"Yes, I think we've made it this time!"

Three men crawled into the just created tunnel. Finally after months of searching and getting through the thick rocks they had made their way into the tomb. Greedy they tried to push each other back to be the first one to get a glance of that they had searched for so eagerly. A pretty large, golden chest stood in the middle of the half destroyed room.

"Finally, the treasure of the Nameless Pharaoh is found again…" one of the men named Carl whispered.

Half a year ago there were rumors the items of the Pharaoh were found but those rumors changed. People than said the items were hidden again. And now they were the ones to find it again.

"This is going to make us famous!" Carl said.

"Forget famous, what about rich!" Another man named Arghus said.

"Let's take some pictures of it and leave this place." The third man named Uman said.

"Pictures, are you out of your mind?" Arghus said with a stern voice.

"These holy objects belong in a museum." Carl said.

Carl turned around to investigate the chest. Suddenly he heard a thud followed by another more low thud. He turned around to see one of his colleagues unconscious on the ground.

"What is going…"

But before he could finish his sentence, he too was hit by a rock and hit the ground.

"Sorry, but you have no idea what these are and what power they content." Uman whispered.

He kneeled down and opened the chest. Seven items shined in his face.

"Finally I've got the Millennium Items!"

Uman reached out to the Millennium Key but then…all seven started to disappear.

"What…no no noooo!"

He saw how they started to vague away. With panic in his eyes he tried to grab them, but his hands went straight through them. After a few seconds, they were gone.