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Rude looked down at his list to see and make sure he had everything. Apples, carrots, broccoli, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, cherries, grapes, lettuce, salad dressing, croissants, milk, butter, eggs, cream cheese, bagels, multi-grain bread, and a baguette.

Satisfied, he went to the meat section where he was to meet up with his husband and his half of the list. He rounded the corner and raised an eyebrow above his shades when he found his wayward spouse looking flustered, holding a family pack of sirloin steaks as he was surrounded by a gaggle of giggling women.

He had to say that his lover looked good though, good enough to eat, dressed in a snug black muscle shirt outlining his strong torso and shoulders as a pair of jeans hugged him in all the right places. No wonder the fairer sex couldn't resist.

He shook his head. 'Every time...' Coming to the rescue, he went up and cleared his throat, a small smirk curling his lips when eyes turned towards him, especially at the pair of grateful green slitted ones as they took in his own large, built form dressed in a simple white polo shirt and a pair of slacks. "Sorry ladies," his deep monotone voiced, showing the ring on his left hand, "but he's taken."

Among the disappointed 'awww!'s, Rude hooked a strong arm around the silver haired male's waist and pecked him on the lips, nuzzling him afterwards. The 'awww!'s soon turned into squeals as the women twittered at how adorably red Loz got at the attention and how cute they were together.

"Now if you'll excuse us," the Turk gave them a polite nod and gently ushered his lover to push his cart along while the women bid them a cheery good day, though when the couple turned and headed towards the cashier, Rude had the distinct impression that they were being followed but made no comment on it. "How'd you do?" he asked as a distraction from their female stalkers while he checked over the contents of Loz's carriage.

Sirloin steaks, ground beef, sausage links, spaghetti, tomato sauce, pizza, tuna, chicken wings, ham, juice, cupcakes, pretzels, chips and dip, cat food, dish soap, sponges, cake mix, and frosting. That should last them the week.

"Okay," the other mumbled, "until I was mobbed again..."

Rude chuckled, "It can't be helped." He leaned in and lowered his voice, pressing his lips to the muscular bishonen's ear, "You are deliciously irresistible."

Somewhere behind them, they heard a loud squeal and giggly chattering about chocolate and vanilla being a classic combination. And Rude had a feeling they weren't talking about food.

Loz blushed beautifully and playfully swatted his husband on the arm before they paid for their groceries and went home.


As they opened the door to their large spacious apartment, footsteps quickly approached, and before they knew it, Loz was abruptly glomped around the waist. "Daddy! Papa! You're home!" Jade squealed delightedly.

"Hey, muffin," Loz chuckled, returning the hug before the 16-year-old moved onto Rude.

"Hey, baby girl," Rude kissed her on the head, wrapping a muscled arm around her slim waist, "excited for dinner tonight?"

"Yep!" she chirped and nodded her head, long banners of silky silver hair bouncing in their pig tails. Some things never change, which Rude was thankful for. "I can't wait for you guys to meet my boyfriend!"

That, however, Rude could go without, like any other good father who still regarded their growing teenage daughter as their little girl. A look over to his spouse told him Loz felt the exact same way about the matter.

The two were very overprotective of their precious daughter, who drew in boys like flies to honey with her radiant beauty and perky, bubbly personality. The Turk remembered all the times in the years past when he and Loz swung their happy little girl in between them while leisurely strolling the beach he used to guard.

Nowadays thanks to puberty, they were chasing off hormonal young men like guard dogs, all because the teenage male population couldn't seem to resist Jade clad only in a bikini top and a pair of daisy dukes her aunts had gotten her as gifts for her birthday earlier that year. Tifa and Aerith had assured them that it was all in good harmless fun when met with Rude and Loz's horror stricken faces, and they couldn't say anything against Loz's Big Sisters. Possibly hindering Jade of anything within reason left a bitter taste in their mouths and made their hearts clench at the thought of her saddened face.

That didn't mean the two parents couldn't take some preventative measures, though they couldn't really do anything while Jade was in school, not that she couldn't take care of herself seeing just who she was related to.

It only grew worse as she matured and aged. Vincent and Sephiroth were very pleased and proud of such good genetics in their adored kin, to say the least. Cid blamed the older Valentines' observations on the late Jenova's influence.

"Oh, Papa Bear, don't frown," Jade pouted, her dainty fingers coming up to smooth the furrows on his brow away. "You'll get wrinkles." She turned and saw Loz pouting as well, "Daddy, too." Leaning up, she kissed her Daddy on the cheek, wrapping her arms around his neck when Loz sniffled a bit and hugged her tightly to his chest, careful of his strength.

"You're growing up too fast," Loz whined, peppering kisses all over her face, making her laugh.

"Daddy!" she giggled, "I promise you both will like Ken. He's smart and kind and funny, and very sweet to me. He's also on the boys' basketball team."

"We'll see," Rude rumbled as his little family helped him carry the groceries into the kitchen to start dinner, "if he somehow manages to get through us, just wait until he meets both you're grandparents, and great-grandparents."

"Plus your uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, and nieces," Loz grinned, "and that's only my side of the family."


Dinner turned out to be a pleasant affair, albeit a little awkward and a little intimidating at first for Ken when he arrived at the door and was greeted by Jade's big, muscular, infamously male parents.

The tall, handsome, black haired boy had gulped and shuffled on his feet a little bit before gaining some nerve and straightened up to his full height, looking them straight in the eyes (or shades) as he stuck a hand out and introduced himself.

He was relieved when both dads returned the gesture and shook his hand in turn, gaining a nod from Rude and a grin from Loz as he was welcomed into their home. At the sight of his girlfriend's beaming face though, he smiled and began to relax, conversations carrying on easily from there.

Answering all of Loz's questions and passing all of Rude's subtle tests, he was steadily gaining their approval with his gentle, well-mannered and easy-going demeanor, especially when they noticed that he gave Jade his full attention when she was talking to him, hanging onto her every word with a doting, lovestruck puppy dog look in his honey brown eyes. The basketball player also scored brownie points for helping clear the table after dinner and washing the dishes with Jade.

Now as a reward, Rude and Loz went out to the balcony for a while, leaving the two lovebirds on the couch in the living room to watch TV, well within sight of course, but enough privacy so that it didn't feel like they were hovering (which they kind of were still).

Ken sighed in relief and ran a big hand through his crop of spiky black hair, feeling accomplished as he sank into their comfy leather couch. Jade giggled next to him, moving to curl up against his side and feel his wiry muscles flex and relax under her hand. "They like you," she smiled at him, and he couldn't help but return it.

"You think so?"

"I know so! They probably would've scared you away right after dinner otherwise, let alone leave us in a room together by ourselves. Daddy and Papa are like that when it comes to boys they don't know, but I'm so glad you passed!" She giggled, "Now all you have left is the rest of the family." Wrapping her arms around his torso to cuddle him, Jade didn't notice her boyfriend pale drastically at the thought of meeting the rest of the Valentines.

He hoped he'd survive Round 2.


Outside on the balcony, the two parents got settled with a couple of beers, Loz sitting on a cushioned chair while Rude sat on a firm pillow on the ground in between his knees, both looking up into the vast sky full of stars out that night.

The silver haired bishonen leaned forward and curled his arms around Rude's neck after taking a sip, rubbing his cheek against the bald head with a purr. Rude chuckled and relaxed in his gentle hold. "So what do you think?" Loz asked his mate.

After a short pause, the Turk answered, "I approve. You?"

"Mmm," Loz bit one multiple-pierced ear, "She's happy, so I'm happy, but if he hurts her..."

"Dual Hound is under the bed where you left it."

"Good!" With a happy smile, he cuddled into his lover's body as the two enjoyed the peace and quiet just a little while longer.

Inside, a shiver of dread rattled down Ken's spine.



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