It's been a while since this was updated and now is as good a time as any to lengthen it.

Don't you think kittens.


Burks Diner was a cozy little place. Uzu thought as she sat down in the booth across from Iruka and Kotetsu as their waiter set down their menu's. "Here you guys are-" The man said as he handed Iruka and Kotetsu their menu's before turning his predatory gaze to Uzu and smiled. "And here you go sweetheart..."

Uzu took the menu from him with a polite business like smile. Instinctively knowing that this man was dangerous to her and not wanting to encourage him.

He didn't take the hint. Apparently even a business like smile was enough to get his blood really pumping. He leaned down until he was right in her face and sniffed her. His dark eyes flashing gold for a second before he leaned in a little closer and grasped a strand of her hair and purred. "Your pretty-"

Uzu gave him an annoyed look and slapped his hand away from her, causing him to let go of her hair and blink at her as she hissed. "I'm not interested, now get lost." The shifter gave her a dark look for a second before quickly blanking his features and smiling again.

"I could help you get interested." He said in a cheerful tone. But Uzu could detect the softly veiled threat in his voice. Obviously Kotetsu and Iruka could too since they were watching the exchange between her and the waiter with more than a little bit of interest.

Both sets of eyes glaring at the back of the waiter's head as if they were trying to silently will it to explode. Before the door to the diner opened and Uzu caught sight of Sakumo and Kakashi stepping through the door, their eyes scanning the patrons before landing on her.

Oh dear god kill me now. Uzu thought as she scooted down in her seat as far as she could and quickly put her menu up in a vain effort to hide herself from the two wolves as they walked up to the table and none too politely shoved the waiter aside and quickly sat down.

Sakumo imposing himself on Iruka and Kotetsu while Uzu was forced to move aside or be squished by Kakashi as he sat down. "Hello everyone, sorry we're late." Sakumo said cheerfully. Making it sound as if he and Kakashi had been supposed to meet up with the rest of them.

Kakashi smiled at Iruka who was making angry low growling noises in the back of his throat while Kotetsu exchanged polite greetings with his alpha and the former alpha while Kakashi got comfortable, placing himself firmly between all of the males in the diner and his claim-mate female. Kakashi wrapped an arm around Uzu's shoulders and leaned in and kissed her cheek hoping that the small display of affection would go unquestioned.

It did. For the most part.

Though Uzu didn't seem to appreciate the display much. Which was perfectly understandable since she didn't know him very well and she wasn't used to his need to touch her and be affectionate with her. "Ew. What are you doing?" Uzu fairly shrieked in outrage as she wiped her cheek with her hand.

If it was even possible for a woman to shriek in outrage without raising her voice.

Sakumo snickered as the woman gave Kakashi a dirty look and sort of tried to move away from him.

Which Kakashi didn't particularly feel like letting her do since he kind of scooted over until she was trapped between his body and the wall. "I'm kissing my mate on the cheek. Is there something wrong with that?" He asked innocently.

Uzu stared at him hard for a second and set her menu aside as she muttered. "Just everything. Since you don't know me."

"Well then lets consider this our first date. Tell me something about yourself." Kakashi said cheerfully. Sakumo bit his bottom lip and held his breath, waiting for Uzu to say something.

"My name is Uzu Namikaze. My favorite color is...too difficult to pin point. I paint for a living. And have several other hobbies. My favorite food is...nothing. My habits are none of your business. And if you ever kiss me again without permission I'm going to shiv you in the kidney, and enjoy doing so. Anymore questions?"

Kakashi blinked at her as his father attempted to hide his laughter behind a few coughs as Kakashi thought, Wow. His claim-mate was a little bit of a tough crowd. Wasn't she?

No matter, he'd worked with less information before. And he could do it again. "Alright, well now that we know you're likes and dislikes- I'll tell you mine."

"Not interested." Uzu deadpanned, hoping to deter him from his chosen path. It didn't work, but at least he had the good grace to at least look a bit put out as he locked eyes with her and began speaking again.

"Well too bad. You need to know this stuff... Just in case. Now, my name is Kakashi Hatake. My favorite colors are blue and red and dark green. I'm the current alpha of the wolf shifters, and work as a bar tender for fun. I have too many hobbies to bother with. My most noticeable habits are tracking, hunting, fighting and sunbathing in my wolf form. My favorite food is rabbit with a little side of Chinese. Mainly the kind that serves up precious little kitty cats-" Sakumo sputtered before his jaw dropped open in shock as Uzu looked at him funny, making Kakashi give her a nice toothy grin as he mentally patted himself on the back.

"And I would love to see you try and shiv me in the kidney sometime, ya know, since my reflexes are far greater than the average human's." Kakashi said as he reached out and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear and then put his arm back behind her shoulders and smiled pleasantly.

Waiting for his claim-mate to respond in some way to his words.

She didn't disappoint, that's for sure. Because one moment he was just sitting there smiling and the next she had taken one of the diner's forks and stabbed him in the thigh with it. A far cry from his kidney, but in a painful and tender area nevertheless.