' he breathed, lips swollen and inches off hers. Mikaela nodded mutely, his broad shoulders delicious under her grip. 'You can't know how long I've wanted to do this.'

'Optimus-' the word tore out of her as he slid his hands up her shirt and squeezed her breasts. His hands were rough, she thought, rough and strong, as it was enough to make her arch helplessly.

'Yess-' Optimus hissed. 'Say that again.'

Mikaela felt a dirty smile grow on her lips. She put her lips by his hear and whispered his name, then again, as he slid a hand down to grab her ass.

'Optimus,' she crooned, injected the word with all the need she was feeling. 'Optimus...I want you to fuck me. I was to feel your big, hard cock-'

The answering growl echoed through her bones, his hands stripping her belt away deftly, and suddenly, she felt herself being lifted. Prime's eyes were full of lust as the cables bore her weight up to remove the clothes, then lowered her with surprising control to kneel over his lap. Hands warmed her skin where the air had chilled. The contrast made her gasp.

Who knew that talking dirty could get the mechanical man so horny? She whimpered softly when his clothes disappeared completely. One second there, the next gone, leaving firm, well muscled flesh that spoke of a lifetime of fighting. Mikaela's heart flipped at the gentle but insistent need in his eyes. She found herself staring, hands moving without interference from her brain to touch him. She stroked and squeezed, took his cock in her hand and rubbed the leaking tip. Prime gasped, hands tightening on her in response. Then with surprising strength pushed him backwards until his legs were under his butt, and he was leaning on his hands.

Before he could say a word, she reversed, dived and took his cock into her mouth. Nerves fired that hadn't woken up for months and she wondered how she'd ever gone a week without this taste, this delicious musky smell, this glorious feeling. Optimus hissed, tangling a hand in her hair as she sucked deftly, winding her tongue around the tip then taking him right to the back of her throat. She heard him moan something desperately in Cybertronian. The tension quivered in his thighs as he struggled not to thrust into her mouth.

Yes, she thought. Mr iron control. Mr always calm. I'll make you lose it.

She sucked gently on the head, then pushed her tongue into the tiny slit, tasting salty precome she gripped his thighs and moaned her enjoyment. Prime hissed, hands tangling in her hair. Mikaela felt something touch her backside, then slid gently between the cheeks of her ass. The cables.

They stroked the soaking, pulsing lips, tickled her thighs and teased the flesh around her clit without so much as a whisper of stimulation that would actually make her come. She moaned, wriggling to get them closer but the mech chuckled. He gasped, and pulled her head up quickly.

'I'll overload,' he breathed. 'I want this to last.'

Mikaela gave his cock one last lick before he pulled her up and covered her mouth with his. He pushed her down gently, covering her body with heat and weight while he nibbled and licked her neck. A glowing cable snaked close, and brushed her sides before sneaking over her breasts to squeeze and fondle and make her arch.

'Optimus, please-' she whined, bucking her hips in an attempt to get him inside her. Anything inside her. Prime leaned down to kiss her forcefully. The combination of tongue and heat and cables, and the press of his body which he was expertly orchestrating to provide the least pressure where she most needed it made her desperate.

'Optimus,' she moaned, twining her hand in his hair. 'You're a fucking tease.'

'Yes,' he agreed, sucking her earlobe. One of those cables pinched her nipple and she cried out in delight. 'And I can feel how much you like it.'

For a second of iron control, the tip of his cock pushed against her soaking pussy before it was withdrawn. Mikaela gripped him hard.

'Do I detect a hint of desperation, lovely?' his voice was teasing, but she could hear the undertone of his need. He was drawing it out, teasing her. Teasing himself. But he'd break soon.

She dragged him down and kissed him with brusing force. Her voice took on a tone he'd never heard before. It was positively commanding. He loved it. 'Fuck me, Optimus. Right. Now.'

His chuckle sounded more like relief than he'd intended.

'Yes maam,' he growled, and pushed inside with gentle determination, and Mikaela forced her eyes open to view the look of unguarded pleasure on his face.

For long seconds he remained still, absorbing the sensation. Then she tightened her muscles deviously and he began to move, compelled by instinct to seek deeper, hotter, to find that delicious rhythm.

'Sweet Primus-' he breathed, as Mikaela wrapped her legs around his hips and squeezed him, encouraging. He groaned as he thrust with delicious force, just this side of pain, the hand that supported his weight clenching in the dirt. Mikaela rocked her hips with him, losing it, finally losing it...The cables twined around her nipples, she dragged him down for a deep kiss. Stretched around the length of that holographic cock, which she was sure had been calculated based on surreptitious scan, impaled one end and invaded so perfectly at the other, while between them those prehensile cables stroked and squeezed and tweaked and burned. That body and those hands and those burning blue eyes, so full of need...She felt it coming, hot and electric, rolling closer like a thundercloud that threatened to take her down.

She choked his name as orgasm ripped through her. She gripped him hard as she exploded. She heard his rough cry and felt his body stiffen as if through sack cloth, then the electric surge in her brain died to manageable level, leaving her warm and sweaty, a tangle of loose, sated muscles. She panted softly, their skin damp, hair too, her forehead against his, entwined until one or both could find the willpower to move.

Prime recovered first, probably because he didn't have the distraction of lungs that needed filling. He moved onto his side, lying on his own rootic leg and drew her instantly into an embrace that she might have fought, if it had been another nameless jock. She laid her head on his bicep, aware that the night air was chilling the sweat on her skin and his living metal was warming her from below.

She searched for words, thinking that she should break the silence but nothing came to mind. His hand rubbed gently up and down her back, comforting. Its silent communication unnerved her a little. Revealing that he knew. He must have sensed it with those scanners, how much she'd needed that. They both had.

'Optimus? Please tell me I didn't just fuck up a great friendship-'

Optimus leaned in and kissed her lips softly.

'You didn't just fuck up a great friendship,' he said. 'If anything, you made it better.'

Prime brushed a hand up her ribs. The touch seemed to say he wasn't going anywhere. And if it was possible by mere touch, that it could all happen again, and again, if she wanted it to. She said nothing as the realisation hit her hard - Prime actually cared, if only to provide comfort in a time of need - and oddly, it put a lump in her throat. They lay entwined and silent until Mikaela began to shiver.

'You're cold,' he rumbled, and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead.

'Chilly,' she agreed.

'My cab is heated.'

'Ok,' she nodded, sitting up with him. He gave her one last kiss, all warmth and gentleness, then pulled away and faded. Mikaela wasn't sure if she was sad to lose the holo or not. It had provided the means, but it was still Optimus who'd done the deed. Prime's metal body hissed and whirred softly as he stood, casting a gorgeous blue glance down at her. His smile said he was working over something in his head.

'I suspected as much,' he bent to look at her. Mikaela found herself blushing.

'What?' she gathered up her clothes in a bundle.

'Holographic eyes can't quite keep up,' he smiled. 'You're lovely, Mikaela.'

Now she did blush, but it was lost as Optimus folded easily into his truck form. The cab door clicked open. Mikaela threw her clothes on quickly, then she climbed in. The heaters had already kicked in, and with the door closed the temperature climbed.

'Optimus?' she said softly, 'I have this horrible feeling that Sam would throw a fit if he knew-'

Mikaela could have sworn she sensed a smile from him.

'I can keep my secrets.'

'I bet you can,' Mikaela smiled. 'Mind you, I've seen the way you look at Ratchet. It made me wonder if you can lie.'

There was heavy silence for a minute. Mikaela began to wonder if she'd made him angry with her cheek.

'Why would I lie?' he asked finally.

'So...I'm not wrong? You and Ratchet item?'

'Ratchet and I have an...understanding. Neither of us has a bondmate, and. Well. We both have needs.'

Mikaela picked her words carefully. 'You want it to be more.'

Another silence. Then; 'Maybe.'

Mikaela nodded.

'Do you know that...whenever you go off to fight and he's left behind...he frets. He gets antsy, and he won't relax until you're back. I think he cares for you a lot more deeply than he lets on. Maybe you should tell him the truth.'

Prime sank into quiet contemplation.

'I would...dearly love to tell him, Mikaela. But it would be extremely unwise. We aren't in a position to get serious, and it would be a distraction neither of us can afford.'

Mikaela cuddled into the seat, her blood still buzzing.

'That's a shame,' she said softly, realising that she was really quite tired.


Turning up for work the next morning was an effort in self control. Would anyone be able to tell? She'd washed her hair, clean clothes, different shoes. Would Ratchet smell it on her? She dug straight into the truck. Gay autobot love, she thought dimly, that's so very, very sweet. Then she shoved the thought down quickly.

Since she'd woken she'd been trying to figure out how two metal monsters could fuck, and the more she thought about it the more impossible it seemed. Then she was faced with one of them, and had to stop right now, because otherwise he was going to decipher it off her face and then she'd be fucking embarassed.

'Morning,' she grunted, from inside the truck, as Ratchet passed by.

She didn't see his nostrils flare, or the look of suspicion that crossed his optics.

Stop thinking about it, stop thinking about it, she thought dimly. Hot damn, Prime was good in the sack. No, don't think about that!

A little while later, somebody tapped her on the shoulder, and she jumped, almost thwacking her head on the engine block. She surfaced, top riding up against the metal.

A man was smiling at her. His eyes were a shade between blue and green. He was holding a cup of coffee in his hands which he offered to her. Mikaela's eyes narrowed.

'Ratchet?' she asked, taking in his lithe but muscular form. Not so stocky as Prime, but undeniably sexy. Broad shoulders and shoulder length dark hair, slicked back. His aquiline nose and expressive eyes gave him a noble look. The medic arced a fine, dark eyebrow.

'Who else?' he said, taking her hand and putting the coffee in it. He was smiling a little. 'Don't look so surprised. Prime isn't the only one with a hologram, you know.'

In that moment, Mikaela realised he knew everything. Everything. Had Prime told him? Her breath left her and she stared at him with a mix of dread and embarassment.

'How'd you know-' she almost choked.

'Educated guess. And I know Prime, the filthy sack-rat that he is.'

'Does that with a lot of women?' she felt compelled to ask.

'No,' Ratchet said gently. He gave her a small smile. 'As far as I know, you're the first human.'

Mikaela chose to file that away for now, along with all the other things that had shocked her this week. Ratchet didn't look upset.

'Jesus,' she whispered. 'Ratchet, I'm really sorry. I didn't know you two know-'

He held up a hand.

'Save it,' he said. 'It's not unusual for a mech to inferface with his Prime, and Optimus and I have an understanding in that direction. Everyone has needs.'

'You're not mad at me?'

'No,' he said gently. He seemed to reconsider. 'Well. Maybe on one count.'

Mikaela's breath hitched. She wasn't sure she wanted to hear this, but she had to ask. The medic winked. Actually winked. She felt her belly twist and heat up. Good God, she thought, I'm getting a thing for metal men.

'You didn't take video.'

He laughed at her expression, and he walked away to rejoin his metal form. Mikaela watched him go with a look of abject horror on her face. Coffee forgotten, mind reeling in shock and pussy dampened she buried herself back in the truck, wishing she never had to come up again.

More to come!