Trust My Heart

Tony and Gibbs disappear while working on a case. The problem is that Tony is keeping a secret from Gibbs that could quickly claim his life.

By Emiliana Keladry

Disclaimer: NCIS belongs to CBS, not me... I don't make any money from it or anything like that.

Author's note: I'm very excited about this story, Tony and Gibbs are kidnapped... Tony is hiding something. There will be lots of Gibbs/Tony and father/son moments. I will also try to include the rest of the team. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think! :)

Chapter 1 – With a Lie

Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo rolled over in his bed, looking at the flashing red lights on his digital alarm clock. It stated that it was 2:37 in the morning, that couldn't be right. He picked up the watch on his nightstand and saw that it was a little after four. His stomach turned and he moaned softly, putting the pillow on his face and trying to ignore the nausea. Tony thought that this feeling would end when he got over the flu, but it didn't. He was exhausted, but had trouble staying asleep. If he lay down for too long, it was difficult to breathe and he had to sit up. Sleep wasn't going to come anytime soon. Tony rolled out of bed, rubbing the sore spot on his chest and walked into the living room, dragging his blanket with him. He plopped down on his couch and turned on the TV. There was nothing interesting on, but he didn't feel like standing up and putting in a movie. He dozed lightly, unable to get comfortable.

Tony finally gave up on sleeping and got ready for work. He stood in the shower, letting the warm water wash away the aches in his body. Once he was dry, Tony contemplated what to wear to work. Instead of an expensive suit, Tony grabbed a pair of jeans and a checkered button-down shirt, something he was rarely seen in. He wanted to look like his normal self, but he just didn't feel like it. Tony brushed past his reflection in the mirror and had a small breakfast, not even finishing half of it. He drove to NCIS headquarters in silence. Almost to work, Tony suddenly noticed that his car was making a funny sound. His tire was flat. Tony got out of his car and threw his hands up in frustration as thunder rumbled and it started to rain.

After waiting for the tow-truck, Tony hailed a cab and stepped towards the putrid yellow vehicle. His step was a mistake. The man's foot went straight into a deep puddle of water, soaking his foot and the bottom of his jeans.

"Come on!" Tony grumbled.

He shook the water off his foot and got into the cab.

By the time Tony arrived at the bullpen, Ziva and McGee were already at their desks. Tony dropped his backpack onto the floor with a loud thump and fell into his chair, feeling the long night catching up with him.

"Good morning Tony," Ziva greeted, smiling at him.

"It's not a good morning for everyone."

"Are you alright?"

Tony didn't answer as he picked up the mail that was on his desk. He flipped through it and tossed it into a pile. McGee looked over at his partner, seeing the disheveled look of the normally pristine agent and frowned. Ziva had asked him a question, but he hadn't answered her. Tony's hair was messed up and his face was a little pale. Dark circles had formed under his eyes and it seemed as if he hadn't slept all night. He just looked plain sick.

"You look terrible, Tony," Tim spoke up.

"Thanks Probie. My car got a flat tire, then I had to wait for a cab, I stepped in a puddle and my sock is ruined," Tony retorted, lifting his foot and showing that his pant leg was still very wet.

"Sorry, I know how you hate puddles."

Tony nodded his appreciation and logged his computer on, feeling his sock squish into his shoe.

"Are you feeling alright?" Ziva inquired.

"I'm fine."

"You look a little under the weather."

He smirked. "Very funny. I just had a long night and a bad morning. I'm fine."

The two noticed the dismissal and didn't continue the argument. Tony turned in his chair and put his foot on his desk, slowly pulling off his shoe and peeling off his wet sock. He didn't notice Ducky enter the bullpen, gushing about some delicious treat he had put in the break room. Even Tony's ankles were giving him problems this morning. The medical examiner watched as Tony removed the wet material, hanging it on his lamp.

"Did you have another puddle encounter?" Ducky asked, smiling at the younger man.

"Yep, I think the puddle won this round," he hissed in pain.

Ducky took another look at the ankle and frowned. It didn't look right.

"Anthony, your ankle is swollen," he stated.

Before he could continue, Gibbs stepped into the bullpen. He took a sip of his coffee and smiled at the sight of his senior field agent hanging his sock over the lamp on his desk. Gibbs immediately noticed that he didn't look well. Ducky stepped up to Tony and tried to touch the exposed ankle, but Tony quickly pulled back and put his foot on the floor.

"Morning Boss."

"Anthony," Ducky tried again. "Do both of your ankles look like that?"

"I haven't noticed," Tony lied.

"Gear up. We got a dead marine. He was found in an empty swimming pool with no head," Gibbs announced.

McGee paused for a moment. He watched as Gibbs tossed Tony a pair of clean socks from his desk. Uncharacteristically, he didn't catch them and they fell to the floor. Tony leaned over and picked them up. When he sat up, he was absently rubbing the front of his chest. Gibbs didn't see him. He was focused on his computer screen. Taking a sip of coffee, Gibbs walked around his desk and saw that Ziva and McGee were waiting. Tony was trying to put on the sock and put the wet shoe over it.

"You up for this DiNozzo? You look like hell."

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

Gibbs nodded once and went to the elevator, followed closely by Ziva and McGee. Tony picked up his backpack and his shoe, deciding to put it on in the car. Ducky was still standing in front of him with a concerned look on his face.

"Anthony, I would like to check you over. Swelling in your ankles is not a common occurrence and is most likely due to an underlying cause. We shouldn't let it be ignored by your lack of interest in medical care. It would like to take a blood sample when you return."

"Ducky, I don't think –"

"I must insist."

Tony coughed into his hand, feeling the pain in his chest increase a little. "Alright, you can check me over when I get back."

Ducky watched as Tony walked towards the elevator and realized that Tony must be feeling like crap to admit that he needed to let Ducky look at him. It was going to be a long day for the young man. Tony sat in the backseat of the company car, not even complaining that Ziva got to sit in front. He pulled on the shoe, feeling that it was tight and agreeing that his ankle did look swollen. McGee gave him a concerned look, getting Tony's attention.

"You know this reminds me of a movie," Tony began detailing the cheesy black and white video that he had seen a few nights before.

He saw McGee's expression relax and he knew his plan was working to distract the younger man. Ziva groaned in the front seat and Gibbs smiled at his agent in the rearview mirror. Tony sighed, wondering how much longer he could keep this up.

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