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Mulder walked down the hallway towards Scully's door, carrying a parcel wrapped in brown paper. He had a goofy grin plastered across his face and was practically bouncing on his feet, he was excited about surprising her by showing up this morning. He couldn't remember ever feeling this happy and carefree, for a moment he contemplated actually skipping, until he saw Mrs Lowenstein, Scully's elderly neighbour exiting her apartment up ahead and decided he didn't need to make an ass of himself quite this early on a Saturday morning. As he walked, he lost himself in thought. He and Scully had moved their relationship on from purely platonic almost three months ago and since then he had been floating about in a haze of happiness. Not many people knew about the change; Maggie, the Gunmen, Scully's best friend Kathy. Mulder suspected that Skinner knew, judging by the looks he kept shooting at him when Scully's back was turned, he'd even winked once, but that was it. The rest of the Bureau had their suspicions of course, but that was no different from the past seven years.

Mulder didn't really remember what triggered the change, and if he was honest with himself, he didn't really care now that Scully was his girlfriend. God he hated that word, it made them sound about fourteen years old, but it was true. She'd even heard him use it and hadn't gotten mad at him. Instead she had her revenge by calling him her boyfriend in public and once to the Gunmen who had made it their mission to mock him at every available opportunity. Last night had been a case in point. Mulder had gone out with them for cheese steaks and a few games of bowling, Scully hadn't come, claiming she wanted a night relaxing at home and calling up Kathy for a chat. Mulder hadn't wanted to think what that chat would include and had gone out with the guys who kept asking if he'd be allowed to come out once Scully forced a ring on his finger. Of course Mulder knew it was all in good humour, the Gunmen loved Scully and were delighted not to be having to deal with any more of Mulder's whining as they called it.

Finally, he arrived at Scully's door and knocked. He waited a few moments before the door opened and the smile he was wearing fell to the floor. Instead of Scully, a man stood in the doorframe wearing nothing but black suit pants. His hair looked messy and he was clearly very tired, it was obvious to Mulder that whoever this man was, he hadn't gotten very much sleep the night before. The two men stared at each other for a moment, neither seeming to know what to say. The stranger was first to break the silence,

"Fox Mulder?" he questioned, the man seemed nervous.

"Who the hell are you?" Mulder replied in a voice far more dark and dangerous than he had intended to use. The man before him shifted uncomfortably for a second but never got chance to reply.

"Mike, who was at the door?" came Scully's voice as she appeared behind him in the living room. Mulder took in her appearance and felt the anger; hurt and betrayal begin to course through his blood, burning up his muscles and making his skin feel like fire. She obviously hadn't slept much either. She was still wearing her makeup from last night, now smudged and blotchy on her face. Her hair was un-brushed and messy and she was wearing a man's dress shirt over her pyjamas, it wasn't one of his. Scully's eyes met Mulder's and she realised exactly what she was seeing, the two men still stood facing one another in her doorway. As the burning reached Mulder's eyes and consumed his entire body, he saw the look of panic spread across her face.