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Jamie Keller stood behind the old bar with the newspaper in front of her. Bodies of three missing teens found stabbed. She sighed and folded up the paper. "Damn it!" She cursed out loud. "Those fucking idiots!"

"What's wrong with you now, girl?" Her Uncle Harold asked her as he walked over to grab another beer for him and his other hunting buddies.

"You know that case me and Brian have been working on for the passed few week? The one with the possible possession, closed." She sighed.

"That's good right?" He asked her as he popped the cap off the beer bottle.

"No. They were found stabbed and stacked on top of each other. Only means one thing."

"Winchesters." Her Uncle said.

"Yeah, I hate those guys. They don't care about saving people. All they care about is one thing, killing the demon. They don't even try to help the victims. They just go in swinging. You know…One day they are going to get what's coming to them." Jamie said and pounded her fist on the bar.

"Best we can do is stay away from them and do our job the way we were taught." Harold said and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Keep your chin up." He told her.

"I'm trying." Jamie said and smiled at him as he walked away. She looked back down at the paper to read that two banks were robbed last night not far from where the bodies were found. She just shook her head. Those guys were just about as bad as demons in her eyes.

It was just after eight at night and business at the bar was starting to pick up. It was just another Friday night and everything was going great. Everyone was laughing and having a great time, drinking a few beers, and playing some pool. That was until her brother Brian ran through the door in a panic. "We got trouble!"

"What did you do now?" Jamie asked. Her brother was known for getting into his share of mischief.

"Nothing. Just saw the Winchesters and their guys heading this way," he said still trying to catch his breath. "We need to lock the door and get the hell out of here."

"No! They are not going to run us out of here." Jamie said. "They need to learn they don't rule the world!"

"Jamie, I think its best we just close down. We don't need any more trouble." Harold said.

"Why should we hide from that asshole?" she asked.

"We aren't hiding. We are just being the better people by not starting anything." Harold said. "Now help me lock up."

"Yes sir." Jamie sulked.

Before she could get over to the door, she heard a very familiar sound. She knew that sound all too well. It was the sound of a 67 Chevy Impala and that could only mean one thing. "They're here." She said.

"Ok then lets just stay calm. Let's see what they want." Harold said. Jamie knew what Dean wanted and he wasn't going to get it. She would die first.

Jamie stood still behind the bar as the other hunters watched the door. Within seconds, the door flew open and in walked Dean and Sam Winchester along with other members of their group, "Honey…I'm home." Dean said with that evil smirk across his face as he looked over to Jamie.

Jamie balled up her fist at her side as she watched the five men walked into their bar. "You need to leave." Brian stood up and said to Sam who was a good two feet taller than him.

Sam just laughed and pushed Brian, "Shut up tiny! No one was talking to you." He said as Brian fell back into the chair.

Dean looked over and saw some of the other hunter reach for their gun and he just gave them a warning, "I wouldn't do that if I were you. Things could get real ugly real fast if you piss me off. You don't want that do you?" The hunters just remained still as Dean made his way over to Jamie, "Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Long time no see, baby. Did you miss me?" he asked.

"Not as much as you missed me I'm sure." She said with her hands on her hip. "What the hell do you want, Winchester?"

"What? Cant a guy come into a bar with his buddies and get a cold beer after a long night of cleaning up your messes?" he asked.

"We don't serve your kind here." Jamie said. "No how about you get the hell out."

"Oh I love a feisty woman." Dean winked, "So tell me…what is my kind?" Dean asked he as he leaned on the bar. "I'm a hunter. Just like these losers you serve everyday."

"No…You're assholes who call themselves hunters. You think you can play by your own rules and you don't give a fuck who you hurt. You people are not like us. You're barely human." Jamie said. "You are anything but a hunter."

Dean turned around to his guys who were smiling, "Well, she's got us there." He said and they began to laugh as he turned back to her. "Ok let's cut the shit. I came here to see if you are ready to take me up on my offer and you know I hate to hear no."

"I would rather die and burn in hell" she said. No one else knew what he was talking about but she remembered the offer he made her over a year ago and she thought she made herself clear back then. If he didn't get the hint then she was going to have to give him another one.

One Year Ago

Jamie saw the demon still tied to the chair where she left him but something was different. His head was down and there was blood dripping to the floor. "No No No!" she said and dropped her book to the floor. She lifted the head and checked for a pulse but there was nothing.

"He's dead." She heard someone say from behind her. She turned around and saw a very tall man leaning against the door. "I took care of him right after you left to go get your little book."

"Who the hell are you?" Jamie asked, "And what gave you the right to kill him?" she yelled.

"Names Dean Winchester and I had every right. He was a demon. You're welcome." He smiled.

"There was an innocent boy in there!" she yelled.

"So…not anymore. I saw a demon and I killed him. That is what I do." He said. "You'll thank me one day." He said and walked over and put him arms around her, jerking her to him. "Maybe you should thank me right now."

Jamie pushed away from him hard, "Get your hands off me!" she snapped. "I want nothing to do with you or people like you!"

"People like me?" he asked.

"Hunters who kill for fun. Shoot first ask questions later. Yeah…I know who you are." Jamie said.

"Do you now? Well you know me so why don't you tell me who you are now so we can get down and dirty." He said and grabbed her arm but she jerked it away again.

"Go to Hell." She walked around him and Dean grinned following her. She picked her book up his eyes staring at her ass as she bent down. She stood up and felt his arm around her waist but before she could react he had a knife to her neck. She glared angrily at the wall in front of her and Dean took the book from her. He kept the knife to her throat as he opened up to the first page.

"To our little girl Jamie love always, mom and dad," Dean leaned close to her ear, "How sweet? Jamie is it?" He looked back down at the book and flipped to the back that had her full name on it, "Jamie Keller...well Jamie I have a proposal for you."

"I don't want anything from you."

She heard him laugh which irritated her even more. He was slime and she hated him.

"Now, now Jamie we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Preferably I like the hard way," he turned her around slamming her against the wall in front of them and having the knife still at her throat, "It's such a turn on."

"Nice to know hurting defenseless things turns you on Winchester."

Dean smirked, "There's a lot more that turns me on. And if you take my proposal you'll find out."

"Screw you."

Dean's smirk grew, "Later tonight good for you?" Jamie gritted her teeth "Now...Jamie, you can either leave here with me join my group or...leave here with demon boy over there in a body bag when the police find you."

"You can shove that deal up your ass with a twist! I'll never join you."

Dean laughed, "Jamie, Jamie, Jamie...I don't want to hurt that pretty face. Now come on."

"I'd rather burn in Hell."

"Jamie!" He growled angrily, "This is your last chance. Either join me or die!"

Jamie and Dean stared into each other's eyes. She didn't want to die but she never would join Dean's gang of miscreants. She looked at his arm and noticed an advantage. If she did this wrong he would cut her throat and she would slowly die. It was a chance she would have to take.

Jamie's right arm swung out and slammed into his knocking the knife on the floor. She kicked him in the stomach a couple times making him drop the book. She grabbed her book and ran when Dean slammed her into the ground.

"Bitch!" He punched her in the face, "You want to fuck with me? Huh?"

Jamie saw the knife on the other side of her and grabbed it. And as fast as she grabbed it was as fast as it went into Dean's shoulder missing his heart. He yelled and backed off her as she punched him and kicked him on his back. She grabbed her book and ran out the door.

Dean sat on his knees breathing heavily as he took the knife out of his shoulder. He growled loudly and looked out the door. She'll regret she ever did that.


Dean remembered making her the offer like it was yesterday. He had the scar to remind him of it every day. Now he was going to make her say yes whether she liked it or not. "I am only going to ask you this one more time. Are you with me or not?"

"And like I told you before, I would rather die than ever join you!" she snapped.

"I didn't want it to come to this but you left me no choice." Dean said and turned to his guys and nodded.

They all pulled out their guns and pointed them at everyone. Sam yanked up Brian from the chair and held the gun to his head. Jamie saw them and was about to run over to help him when Dean grabbed her by the hair and jerked her back. "Oh I don't think so sweetheart. Now you listen and you listen to me good. You are either coming with me now or I am going to make you stand here and watch as we burn this place to the ground with everyone in it. After I let Sam kill your brother that is."

Jamie saw the fear in her brother's eyes. It was her job to look after him. "Let him go." She said.

"Not until you say yes." Dean said.

Jamie looked around the room and everyone was shaking their head no, telling her not to agree but she knew Dean would make good on his word. They would all die. These people were like her family. She had to keep them safe. "Leave them alone and…."

"And what?" Dean asked.

"And I'll go with you!" she yelled, "Just leave them alone!" she said with a tear in her eye.

"Just what I wanted to hear. I have big plans for you." Dean said then shoved her to Sam who had let Brian go. "Tie her up and put her in the back seat." Dean said.

"Jamie no!" Harold yelled and Dean just pulled his gun out and pointed it at him.

"One more step and I shoot. Now I promised to leave you pussies alone so don't make me go back on my word. Plus I can make things really uncomfortable for her." Dean warned.

Harold knew there was nothing he could do right now. He had to get a better plan together before he could save his niece from these guys. He nodded at Dean and slowly sat back down, "Good." He smiled, "Glad we have an understanding."

Dean and his other guys cleaned out the register and stole about ten cases of beer before they finally left the bar but not before giving another warning. If anyone dared come after Jamie, they would die and she would die with them.

Dean walked back out to his car and got in. He looked in the back to see Jamie tied up and gagged, "She give you too much trouble?" Dean asked Sam who had a beer opened in the passenger seat.

"Nothing I couldn't handle. You are going to have a hard time breaking this one." Sam grinned.

"You know me…I love a challenge." Dean said then looked back at Jamie and could see tears, "Time to take you to your new home." He said as he drove away.

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