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It was a calm, serene scene that had overtaken Kaede Inn. The ticking of the clock, and the sounds of a quiet conversation around the dinner table, were the only noises that seemed to register in Kouta's mind. He sighed as he looked up to the ceiling in thought, his mind completely pre-occupied with events that had already transpired a long while ago by now – but still felt fresh in his mind.

'I never really knew how agonizingly long a week was before I met you… Heh'. He paused as he looked back down at his lap again. 'I guess it shows that I miss you more than I ever thought possible, eh,


Prologue – Reditu Diclonius

Yuka had noticed his absence in their conversation and, (for once), decided to not comment and instead pretended to ignore his lack of speech. The doorbell's ring interrupted their thoughts and Kouta took this as an excuse to leave the table. Standing up and stretching, he looked over his shoulder to the rest of the group before walking out of the room. "I'll go see who it is."

The three girls nodded their heads silently, with saddened expressions on their faces, as he walked over to the front door. Pushing it open and walking out into the front garden; a silhouette could be seen on the other side of the bamboo door. He put on his shoes before the ringing of a certain clock reached his eardrums. He looked over at the clock; his shocked expression slowly changing to one of conflicted happiness.

'She would be happy that it's finally fixed...'

He closed the door behind him before walking towards the door that opened into the front yard of the inn. Peering at the silhouette that was obstructed by the Japanese-style doors; he covered his mouth in shock. 'It couldn't be?!' He quickly pushed open the dividing material that acted as a wall between them, and felt his heart stop; caught in his throat.

There; in front of him, was the person he loved...

The person that, of anyone else in this world, he was supposed to hate; but couldn't bring himself to…

A bloody murderer but his most dear friend...

It was...

"Lucy… is-is that you?"

The Diclonius in question cocked her head to the side slightly, before nodding and giving him a warm smile momentarily freezing him in place.

"Yes Kouta… It's me."

Kouta's shocked expression changed to one of pure, unbridled joy as he quickly gave her a large and tight hug, something in which she eagerly returned. He began crying over her shoulder which, when she noticed, she smiled sadly and buried his face into her shoulder. They stayed like that for quite some time.

He slowly left her embrace, causing Lucy to frown slightly at the loss of body heat, before he turned his head quizzically to her; noticing something very crucial was missing from the top of her head.

"Where are your horns Lucy? The last time I saw you, you still at least had one of them, I think; so where's the other one?"

He paused for a moment before frowning slightly.

"And for that matter… no offense; but how are you still alive? I'm very glad, but I could have sworn that… well… I just didn't think you'd make it out of there…"

The pink-haired Diclonius smiled reassuringly at her only true friend before sighing slightly and explaining.

"Well… I don't think that I need to repeat what happened but, for the sake of things; I am assuming that you remember that I went down to the police force down there to stop them… although after that…"

Lucy trailed off as she looked down; and so Kouta put his hand on her shoulder motioning for her to continue.

"I don't remember much really… well, apart from the fact of my horn being shot off and excruciating pain shooting throughout my whole body because of it… now THAT… hurt like a bitch, lemme tell you." She pouted, causing him to chuckle at her antics. Smiling slightly at his reaction, she coughed into her fist, before continuing.

"… When I came to, everyone in the surrounding area was… dead, and I could barely move; I guess that both of my horns being knocked off dealt more damage to me than I thought… I decided to hide away for a while until I was sure that they wouldn't come back… but…"

She suddenly began sobbing uncontrollably into her hands.

"Oh Kouta, I'm so sorry… Not only did I worry you because I couldn't get a hold of you in my injured state… but I also killed people again… so many people… I'm so so sorry…"

Kouta stayed silent for a moment before slowly walking closer to her and wrapping his arms around her; letting her sob silently into his chest.

"Lucy… you have done many horrible things in your life… you have killed so many people: people close to me and people that neither of us has even known, however…"

Her tears stopped falling as she halted her breathing slightly to hear his words that much clearer.

"I don't blame you Lucy. I've said that once and I'll say it again. I can't blame you for what you've done, because your life was harder than anyone should ever have to go through… but that doesn't mean that I can just forgive you either…"

She bit her lip hard, as the tears threatened to fall again.

"Even despite that, despite everything you've done… I also said that I still love you dearly, and I am sticking by that now… so don't ever doubt that, ok?"

She looked up; her tears slowing as her face made way for shock, and a small spark of hope.

"I know that you must feel responsible about their deaths, and I still don't know all there is to know about you admittedly, but… I can tell that you feel regret for it, and you did not kill them intentionally – so let's forget about it and move on. Let's put the past behind us for the final time, ok? Does that sound like a plan?"

Lucy wiped her face free of tears before nodding vehemently and smiling widely, placing a soft kiss on Kouta's right cheek in response. Kouta's deep-crimson blush only served to make Lucy giggle before speaking.

"Thank you so much Kouta… You truly are the single shining light in my life full of darkness."

Kouta nodded dumbly causing Lucy's laughter to become more pronounced. He smiled warmly at her, before taking her hand into his, and motioning for her to follow him inside. She did so.

Yuka, Nana and Mayu had long-since finished their meals and were now relaxing on the couch situated in the lounge room. They looked up when Kouta's voice alerted them to his presence.

"Hey guys, guess who is back?"

They all looked from him to the pink-haired teenager next to him. The group of females recognized the Diclonius instantly, all of them shocked at both her appearance, and at the happy attitude that she seemed to have.


The three girls got up in shock only to fall back down in unison, unconscious. Kouta rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Well they took the news better than I thought they would."

Lucy giggled at their childish behavior causing Kouta to smile. He then cocked his head to the side and looked at the only other conscious member in the room. She stared at him, waiting for him to explain what he was doing. He did so, in the form of a question.

"Wait, so what about Nyu?"

'Ah' she thought, smiling. 'My other half, I see'

"Well I guess I should explain that she is essentially my other alias, or other personality I guess you could say."

Kouta looked confused; a face, that Lucy could only find adorable in every way. Thinking of the best way to explain things she suddenly clicked her fingers before taking his hand and placing it on top of her breast. The effect was immediate.


She just chuckled before (unwillingly), releasing his hand from her grasp, and continuing.

"She is essentially my child-like innocence that I did not have growing up; and as such, whilst what I did was something that I want to do with you, because of lust-"

Kouta began sputtering causing her to giggle slightly and continue.

"Well, she would only do that because it would feel good, or something to that end. She wouldn't know what it actually means in terms of ethics or morals or whatever."

He nodded at her, his blush receding. Frowning slightly, he began to think about her horrible childhood. Taking her silence as a cue, he decided to throw in his two cents.

"So… she is essentially a split personality of yours, that developed somehow and represents your lost child-like innocence… did I get that right?"

She smiled at his summary before nodding, putting her finger to her chin in deep-thought.

"I think that when I had initially escaped the Diclonius testing facility, I was hit by something very powerful… that very well might have triggered this dual-existence which I, somewhat unwillingly, lead."

It did seem very probable to Kouta. After all, when he and Yuka had found her initially, she looked to have been hit on the head somehow, and it seemed to be a fairly serious injury too.

Lucy smiled gently at him, before she began to gently rub the top of her cranium.

"If we are going with that assumption, then I probably just need enough pressure placed onto my head to change into her, and vice-versa. Why don't you try changing me into Nyu?"

Kouta looked at her confusedly for a second, before nodding and gently rapping his hand on the top of her head. Nothing happened.

He frowned slightly at the failed attempt, before trying again and accidentally hitting her much harder than anticipated. The effect was immediate. Lucy's eyes closed instantly and she fell back onto the floor behind her. Hard.

Kouta began running back and forth in an obvious panic before kneeling over her downed body and praying to whatever God may be out there that he did not actually hurt her badly. In any other situation than this, he'd probably be admiring his own strength, but he was panicking too much to even really realize that side of things.

A slight moan from the pink-haired girl in question alerted him to her awakening. He sighed in relief before looking down at her instantly noticing a difference in the aura around her. Not only did her eyes this time appear larger, but her entire personality seemed to do a complete 180 to one that was infinitely more child-like than what she exuded not even a minute previous.

The pink haired girl sat up quickly, noticeably startled.


Kouta couldn't help the tears that fell down his face at seeing his friend finally conscious again. He wiped them off as fast as he could and smiled at the girls' antics, before addressing her.

"Hey Nyu, It's me."

Nyu turned to look towards where the sound had come from, realizing it to be the face of her closest friend. A shocked expression followed by tears of joy and a large smile the likes of which Kouta had never seen from her, appeared on her face as she tackled him to the ground, and held him there with the tightest hug she could manage.


The three girls, (conveniently), chose this time to wake up, and their expressions towards the borderline R-rated material going on in front of them, varied greatly per person. Mayu and Nana both began to blush heavily, their faces matching the latter's hair color in terms of intensity. Yuka's face, whilst matching the other two in terms of her complexion, was getting so red-faced for a very different reason.

Kouta sweat-dropped at the girls impeccable timing, before chuckling dryly and began to attempt to get out of Nyu's grasp, something of which proved to be a nearly impossible task. He sighed before speaking in Nyu's ear so that only she could hear.

"Listen we can cuddle later, I promise, but just not right now, ok Nyu?"

The pink-haired girl pouted cutely before reluctantly untangling her body from Kouta's, promptly falling down on top of him once again, and hitting her head on his. Rubbing their skulls from the unpleasant impact, Kouta noticed that the pink-haired girl still hadn't removed herself from his lap. He opened his mouth to voice this fact, but in that moment, before anyone could react, Nyu did something no one expected.

Leaning forward, she kissed him full-on on the lips.

The other three girl's blushes suddenly renewed themselves with Kouta, this time, joining in on them in complete shock and embarrassment.

It was then that he noticed that Nyu's eyes had changed color. It didn't take him long to realize what was going on.

"Lucy? Is that you or Nyu?"

The pink-haired Diclonius broke the kiss before trailing her finger from his mouth down his chest slightly. He shivered slightly at the contact.

"Yeah, I'm Lucy, why?"

Kouta was just about to open his mouth and voice his response before his love-struck cousin beat him to it.

"Wait just a minute here! What's going on, here? Aren't you Nyu? Who the hell's Lucy?"

Lucy looked towards Kouta with narrowed eyes, and a look that clearly said 'you didn't tell them?'

He coughed awkwardly before shaking his head slightly. "Well I did explain some things… but other, more personal things, no… and about the whole You/Nyu thing – they were all unconscious over there, remember?"

Lucy opened her mouth to speak before blushing and coughing into her hand in embarrassment due to the fact that she had forgotten that simple fact. Kouta merely shook his head and smiled at the blank looks which he was currently receiving from both Yuka and Mayu. Nana knew a lot more insight into 'who' Lucy was, but she was still in the same boat as the other two, in regards to the whole 'Lucy and Nyu' thing.

The only male in the house sat down and sighed deeply, as his best friend sat next to him as close as it was humanely possible to do so. Yuka narrowed her eyes at the obviously romantic display before Kouta chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his head.

"Alright *ahem*, well I guess that it's time for you all to know the truth about Lucy, Nyu and... Me."

30 Minutes Later – After the explanation:

Yuka, Mayu and Nana were all looking towards Lucy with pure shock and hatred in their eyes. Kouta had his eyes narrowed as he gauged everyone's reactions. Lucy merely kept her head down, shadowing her eyes from view. Finally having enough of the over-powering silence, Yuka stood up.

"She killed so many people including your father and sister, Kouta! How can you expect us to ever forgive her-?"


Seeing what was about to happen, Kouta quickly got in the way of the punch thrown by Yuka. Intercepting it before the fist would have hit Lucy. Ignoring the cries from Lucy at seeing him get hurt, he wiped the blood away his nose before speaking.

"Lucy is a good person and my best friend. I know that she has made horrible mistakes in her life, but considering how she was treated until that point in time… I can't blame her for acting that way. She even went and was prepared to get herself killed just so that we could have a peaceful life, without her."

Yuka looked up in shock as she began processing the information. Looking down she saw that Lucy was biting her lip, feeling obviously conflicted about the situation as a whole. Nana and Mayu sat quietly in the back, taking in the scene, while Kouta lowered his head.

He continued talking at a much lower volume than before.

"Lucy and I, have already talked about this whole thing in detail and I think that the best thing to do for now, is to just leave the past in the past and get along as friends should. It's over, after all…"

Yuka opened her mouth to retort but found herself looking in shock at Kouta whom had tears dripping down his face. Lucy and the other girls looked on with saddened expressions as they took in their closest friend's face.

"Please... No more fighting... I'm just so tired of it all… Can we all please just get along like we should?"

Kouta had his eyes shadowed by his hair as if in an attempt to not show his weakness. Yuka looked at Kouta's crying face for a few seconds before sighing deeply. Smiling sadly, she turned back to the pink-haired girl in question before holding out her hand to shake.

"I'm sorry I said all of that. It was none of my business and you two have already sorted it out so it was uncalled for. I just got a little scared is all, please forgive me."

Lucy looked at Yuka with shock evident in her eyes. She smiled widely, as tears fell down her face before clasping the hand and nodding slightly.

"No, I deserved that so there's no need for forgiveness. I thank you for accepting me for who I am, despite all I've done."

Nana's expression rarely changed on the outside, however, internally she was having a war within herself. She had now reached the point where she had forgiven the other girl for her loss of limbs, as it was kind of her fault for challenging someone so much stronger to a fight… and also her new limbs had been a last gift from her 'Papa'. The only thing she was so shocked about was how she had murdered Kouta's father and sister. However, they seemed to have talked it over, and so she was willing to move past these problems, if they were.

Mayu was shocked, to say the least. She could still remember the horrific image of Lucy tearing into poor Nana's body, an image that she was sure, she would take to the grave. Looking over however, judging by the neutral look that Nana had on her face, Mayu could tell that the younger girl was already in the process of forgiveness. An act, that was truly commendable. She nodded to herself, before smiling slightly. She knew that what Kouta said was true:

They should put their pasts behind them...

And look forward to their futures...

After their heart-felt reunion, the group all sat down to watch a movie together all the while eating popcorn. It was something that Lucy had never before even dreamed about doing and she enjoyed every moment of it. Especially, due to the fact that she was able to convince Kouta to lay down on her lap while doing it. Blushing brightly at the memory, she put her hand to her cheek. Of course Yuka was very much against the whole exchange, but there wasn't much that she could do to stop them and Lucy enjoyed that fact very much.

She was so absorbed in her thoughts in fact; that she failed to notice everyone else had gone to bed, with the exception of her and Kouta who was busy cleaning up the mess of food that they had left behind. Looking over at the boy of her dreams, she couldn't help but smile softly. She couldn't believe that things had finally ended up so well for her. She only hoped things would last…

"So… you never did explain why you changed from Nyu into the current you when we were cuddling earlier."

She blinked at the statement from said raven-haired boy, before adapting a thoughtful expression, attempting to remember the event that he was referencing. Walking over to him and helping him with the clean-up, she answered him to the best of her knowledge.

"I think Nyu may have accidentally fallen on you, and that may have triggered our switching?"

Throwing out the garbage that he had accumulated, Kouta looked up to the ceiling in thought, before turning back to the girl in confusion.

"But… I mean, you barely even hit me? I wouldn't think that you hit me hard enough to cause your personalities to switch around again do you?"

By now the two had finished the cleaning up, and so she sat there deep in thought. Putting her finger to her chin in an attempt to think harder, she looked back at him.

"Well…" she began slowly. "Whilst this may just be an educated guess on my part, I think maybe losing my horns has caused me to become more susceptible to damage to a certain extent?"

The boy couldn't help but agree however, as it did seem very plausible. After all, it would explain how even the lightest touch could cause the person in front of him to change personalities at the drop of a hat, or head, in this case.

That did present a problem though.

"That means that you two could switch at a moment's notice though, doesn't it? I mean if your head is hit with even just a decent amount of pressure it could happen again."

She blinked for a second before her head dropped. Sighing heavily she nodded. As unfortunate a truth, as it was, it was the truth and that wasn't a good thing. Kouta smiled lightly at her, before shrugging.

"It's fine, I'll make sure to look out for you."

Lucy smiled at him.

"I know Kouta… thank you."

He blushed slightly; scratching his cheek in an awkward manner in an attempt to force down the blush that he knew was increasing in volume across his face. Lucy smirked before she decided to save him from his embarrassment, and instead asked him a question.

"So, school's still on right? I mean I only really got about a week of school done before I was forced to quit due to the SAT. Now that that's out of the way…"

Kouta nodded before Lucy continued.

"Alright then… I guess that I'll be the one going to school then, since I seriously doubt that Nyu could even give me a passing grade."

Kouta chuckled at her in agreement. Looking over at the Grandfather clock in the hall, he noted down the time which read as 1:30 A.M.

'It's seriously that late already?' A sigh escaped the male's mouth before he got up and motioned for Lucy to do the same. She smiled at him, and followed his lead, out of the room and down the hall.

The two teens soon reached their destination albeit in a slow and tip-toeing pace. Before opening the door to his bedroom, he turned around and addressed his friend.

"Lucy, you can take the room right next to mine."

Lucy nodded her appreciation, before slowly turning around and walking over to the room adjacent to his. Just before splitting up however, she ran over to him and kissed him on his lips, a bright red blush appearing on his face as a result of it. Lucy smirked at his reaction, before walking into her room, leaving a happy boy in her wake.

Lucy and Kouta both got into bed at the same time, that night. They both had smiles on their faces, and they both shared the same final thought before sleep overtook them.

'Life is finally starting to look up...'

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