One month later

Jamie's POV

I zipped up my last duffle bag and sighed as I looked around the bedroom. It seemed empty. No clothes thrown everywhere, no weird unexplained Dean smell, nothing on the walls….it was just empty and I wasn't sure how I felt about this. This room, the place, has been a home to me for a year now. It has been one year since I was forced to come here. I thought that was the worst say of my life but now…now I'm not so sure. I love Dean and our dysfunctional relationship. Call me crazy but it seems to work for least for now.

"Hey you ready?" Dean asked when he walked into the room and up behind me.

I turned to him and smiled. I really didn't have an answer to that question but I put on a smile and said, "Yeah I'm coming baby."

He kissed me on my cheek and picked up my bag, "Good we need to get the hell out of here before it get too late."

I stood there and watched him walk away. I took one more looked around the room. List chapter of my life was over and time to start the next. I walked over and turned out the light before walking out of the door.

Alice's POV

I sat up in the bed when I heard the sound of babies crying and things being dropped to the floor, "Sam?" I called out.

"Damnit!" Was all I heard him say. I was still a little sore but I was getting better everyday. I climbed out of the bed and made my way down the hallway. When I got to the kitchen I saw both girls in their bouncers on the floor and Sam rushing around like he was a lot little boy or something.

"Sam is everything ok?" I asked him as I smiles down at my perfect little girls.

Sam turned to me and sighed, "What are you doing up? I got this." He said and he looked awful. His hair was a mess, his shirt was covered it spit up and baby formula.

"Yeah I can see that." I said as I picked up Olivia who was still fussing, "Can I help?"

"You don't need to baby. You need to sleep." Sam said.

"Sam, I'm fine I promise."

He sighed and smiles when I said that, "Thank God because I'm lost right now. The one on the right is fed but messy and that one is hungry now and I thought I fed her but I think I fed the other twice and I figured that out when she threw up on me."

I tried not to laugh. He was still finding it hard to keep the apart but the main thing was he was trying his best and that's all I could really ask for. "Ok sweetie, just go get cleaned up and let me take it from here. And just so you know Olivia is in pink and Alexis is in purple." I smiles.

I watched Sam run his fingers through his hair. Maybe I should have mentioned this before. Oh well I smiles as I watched him walk down the hallway. I look over at Olivia who was in my arms and smiled, "Are you giving daddy a hard time?" I never knew I could love anything as much as I love my girls.

Jamie's POV

After loading the car Dean and I headed back to Sam and Alice's house to say out goodbye. Dean said he just wanted to get on the road but I knew he couldn't leave without saying bye to his brother and his nieces. He loved those little girls even if he wouldn't admit it to anyone.

"Ok we go in, say bye, and get the hell out of here." Dean said as he opened the door and walked inside, "Sammy you dressed man?" he called out.

I shook my head and followed Dean inside. I smiled when I saw Alice standing there with the twins in her arms, "There are my girls." I said and walked over and took Alexis from her, "He baby girl." I smiled.

"Five minutes and you give her back." Dean said and looked at me and then the baby, "What?" he asked her.

"Dean she likes you." I said.

"Who girl doesn't?" he winked.

"Yeah yeah." I said. "You know you love her."

Dean ignored me and gave Alexis a small smile, "Now you go easy on your dad while I'm gone. No crying, no boys. Got it?"

"Dean she is a month old." I said. Men and babies….always a funny combination.

"I can't believe you two are really leaving." Alice said and I saw a few tears in her eyes, "Who am I going to talk to?"

"I'll come back and you can call me anytime you want." I said and wiped her falling tear away, "Don't worry."

Dean rolled his eyes and headed down the hallways mumbling something about emotional women. I will make him understand one day if it's the last thing I ever do.

Deans POV

Jamie was going to be the death of me. That was for damn sure. What the hell was I thinking asking her to hunt with me? There was no way in hell this was going to go well. The stopping every mile to pee, the women problems and shit like that, the crying, the complaining, yeah this was going to suck but what can you do? I love her and I sure as hell am not going to leave her here without me. I know what the guys are like. No one is going to touch her. She was safer with me.

I walked into the back room and saw Sam lying on the bed and I leaned against the door frame and smiled, "Rise and shine." I said. Sam sat up and looked at me, "Dude you look like ass."

"Tell me about it. I haven't slept in over a month man. They never sleep."

"You'll get use to it I guess. Hell if I know. They take after their dad. You were one bitchy baby." I smiled and walked over and sat next to him, "But you're doing good man. Keep it up."

Sam looked over at me, "A compliment form you? You sick or something?" he asked.

"No and don't get use to it either." I said. "So I guess me and Jamie are about to hit the road."

"I still can't believe you're taking her with you. How do you think that is going to go?" he asked me.

"I guess there is only one way to find out." I said and pulled a set of keys from my pocket, "Here. She's all yours."

I placed the keys to the bar in Sam's hand, "Thanks man. I'm still not sure if I want to open it back up or not. Alice wants to but….I don't know maybe when the kids are older and we have someone else to run the damn thing."

"Whatever you want to do is fine. It's yours." I smiles. "But listen me and Jamie needs to go." I said and we both stood up.

"Alright I'll walk you out." Sam said.

We walked back into the living room when there girls where and they were in full on tears now, "Oh God kill me now." I said. "Dry it up Jamie we need to go so give the kid back." I said and if looks could kill I would be a dead man right now.

"Could you give me a minute please." She said and with that look I would give her an hour.

"Fine I'll be outside." I said and me and Sam headed out the door. God I love that woman.

Alice's POV

So here I was crying my eyes out as I said goodbye to my best friend, my only friend. If not for Jamie I wouldn't be where I am today and I know that…..we all know that. She changed Dean, set Sam straight, and saved me. If not for her I would still be a doormat, scared to stand up from myself. I owe her more than she will ever know.

"Call me when you stop." I said.

"I will and you call if you need me and I will be right back here even if I have to drive all night." Jamie said.

"I will." I said. "Be careful and don't kill Dean."

"No promises." She said and handed me back the baby and kissed he on the cheek, "Take care."

"You too."

As I stood there with my girls in my arms watching Jamie walk out the door I began to wonder if I would see her again. Being alone, hunting with Dean for too long can change a person. I was worried about her but I just had to hope that I would see her again one day and she would still be the same Jamie that saved my life.

Jamie's POV

I sighed as I walked over to Dean and Sam fighting back the tears. I didn't need to hear Dean's comments on how I need to toughen up or whatever. "Ready?" I asked.

"Been waiting on you." He said and looked at Sam, "Alright man I guess I'll see you later."

I watch them shake hands, as if they were nothing more than old buddies. I really had some work to do on him while we were on our own.

Once they parted I walked over to Sam, this giant man that could crush me but deep down he was a softy and I knew it. I watched him with Alice and the girls over the past months and they were going to be ok. I just knew it.

"You take care of them or you'll hear from me." I said.

"I will. Try not to kill Dean." He said.

"Why does everyone keep saying that?" I asked, "But I won't." That when I did the one thing I never thought I would do. I hugged him. We had a bad start but Sam was ok. I actually liked the jerk.

"Ok Jamie stop and let's go. Last warning." Dean said.

I pulled away from Sam and glared at Dean, "Fine." I said and walked around the car and got inside.

Dean climbed in and started the car. I wiped the last tear from my eye and looked over at him, "So this is it? We're really leaving together….to hunt?" I asked.

"Yeah." He said and looked at me, "You think you can keep up with me?"

I saw that cocky smirk and I wanted to wipe it off but I smiles, "The question is can you keep up with me?" I said back.

"You know I can baby." He said before leaning over and kissing me. I held onto that kiss because who knew what was to come our way.

We broke apart and Dean put on his sunglasses and popped a tape in, "I said this once before and now I'm saying it again, Drives picks the music and shotgun shuts his or in your care her cake hole."

I rolled my eyes. This was going to be interesting. Wish me luck guys.

*And that is the end. May be a sequel but not so sure yet. I really hope you liked the story and I want to thank you all for making this my biggest story. It means so much. So please review for me this last time. Thanks again.