A/N: this is going to be based on the episode where Arthur kills a Unicorn and he drinks the 'poison,' but as we all know this was not really poison just sleeping draft. Also half the memories will be Merlin's PoV and the other half will be Arthur's I will tell which is which when we switch persons. I know it's weird because he's dead but it's the only way I could find without skipping right past his death. But the no italic type will always be Arthur POV. You'll understand more as the story starts!

I stayed in bed the next day and the day after. I refused food and didn't let anyone into my room. Father grew worried and came storming in one day telling me to get up and get one with my life. I told him that he was my other half, that we were two sides of one coin. He didn't understand my words and left in a huff.

Merlin's PoV

Gedref the unicorn keeper was calling after me as I ran away from the table that held a dead Arthur. I couldn't think, I could barely breathe as I fell into some corner if this godforsaken labyrinth. I love him; I will always love him… until I die…. Please consume me take away this pain inside me knowing he's gone...

I always thought that we would be together. There was no doubt in my mind that we were going to pretty much rule side by side until the end of my life. I feel as if someone had ripped out my heart and used it as an arrow target. Every time I think of him that thudding pain hits me. Why did he do that? Why didn't he stay for the explanation that man could have given him? Why did I drink that? If I hadn't have drunk that stupid thing then he would still be here. But everyone else would have been gone and that wouldn't have made it any better.

My magic consumed me. It was like a whirl wind had started around me devouring everything in its path. Soon I felt like I was drifting away from this world. Slowly but surely the pain was dissipating and I was gone, free of a world full of aching for him to be there again. All insecurity and wondering if he loved me or not vanished. This was my end, too….

Arthur's PoV

I heard a snap like something was cracking through the darkness that came over me and dragging me back to reality. Gedref was there and telling something incoherent. Pulling me to a standing position he told me to go after my friend.

"Why? What happened? Is something wrong; tell me now?" I was frantically pacing and shaking my hands in the air.

"I don't know but you must go get him I fear something terrible has happened but I can't tell what it is. Go now, you have passed."

All I could think about was him as I ran through the maze. I came to the center of the labyrinth and there was a circle that looked like a tornado landed there and then went straight back up. Nothing else around it was destroyed. Walking forward I saw a small lump in the middle. I ran tears streaming down my face knowing the worst was coming. I cradled his head in my arms softly rocking back and forth; I was crying so much I could barely see.

"No, no, no," I whimpered over and over, praying this was just a dream a horrible nightmare that I couldn't wake from. "Please dear god if you are merciful let this not be real. I love him, I do. Bring him back, I have no one else just bring him back to me. Let me love him like he should have been loved," weeping I sat there saying sad I love you's into his hair. I would never see his bright face smiling up at me. I would never see his glazed pleasured looked as we 'cuddled' (that's what he called it) after making love. Half of me was gone so how does someone go on without half of themselves.

I couldn't do it by myself. I carried him back to my room. People tried to stop me and take him from me, but I kept moving forward to my room where I laid him. I wept there until I fell asleep then woke up and found his cold hand still held by mine. Then I cried even more, my father came in not soon after and released me from my daze leading me into the dining hall. While the servants took his body redressing him and putting him into a box.

The funeral was at the end of the day. They had to hold me back from jumping into the pit with him. I had to sit there at watch the only person I would ever love be lowered into the ground never to be returned to life….

I sit here at his grave a sword to my chest waiting for the courage to come to me. Press down straight into my heart, drifting slowly into oblivion. Blood seeping through me and onto the ground, onto his grave. We become one again in another life; where I will tell him I love him and he is there waiting for me to hold him and never let go.

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