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Kouta, Yuka, Mayu and Nana were all sitting at the dinner table, with the later three in deep conversation. Kouta however was not in deep conversation; rather he was in deep thought;

Prologue – Reditu diclonius

'It's only been about a week... and I already miss her...'

Yuka had noticed his absence in their conversation and (for once) decided to not comment and instead pretended to ignore his lack of speech. The doorbell's ring interrupted their thoughts and Kouta took this as an excuse to leave the table. Standing up he spoke; "I'll go see who it is."

His three female companions nodded their heads so he walked over to the front door. Opening the door to the front garden a silhouette could be seen on the other side of the bamboo door. He put on his shoes before the ringing of a certain clock reached his eardrums. He smiled in a sad way;

'She would be happy that it's finally fixed...'

He closed the door behind him before walking towards the door that opened into the front yard of the inn. He pushed opened the door and felt his heart stop...

There in front of him was the person he loved...

The person he was supposed to hate but yet couldn't bring himself too...

A bloody murderer but his most dear friend...

It was...


The pink-haired teen looked at Kouta and gave him a smile that he had only seen that one night he thought she met her doom. She nodded before speaking;

"Yes Kouta, I'm finally back."

Kouta's shocked expression changed to one of pure, unbridled joy as he quickly gave her a large and tight hug, something in which she eagerly returned. He then noticed something was missing from the top of her head;

Her two horns were both gone...

"Where are your horns Lucy? The last time I saw you, you still had one horn, where's the other one?"

The pink-haired Diclonius spoke in response;

"Well I went to the police force waiting for my doom when my other horn was knocked off. The next thing I remembered everything went black and the police were all on the ground... Dead."

Lucy looked down, in shame or some other unreadable emotion so Kouta put his hand on her shoulder before speaking;

"I know that you must feel responsible, but if you truly did do that then it's obvious you weren't in control."

Lucy nodded her thanks before placing her soft lips on Kouta's right cheek and kissing him. Kouta's deep-crimson blush only served to make Lucy giggle before speaking;

"Thanks Kouta... You're always so understanding."

Kouta nodded dumbly causing her beautiful laugh to accelerate before he offered her inside, a notion she eagerly accepted.

Yuka, Nana and Mayu had long-since finished their meals and were now relaxing on the couch situated in the lounge room. They looked up when Kouta's voice alerted them to his presence;

"Hey guys, guess whose back?"

They all looked from him to the pink-haired young adult currently standing next to him. They recognised the Diclonius instantly and were both shocked at her appearance and at the happy attitude that she seemed to have.


The three girls got up in shock only to fall back unconscious in complete shock. Kouta rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Well they took the news better than I thought they would."

Lucy giggled at their childish behaviour before Kouta asked her something;

"Wait, so what about Nyu?"

"Tap my head and find out."

Kouta looked at her strangely before nodding and gently rapping his hand on the top of her head... The effect was immediate; Lucy's eyes closed instantly and she fell back, thankfully caught by Kouta before her eyes reopened again. Only this time her eyes were larger and held a much more innocent look than they had before.

The pink haired girl looked around confused;


"Hey Nyu, It's me."

Nyu turned to look towards the sound only to be met with face of Kouta. She gained a large smile on her face before tackling him to the ground, arms wrapped around him holding him in one place;


The three girls woke up to see the two teens in a particularly suggestive entanglement of body parts. Nana and Mayu both gained blushes to their faces something which Yuka also gained, except her emotion was not of embarrassment but of anger.

Kouta sweat-dropped at the girls impeccable timing before attempting to get out of Nyu's grasp, something which proved to be a nearly impossible task. He sighed before speaking in Nyu's ear so that only she could hear;

"Listen we can cuddle later, but we can't cuddle right now, ok Nyu?"

The pink-haired girl pouted cutely before reluctantly untangling her body from Kouta's. Then before anyone could react Nyu did something no one expected: She kissed him full on the lips. The other three girls received their usual blushes with Kouta joining in on them in complete shock and embarrassment.

It was then that he noticed that Nyu's eyes had changed colour. This clue made it easier for him to figure out what was going on;

"Lucy? Is that you or Nyu?"

The pink-haired Diclonius broke the kiss before smiling;

"Yep I'm Lucy why?"

Kouta was just about to open his mouth before his love-struck cousin beat him to it;

"Wait just a minute here, what's going on? Aren't you Nyu, who the hell's Lucy?"

Lucy looked towards Kouta with a look that clearly said 'you didn't tell her?'

Kouta shook his head, when he received blank looks from both Yuka and Mayu. Nana had known from the beginning that Lucy was but was still in the blank about the Lucy and Nyu thing.

The only male in the house sat down, Lucy doing the same before he spoke;

"Alright, It's time for you all to know the truth about Lucy, Nyu and... Me..."

30 Minutes Later – After the explanation:

Yuka, Mayu and Nana were all looking towards Lucy with pure shock and hatred in their eyes. Lucy had her head down while receiving hated looks from her female acquaintances. Yuka quickly stood up;

"She killed so many people including Kouta's father and sister, she needs to die!"


Kouta quickly got in the way of the punch which was sent Lucy's way from Yuka and received a bloody nose upon contact. He wiped the blood away before speaking;

"Lucy is a good person and my best friend. I already talked to her about this and we reached an agreement. The best thing to do now is just leave the past behind us and get along as friends should."

Yuka opened her mouth to retort but found herself looking at shock at Kouta whom had tears dripping down his face. Lucy and the other girls followed Yuka's shocked look when they looked at the brown-haired boy;

"Please... No more fighting... Can't we all get along like we should?"

Kouta had his eyes shadowed by his hair as if to not show his weakness. Yuka looked at Kouta's crying face before sighing and holding out her hand for Lucy to shake;

"I'm sorry I said that, it was none of my business and you two have already sorted it out so it was uncalled for... Please forgive me."

Lucy looked at Yuka with the same shock that she had when she had just looked at Kouta merely moments ago. Lucy nodded her head before smiling and shaking her hand with Yuka;

"No, I deserved that so there's no need for forgiveness. I thank you for accepting me for who I am, despite all I've done."

Nana felt neutral during all this and only felt anger towards Lucy due to the fact that she had killed Kouta's family members. However she knew that if Kouta and Lucy had gotten over it, she shouldn't let it bother her either.

Mayu was shocked, to say the least. She could still remember the horrible image of Lucy tearing off Nana's limbs. Although by the neutral look that Nana had on her face she could see that she was already in the process of forgiving Lucy, something which was truly commendable. She nodded to herself as she knew that what Kouta had said was true;

They should put their pasts behind them...

And look forward; to their future...

Yuka, Nana and Mayu had all went to bed after saying their goodnights which left Kouta and Lucy in the living room. Kouta spoke to Lucy;

"So, you never did explain how you managed to go from Nyu to yourself when me and her were cuddling."

"Well, when tackled Nyu and you fell to the ground my head must have hit it causing me to change back."

Kouta internally sighed at his stupidity for not realising the obvious detail. Lucy giggled at his sighing expression before speaking;

"So, school's still on right? I mean I only really got about a week of school done before I was forced to quit due to the SAT."

Kouta nodded before Lucy continued;

"I'll be the one going to school, not Nyu because she won't be able to give me a passing mark."

Kouta agreed with her before looking at the now fixed clock which read 1:30 A.M. 'It's seriously that late already?' A sigh escaped the male's mouth before he got up and motioned for Lucy to do the same.

The two teens walked down the hall and reached Kouta's bedroom. He turned towards his best friend before speaking;

"Lucy, you can take the room right next to mine."

Lucy nodded her appreciation before giving him a kiss on the lips. She smirked before walking into her room leaving a flustered Kouta behind.

Lucy and Kouta both got into bed at the same time. They both had smiles on their faces with the same thought flying through each of their heads;

'Life is finally starting to look up...'

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Title Translation: Diclonius's Return

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