"So Naruto-kun, how is like with Lala-chan after your little confession?"

"Not you too Mikado-sensei. You know it wasn't a confession. I was telling the truth."

"Uh huh," Mikado replied as she readied the needle. "It was so romantic though. It's obvious that you care for Lala though. Dearly too. You watch over her even with all of your duties around school. Karate club, the dealings with your Spiral Leaves, akido, judo, boxing, the radio club, and watching over your brother and sister. It's amazing how you're able to do all of that."

"Ha! It's not amazing because I'm NARU-OW!"

"Sorry about Naruto-kun. My needle slipped," Mikado said sincerely. Naruto blanched.

"You did that on purpose."

"Should I break out the pictures?"

"You wouldn't dare!" Naruto whispered. Mikado giggled and kissed his cheek.

"Oh you are so cute when your manhood is threatened," Mikado said. "Now stay still as I drain your blood."

"Mooh. Fine."

"I'm home!"

Naruto slammed the door to the house. He could already here running steps and looked up in time to see Lala appear from out of the corner with a big smile on her face. However she was still dripping wet from the shower and was as naked as the day she was bored. It did not seem to faze her though and she leaped through the air towards Naruto.


Naruto grunted as he caught Lala in her arms. He spun her about one before setting her down to her feet. She purred and nuzzled his chest. Naruto smiled and brushed her hair once before pulling her away from him.

"You might want to dry up Lala. You got me all wet," Naruto said casually. Lala smiled apologetically.

"Sorry Naruto-kun. I'll finish my bath now," Lala said. "I'm glad you're home."

Lala hurried up the stairs while Peke hurriedly apologized to Naruto and flew up the stairs to assist Lala in her bathing. Naruto walked over to the kitchen, stepping over Rito's fallen body. He saw Mikan at the kitchen preparing dinner and quickly wrapped his arms around his favorite little sister. She squeaked in surprise and smacked her brother in the head with a leek. Naruto whined and rubbed his smarting head while Mikan gave his brother an annoyed look.

"I hate it when you do that Naruto-nii."

"But you love it Mikan," Naruto replied giving her a cheeky smile. Mikan's face twitched but she relented and smiled.

"It's good to that your home. Anyway could you help me with a problem?"

Naruto glanced at Mikan. "Is it bad?"

Mikan shrugged. "I'm not sure. I would just like your opinion Naruto-nii."

"Sure Mikan. We'll talk in your room after dinner," Naruto replied. "I'm going to talk with Rito now. Do you need any help here?"

Mikan smiled. "I'm fine. Dinner will be ready in half an hour."

Naruto nodded and walked over to where Rito was watching tv. He had a tissue stuffed up his nose, soaking up the blood that had spilled out his nose. He glared at his brother who stifled a snicker.

"Hey Rito, what's up?"

"Tell Lala stop walking around naked," Rito grumbled. "I don't think I can stand the blood loss."

Naruto chuckled. "Stop being such a prude and accept it. If it bothers you so much, turn your head or cover you eyes. Anyway, how are things between you and Lala?"

Rito smiled. "I had lunch with Haruna-chan. And this time I didn't embarrass myself. She even said that she enjoyed it and wants to have lunch with me again."

Naruto grinned and threw an arm around his brother. "That's great! Shall I set a double date with you and Haruna?"


"It'll be fun Rito. Besides she likes you," Naruto said. Rito looked at his brother, completely surprised.

"Why do you say that?" Rito asked. "I'm not like you. I'm not smart. I'm not good looking. I'm average in everything I do! Compared to you, I'm nothing!"

Naruto sighed and placed his brother in a headlock. He rubbed his fist into his brother's head hard before letting Rito go. Rito moaned and rubbed his smarting head.

"What was that for?" Rito asked.

"Haruna likes you for who you are specifically. You're naive, innocent, and sweet like a bunny. And despite your lack of confidence in yourself, even I can see that you try earnestly in everything you do. That's why she likes you," Naruto said. "Baka, so ask and take a leap of faith. Sometimes that's all you need to do."

"You really mean it?" Rito asked. Naruto shrugged but nodded.

"There's nothing left. Just ask her."

He reached for the remote and turned the channel from soccer to pro-wrestling, much to Rito's annoyance.

"HEY, I was watching that."

"Bah, I need this!"

"Give me that remote Naruto-nii!"

"It's my turn!"

Rito tackled his brother and as they scuffled, the channels rapidly shifted. However despite Rito's effort, Naruto quickly overpowered his brother and sat on his brother's back, gloating in glee.

"Wahaha! I am the great Naruto-sama! Fear me lowly peon!" Naruto cackled. He looked at the tv and immediately his eyes brightened.

"That's it! Thanks Rito, I'll talk to you later!"

Naruto bolted up the stairs much to Rito's absolute confusion and relief. He turned the tv back to his original programming and watched as another goal was scored by his favorite team.

"Weird. I wonder what he saw."

Naruto stormed into his room excitedly and nearly tore off his closet door in excitement. As he dug through his huge amount of orange clothing within his closet, Lala and Peke looked on, confused as to why Naruto was throwing his clothes all over his room.

"What's going on Naruto-kun?" Lala asked. Peke floated over towards Naruto and was knocked out of the air by a jacket.

"I'm searching for clothes for tomorrow. Friday's the end of the week and is the cause for celebration! So in order to celebrate, I'm livening up the day," Naruto explained.

"Really? Can I help Naruto-kun?" Lala asked. Naruto paused and scratched his head.

"Of course but I'm trying to think how you can help," Naruto said. He dug in his closet more and found what he was looking for. "Aha! Here it is!"

Lala watched as he pulled out a large vintage boombox. Naruto grinned and pulled out several cassette tapes.

"I got this at a thrift store. I sure hope it works," Naruto muttered as he put the tapes in. However much to Naruto's dismay, the boombox began to play music only on one side before quickly sorting out. He sighed.


"I can fix this Naruto-kun. Let me see!" Lala said. Naruto moved to the side as Lala pulled out her Almighty Tool. Before Naruto's eyes, he watched as his old school boombox was repaired, refurnished, and remade into a sleek yet retro orange boombox. His mouth gaped in complete surprise as Lala stood back and turned to him with a smile.

"All done Naruto-kun! What do you think?" Lala asked.

Naruto reverently touched the orange stereo and placed a track tape in the boombox. The music sang out seamlessly and as pure, like the artist was performing right in front of him.

"This is amazing Lala-chan! Thank you so much!" Naruto said. Before Lala could respond, she was swept up in his arms and spun around by Naruto. Naruto laughed and hugged her. "This is so great!"

Lala's face reddened but she loved the attention Naruto gave her. Peke chuckled.

"It's nothing for Lala-sama, Naruto-dono. Lala-sama is a genius when it comes to machines," Peke said.

Naruto shook his head. "No, it isn't something. It's amazing. I really appreciate this Lala."

He let Lala down and turned back to his radio. "She even made it orange too!"

Lala crouched to Naruto's side. "What are you going to do with it?"

"You'll see."

"DINNER!" Mikan yelled.

Naruto jumped to his feet. "C'mon Lala! Mikan made her famous gyudon bowls."

Lala giggled at how childish Naruto was. "Wait for me Naruto-kun!"

She leaped onto his back and much to her delight, he carried her down the stairs making whooshing noises. At the last few stairs, Naruto made a large leap, landing hard onto the ground.

"Naruto-nii, don't run down the stairs."

"OK Mikan-chan!"

Lala slid off Naruto back and sat next to him. She smiled as Naruto quickly gobbled his dinner as Mikan berated him for eating too fast. Rito smiling but was soon fighting off Naruto's chopsticks, protecting his beef cubes from the ravenous blonde. She could feel the love in this small table. Something she barely felt in the large castle of her father's home. She hoped one day she could marry Naruto. That way, she could experience this feeling every single day.

Friday brought about an interesting sight as the most infamous student of Sainan High came to school in style. The normally serene morning atmosphere was blasted out of the water as the phat beats of old school American hip-hop dominated the scene. Students turned and searched to find the source of the sound to be none other than the self proclaimed "Grandmaster Naruto" strutting his way to school with a large boombox on his shoulder and dressed in 80s fashion. With dark orange jacket with white flames, black jeans with orange flames, white high-top sneakers, and an orange bucket hat on his head, it was not hard to spot Naruto at all. As he danced, people began to clap with the music and though it took ten minutes just to cross the school yard, he had a crowd of people following and dancing after him. Naruto kicked open the door and yelled out to the students inside.

"It's Friday y'all and the end of the week! So get up and dance for the new weekend!" Naruto roared as a new track started. A funky beat started and he started to clap in time with the beat. Soon nearly everyone clapped in time as the lyrics of the songs burst out.

"I said a hip hop, a hippie, a hippie to the hip hip hop you don't stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jump the boogie to the rhythm the boogie the beat!"

Naruto grinned as he motioned Ko to start dancing just as Naruto had taught him. Ko quickly fell into rhythm and began boogieing in the middle of the dance floor. Naruto cackled as he yanked Risa out of the crowd and tossed her in Ko's arms. Risa gave Naruto an annoyed frown but quickly started giggling as she danced with Ko. Some of the more bolder people began to follow Ko and Risa and started dancing with the rhythm while the others were content with just clapping. Naruto still continued to dance and grabbed Lala's hand. Lala reddened as Naruto pulled her close to him but began to slowly relax and move her body to the funky rhythm. Her natural enhanced athleticism soon began apparent as she danced toe to toe with Naruto, despite it being her first time. Naruto spun her about and pulled her close to his chest as she pushed herself close to Naruto. She leaned with Naruto then pushed herself off of him, giving him a flirty wink. Naruto gave low growl and stepped towards her. With practiced ease, he swept her off his feet and spun her about so that she sat on his shoulder. She squealed in delight before jumping down and pulling Naruto towards her in a teasing manner. Naruto reddened as Lala's cute face came closer to his own. Not back down at a challenge he dove closer towards her and-.


Naruto and Lala jumped to see a black-haired teenage glaring at the two of them, pointing at Naruto in an accusing manner.

"School is not a place for your indecent flirting Naruto Yuuki! And you as well Lala Deviluke!" she demanded. She then turned towards the rest of the students. "This is over! Class is about to start!"

The students scattered, mumbling about "spoilsports" and "uptight attitude" but all of them very cheery. They threw sympathetic glances at Naruto and whispers of "good luck" to the blonde and the pinkette. From the corner of his eye, Naruto saw Ko squeak and turn deep red. He turned in time to see Risa wink at Ko and lick her lips in a suggestive manner at Ko.

"Call me sometimes sweet cheeks."

Ko nearly turned purple and ran off, rubbing his bottom. Naruto laughed at his unfortunate apprentice before turning to the irate girl in front of him. Naruto idly noted that she was beautiful and had a body that rivaled Lala's. Unfortunately her lovely face was marred by a scowl as she pointed an angry finger in his face.

"Your actions are completely out of line Naruto-san! Your actions cause a moral decline amongst the students. Do not think the student council will not ignore your antics forever!" she berated.

Naruto calmly pushed the offending finger from his feet and gave the irate beauty a smirk.

"And who are you, my sweet tsundere?"

She reddened and sputtered before stomping angrily on the ground. "I'm Kotegawa Yui of class 1-B and head of the moral committee. And this isn't the last you see of me."

She spun on her heel and stomped off but not without a farewell from Naruto.

"It was nice meeting you Yui-chan!"


Over the period of the day, Naruto's antics were met with anger and condemnation by the uptight morals committee officer. Yui had to stop Naruto from escaping Math class no less than five times through the course of the class. Air band concert in the cafeteria was shut down by a screaming Yui. Science class was in ruins as Naruto let off a stink bomb to release the frogs back into the wild. Though Miyagi-sensei was thoroughly amused by Naruto's reenactment of the great philosopher Aristotle, Yui was not as Naruto pulled Yui into a lecture of his "Prankster's Manifesto" much to her eternal fury. His mockery of a kitchen class occurred when he cooked nearly 20 gallons of ramen in a pot and managed to eat half of it before Yui could stop him. And finally when the bell rang to end school, Naruto somehow organizing a full out parade of students including confetti, marching band, and even floats. He even had the nerve to pull her onto his float with him and Lala already on it.

As she walked back from a hectic school day, she was in a completely foul mood due to a certain blonde. She kicked at a can watching it clatter into an empty hallway, wishing that was the head of her mortal enemy.

"Stupid blonde. Making a fool out of me at every turn."

She turned around a corner and heard scuffling nearby. She dismissed it as a mere stray but an ear-piercing shriek caught her attention. She quickly hurried to the source of the sound to see several thugs holding a girl at knife point. Kotegawa grabbed a rock and threw it at one of them, eliciting a painful yelp and attracting their attention.

"Let go of her!" Kotegawa ordered. Before they could react, the girl quickly ran away from the alley.

"Bitch ruined our fun!"

"Who cares? This one is better!"

Kotegawa swallowed nervously as they approached her with evil glints in their eyes. She edged out of the alley and bolted away. Behind her she could hear the whooping of the thugs and the occasional cat call from them. Tears sprang up as she tossed away her bag, running as fast as she could. She wished for anyone, anyone to rescue her.

She screamed as a hand grabbed her and pulled her into an alley. She immediately began struggling against her captor's grip but a cheery voice caused her to freeze.

"Stop moving Yui-chan! I'm here to help you!"

Kotegawa turned around to see Naruto's grinning face beaming down at her. She bit her lip but tears of relief streamed down her face and she hugged him tightly.

"Thank you Naruto-kun! Thank you!" she sobbed into his chest.

"Oi! There she is!"

Kotegawa shrieked in terror but Naruto pushed her behind him. The thugs stopped when they saw Naruto glaring at them while shielding Kotegawa from their view. The leader, an ugly brutish, towered over Naruto and peered over his shoulder at Kotegawa. He chuckled and turned to the blonde.

"Why don't you leave the babe with us and we won't make you bleed?" the delinquent asked. "How about it buddy?"

"Piss off," Naruto grunted. The man's face twisted into a bloodthirsty leer and turned to two of his cohorts.

"Show this punk what it means to mess with us!"

The leader stepped back as his two buddies rushed towards Naruto, hoping to pin the blonde down. Naruto pushed Kotegawa away and grabbed arm of one thug while using his headbutting the other in the chest, causing him to stumble. He then tripped the other thug, causing the delinquent to fall hard on the ground. Naruto still wasn't done and ruthlessly stomped the thug's face rapidly until it resembled a bloody mess. Naruto then grabbed a nearby trashcan lid and smashed it into the other thug's face, knocking him out. Naruto smirked and turned to the leader who was gnashing his teeth.

"Anymore bitch?"

The brute turned to the rest of his gang and pointed at Naruto.


Kotegawa watched in amazement as Naruto decimated the rest single-handedly, taking each thug down ruthless power. Naruto jumped in the air and kneed the closest one in the face. He spun about and drove his elbow into another person's eye. He ducked a swing from an iron pipe and sprang back up, smashing his fist into the outstretched arm. The thugs screamed as a sickening crack was heard and his arm flopped about. Naruto grabbed the hair of another thug and drove the man into the ground, stomping the back of his head for good measure. Naruto kneed his next opponent in the groin and slammed his fist into the last thug's throat, causing the unfortunate teen to choke on his own saliva. Naruto looked down at the teen writhing in pain and casually kicked his temple, knocking the hooligan out. Naruto turned to the brute and crossed his arms.

"Is that all you got?" Naruto asked.


The brute pulled out two switchblades and charged at Naruto. Kotegawa screamed in terror as he came closer towards Naruto. However, Naruto easily dodged his clumsy strikes and placed both of his palms on the brute's abdomen. Before anyone could react, the brute was sent flying into the wall at such force, he was embedded in the wall. The brute hacked blood and flinched as Naruto came closer. With a mighty yank, Naruto peeled the brute from the wall and threw him against the ground. Kotegawa shivered as she saw the angry look in Naruto's eyes as he pulled the brute's mohawk and used it to drive his face in the ground, hard. Naruto pulled the beaten teen's face from the pavement and forced him to look at Kotegawa briefly before driving it back into the ground. Naruto then used his knee to apply pressure on the brute's cheek as he leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"If you ever show your face around here again, I'll flay you alive and feed your own flesh as sashimi. Comprende?" Naruto whispered. To put emphasis on the threat, Naruto picked the teen's switchblade and let it trace behind his ear, causing the broken gangster to quiver in terror. "Now get out of this town and tell your buddies never to mess with Sainan High."

Naruto confiscated the brute's knives and kicked him away from him. The gangster took one terrified look at Naruto before running away, leaving the rest of his broken gang to limp after their boss. Naruto smirked and quickly tossed the knives in the trash before tuning to Kotegawa. She stared at him, completely frozen in shock.

"Are you alright Yui-chan?" Naruto asked. Kotegawa stared at him in complete awe.

"Why did you save me?" Kotegawa asked. She gasped as Naruto pulled her into a hug and gently brushed her hair in a soothing manner. Naruto could feel Kotegawa's body stiffen in shock but slowly melt in his arms as she realized more and more that she was safe. She looked up to see Naruto's face smiling gently down at her and she could feel Naruto's concern for her. Her eyes watered before she realized it and she broke out into relieved sobs, soaking Naruto's shirt. Naruto simply held her as she cried, waiting patiently until the poor girl settled down. It took a while but soon her sobs reverted into the occasional sniffle. Naruto chuckled and pulled out an orange bandana for her to wipe her face with. Kotegawa mumbled her thanks and wiped her tears, idly noticing that it smelled like vanilla unlike the ramen she expected.

"You may not like what I do in school but I understand that you do it for the students in school. You try your hardest to help the students in your own way and I respect it even if the others feel like you are a burden or dislike you. I don't hate you at all. I helped you because you need help. As long as I'm around, no one will hurt my friends," Naruto whispered in Yui's ear. She looked up at Naruto completely shocked.

"You think of me as your friend?" she whispered. Naruto chuckled.

"Of course I do Yui-chan," Naruto replied. Kotegawa looked away and reddened. She could feel her heart start to race just at the thought of Naruto. When she realized that she was still hugging him, she was mortified but elated as well which confused her. Naruto looked down at Yui again and saw that she was still hugging him.

"Yui-chan, you're still hugging me."

"Sorry Naruto-kun," Kotegawa said quickly. Naruto chuckled.

"It's fine. Do you want me to walk you home?" Naruto asked.

"I'd like that," Kotegawa replied. Naruto smiled and offered his arm out to Kotegawa who took it gratefully, leaning against him while wrapping her arms around his. Naruto smiled, a tad embarrassed, but let it slide as Kotegawa led him to her apartment. During the entire trip, neither of them said a word but didn't care. Naruto surmised that she needed her time while Kotegawa was scared to say anything stupid. After half an hour, Naruto and Kotegawa arrived at her apartment. She looked to Naruto and smiled.

"Thanks for walking me home Naruto-kun," Kotegawa said. Naruto blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

"It's nothing Yui-chan! You can always count on me!" Naruto replied. "I hope you have a good weekend."

Before Naruto could react, Yui hugged him and planted a swift kiss on the cheek. She then ran inside her house and slammed the door, before Naruto realized what happened. Naruto touched his cheek and gaped in complete surprise.

"Holy hell, she kissed me. It's like Sakura all over again. Man this world is weird," Naruto muttered. However, he could not help but grin like a fool and shout at the top of his lungs.


Inside of her apartment, Kotegawa panted and slid down to the floor while her back leaned against the front door. She clenched the handkerchief Naruto gave her and could not help but inhale deeply into the piece of cloth. It only caused her heart to beat faster as she realized what her heart was telling her.

"I love Naruto-kun? I LOVE NARUTO-KUN!"

"Oi Yui? You're alright!"

Her unfortunate older brother was trampled by his younger sister in her haste to lock herself in her room. Said brother blinked in surprise before his face split into a wide grin.

"Little Yui's in love! I'd never thought I'd see the day!"

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