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She walks down the hallway with her fiery, red hair swing side to side every step she took that the heels of her shoes made noise which echo in the empty hall. She was walking to her class from another crime fighting with her two sisters, who was going to their classes too.

Blossom never liked to leave out in the middle of class especially during Physic where she has a test in and don't really want to rush. She looked up at the clock that was on the side of the wall that reads eleven twenty-eight.

'I have only have twenty minutes left in class. What's the point of going to class when it's almost over?' she thought to herself as she walked around the corner and stopped in her tracks to a nervous shock. Her face starts to turn red as her skirt she was wearing and her heart beating faster than the speed of light, all because of him; Brick Jojo.

He was still bad and evil like his brothers, but for some reason Blossom found him attentive over the years. At first, he was the last person she wanted to see, but now he just make her melt inside. This was a strange feeling for her since he is one of her worst enemies.

He walked closer toward her path while she took a deep breathe so when he say something (which she know he is) she can have a comeback and act like she hates his living guts. She goes back to walking and tries to look past him, but his glossy red eyes pulled her attention into his with a smirk that had her blushing.

"Hey Red" he said. Blossom just kept on walking trying not to turn around because of her rosy red cheeks showing that she was blushing. "Well, yeah I'm good too. Just skipping that's all." Blossom didn't want to talk to him, but deep down she really did.

She stopped and turned her body around to him which he was standing in his spot as well. "You do know that skipping is bad and will affect your grades in your classes?" she questioned sounding like her bossy self.

Brick chuckled. "If you haven't noticed yet Red, but I know half of the stuff at this school like the back of my hand" he walked over to her and making her even more nervous than before. His eyes scanned her body from chest to toe. 'He's just a perv, but he's so hot. Why am I feeling this way toward him?'

"You should skip with me. We only have a few minutes in this period, so why waste time in class?" he said.

"Skip? You're joking right? I may be late for class, but I'm not skipping" she said shaking her head.

"Come on Red. I know you don't really want to walk in class and have all those kids see an straight A student who never been tardy to class in life, would you?" he smirked. Blossom never been abused to school before, but it wouldn't hurt if she did skip Physic class. She can just make up the test some other time, but what if it goes on her permanent record? Missing one day of class? What if she gets caught? All this running in Blossom's mind just to see if it's all worth it for a boy she has a shameful crush on.

She sighed as she made up her mind. "Okay. What you want to do?" she asked as a devilish smile appear on his face that gave Blossom a bad feeling of the choice she made.

"Follow me" he said as he turned around and start walking with his short, red hair ponytail swung side to side like Blossom's.

She changed her mind about this, but her feet were moving anyway and followed Brick. She was thinking of where he was leaning her. Was it a trap? What does Brick want Blossom to follow him for? Even though Blossom had feelings for him doesn't mean she trust him. He still a Rowdyruff and she still a Powerpuff. She is not going to let her guard down from him. Not until they get to their location.

A few seconds later, Brick walked toward a door that was on the right side of the hallway. Blossom was puzzled of what he leaded her to.

"Um, what is this?" she asked.

"My hideout" he answered as he unlocked the door with a small key. He opened the door where there was stairs going down a dark room. "Ladies first" he stepped beside her and let her walk down the stairs as he looked around to make sure no one was around then walked behind her and closed the door.

It was pitch black and Brick turn the switch on for the lights. The room lit up and there showed a desk that looked like a teacher's desk with a chair behind it, two other desks that were dusty, some boxes up against the wall on the left, and a small TV on the desk. Blossom looked around to see if there anybody else in here.

"Don't worry this isn't a trap" Brick said walking pass Blossom and to the chair behind the big desk and sat down in it. Blossom just stood in the middle of the small room. She was uncomfortable of the messy room.

"Take a seat Red. Stop looking like a lost puppy"

Blossom looked over at the small desks that had writing and dust on them. She gave them a disgusted look. "No thanks I'm good here." She second guesses herself of following him here. Nothing here that would keep her entertained, so why she came?

"Come here Red" he said catching Blossom's attention from the room and looked over to him. He had an innocent look on his face; it was calmed and made Blossom blush. Now she remembers why she came; because of him.

Blossom made her way over to Brick and stood next to him as he got up from his seat and looked down from her. Brick's scent made Blossom melt inside and made her want him right here in this room, but she knew she couldn't do that. She doesn't want him to know that she likes him, but he just standing in front of her looking at her. He looked into her pink eyes with his red ones.

"Why are you just standing there? Do I have something on my face?" she asked. He picked his arm up and start caressing her cheek with his hand then lean down to kiss her. Blossom eyes widen and her heart felt like it was ready to explode from excitement. She couldn't believe what was happening. He slightly opens his mouth and forced his tongue into her mouth and start playing around with it. Blossom didn't do anything because she still in shock of her crush making out with her. She finally gave in and wrapped her arms around his neck and did the same to him. They start making out then his lips went to her neck start sucking on it and feeling all over her body making her feel so good. He then start to slide his hands under her shirt before he could go all the way in it she stopped him by holding his wrists. He stopped kissing her neck and looked at her.

"What's wrong?" he asked like there's nothing wrong going on here.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"I thought we were going to have some fun by doing a little something" he smiled at her.

"No Brick, I can't do this. We can kiss, but that's just it" she said. He looked at her puzzled of her statement.

"Well, since you liked me I thought I would give you something" he said. Blossom was surprised. He knew! He knew that she liked him and he never told her about it. Blossom didn't know what to do.

Brick sighed and rolled his eyes. "Look if you don't want to do this I understand" he said sounding a little upset.

"No." she said before she pulls her shirt over her head and taking her shirt off and showing her hot pink bra. "We can. I should learn to do something new anyway" she flirty smiled at him as his eyes widen of being surprised since he never would have thought that Blossom, leader of the Powerpuff Girls would start stripping right in front of him. He got so excited he couldn't help himself by reaching his arms around to her back to unstrap her bra and took it off and letting it drop to the floor.

Just as the bra dropped, Blossom's arm quickly went up to cover her breasts.

"What the hell Red. I thought you wanted this?" he said confused of Blossom seducing him then covering her chest like a shy little girl who scared to death.

"I'm just a little nervous of what we about to do" she said.

"If it makes you feel better I can take my shirt off too" he said then lifts his baggy shirt up over his head then threw it on the floor lying over her bra. Blossom stared at Brick's eight pack and muscular arms. This was the first time seeing him without a shirt and she loved every bit of it and wanted him even more before.

She starts to lower her arms from her chest as Brick lick his lips getting ready to see the beautiful red head's chest. As she finally let her arms down to her sides he stared at the 36 C-cups that looked round and tender. Brick rubbed her sides then made his way up to her breasts and start messaging them with both of his hands. Blossom felt pleasure from this. She was ashamed and glad of the feeling from Brick feeling her up. She knew this was wrong, but she couldn't turn down an opportunity like this with Brick.

He then stop messaging her breasts and start squeezing her nipples that gave Blossom even more pleasure and let out a soft moan each time he squeeze them tighter. He lower his head to her right breast and remove his right hand then suck on her nipple while squeezing her other one. Blossom started moaning louder as he suck, bite, and lick her nipple and rubbing on the other breast. This was the best moment ever in her whole life. Brick started rubbing Blossom's thigh with his right hand then going up her skirt and rubbing her womanhood area through her panties and sending even more pleasure through her body. He stopped rubbing and licking Blossom's nipples and leaving her disappointed, he kneeled down to her private area and pull her skirt up and her pink panties down.

"No! Don't do that!" Blossom shouted of embarrassment by Brick revealing her vagina that wasn't so hairy. Brick looked up at her and gave her smirk then looked back at her vagina and played with her clit and having Blossom moaning softly again. He played with her client then sends his index finger in her slowly and letting a gasp sound escape her mouth. Brick went in and out slowly and rubbing her clit at the same time having Blossom moan and start rubbing her own breasts for some reason. She had gotten so horny from Brick fingering her that she had to satisfy herself by rubbing her breasts. She didn't want this to stop; she wanted him to keep going. She had her eyes closed and rubbing her breasts when she felt something wet on her also wet vagina. She opens her eyes and looked down to see Brick licking her vagina as he fingers her. She keeps moaning then bit down on her bottom lip and tilts her head back of lots of pleasure.

"Keep…going…please don't…stop" Blossom moaned, "Faster…go faster!" she demanded. He put his middle and ring finger in her pussy hole and as he was doing it she was moaning loud; and as she wished he went faster than before. Every time he went in and out, in and out he was making noise because of her pussy being so wet. Brick then started nibbling on her clit that she moaned louder. She felt like she was going to climax anytime soon. She kept moaning louder and louder she felt like she was about to go crazy of what he was doing to her. He goes faster and deeper into her pussy knowing she would like it and she did. She starts grinding her hips with his fingers in her to make it feel even better. This was the best thing ever for her.

"I'm about to cum!" she screamed as he continued to finger her faster and nibbling her clit, so she could possibly cum. She let out a loud moan as she came all over his fingers and mouth. He took his fingers out of her and licks off all of her cum around his mouth then got up and smiled at her.

"You taste good, want some?" he said as she was panting and leaning against the desk to keep her balance. She shook her head and he shrugged his shoulders. "More for me than" he licked her cum off his fingers as she looked at her. "You better get dressed, so you can be ready for class" She then realize that she was school and possibly had a few seconds before her next class starts.

"Oh no, I have to get ready" she said she stood back up then lean down to pull her panties up then quickly grabbed her shirt and put it on then ran toward to be stop by Brick calling her, "Red!" she turned around and saw her bra in his hand. "Leaving something?" he told her and she gave him a flirty smile.

"Keep it. To remember me by" she said before heading up the stairs and out the door leaving Brick pleased and her satisfied.