Prologue - Out of Control

Hot. So hot… fire everywhere… blood. Too hot.

Flames roared in all directions; a crimson haze staining the dusky horizon with blood. Dead bodies littered the barren ground, dyed crimson with a stain that, in the memories of those who saw it and lived to remember, would never fade. Grotesque, bat like, drooling, hungry, red-eyed monsters and humans fell alike. They were equals in death by this blade.

Shots rang out; they found their target, as helicopters whirred over head. The Army was moving closer, and now among the screams of the terrified and dying you could hear gunshots and the crackle of radio-communication. Blood bloomed from the first round of fire, down Her back in several places. But She would not fall from something so pitifully weak. Compared to Her, they were nothing. Already, Her flesh had pushed out the bullets and healed over; blood no longer flowed, and soon those guns were sprayed with their wielder's blood.

Her blood-red eyes flashed as living thing after living thing fell under her relentless rampage; human or beast, She made no distinction. Then something more caught Her attention; the first thing She had focused on since opening her glowing eyes. Her red eyes swivelled towards the staggering figure making her way towards Her. The red-eyed One glared at this new arrival, somehow different in a way that made the heat inside stop raging for a while and simply simmer, waiting. Soon the other girl was close enough to make her out properly; she was blood splattered too, and she was clutching her right eye. The heat stopped simmering, and over spilled. With an animal roar, the One with blood-coloured eyes raised Her sword and charged.

"No! Sto-" her words were cut off with a scream and a spray of blood, and then there was nothing left but heat.


I realise this is V. short, but it's a prologue, and I also realize it's kinda boring...

but bear with me for a few chappys; it does get more interesting, I promise!

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