The Game of Truth

Here we are again
Maidens hand in hand
Each one near perfect
And yet each one is damned
We all strive towards the same
To win in the Alice Game

So now let us fight
To take our sister's lives
Yet in this we must protest
Our utmost innocence
As all we want is to see that person again
And win in the Alice Game

Coming closer fear danger and pain
Each one strong
In her own way
Just one tiny error
And that sister will surely pay
In the course of the Alice Game

First is Suigintou, mean, strong and sly

Next is Canaria, at anything willing to try

Third and fourth are twins whom each other want to save

The Fifth is haughty Shinku, proud, loyal and brave

Baby Hinaichigo names not one her foe

And the Seventh is an unknown rose

All seven sisters united for one thing
The forbidden game that they all want to win
The reward is the only thing that they want
To receive their Father's love
And so they will keep on, until the end they will play
To pull through the Alice Game


I thought I was the best
The strongest of them all
Yet here I am broken
The first one to truly fall
But I am brought back to fight again
Even though I lost in the Alice Game


I wonder how I,
Canaria, shall fare
This intensity is
Really giving me a scare
But I will not put myself to shame
I will fight for the Alice Game


I do not wish to fight
But nor will I sacrifice
For the sake of my twin
I shall play to win
Our souls are one and the same
So I will join in the Alice Game


In battle I have no fear
And then my goal seems clear
And yet to my other half
I could never wish any harm
But for my Father's sake
I must take part in the Alice Game


I know I have a
High chance of winning
But surely our Father would
Not encourage this fighting
So I will play, but in my own way
For I am sure this is not the true Alice Game


I am the youngest
Mentally immature
The easiest target
That is for sure
I was the first to lose my Maiden's name
Yet I am still part of the Alice Game


I am the seventh Rose
The sister whom nobody knows
I simply want my sisters' power source
So I will take their mediums by force
Trapping each one in my web until they are tame
But I am dragged into the Alice Game

The Alice Game, the game of truth
It is forbidden, of that there is proof
But if that is their Father's wish
They will comply no matter the anguish
For that is just how they are; they go through so much pain
For the sake of the Alice Game

Just a poem that hit me in English class... it fits to the instrumental music 'The Alice Game' from the Rozen Maiden sound track.

NOTE: this is based on both the anime and manga of Rozen Maiden combined; Barasuishou isn't in it, Kirakishou is, like the manga. but Suigintou broke and then came back again, like in the anime.